Internet Providers in Hampshire

There are 34 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Hampshire. Typical internet speeds vary from 20.99 to 71.32 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 929.04 Mbps from Virgin Media. Other fast providers include BT with 916.16 Mbps, Gigaclear with 909.64 Mbps, and FastNet with 837.95 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Hampshire are 9.96% better than the United Kingdom national average of 26.91 Mbps. The most common provider in Hampshire is BT, their typical speeds ranging from 21.9 to 61.99 Mbps.

Hampshire Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Hampshire

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1BT916.16 Mbps21.9—61.99 Mbps69
2Plusnet74.75 Mbps14.25—42.53 Mbps61
3TalkTalk235.34 Mbps12.22—36.52 Mbps55
4Vodafone551.06 Mbps20.15—38 Mbps48
5Sky Broadband208.87 Mbps15.64—41.2 Mbps45
6EE209.3 Mbps15.16—37.01 Mbps44
7Post Office Broadband74.12 Mbps5.16—18.64 Mbps40
8Virgin Media929.04 Mbps48.78—202.18 Mbps34
9Zen Internet283.16 Mbps21.2—116.21 Mbps30
10KCOM191.06 Mbps5.53—19.07 Mbps18
11Andrews & Arnold102.23 Mbps19.17—22.45 Mbps11
12CCS Leeds191.34 Mbps33.96—94.61 Mbps10
13Independent Fibre Networks369.83 Mbps25.18—69.84 Mbps10
14CIX124.58 Mbps15.1—36.54 Mbps8
15Call Flow Solutions467.08 Mbps20.73—26.51 Mbps4
16Gigaclear909.64 Mbps47.12—113.09 Mbps3
17O2 Broadband185.25 Mbps7.58—64.23 Mbps3
18uno188.06 Mbps15.03—15.88 Mbps3
19Pure Fibre792.71 Mbps66.44—104.59 Mbps2
20FastNet837.95 Mbps12.01—64.63 Mbps2
21Spitfire125.59 Mbps23.85—47.62 Mbps2
22WightFibre301.17 Mbps22.27—46.53 Mbps2
23Origin Broadband71.19 Mbps4.42—17.67 Mbps2
24Hyperoptic822.75 Mbps85.23—694.02 Mbps1
25FibreNest123.61 Mbps77.42—101.27 Mbps1
26Glide232.89 Mbps28.76—153.2 Mbps1
27Wessex Internet108.1 Mbps93.34—93.87 Mbps1
28Vostron100.81 Mbps47.58—85.65 Mbps1
29Juice Broadband192.47 Mbps26.3—95.9 Mbps1
30The Phone Coop290.25 Mbps6.75—26.62 Mbps1
31iDNET73.86 Mbps0.12—6.3 Mbps1
32Optimity36.21 Mbps0.05—0.22 Mbps1
33SAQ31.24 Mbps2.4—21.99 Mbps1
34Aquiss72.66 Mbps1.32—10.28 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Hampshire

