Brexit and Internet Speeds

How well do internet speeds match up against leave vs. remain?

In 2016, Remain-voting local authorities had higher median speeds than both Leave and Marginal areas.
11.45 Mbps

Median Leave 2016 Speed

12.98 Mbps

Median Marginal 2016 Speed

13.9 Mbps

Median Remain 2016 Speed

By 2019, this gap widened, with Remain-voting areas increasing internet speeds at a much higher level than Leave and Marginal areas.
14.2 Mbps

Median Leave 2019 Speed

19.93 Mbps

Median Marginal 2019 Speed

21.53 Mbps

Median Remain 2019 Speed

Leave and Remain: 2016 vs 2019 Median Speeds

Remain-voting areas saw their internet speeds grow at a faster rate than their Leave-voting equivalents.

Percentage Differences Between Leave and Remain: 2016 vs 2019

Calculating the percentage increases and decreases between Remain and Leave median speeds, Remain areas have significantly increased their internet speeds since the EU Referendum was held in 2016.

The 10 Most Leave-Voting Local Authorities

Local AuthorityLeave %Remain %2016 Median2019 MedianMedian Changevs. Remainvs. Marginal
Boston75.56%24.44%11.02 Mbps13.5222.69%-20.72% Slower-15.10% Slower
South Holland73.59%26.41%14.02 Mbps13.88-1.00%0.86% Faster8.01% Faster
Castle Point72.70%27.30%10.57 Mbps16.9360.17%-23.96% Slower-18.57% Slower
Thurrock72.28%27.72%14 Mbps22.1758.36%0.72% Faster7.86% Faster
Great Yarmouth71.50%28.50%11.45 Mbps14.224.02%-17.63% Slower-11.79% Slower
Fenland71.39%28.61%11.26 Mbps16.3345.03%-18.99% Slower-13.25% Slower
Mansfield70.86%29.14%13.68 Mbps19.6343.49%-1.58% Slower5.39% Faster
Bolsover70.83%29.17%12.55 Mbps14.0511.95%-9.71% Slower-3.31% Slower
East Lindsey70.65%29.35%12.48 Mbps17.9443.75%-10.22% Slower-3.85% Slower
North East Lincolnshire69.87%30.13%15.67 Mbps2134.01%12.73% Faster20.72% Faster

The 10 Most Marginal Local Authorities

Local AuthorityLeave %Remain %2016 Median2019 MedianMedian Changevs. Remainvs. Leave
Moray49.87%50.13%9.35 Mbps13.6846.31%-32.73% Slower-18.34% Slower
Watford50.27%49.73%16.2 Mbps22.136.42%16.55% Faster41.48% Faster
Rutland50.57%49.43%39.64 Mbps23.29-41.25%185.18% Faster246.20% Faster
Monmouthshire49.56%50.44%11.29 Mbps13.9123.21%-18.78% Slower-1.40% Slower
Cherwell50.31%49.69%12.98 Mbps19.9353.54%-6.62% Slower13.36% Faster
South Bucks50.70%49.30%14.3 Mbps19.4936.29%2.88% Faster24.89% Faster
High Peak50.55%49.45%14.63 Mbps15.928.82%5.25% Faster27.77% Faster
East Hertfordshire50.36%49.64%13.56 Mbps23.1570.72%-2.45% Slower18.43% Faster
Uttlesford50.68%49.32%14.04 Mbps15.077.34%1.01% Faster22.62% Faster
Isle of Anglesey50.94%49.06%8.9 Mbps10.6519.66%-35.97% Slower-22.27% Slower

The 10 Most Remain-Voting Local Authorities

Local AuthorityLeave %Remain %2016 Median2019 MedianMedian Changevs. Leavevs. Marginal
Lambeth21.38%78.62%6.53 Mbps12.9297.86%-42.97% Slower-49.69% Slower
Hackney21.52%78.48%10.59 Mbps21.6103.97%-7.51% Slower-18.41% Slower
Haringey24.43%75.57%11.35 Mbps26.96137.53%-0.87% Slower-12.56% Slower
City of London24.71%75.29%12.02 Mbps20.1467.55%4.98% Faster-7.40% Slower
Islington24.78%75.22%13.9 Mbps21.5354.89%21.40% Faster7.09% Faster
Wandsworth24.97%75.03%10.85 Mbps35.63228.39%-5.24% Slower-16.41% Slower
Camden25.06%74.94%12.47 Mbps57.65362.31%8.91% Faster-3.93% Slower
City of Edinburgh25.56%74.44%8.23 Mbps16.2297.08%-28.12% Slower-36.59% Slower
East Renfrewshire25.68%74.32%9.59 Mbps18.7595.52%-16.24% Slower-26.12% Slower
Cambridge26.15%73.85%14.61 Mbps18.1424.16%27.60% Faster12.56% Faster

Last updated: 2019-11-19