The United Kingdom's Fastest and Slowest Providers

Measuring major and minor providers by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

The United Kingdom's Fastest Providers by Maximum Speed

02 Jul 2020 03 Jul 2020 Previous 12 Months 
BT902.13 MbpsHyperoptic906.46 MbpsBT3802.57 Mbps
Hyperoptic870.33 MbpsVirgin Media897.97 MbpsVirgin Media2585.56 Mbps
Community Fibre849.32 MbpsBT840.34 MbpsCommunity Fibre1069.45 Mbps
CIX790.1 MbpsCIX805.76 MbpsSky Broadband977.88 Mbps
G.Network534.91 MbpsG.Network544.49 MbpsHyperoptic947.62 Mbps
Virgin Media534.55 MbpsGigaclear527.07 MbpsOptimity945.1 Mbps
TalkTalk526.96 MbpsTalkTalk410.63 MbpsG.Network941.91 Mbps
Gigaclear509.27 MbpsKingston Communications406 Mbpstoob939.2 Mbps
Vodafone467.19 MbpsIndependent Fibre Networks363.43 MbpsGigaclear937.67 Mbps
Independent Fibre Networks358.8 MbpsVodafone359.34 MbpsWightFibre935.27 Mbps

The United Kingdom's Fastest Providers by Speed Range

02 Jul 2020 03 Jul 2020 Previous 12 Months 
G.Network154.46—334.6 MbpsG.Network155.49—336.61 MbpsG.Network103.96—363.76 Mbps
Gigaclear101.48—264.3 MbpsGigaclear101.16—254.97 MbpsBox Broadband93.1—317.7 Mbps
Hyperoptic93.67—242.7 MbpsHyperoptic94.04—244.35 MbpsVision Fibre Media99.06—270.63 Mbps
Virgin Media84.93—215.51 MbpsVirgin Media74.29—215.16 MbpsVelocity138.55—368.03 Mbps
Kingston Communications78.91—199.57 MbpsIndependent Fibre Networks101.64—116.35 MbpsSure Guernsey36.59—361.29 Mbps
Independent Fibre Networks92.9—115.74 MbpsKingston Communications25.47—218.6 Mbpstoob60.72—295.15 Mbps
Community Fibre41.67—204.89 MbpsZen Internet51.28—73.99 MbpsSpectrum Internet71.72—268.33 Mbps
Spitfire46.96—93.24 MbpsBT35.22—71.1 MbpsGigaclear52.03—221.31 Mbps
Zen Internet40.86—73.11 MbpsAndrews & Arnold32.03—57.89 MbpsCommunity Fibre51.61—215.16 Mbps
BT34.59—70.72 MbpsPlusnet27.93—63.85 MbpsHyperoptic59.25—170.52 Mbps

The United Kingdom's Slowest Providers by Maximum Speed

02 Jul 2020 03 Jul 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Andrews & Arnold72.4 MbpsAndrews & Arnold72.31 MbpsCall278.74 Mbps
Post Office Broadband73.44 MbpsPost Office Broadband73.35 MbpsI Need Broadband46.4 Mbps
Plusnet75.09 MbpsPlusnet75.5 MbpsSugarnet49 Mbps
KCOM89.83 MbpsKCOM93.25 MbpsXLN52.11 Mbps
Spitfire93.75 MbpsZen Internet261.49 MbpsSAQ58.85 Mbps
Zen Internet253.13 MbpsSky Broadband268.28 MbpsWiSpire70.08 Mbps
EE266.19 MbpsEE275.38 MbpsCloudScape Connect71.85 Mbps
Sky Broadband297.54 MbpsVodafone359.34 MbpsGigastream82.9 Mbps
Kingston Communications335.77 MbpsIndependent Fibre Networks363.43 MbpsCountry Connect90.71 Mbps
Independent Fibre Networks358.8 MbpsKingston Communications406 MbpsUltraNetworks91.15 Mbps

The United Kingdom's Slowest Providers by Speed Range

02 Jul 2020 03 Jul 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Post Office Broadband8.16—34.63 MbpsPost Office Broadband13.53—36.58 MbpsCall271.36—2.08 Mbps
CIX15.45—46.55 MbpsCIX15.71—48.84 MbpsXLN0.97—5.14 Mbps
KCOM12.57—53.84 MbpsSky Broadband17.87—52.21 MbpsPure Broadband2.51—9.65 Mbps
TalkTalk19.16—42.68 MbpsKCOM11.88—64.8 MbpsBeacon Broadband2.87—9.48 Mbps
Sky Broadband17.09—52.84 MbpsTalkTalk21.08—49.18 MbpsWiSpire3.24—11.3 Mbps
Vodafone25.28—52.65 MbpsEE24.12—61.38 MbpsLothianBroadband3.59—10.92 Mbps
Plusnet29.33—61.83 MbpsVodafone31.66—52.44 MbpsSAQ2.33—15.46 Mbps
EE29.47—62.28 MbpsPlusnet27.93—63.85 MbpsLothian Broadband4.34—11.45 Mbps
Andrews & Arnold32.23—64.91 MbpsAndrews & Arnold32.03—57.89 MbpsI Need Broadband4.24—14.49 Mbps
BT34.59—70.72 MbpsBT35.22—71.1—15.94 Mbps
Last updated: 05 Jul 2020