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Virgin Media Broadband is a large internet provider in The United Kingdom. We have seen broadband speeds as high as 5284.34 Mbps from Virgin Media's coverage area, and most of their users see real-world internet speeds in the range of 50.31 to 195.26 Mbps. Virgin Media Broadband is available in several large cities, including Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, and Manchester. In these cities, its fastest broadband speeds range from 36.06 to 187.68 Mbps. Of the smaller cities Virgin Media Broadband serves, such as Ringway, Baulking, Frankley, Hexton, and Birkin, maximum internet speeds vary from 4.94 to 163.2 Mbps, and most of their customers obtain speeds between 136.26 and 163.2 Mbps.

Virgin Media's Rankings Across The United Kingdom: Large Broadband Providers in 2020


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Virgin Media Broadband Speeds Over Time

Virgin Media's Fastest Towns and Cities in The United Kingdom

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Bardney383.47 Mbps357.02—373.56 Mbps365.72 Mbps
2Binfield530.05 Mbps325.4—371.81 Mbps346.71 Mbps
3Eastleigh479.35 Mbps214.13—443.39 Mbps330.01 Mbps
4Steventon381.49 Mbps301.23—370.6 Mbps317.3 Mbps
5Saltburn, Marske and New Marske424.31 Mbps285.86—366.15 Mbps303.54 Mbps

Virgin Media's Slowest Towns and Cities in The United Kingdom

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Bourton44.86 Mbps0.95—5.21 Mbps1 Mbps
2Portadown185.06 Mbps0.98—25 Mbps1.14 Mbps
3Keresley110.7 Mbps1.86—11.54 Mbps1.99 Mbps
4Healey449.08 Mbps2.08—10.95 Mbps3.31 Mbps
5Shinfield9.94 Mbps1.16—5.05 Mbps3.74 Mbps

