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Broadband Providers in Leeds

Broadband Providers available in Leeds include Virgin Media, Sky Broadband, and Vodafone. Leeds's fastest provider is Spitfire, with a median speed of 142 Mbps. The most popular provider in Leeds is Virgin Media. The average broadband speed in Leeds in 2022 is 72 Mbps, and the median speed locally is 37 Mbps.


Leeds Broadband Statistics

Leeds has the second-best fibre access out of all major cities in Yorkshire and The Humber, and is among the top 10 best major cities in terms of fibre access across the UK as a whole. Our analysis of Ofcom coverage data shows that Gigabit fibre is available to 90% of residents. UltraFast 300+ Mbps is available to 91% of residents, while SuperFast 30+ Mbps broadband is available to 99% of Leeds's households.

Great broadband infrastructure results in high speed test averages in Leeds postcodes like LS12, LS28, LS8, LS13, and LS11. Over the past year, we’ve recorded a 37.04 Mbps median internet speed in Leeds, which is 0.62% above the United Kingdom national median of 36.81 Mbps.

Leeds increased access to Gigabit speeds by 48 percentage points in the past year. The buildout rate is also better than neighbouring major cities like Doncaster (gained 36 percentate points), Rotherham (gained 12 percentate points), and Sheffield (gained 11 percentate points). In addition, real-world speed test data shows that Leeds is significantly faster than Shadwell (25% slower), Morley (2.49% slower), and Gildersome (1.73% slower).

Local broadband speeds over time

The median broadband speed in Leeds has increased by 76% over the last five years.


Local broadband speeds in context

As of 2022, the median broadband speed in Leeds is 3.46% higher than the Yorkshire and The Humber and 0.62% higher than the UK overall.

Leeds37 Mbps
Yorkshire and The Humber36 Mbps
United Kingdom37 Mbps

Leeds 2022 Broadband Scorecard

2nd highest fibre access

Major Cities, Yorkshire and The Humber

3.46% above regional broadband speed

Yorkshire and The Humber

0.62% above national broadband speed

UK Overall

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Broadband Providers

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Most popular choice
Overall Performance
Customer Ratings
Virgin Media Logo
69 /100
5.30 /10
Virgin Media
Above average
161,883 Speed Tests
1502 reviews
Plans & Pricing
Overall Performance
Customer Ratings
Sky Broadband Logo
58 /100
5.20 /10
Sky Broadband
About average
90,253 Speed Tests
878 reviews
Plans & Pricing
Overall Performance
Customer Ratings
Vodafone Logo
60 /100
5.50 /10
About average
69,759 Speed Tests
232 reviews
Plans & Pricing
Overall Performance
Customer Ratings
TalkTalk Logo
52 /100
5.10 /10
About average
38,306 Speed Tests
379 reviews
Plans & Pricing
Overall Performance
Customer Ratings
BT Logo
70 /100
6.0 /10
Above average
37,952 Speed Tests
776 reviews
Plans & Pricing
Overall Performance
Customer Ratings
Plusnet Logo
54 /100
6.20 /10
About average
13,603 Speed Tests
442 reviews
Plans & Pricing
Overall Performance
Customer Ratings
EE Logo
58 /100
6.60 /10
About average
Above Average
5,957 Speed Tests
395 reviews
Plans & Pricing
Overall Performance
Customer Ratings
Hyperoptic Logo
97 /100
9.60 /10
Above average
Above Average
4,648 Speed Tests
48 reviews
Overall Performance
Customer Ratings
Shell Energy Logo
35 /100
5.0 /10
Shell Energy
Below average
2,893 Speed Tests
55 reviews
Plans & Pricing
Fastest median speed
Overall Performance
Customer Ratings
Spitfire Logo
88 /100
Above average
1,433 Speed Tests
Too few reviews
Overall Performance
Customer Ratings
Glide Logo
68 /100
7.50 /10
Above average
Above Average
723 Speed Tests
10 reviews
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Broadband Network Infrastructure in Leeds

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Ofcom Fibre Access Analysis for Leeds

See the chart below for annual reporting on fibre build rates in the Leeds area. Availability is based on population in postcodes marked as served by Ofcom Connected Nations reports, according to the most recent census.