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Overton187.66 Mbps116.4—133.79 Mbps121.75 Mbps6
2Yateley544.08 Mbps49.66—205.17 Mbps73.92 Mbps9
3Bishop's Waltham273.53 Mbps58.83—70.37 Mbps69.04 Mbps5
4Aldershot916.16 Mbps32.35—156.23 Mbps45.8 Mbps13
5Ashmansworth909.64 Mbps32.66—99.61 Mbps45.52 Mbps9
6Andover871.1 Mbps31.25—104.23 Mbps43.3 Mbps12
7Abbotts Ann890.77 Mbps26.54—67.26 Mbps41.49 Mbps14
8Fleet548.45 Mbps28.2—102 Mbps40.91 Mbps11
9Winchester839.95 Mbps25—93.15 Mbps36.2 Mbps13
10Hook891.3 Mbps30.19—84.64 Mbps34.71 Mbps11
11Chineham929.04 Mbps25.34—67.29 Mbps33.91 Mbps9
12Hartley Wintney879.55 Mbps28.03—48.64 Mbps32.95 Mbps7
13Hedge End544.62 Mbps22.29—83.85 Mbps32.15 Mbps10
14Horndean548.39 Mbps24.53—74.27 Mbps32.1 Mbps9
15Denmead543.82 Mbps22.63—74.12 Mbps31.86 Mbps9
16Hamble-le-Rice906 Mbps21.66—63.94 Mbps30.29 Mbps10
17Gosport547.13 Mbps21.41—77.1 Mbps30.22 Mbps11
18Tadley184.79 Mbps19.46—55.27 Mbps29.89 Mbps9
19Havant631.34 Mbps19.28—66.49 Mbps27.32 Mbps13
20Highclere276.12 Mbps24.94—50.11 Mbps27.17 Mbps4
21Oakley362.72 Mbps21.93—33.16 Mbps26.23 Mbps8
22Basingstoke912.29 Mbps18.23—52.66 Mbps25.78 Mbps14
23Lymington and Pennington869.34 Mbps15.8—63.55 Mbps25.63 Mbps8
24New Milton431.45 Mbps17.75—66.91 Mbps25.5 Mbps9
25Alton775.94 Mbps18.46—61.32 Mbps25.29 Mbps11
26Exton520.1 Mbps15.75—49.77 Mbps24.23 Mbps11
27Fareham404.54 Mbps17.52—54.45 Mbps23.91 Mbps8
28Totton and Eling377.94 Mbps16.4—48.84 Mbps23.45 Mbps11
29Petersfield406.09 Mbps16.43—59.67 Mbps23.41 Mbps11
30Liss229.35 Mbps16.1—37.04 Mbps23.39 Mbps9
31North Baddesley381.14 Mbps15.68—66.66 Mbps22.08 Mbps10
32Odiham130.27 Mbps19.98—36.43 Mbps20.95 Mbps6
33Chandler's Ford837.95 Mbps12.33—39.24 Mbps18.04 Mbps11
34Hythe and Dibden551.06 Mbps12.52—37.48 Mbps17.78 Mbps10
35Whiteley745 Mbps14.22—36.16 Mbps17.2 Mbps9
36Ringwood905.03 Mbps12.06—37.92 Mbps16.77 Mbps15
37East Meon684.63 Mbps11.57—59.64 Mbps16.47 Mbps10
38Herriard117.69 Mbps10.28—46.08 Mbps16.05 Mbps5
39Bramshott and Liphook822.75 Mbps15.76—42.19 Mbps15.91 Mbps11
40Eastleigh385.67 Mbps10.58—35.71 Mbps15.29 Mbps13
41Cheriton227.75 Mbps11.43—24.99 Mbps14.02 Mbps2
42Headley874.35 Mbps8.79—46.01 Mbps13.72 Mbps11
43Kings Somborne160.78 Mbps7.01—38.83 Mbps12.12 Mbps5
44Wickham249.59 Mbps9.48—35.07 Mbps10.82 Mbps6
45Lyndhurst72.86 Mbps5.61—34.23 Mbps10.01 Mbps4
46Over Wallop168.46 Mbps6.03—34.22 Mbps8.55 Mbps6
47New Alresford72.71 Mbps3.28—12.51 Mbps4.8 Mbps7

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Hampshire

Hampshire has 34 ISPs available.
Virgin Media is the fastest provider in Hampshire with 929.04 Mbps, and an average speed range of 48.78—202.18 Mbps.
Users in Hampshire see an average internet speed of 20.99 up to 71.32 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 929.04 Mbps.
BT is available in Hampshire, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 916.16 Mbps.
Virgin Media is available in Hampshire, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 929.04 Mbps.
Sky Broadband is available in Hampshire, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 208.87 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Hampshire is BT.

Last updated: 21 Oct 2020