Virgin Media Growth and Broadband Performance History: Towns and Cities

Virgin Media Broadband in Regions and Counties

Virgin Media in Large Towns and Cities

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range
1Bradford934.07 Mbps48.05—201.36 Mbps
2Liverpool819.5 Mbps43.46—177.02 Mbps
3Edinburgh654.67 Mbps47.86—192.75 Mbps
4Bristol917.62 Mbps41.58—143.62 Mbps
5Barnet938.41 Mbps58.24—171.97 Mbps
6Croydon938.14 Mbps54.02—201.59 Mbps
7Coventry930.79 Mbps40.96—111.07 Mbps
8Leicester855.66 Mbps41.39—127.73 Mbps
9Forest Gate936.18 Mbps33.61—112.64 Mbps
10Wakefield621.56 Mbps47.3—152.96 Mbps
11Ealing937.79 Mbps91.08—217.36 Mbps
12Cheshire West and Chester644.4 Mbps43.73—116.95 Mbps
13Enfield Town936.86 Mbps51.39—209.97 Mbps
14Bromley938.79 Mbps43.2—169.13 Mbps
15Nottingham917.03 Mbps36.85—126.27 Mbps
16Brent925.89 Mbps46.64—157.25 Mbps
17Sandwell893.44 Mbps42.95—185.67 Mbps
18Wandsworth939.19 Mbps41.8—129.46 Mbps
19Wigan645.41 Mbps40.71—150.81 Mbps
20Lambeth926.5 Mbps57.23—208.62 Mbps
21Wirral643.94 Mbps46.23—177.83 Mbps
22Dudley932.9 Mbps42.14—145.15 Mbps
23Tower Hamlets936.54 Mbps45—210.36 Mbps
24Southwark935.82 Mbps46.57—183.45 Mbps
25Doncaster749.6 Mbps50.47—207.19 Mbps
26Hillingdon945.28 Mbps55.8—200.95 Mbps
27Redbridge1298.94 Mbps47.72—192.28 Mbps
28Lewisham936.74 Mbps55.36—201.02 Mbps
29Newcastle upon Tyne932.29 Mbps43.22—159.8 Mbps
30Stockport935.9 Mbps54.56—204.14 Mbps
31Brighton738.1 Mbps48.2—201.81 Mbps
32Greenwich913.93 Mbps50.33—204.01 Mbps
33Bolton838.12 Mbps52.6—201.13 Mbps
34Walsall931.97 Mbps42.49—186.47 Mbps
35Hackney684.83 Mbps63.44—189.85 Mbps
36Gillingham658.57 Mbps50.36—210.32 Mbps
37Sunderland643.89 Mbps46.81—203.89 Mbps
38Waltham Forest936.18 Mbps45.81—185.38 Mbps
39Belfast714.34 Mbps53.97—211.14 Mbps
40Hounslow940.26 Mbps54.62—204.97 Mbps
41Haringey933.98 Mbps63.66—210.02 Mbps
42Rotherham918.05 Mbps46.82—191.15 Mbps
43Plymouth655.76 Mbps50.4—195.5 Mbps
44Camden932.17 Mbps73.26—225.81 Mbps
45Wolverhampton934.9 Mbps40.37—127.87 Mbps
46Romford936.34 Mbps48.73—206.52 Mbps
47Derby841.93 Mbps40.68—160.33 Mbps
48Stoke-on-Trent650.88 Mbps52.3—201.67 Mbps
49London5284.34 Mbps54.1—214.72 Mbps
50Salford917.19 Mbps40.86—124.66 Mbps
51Southampton935.89 Mbps41.71—158.27 Mbps
52Harrow938.99 Mbps54.2—199.54 Mbps
53Bexley937.39 Mbps58.33—196.84 Mbps
54Barnsley650.32 Mbps58.23—215.16 Mbps
55Islington933.22 Mbps56.53—197.37 Mbps
56Trafford936.89 Mbps46.75—176.13 Mbps
57Oldham635.11 Mbps44.22—156.9 Mbps
58Northampton2585.56 Mbps39.8—149.69 Mbps
59Rochdale650.21 Mbps45.61—173.64 Mbps
60Portsmouth932.64 Mbps53.34—184.25 Mbps
61Solihull929.73 Mbps34.35—110.94 Mbps
62Luton701.59 Mbps263.62—317.94 Mbps
63Dagenham938.17 Mbps44.22—162.8 Mbps
64York639.93 Mbps35.78—110.68 Mbps
65Warrington757.13 Mbps63.43—212.41 Mbps
66Mitcham938.54 Mbps60.41—204.55 Mbps
67Sutton937.86 Mbps53.85—175.25 Mbps
68Gateshead717.65 Mbps30.63—108.03 Mbps
69Peterborough659.66 Mbps42.97—182.99 Mbps
70Stockton-on-Tees635 Mbps44—173.48 Mbps
71Richmond937.42 Mbps85.84—217.57 Mbps
72Aberdeen637.89 Mbps0—421.03 Mbps
73Colchester653.89 Mbps65.05—211.52 Mbps
74Bath656.21 Mbps30.34—109.55 Mbps
75Bury541.27 Mbps43.08—124.74 Mbps
76Basildon808.14 Mbps73.43—212.87 Mbps
77Hammersmith939.14 Mbps100.73—279.48 Mbps
78Southend-on-Sea2786.35 Mbps59.99—216.91 Mbps
79Chelmsford655.73 Mbps58.13—198.74 Mbps
80Basingstoke917.96 Mbps45.72—191.86 Mbps
81Kingston upon Thames938.56 Mbps56.57—214.64 Mbps
82High Wycombe481.49 Mbps30.68—104.27 Mbps
83Bedford548.39 Mbps52.62—208.31 Mbps
84Maidstone658.59 Mbps47.92—207.26 Mbps
85Bournemouth658.6 Mbps61.45—206.8 Mbps
86Reading939.06 Mbps70.71—274.86 Mbps
87Harrogate653.27 Mbps46.33—167.95 Mbps
88Kensington935.24 Mbps91.64—218.92 Mbps
89Oxford654.95 Mbps49.73—199.32 Mbps
90Maidenhead658.02 Mbps122.83—339.12 Mbps
91Poole655.98 Mbps57.6—193.09 Mbps
92Slough621.23 Mbps49.16—190.3 Mbps
93Huddersfield771.28 Mbps42.71—115.41 Mbps
94Blackburn895.51 Mbps39.17—138.72 Mbps
95Guildford933.36 Mbps59.4—194.53 Mbps
96Reigate547.81 Mbps86.41—218.81 Mbps
97Dundee583.48 Mbps49.65—191.64 Mbps
98St Albans659.19 Mbps51.95—111.8 Mbps
99Lancaster535.61 Mbps50.65—211.22 Mbps
100Horsham365.34 Mbps61.41—242.35 Mbps

Frequently Asked Questions about Virgin Media Broadband

How fast are Virgin Media's broadband download speeds?
The fastest internet speed we've seen for Virgin Media is 5284.34 Mbps, and most people see broadband download speeds in the range of 50.31—195.26 Mbps.
Where is Virgin Media Broadband Available?
We have recorded Virgin Media Broadband internet speed tests in over 100 towns and cities, including Bradford, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bristol, and Barnet.
How do Virgin Media's speeds compare to other internet providers?
Virgin Media Broadband is ranked as the 2nd fastest internet provider in The United Kingdom.
How many people use Virgin Media as their ISP?
In The United Kingdom, Virgin Media Broadband is the 1st most popular broadband provider.

Last updated: 20 Apr 2021