About FairInternetReport's Internet Listings Data

We're on a mission to simplify the internet service provider market.

individual historical analyses
data points processed daily
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Cutting through marketing nonsense, making it easy to find and compare internet providers.

An internet connection should be one of the most simple products you can purchase. Instead, marketers like to confuse people with meaningless words and branding exercises, making it less obvious that an internet connection is more like buying fuel for your car than a suit that makes a fashion statement for you alone.

Thomas Buck (LinkedIn, Twitter) launched FairInternetReport to give power back to ordinary non-technical people. It should be possible to compare internet services on offer like-for-like, and with a fair and meaningful assessment of what service people will receive in the real world, and not some marketer's dreams.

To do this, FairInternetReport sources and connects various data sources to ultimately create an amazingly accurate and proprietary database of cross-European internet coverage.

Everything starts with speed test data (from, amongst others, Measurement Lab) that, via painstaking unique commercial methods, are connected to physical locations. A custom-built database of pan-European internet service providers is crossed-checked against local population datasets, ending up with the data results you can see on our city pages.

We also make use of data published by Ofcom in their Connected Nations Reports.