Election Results and Providers: 2017 Results against 2019 Speed Tests.

How well do Labour, Conservative, SNP, and Liberal Democrat voters do for internet speeds?

The 2017 General Election saw little difference in internet speeds between Conservative and Liberal Democrat constituencies.
Labour, however, trailed behind.
16.66 Mbps

Median Conservative Speed

15.71 Mbps

Median Labour Speed

16.56 Mbps

Median Liberal Democrats Speed

Fastest Party Constituency Median Speeds Compared

While Labour's consituencies enjoyed faster speeds, the Conservatives had broadly consistent speeds, with few fluctuations between them. The SNP's figures can be misleading, given the rural nature of some of their constiuencies.

The 10 Fastest Labour Constituencies

ConstituencyMajority2019 Speed RangeMedianvs. Convs. LD
Wallasey23,32036.49—155.7 Mbps63 Mbps278.15% Faster280.43% Faster
Battersea2,41639.44—108.8 Mbps60.68 Mbps264.23% Faster266.43% Faster
Hampstead and Kilburn15,56037.92—73.96 Mbps53.3 Mbps219.93% Faster221.86% Faster
Stoke-on-Trent North2,35937.69—89.89 Mbps51.91 Mbps211.58% Faster213.47% Faster
Kensington2024.88—146.09 Mbps42.78 Mbps156.78% Faster158.33% Faster
Holborn and St Pancras30,50927.61—105.44 Mbps41.08 Mbps146.58% Faster148.07% Faster
Poplar and Limehouse27,71227.24—91.59 Mbps38.02 Mbps128.21% Faster129.59% Faster
Ealing Central and Acton13,80726.84—171.98 Mbps36.26 Mbps117.65% Faster118.96% Faster
Westminster North11,51219.94—71.29 Mbps32.99 Mbps98.02% Faster99.21% Faster
Stoke-on-Trent Central3,89719.95—90.12 Mbps30.55 Mbps83.37% Faster84.48% Faster

The 10 Slowest Labour Constituencies

ConstituencyMajority2019 Speed RangeMedianvs. Convs. LD
Warley16,4834.63—18.95 Mbps6.37 Mbps-61.76% Slower-61.53% Slower
Kingston upon Hull East10,3964.02—28.41 Mbps6.51 Mbps-60.92% Slower-60.69% Slower
Newcastle upon Tyne North10,3495.7—22.49 Mbps8.17 Mbps-50.96% Slower-50.66% Slower
Walthamstow32,0175.46—35.14 Mbps8.3 Mbps-50.18% Slower-49.88% Slower
Edmonton21,1156.09—30.39 Mbps8.91 Mbps-46.52% Slower-46.20% Slower
Manchester Central31,4456.47—33.45 Mbps9.07 Mbps-45.56% Slower-45.23% Slower
Liverpool, Riverside35,9476.95—25.75 Mbps9.77 Mbps-41.36% Slower-41.00% Slower
City of Durham12,3647—23.15 Mbps9.89 Mbps-40.64% Slower-40.28% Slower
Ogmore13,8716.7—30.86 Mbps9.93 Mbps-40.40% Slower-40.04% Slower
Salford and Eccles19,1326.96—31.24 Mbps9.98 Mbps-40.10% Slower-39.73% Slower

The 10 Fastest Convervative Constituencies

ConstituencyMajority2019 Speed RangeMedianvs. Labvs. LD
Wimbledon5,62228.59—159.76 Mbps42.95 Mbps173.39% Faster159.36% Faster
Finchley and Golders Green1,65727.58—69.39 Mbps36.69 Mbps133.55% Faster121.56% Faster
Altrincham and Sale West6,42622.66—65.54 Mbps30.32 Mbps93.00% Faster83.09% Faster
Morley and Outwood2,10417.67—65.51 Mbps30.15 Mbps91.92% Faster82.07% Faster
Richmond Park4519.97—64.49 Mbps30.1 Mbps91.60% Faster81.76% Faster
Chelsea and Fulham8,18820.39—65.51 Mbps28.66 Mbps82.43% Faster73.07% Faster
Harborough12,42921.72—87.62 Mbps28.61 Mbps82.11% Faster72.77% Faster
Beckenham15,08719.38—70.26 Mbps28.26 Mbps79.89% Faster70.65% Faster
Haltemprice and Howden15,40518.26—85.71 Mbps27.65 Mbps76.00% Faster66.97% Faster
South Basildon and East Thurrock11,49020.25—67.81 Mbps27.02 Mbps71.99% Faster63.16% Faster