 1,000+ Mbps300+ Mbps30+ Mbps

Map of Leeds's Fibre Broadband Availability by Postcode

Gigabit Availability


of people living in Leeds can obtain to 1,000+ Mbps broadband speeds

Ultrafast Speeds


of Leeds residents can get 300+ Mbps internet service

Superfast 30+ Mbps Broadband


availability in Leeds

Poor Broadband Speeds


of Leeds is limited to broadband speeds under 30 Mbps

Leeds Broadband Speeds Report

Average Broadband Speeds in Leeds

YearLeeds AverageUnited Kingdom AverageDifference
201823.25 Mbps26.27 Mbps11.50% Slower
201928.9 Mbps30.63 Mbps5.65% Slower
202081.02 Mbps80.31 Mbps0.88% Faster
202171.62 Mbps66.05 Mbps8.43% Faster

Leeds Broadband Speed Distribution

 Percentage of Speed Tests in Speed Range
Internet Speed RangeLeedsUnited Kingdom
Very Slow: under 10 Mbps19.25%19.92%
Slow: 10-30 Mbps23.83%25.74%
Adequate: 30-60 Mbps24.21%25.20%
Good: 60-80 Mbps10.02%10.20%
Fast: 80-300 Mbps18.64%15.33%
Very Fast: over 300 Mbps4.06%3.60%

How Leeds Compares to Major Cities

City / TownMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian 
Greater London5794.21 Mbps32.96—95.6 Mbps45.49 MbpsFaster
Birmingham941.32 Mbps29.26—106.92 Mbps38.41 MbpsFaster
Bristol943.13 Mbps30.28—109.85 Mbps42.19 MbpsFaster
Edinburgh874.24 Mbps29.95—107.42 Mbps38 MbpsFaster
Leeds1580.91 Mbps28.63—97.96 Mbps37.04 Mbps-
Liverpool1134.53 Mbps25.5—89.41 Mbps34.55 MbpsSlower
Nottingham2371.49 Mbps16.34—40.87 Mbps19.3 MbpsSlower
Sheffield932.42 Mbps23.67—68.69 Mbps32.02 MbpsSlower
Glasgow913.93 Mbps20.52—71.3 Mbps31.97 MbpsSlower
Leicester935.89 Mbps27.38—98.99 Mbps36.93 MbpsSlower

Cities and Provider Internet Speeds in Leeds

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian# Providers
1Alwoodley932.88 Mbps36.74—136.7 Mbps50.95 Mbps11
2Rawdon934.91 Mbps32.89—165.56 Mbps49.3 Mbps10
3Parlington927.14 Mbps33.48—122.87 Mbps44.08 Mbps12
4Leeds1580.91 Mbps28.63—97.96 Mbps37.04 Mbps21
5Scarcroft901.36 Mbps29.86—90.5 Mbps36.89 Mbps9
6Allerton Bywater925.8 Mbps28.49—100.45 Mbps36.78 Mbps9
7Morley931.8 Mbps28.75—70.53 Mbps36.14 Mbps12
8Otley884.3 Mbps25.93—81.41 Mbps35.24 Mbps7
9Horsforth921.89 Mbps17.92—55.06 Mbps25.93 Mbps11

Leeds Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

How Leeds Compares for Internet Speed in Leeds

PositionCity / TownMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian 
2Rawdon934.91 Mbps32.89—165.56 Mbps49.3 MbpsFaster
3Parlington927.14 Mbps33.48—122.87 Mbps44.08 MbpsFaster
4Leeds1580.91 Mbps28.63—97.96 Mbps37.04 Mbps-
5Scarcroft901.36 Mbps29.86—90.5 Mbps36.89 MbpsSlower
6Allerton Bywater925.8 Mbps28.49—100.45 Mbps36.78 MbpsSlower

Leeds Internet Speed Test Results

We analysed the results of people in Leeds testing broadband providers multiple times, with each test starting no more than 30 minutes after the previous speed test. On average, people in Leeds ran 4 internet speed tests per session. Looking at broadband download speeds, if the Leeds resident's final test is 10% faster than their starting download speed, we count that as a succesful and faster speed test result. We count an unsuccessful, slower result if the final result is 10% slower than the starting result; we'd hope their ISP contacts them ASAP! For broadband speed tests that don't vary by that much, we consider the final result to be the same. For Leeds's residents, of the internet speed tests we measured, 41.87% were fast, 24.71% slow, and 33.42% broadly the same.

