Airband vs EE Broadband

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Performance Score
Average Download 23.61 Mbps
Average Upload 8.89 Mbps
Average Latency 21ms (smaller is better)
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Performance Score
Average Download 27.36 Mbps
Average Upload 7.34 Mbps
Average Latency 13ms (smaller is better)
EE Broadband Plans & Prices
Broadband + Phone
Broadband 10MUp to 10 Mbps£22.50/moCheck Availability
Check Availability
FibreUp to 50 Mbps£24.00/moCheck Availability
Check Availability
Fibre PlusUp to 80 Mbps£27.00/moCheck Availability
Check Availability
Fibre Max 100145 Mbps Average£31.00/moCheck Availability
Check Availability
Fibre Max 500500 Mbps Average£40.00/moCheck Availability
Check Availability
Fibre Max 900900 Mbps Average£49.00/moCheck Availability
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Service TypesFibre, Fixed WirelessVDSL, Fibre
Average Speed Test Result23.61 Mbps27.36 Mbps
Tests above 50 Mbps16%24%
Speed Range Rank71st best speed range64th best speed range
Speed Test Rank46th fastest4th fastest

Airband vs EE: Speed Comparison

Airband Broadband is the 12th most tested broadband provider in the UK, while EE is the UK's seventh most tested ISP with 1,095,901 tests performed this year, compared to Airband's 29,479 speed tests. While looking at the fastest speeds seen from each broadband provider often doesn't tell the full story — EE is eighth with 3,135.43 Mbps, Airband 26th with 895.11 Mbps — looking at download speed ranges alongside the percentage of speed tests higher than 50 Mbps will give a clearer picture. In this case, EE has a better broadband speed range than Airband, ranking 64th nationally, compared to Airband coming in at 71st place. 16% of Airband's internet speed test results were higher than 50 Mbps, compared to 24% of EE's.

Airband vs EE: Performance Ranges Overview

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Looking at broadband performance, 80% of Airband's internet speed tests were slow or very slow. This is worse than EE, who had only 63% of their broadband speed tests classied "slow" or worse. For the average user needing only adquate or "good" internet service, 35% of EE's download speeds fell between 30 and 80 Mbps. This is 2.0 times higher than the 17% of Airband's speed test results in the same range. At the speedier end of the scale, 2% of Airband's broadband speed test results were faster than 80 Mbps, compared to only 2% of EE's.

Airband Broadband Performance Ranges

EE Broadband Performance Ranges

Airband vs EE: Performance by Location

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Last updated: 04 Dec 2021