The 10 Slowest Convervative Constituencies

ConstituencyMajority2019 Speed RangeMedianvs. Labvs. LD
Preseli Pembrokeshire3146.01—27.39 Mbps8.29 Mbps-47.23% Slower-49.94% Slower
Harwich and North Essex14,3565.82—27.38 Mbps8.94 Mbps-43.09% Slower-46.01% Slower
Penrith and The Border15,9106.17—24.69 Mbps9.7 Mbps-38.26% Slower-41.43% Slower
Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire3,1105.61—30.08 Mbps9.7 Mbps-38.26% Slower-41.43% Slower
Camborne and Redruth1,5776.84—30.91 Mbps9.81 Mbps-37.56% Slower-40.76% Slower
Bournemouth West7,7117.03—27.35 Mbps10.3 Mbps-34.44% Slower-37.80% Slower
Central Devon15,6807.01—28 Mbps10.37 Mbps-33.99% Slower-37.38% Slower
Copeland1,6956.83—25.24 Mbps10.42 Mbps-33.67% Slower-37.08% Slower
Somerton and Frome22,9067.87—31.85 Mbps10.55 Mbps-32.85% Slower-36.29% Slower
Braintree18,4228.88—31.42 Mbps10.75 Mbps-31.57% Slower-35.08% Slower

Liberal Democrat Constituencies

ConstituencyMajority2019 Speed RangeMedianvs. Convs. Lab
Twickenham9,76220.11—70.82 Mbps30.29 Mbps81.81% Faster92.81% Faster
Carshalton and Wallington1,36916.1—59.17 Mbps24.1 Mbps44.66% Faster53.41% Faster
East Dunbartonshire5,33913.82—65.64 Mbps19.69 Mbps18.19% Faster25.33% Faster
Oxford West and Abingdon81613.13—45.97 Mbps18.32 Mbps9.96% Faster16.61% Faster
Kingston and Surbiton4,12412.87—48.58 Mbps18.14 Mbps8.88% Faster15.47% Faster
Eastbourne1,60912.21—32.77 Mbps17.07 Mbps2.46% Faster8.66% Faster
Edinburgh West2,98813.16—39.38 Mbps16.56 Mbps-0.60% Slower5.41% Faster
North Norfolk3,5128.81—33.23 Mbps13.77 Mbps-17.35% Slower-12.35% Slower
Westmorland and Lonsdale7779.02—26.22 Mbps12.67 Mbps-23.95% Slower-19.35% Slower
Orkney and Shetland4,5638.37—28.99 Mbps12.03 Mbps-27.79% Slower-23.42% Slower
Bath5,6948.8—29.5 Mbps11.78 Mbps-29.29% Slower-25.02% Slower
Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross2,0447.75—30.35 Mbps11.64 Mbps-30.13% Slower-25.91% Slower

The 10 Fastest SNP Constituencies

ConstituencyMajority2019 Speed RangeMedianvs. Convs. Lab
West Dunbartonshire2,28814.35—51.77 Mbps20.49 Mbps22.99% Faster30.43% Faster
Edinburgh South West1,09713.63—52.62 Mbps20.4 Mbps22.45% Faster29.85% Faster
Inverclyde38412.78—46.71 Mbps19.65 Mbps17.95% Faster25.08% Faster
Paisley and Renfrewshire South2,54112.11—51.9 Mbps17.95 Mbps7.74% Faster14.26% Faster
Motherwell and Wishaw31812.41—62.24 Mbps17.8 Mbps6.84% Faster13.30% Faster
Lanark and Hamilton East26611.79—41.24 Mbps16.52 Mbps-0.84% Slower5.16% Faster
Glasgow North1,06011.28—50.63 Mbps15.97 Mbps-4.14% Slower1.65% Faster
Airdrie and Shotts19512.14—44.72 Mbps15.9 Mbps-4.56% Slower1.21% Faster
North East Fife211.17—37.75 Mbps15.77 Mbps-5.34% Slower0.38% Faster
Dunfermline and West Fife84411.51—36.03 Mbps15.05 Mbps-9.66% Slower-4.20% Slower

The 10 Slowest SNP Constituencies

ConstituencyMajority2019 Speed RangeMedianvs. Convs. Lab
Perth and North Perthshire215.02—20.18 Mbps7.48 Mbps-55.10% Slower-52.39% Slower
Glasgow Central2,2675.84—21.04 Mbps8.15 Mbps-51.08% Slower-48.12% Slower
Edinburgh East3,4255.54—24.73 Mbps8.42 Mbps-49.46% Slower-46.40% Slower
Glasgow North West2,5616.55—22.8 Mbps9.33 Mbps-44.00% Slower-40.61% Slower
Aberdeen North4,1397.81—21.95 Mbps10.18 Mbps-38.90% Slower-35.20% Slower
Dundee East6,6457.15—32.46 Mbps11.01 Mbps-33.91% Slower-29.92% Slower
Argyll and Bute1,3287.04—27.66 Mbps11.22 Mbps-32.65% Slower-28.58% Slower
Na h-Eileanan an Iar1,0077.17—29.08 Mbps11.34 Mbps-31.93% Slower-27.82% Slower
North Ayrshire and Arran3,6338.19—28.4 Mbps11.48 Mbps-31.09% Slower-26.93% Slower
Glasgow South West609.13—25.03 Mbps11.5 Mbps-30.97% Slower-26.80% Slower

Last updated: 2019-11-19