Most Recent Tests

ProviderStart Time# TestsDurationStart SpeedEnd SpeedStatus
Vodafone14 Jan 2022 23:56:38339 secs77.48 Mbps79.04 Mbps
Virgin Media14 Jan 2022 23:45:09229 secs194.97 Mbps209.39 Mbps
TalkTalk14 Jan 2022 23:36:29241 secs26.68 Mbps27.99 Mbps
Virgin Media14 Jan 2022 23:30:0222 mins27.48 Mbps59.7 MbpsImproved
Sky Broadband14 Jan 2022 23:31:38230 secs49.14 Mbps49.96 Mbps
Virgin Media14 Jan 2022 23:23:3648 mins15.37 Mbps3.74 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Sky Broadband14 Jan 2022 23:20:19350 secs60 Mbps66.09 MbpsImproved
BT14 Jan 2022 22:44:11227 mins10.1 Mbps10.53 Mbps
Virgin Media14 Jan 2022 23:04:56493 secs27.36 Mbps48.42 MbpsImproved
Virgin Media14 Jan 2022 22:54:1329 mins5.95 Mbps45.72 MbpsImproved
TalkTalk14 Jan 2022 22:56:27235 secs55.91 Mbps55.99 Mbps
Virgin Media14 Jan 2022 22:37:0825 mins150.13 Mbps352.88 MbpsImproved
Virgin Media14 Jan 2022 22:26:50613 mins19.39 Mbps9.66 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Virgin Media14 Jan 2022 22:22:5543 mins542.83 Mbps550.1 Mbps
Virgin Media14 Jan 2022 22:21:40227 secs207.83 Mbps203.07 Mbps
Virgin Media14 Jan 2022 22:04:2384 mins15.17 Mbps8.49 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Virgin Media14 Jan 2022 22:04:54593 secs26.86 Mbps55.04 MbpsImproved
Virgin Media14 Jan 2022 21:44:22243 secs41.47 Mbps78.19 MbpsImproved
Sky Broadband14 Jan 2022 21:41:1422 mins24.42 Mbps25.25 Mbps
Virgin Media14 Jan 2022 21:33:15230 secs115.34 Mbps115.31 Mbps

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Leeds

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range
1Spitfire192.67 Mbps131.76—169.77 Mbps
2Hyperoptic905.73 Mbps57.03—168.16 Mbps
3telcom (Velocity Fibre)886.93 Mbps45.51—205.81 Mbps
4Virgin Media932.83 Mbps45.74—199.82 Mbps
5CCS Leeds926.79 Mbps21.32—109.44 Mbps
6Glide743.65 Mbps45.04—140.26 Mbps
7BT922.7 Mbps31.78—73.08 Mbps
8Andrews & Arnold70.97 Mbps29.62—70.15 Mbps
9TalkTalk894.52 Mbps23.69—62.17 Mbps
10Zen Internet446.72 Mbps13.2—80.56 Mbps
11CIX270.68 Mbps14.7—52.73 Mbps
12FastNet52.2 Mbps0—48.68 Mbps
13Vodafone937.44 Mbps28.01—61.41 Mbps
14Sky Broadband1580.91 Mbps19.28—56.39 Mbps
15EE827.9 Mbps21.42—66.83 Mbps
16Plusnet74.69 Mbps12.03—37.03 Mbps
17Zone Broadband216.04 Mbps7.64—16.02 Mbps
18Boundless Networks86.2 Mbps10.57—31.34 Mbps
19Shell Energy74.24 Mbps6.16—29.35 Mbps
20O2 Broadband29.97 Mbps6.91—7.82 Mbps
21KCOM91.05 Mbps4.58—17.33 Mbps

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Leeds

How many broadband providers in Leeds are there?

Leeds has 21 ISPs tested by its 789,194 residents.

Who is the fastest broadband provider in Leeds?

Spitfire is the fastest broadband provider in Leeds with 192.67 Mbps, and an average internet speed range of 131.76—169.77 Mbps.

Who is the best internet provider in Leeds?

The best internet provider in Leeds is Spitfire, and their users typically see broadband speeds in the range of 131.76 to 169.77 Mbps.

What is the average internet speed in Leeds?

Users in Leeds see an average internet speed of 28.63 up to 536 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 1580.91 Mbps.

Is Virgin Media available in Leeds?

Broadband service from Virgin Media is available in Leeds, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 932.83 Mbps.

Is Sky Broadband available in Leeds?

Broadband service from Sky Broadband is available in Leeds, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1580.91 Mbps.

Is Vodafone available in Leeds?

Broadband service from Vodafone is available in Leeds, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 937.44 Mbps.

Is BT full fibre available in Leeds?

Yes, BT offers full fibre to the home (also called FTTH or FTTP) to 7547 of Leeds's postcodes.

Who is the most popular broadband provider in Leeds?

The broadband provider with the most users in Leeds is Virgin Media.

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Published: 10 Nov 2019

Last Updated: 14 Jan 2022

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