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Internet Providers in Norfolk

There are 21 different broadband providers available to and being tested by people living in Norfolk. The average internet speed in Norfolk is 52 Mbps, while the median speed test result is 31 Mbps. Typical internet speeds vary from 22 to 68 Mbps, and the highest broadband speed we've seen is 436 Mbps from Glide.

Other fast internet providers include BT with 934.27 Mbps, EE with 919.52 Mbps, and CIX with 830.4 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Norfolk are 15.87% worse than the United Kingdom national average of 36.86 Mbps. The most common broadband provider in Norfolk is Sky Broadband, and their typical speeds range from 21.92 to 57.07 Mbps.

Norfolk Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Norfolk

#Provider NameMax Download SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1BT934.27 Mbps20.42—64.56 Mbps87
2Plusnet75.48 Mbps13.89—37.16 Mbps77
3EE919.52 Mbps18.72—56.41 Mbps46
4TalkTalk576.46 Mbps21.36—52.83 Mbps42
5Vodafone626.62 Mbps27.14—57.65 Mbps40
6Shell Energy73.83 Mbps7.07—30.44 Mbps31
7Sky Broadband519.39 Mbps21.92—57.07 Mbps30
8WiSpire396.93 Mbps11.99—29.69 Mbps20
9Zen Internet774.05 Mbps20.82—116.3 Mbps16
10Virgin Media936.64 Mbps48.33—190.76 Mbps11
11Origin Broadband71.47 Mbps11.04—37.57 Mbps8
12Independent Fibre Networks361.42 Mbps35—158.61 Mbps6
13CIX830.4 Mbps69.51—71.58 Mbps4
14KCOM676.87 Mbps6.99—93.36 Mbps3
15Glide435.62 Mbps67.45—239.9 Mbps2
16Spitfire207.81 Mbps37.09—42.07 Mbps2
17Andrews & Arnold147.23 Mbps23.14—32.47 Mbps2
18Exascale94.01 Mbps69.76—86.51 Mbps1
19CCS Leeds34.39 Mbps33.06—33.57 Mbps1
20O2 Broadband42.88 Mbps4.13—34.92 Mbps1
21The Phone Coop145.24 Mbps2.77—32.2 Mbps1

Cities and Broadband Provider Speeds in Norfolk

PositionCityMax Download SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Briston485.75 Mbps64.04—71.47 Mbps69.51 Mbps4
2Wells-next-the-Sea676.87 Mbps35.8—65.96 Mbps39.82 Mbps4
3Southery909 Mbps30.96—71.29 Mbps38.41 Mbps8
4Hethersett361.42 Mbps28.01—62.62 Mbps37.07 Mbps5
5Attleborough914.5 Mbps26.24—72.2 Mbps35.26 Mbps10
6Baconsthorpe812.78 Mbps21.6—53.96 Mbps32.91 Mbps4
7Norwich936.64 Mbps24.66—73.09 Mbps32.81 Mbps17
8Belton with Browston931.71 Mbps21.87—98.9 Mbps31.99 Mbps9
9Colney914.55 Mbps24.59—56.44 Mbps31.8 Mbps6
10Fakenham881.4 Mbps27.58—48.01 Mbps31.65 Mbps7
11Rackheath535.9 Mbps23.33—52.29 Mbps31.32 Mbps9
12Sprowston919.52 Mbps20.22—59.64 Mbps30.24 Mbps9
13Costessey438.08 Mbps22.45—61.29 Mbps29.81 Mbps10
14Kings Lynn838.68 Mbps21.3—50.71 Mbps28.73 Mbps12
15Cromer649.08 Mbps22.14—50.24 Mbps28.64 Mbps5
16Ellingham902.7 Mbps22.53—50.92 Mbps28.61 Mbps6
17Erpingham746.86 Mbps20.6—63.74 Mbps28.29 Mbps7
18Ashill910.99 Mbps18.82—59.58 Mbps28.06 Mbps8
19Hellesdon681.29 Mbps20.39—56.78 Mbps27.64 Mbps8
20Shelfanger918.75 Mbps18.56—52.4 Mbps27.39 Mbps6
21Hunstanton487.17 Mbps18.71—70.66 Mbps27.28 Mbps6
22Great Yarmouth930.52 Mbps16.46—67.22 Mbps25.02 Mbps9
23Wymondham920.81 Mbps15.44—53.93 Mbps23.64 Mbps9
24Dereham920.23 Mbps17.62—51.45 Mbps23.33 Mbps9
25Weeting-with-Broomhill908.45 Mbps15.63—48.11 Mbps22.47 Mbps8
26Thurne648.66 Mbps14.66—50 Mbps21.15 Mbps4
27Moulton St Michael674.94 Mbps14.01—50.81 Mbps20.99 Mbps8
28North Walsham900.38 Mbps14.71—52.71 Mbps20.65 Mbps8
29Brundall889.03 Mbps15.26—40.18 Mbps19.1 Mbps8
30Leziate451.23 Mbps13.29—51.85 Mbps18.25 Mbps4
31Swaffham803.75 Mbps12.32—44.23 Mbps17.02 Mbps6
32Raveningham911.48 Mbps10.66—49.76 Mbps16.09 Mbps6
33Redenhall with Harleston625.07 Mbps10.13—41.31 Mbps14.54 Mbps7
34Hoveton750.86 Mbps10.25—43.91 Mbps13.48 Mbps6
35Barford600.79 Mbps8.07—51.37 Mbps12.57 Mbps6
36Banham854.52 Mbps8.82—37.75 Mbps12.27 Mbps5

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Norfolk

How many providers in Norfolk are there?

Norfolk has 21 ISPs available.

Who is the fastest provider in Norfolk?

Glide is the fastest provider in Norfolk with 435.62 Mbps, and an average speed range of 67.45—239.9 Mbps.

What is the average internet speed in Norfolk?

Users in Norfolk see an average internet speed of 22.5 up to 68.25 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 936.64 Mbps.

Is Sky Broadband available in Norfolk?

Sky Broadband is available in Norfolk, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 519.39 Mbps.

Is BT available in Norfolk?

BT is available in Norfolk, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 934.27 Mbps.

Is Virgin Media available in Norfolk?

Virgin Media is available in Norfolk, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 936.64 Mbps.

Who is the the most popular provider in Norfolk?

The provider with the most users in Norfolk is Sky Broadband.

Last updated: 20 Jan 2022