Internet Providers in London

There are 66 different providers available to and being tested by people living in London. Typical internet speeds vary from 16.61 to 66.7 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 947.62 Mbps from Hyperoptic. Other fast providers include Optimity with 945.1 Mbps, Community Fibre with 942.16 Mbps, and BT with 940.19 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in London are 30.89% better than the United Kingdom national average of 19.49 Mbps. The most common provider in London is BT, their typical speeds ranging from 19.18 to 63.09 Mbps.

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Summary of Internet Service Providers in London

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Virgin Media906.36 Mbps36.49—133.55 Mbps33
2Zen Internet909.42 Mbps23.73—72.89 Mbps33
3BT940.19 Mbps19.18—63.09 Mbps33
4Vodafone807.13 Mbps14.11—36.56 Mbps33
5EE377.46 Mbps10.24—35.74 Mbps33
6Plusnet245.05 Mbps10.97—37.05 Mbps33
7Sky Broadband834.85 Mbps9.74—36.48 Mbps33
8TalkTalk261.75 Mbps9.72—34.66 Mbps33
9Post Office Broadband74.83 Mbps3.46—12.61 Mbps33
10Spitfire852.95 Mbps33.93—91.85 Mbps28
11Independent Fibre Networks763.72 Mbps23.11—63.45 Mbps27
12Hyperoptic947.62 Mbps60.31—169.1 Mbps26
13Andrews & Arnold291.38 Mbps27.62—56.58 Mbps22
14Glide760.78 Mbps44.02—154.93 Mbps19
15CIX901.99 Mbps13.59—58.3 Mbps18
16KCOM235.3 Mbps4.31—28.51 Mbps18
17Cerberus Networks358.42 Mbps13.31—67.65 Mbps17
18Community Fibre942.16 Mbps54.41—203.12 Mbps16
19FastNet404.52 Mbps8.07—34.73 Mbps13
20iDNET281.39 Mbps36.57—55.26 Mbps10
21CCS Leeds522.28 Mbps10.18—55.46 Mbps8
22Optimity945.1 Mbps22.21—101 Mbps7
23Origin Broadband71.6 Mbps6.37—32.55 Mbps7
24G.Network938.29 Mbps93.95—314.19 Mbps5
25Structured Communications302.44 Mbps62.04—72.87 Mbps5
26Gradwell639.44 Mbps8.26—37.28 Mbps4
27O2 Broadband65.74 Mbps6.1—15.03 Mbps4
28Velocity1879.77 Mbps25.73—305.68 Mbps3
29Pure Fibre856.79 Mbps23.29—79.38 Mbps3
30XLN8.72 Mbps0.76—0.98 Mbps3
31Gigaclear859.61 Mbps212.74—418.17 Mbps2
32WightFibre355.37 Mbps24.49—46.51 Mbps2
33BazTel497.79 Mbps11.56—21.38 Mbps2
34London Web92.75 Mbps7.4—85.54 Mbps2
35Exascale124.76 Mbps7.74—54.77 Mbps2
36Vostron91.43 Mbps4.84—18.09 Mbps2
37Aquiss71.56 Mbps3.94—33.64 Mbps2
38The Phone Coop49.56 Mbps5.28—5.45 Mbps2
39CloudScape Connect69.52 Mbps5.72—18.65 Mbps2
40Pro-Net Internet Services51.14 Mbps1.9—13.14 Mbps2
41Vision Fibre Media639.3 Mbps97.1—100.36 Mbps1
42Surrey Hills Internet564.85 Mbps94.32—101.64 Mbps1
43Sure Guernsey480.78 Mbps35.67—92.49 Mbps1
44TrueSpeed Communications292.04 Mbps43.45—159.27 Mbps1
45Kingston Communications473.33 Mbps36.86—177.03 Mbps1
46Wessex Internet107.45 Mbps96.44—107.09 Mbps1
47Unchained ISP663.93 Mbps9.74—67.73 Mbps1
48OptaNet90.89 Mbps40.9—77.91 Mbps1
49Trunk Networks201.62 Mbps16.31—108.71 Mbps1
50Manx Telecom269.07 Mbps11.69—92.15 Mbps1
51telcom (Velocity Fibre)202.73 Mbps26.19—57.95 Mbps1
52Onestream88.77 Mbps4.72—31.45 Mbps1
53uno73.24 Mbps17.34—52.98 Mbps1
54Wi-Manx81.15 Mbps7.38—41.13 Mbps1
55B4RN85.17 Mbps8.83—27.39 Mbps1
56NYnet62.93 Mbps19.34—38.24 Mbps1
57Juice Broadband343.35 Mbps9.13—18.64 Mbps1
58Internet Central342 Mbps7.77—32.62 Mbps1
59I Need Broadband16.04 Mbps9.96—12.9 Mbps1
60Go Internet96.21 Mbps1.84—17.67 Mbps1
61Airband35.83 Mbps1.13—19.71 Mbps1
62Boundless Networks83.96 Mbps4.22—17.39 Mbps1
63WiSpire38.48 Mbps0.13—0.16 Mbps1
64Zone Broadband6.79 Mbps0—5.16 Mbps1
65Call Flow Solutions14.52 Mbps1.27—5.8 Mbps1
66Gigastream1.43 Mbps0—1.38 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in London

