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Internet Providers in Leicestershire

There are 26 different broadband providers available to and being tested by people living in Leicestershire. The average internet speed in Leicestershire is 76 Mbps, while the median speed test result is 42 Mbps. Typical internet speeds vary from 31 to 109 Mbps, and the highest broadband speed we've seen is 886 Mbps from Glide.

Other fast internet providers include Vodafone with 935.96 Mbps, BT with 919.12 Mbps, and EE with 913.12 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Leicestershire are 13.82% better than the United Kingdom national average of 36.84 Mbps. The most common broadband provider in Leicestershire is Virgin Media, and their typical speeds range from 53.48 to 195.33 Mbps.

Leicestershire Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Leicestershire

#Provider NameMax Download SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1BT919.12 Mbps25.6—69.5 Mbps49
2Plusnet74.72 Mbps17.56—37.02 Mbps41
3Vodafone935.96 Mbps30.81—66.07 Mbps28
4TalkTalk519.15 Mbps23.85—52.96 Mbps28
5Virgin Media936.33 Mbps53.48—195.33 Mbps26
6EE913.12 Mbps18.26—56.27 Mbps26
7Sky Broadband508.83 Mbps23.12—56.32 Mbps21
8Shell Energy74.36 Mbps7.96—29.41 Mbps18
9Zen Internet764.45 Mbps13.58—99.05 Mbps11
10Glide886.17 Mbps276.28—308.59 Mbps6
11CIX93.42 Mbps18.97—59.68 Mbps4
12Gigaclear253.85 Mbps61.55—101.81 Mbps3
13Spitfire195.4 Mbps58.97—61.33 Mbps3
14BazTel875.02 Mbps46.56—90.39 Mbps2
15Andrews & Arnold74.1 Mbps22.03—69.13 Mbps2
16KCOM54.44 Mbps31.27—35.46 Mbps2
17Origin Broadband65.76 Mbps10.08—17.46 Mbps2
18O2 Broadband67.6 Mbps5.63—18.71 Mbps2
19Contingency Networks202.27 Mbps37.47—94.71 Mbps1
20Hyperoptic62.44 Mbps62.02—62.25 Mbps1
21Gradwell73.87 Mbps0—41.23 Mbps1
22iDNET57.27 Mbps31.2—32.97 Mbps1
23uno101.39 Mbps7.4—46.37 Mbps1
24Independent Fibre Networks23.28 Mbps16.72—23.2 Mbps1
25I Need Broadband50.98 Mbps9.19—32.94 Mbps1
26CloudScape Connect71.15 Mbps2.55—24.08 Mbps1

Cities and Broadband Provider Speeds in Leicestershire

PositionCityMax Download SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Syston936.1 Mbps37—148.51 Mbps60.54 Mbps1
2Enderby918.41 Mbps37.13—141.14 Mbps51.71 Mbps9
3Loughborough936.33 Mbps34.62—122.38 Mbps49.4 Mbps12
4Hinckley919.12 Mbps36.83—102.84 Mbps49.25 Mbps10
5Arnesby899.42 Mbps36.47—104.52 Mbps48.8 Mbps9
6Castle Donington907.9 Mbps34.83—140.19 Mbps45.92 Mbps7
7Braunstone928.7 Mbps32.82—109.43 Mbps44.78 Mbps14
8Melton Mowbray918.47 Mbps32.05—166.15 Mbps43.48 Mbps11
9Ashby de la Zouch616.81 Mbps28.27—100.38 Mbps41.39 Mbps10
10Narborough541.23 Mbps31.62—107.69 Mbps39.81 Mbps9
11Bagworth and Thornton933.55 Mbps28.65—116.36 Mbps36.65 Mbps10
12Whetstone908.99 Mbps27.42—70.18 Mbps33.55 Mbps4
13Ibstock530.4 Mbps30.22—107.5 Mbps30.92 Mbps5
14Groby407.47 Mbps21.8—85.55 Mbps30.83 Mbps7
15Allexton460.12 Mbps21.52—59.26 Mbps29.84 Mbps8
16Wymondham919.07 Mbps22.84—71.53 Mbps29.22 Mbps6
17Kilby685.97 Mbps20.4—51.6 Mbps28.83 Mbps11
18Earl Shilton869.92 Mbps21.7—57.66 Mbps28.46 Mbps9
19Anstey935.96 Mbps21.17—69.28 Mbps28.25 Mbps10
20Blaby143.14 Mbps25.76—29.2 Mbps26.65 Mbps7
21Shepshed837.82 Mbps18.95—67.66 Mbps25.91 Mbps10
22Chilcote510.13 Mbps18.22—50.53 Mbps24.29 Mbps7

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Leicestershire

How many providers in Leicestershire are there?

Leicestershire has 26 ISPs available.

Who is the fastest provider in Leicestershire?

Glide is the fastest provider in Leicestershire with 886.17 Mbps, and an average speed range of 276.28—308.59 Mbps.

What is the average internet speed in Leicestershire?

Users in Leicestershire see an average internet speed of 30.85 up to 108.93 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 936.33 Mbps.

Is Virgin Media available in Leicestershire?

Virgin Media is available in Leicestershire, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 936.33 Mbps.

Is BT available in Leicestershire?

BT is available in Leicestershire, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 919.12 Mbps.

Is Sky Broadband available in Leicestershire?

Sky Broadband is available in Leicestershire, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 508.83 Mbps.

Who is the the most popular provider in Leicestershire?

The provider with the most users in Leicestershire is Virgin Media.

Last updated: 18 Jan 2022