The United Kingdom's Fastest and Slowest Providers

Measuring major and minor providers by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

The United Kingdom's Fastest Providers by Maximum Speed

19 Jan 2022 20 Jan 2022 Previous 12 Months 
Virgin Media2786.06 MbpsCommunity Fibre2768.9 MbpsVirgin Media6329.36 Mbps
Community Fibre1989.5 MbpsSky Broadband1713.11 MbpsBT6068.11 Mbps
BT1416.11 MbpsCall Flow Solutions939.86 MbpsHyperoptic4523.71 Mbps
Sky Broadband1227.22 MbpsVirgin Media939.59 MbpsCommunity Fibre3453.27 Mbps
G.Network944.97 Mbpstoob936.25 MbpsEE3135.43 Mbps
Vodafone939.74 MbpsG.Network935.79 MbpsSky Broadband1887.37 Mbps
Hyperoptic923.99 MbpsVodafone934.82 MbpsB4RN1785.55 Mbps
TalkTalk915.98 MbpsPure Fibre933.94 MbpsZen Internet1562.03 Mbps
CIX915.59 MbpsCIX931.86 MbpsCIX1052.14 Mbps
EE915.12 MbpsHyperoptic922.92 MbpsConnexin1021.86 Mbps

The United Kingdom's Fastest Providers by Speed Range

19 Jan 2022 20 Jan 2022 Previous 12 Months 
Box Broadband282.64—430.94 MbpsBox Broadband293.67—390.58 MbpsCambridge Fibre169.65—411.83 Mbps
G.Network119.97—395.19 MbpsG.Network141.36—438.95 MbpsG.Network96.67—427.48 Mbps
TrueSpeed Communications138.43—343.91 MbpsSolway Communications170.5—278.88 Mbpstoob63.37—472.16 Mbps
toob98.42—380.67 Mbpstoob92.7—411.16 MbpsBox Broadband122.26—313 Mbps
Cambridge Fibre161.06—241.84 MbpsCambridge Fibre159.07—249.14 MbpsVision Fibre Media97.44—285.99 Mbps
FibreNest74.59—391.85 MbpsHyperoptic93.16—341.55 MbpsHyperoptic79.39—288.27 Mbps
Hyperoptic85.12—318.16 MbpsCall Flow Solutions91.06—305.57 MbpsGigaclear84.23—262.48 Mbps
Community Fibre89.46—308.13 MbpsPure Fibre90.3—302.59 MbpsTrunk Networks43.64—337.15 Mbps
Call Flow Solutions87.58—294.37 MbpsGigaclear92.44—286.86 MbpsSure Guernsey12.58—377.55 Mbps
Wessex Internet102.27—259.02 Mbpstelcom (Velocity Fibre)103.54—223.22 MbpsCerberus Networks69.94—252.94 Mbps

The United Kingdom's Slowest Providers by Maximum Speed

19 Jan 2022 20 Jan 2022 Previous 12 Months 
WiSpire15.5 MbpsBeacon Broadband29.15 MbpsXLN8.71 Mbps
Connexin56.51 MbpsShell Energy73.87 MbpsLothian Broadband30.19 Mbps
Shell Energy73.62 MbpsPlusnet75.31 MbpsBitStreme48.75 Mbps
O2 Broadband74.81 MbpsO2 Broadband90.14 MbpsSAQ72.54 Mbps
Plusnet75.46 MbpsBoundless Networks111.18 MbpsCall2774.15 Mbps
NYnet86.8 MbpsWightFibre146.03 MbpsShell Energy74.85 Mbps
Origin Broadband92.62 MbpsAndrews & Arnold148.47 MbpsWi-Manx86.42 Mbps
Boundless Networks106.35 MbpsManx Telecom191.59 MbpsSugarnet87.19 Mbps
Gradwell124.23 MbpsOrigin Broadband201.69 MbpsGigastream88.44 Mbps
Structured Communications126.76 MbpsAirband207.98 MbpsCountry Connect92.5 Mbps

The United Kingdom's Slowest Providers by Speed Range

19 Jan 2022 20 Jan 2022 Previous 12 Months 
WiSpire2.08—6.72 MbpsShell Energy6.99—32.73 MbpsXLN2.02—4.82 Mbps
Internet Central1.96—15.64 MbpsBoundless Networks13.81—24.73 MbpsWi-Manx6.94—8.16 Mbps
Gradwell3.02—30.81 MbpsBeacon Broadband14.86—23.84 MbpsLegend Telecom7.06—21 Mbps
O2 Broadband9—19.3 MbpsFastNet19.66—25.41 MbpsLonsdale Network Services7.9—22.81 Mbps
Boundless Networks6.79—28.61 MbpsPlusnet16.85—51.25 MbpsBeacon Broadband8.35—22.23 Mbps
Shell Energy7.77—36.76 Mbpsuno16.64—51.9 MbpsBitStreme12.05—15.87 Mbps
Connexin10.16—52.67 MbpsOrigin Broadband20.51—44.25 MbpsI Need Broadband8.59—24.04 Mbps
iDNET1.54—69.92 MbpsInternetty13.4—66.2 MbpsW3Z10.04—21.7 Mbps
NYnet14.9—48.23 MbpsWightFibre12.83—69.92 MbpsShell Energy6.93—32.25 Mbps
Origin Broadband19.59—40.12 MbpsEE22.63—64.46 MbpsGo Internet9.42—27.38 Mbps
Last updated: 22 Jan 2022