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Camden835.51 Mbps49.12—82.99 Mbps58.73 Mbps19
2Kensington939.25 Mbps38.13—110.49 Mbps53.06 Mbps20
3Wandsworth937.46 Mbps27.4—73.96 Mbps37.74 Mbps18
4Mitcham942.16 Mbps24.18—102.3 Mbps34.12 Mbps17
5Richmond730.41 Mbps23.19—72.35 Mbps33.09 Mbps16
6Hounslow807.13 Mbps21.64—66.37 Mbps31.53 Mbps15
7Haringey727.25 Mbps19.74—73.91 Mbps30.15 Mbps19
8Islington945.1 Mbps18.04—76.59 Mbps29.69 Mbps25
9Bromley921.35 Mbps19.2—68.29 Mbps28.05 Mbps18
10Forest Gate894.57 Mbps19.17—68.67 Mbps27.95 Mbps14
11London940.19 Mbps17.06—71.51 Mbps27.88 Mbps53
12Ealing786.87 Mbps18.97—71.16 Mbps27.59 Mbps20
13Kingston upon Thames892.34 Mbps18.18—71.3 Mbps27.56 Mbps16
14Sutton790.38 Mbps18.29—69.66 Mbps26.98 Mbps16
15Hammersmith939.52 Mbps17.27—66.85 Mbps26.51 Mbps20
16Harrow901.99 Mbps18.23—67.44 Mbps26.49 Mbps13
17Barnet883.41 Mbps17.19—59.68 Mbps25.23 Mbps20
18Dagenham539.7 Mbps17.44—58.52 Mbps24.62 Mbps12
19Hillingdon916.61 Mbps16.13—61.88 Mbps23.89 Mbps18
20Bexley606.99 Mbps16.74—55.1 Mbps23.75 Mbps14
21Lewisham901.93 Mbps15.39—70.7 Mbps23.68 Mbps15
22Romford548.84 Mbps16.77—60.51 Mbps23.41 Mbps14
23Brent904.76 Mbps15.13—53.63 Mbps23.4 Mbps16
24City of London826.45 Mbps15.49—48.65 Mbps21.55 Mbps16
25Tower Hamlets947.62 Mbps14.17—56.44 Mbps20.79 Mbps20
26Enfield Town729.19 Mbps13.22—65.01 Mbps20.71 Mbps15
27Hackney933.49 Mbps13.65—53.02 Mbps19.04 Mbps20
28Waltham Forest784.76 Mbps12—61.02 Mbps18.99 Mbps17
29Greenwich916.3 Mbps11.86—46.95 Mbps17.48 Mbps18
30Croydon841.78 Mbps11.31—51.57 Mbps17.11 Mbps19
31Southwark930.04 Mbps10.84—51.04 Mbps16.47 Mbps16
32Redbridge855.5 Mbps10.43—51.66 Mbps16.2 Mbps15
33Lambeth912.3 Mbps9.25—66.49 Mbps15.68 Mbps22

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in London

London has 66 ISPs available.
Hyperoptic is the fastest provider in London with 947.62 Mbps, and an average speed range of 60.31—169.1 Mbps.
Users in London see an average internet speed of 16.61 up to 66.7 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 947.62 Mbps.
BT is available in London, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 940.19 Mbps.
Virgin Media is available in London, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 906.36 Mbps.
Sky Broadband is available in London, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 834.85 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in London is BT.

Last updated: 10 Feb 2020