Internet Providers in Essex

There are 30 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Essex. Typical internet speeds vary from 14.53 to 52.64 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 927.83 Mbps from Virgin Media. Other fast providers include Sky Broadband with 889.99 Mbps, Gigaclear with 834.75 Mbps, and BT with 825.6 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Essex are 0.48% worse than the United Kingdom national average of 20.7 Mbps. The most common provider in Essex is BT, their typical speeds ranging from 16.23 to 50 Mbps.

Essex Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Essex

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1BT825.6 Mbps16.23—50 Mbps84
2Plusnet74.97 Mbps11.94—33.25 Mbps63
3Sky Broadband889.99 Mbps9.9—31.68 Mbps63
4TalkTalk580.69 Mbps10.05—33.85 Mbps60
5EE278.7 Mbps12.01—34.31 Mbps58
6Vodafone780.84 Mbps15.31—36.71 Mbps45
7Post Office Broadband72.78 Mbps4.55—15.06 Mbps39
8Virgin Media927.83 Mbps32.4—126.35 Mbps27
9Zen Internet419.64 Mbps19.25—36.87 Mbps20
10Independent Fibre Networks355.23 Mbps29—69.77 Mbps13
11County Broadband585.34 Mbps6.66—24.18 Mbps11
12Gigaclear834.75 Mbps52.78—200.06 Mbps6
13Spitfire169.6 Mbps26.83—89.19 Mbps6
14Andrews & Arnold73.68 Mbps7.83—44.69 Mbps6
15KCOM73.39 Mbps5.15—20.23 Mbps6
16CIX281.89 Mbps62.01—76.85 Mbps4
17Glide451.21 Mbps12.44—75.12 Mbps4
18Hyperoptic166.52 Mbps31.85—91.98 Mbps2
19iDNET71.44 Mbps25.55—40.69 Mbps2
20Structured Communications178.42 Mbps12.31—42.97 Mbps2
21CSD Network Services177.65 Mbps3.09—10.64 Mbps2
22Community Fibre194.58 Mbps80.67—177.62 Mbps1
23OptaNet91.65 Mbps56.13—84.57 Mbps1
24Cerberus Networks294.46 Mbps9.02—72.9 Mbps1
25FastNet131.6 Mbps25.34—53.77 Mbps1
26Aquiss72.61 Mbps17.19—44.58 Mbps1
27O2 Broadband33.53 Mbps15.29—23.18 Mbps1
28Origin Broadband60.25 Mbps3.06—19.58 Mbps1
29Exascale56.03 Mbps0.76—12.42 Mbps1
30CCS Leeds88.91 Mbps4.06—12.34 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Essex

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Stock71.01 Mbps63.84—69.59 Mbps64 Mbps4
2North Weald Bassett834.75 Mbps40.55—210.17 Mbps63.36 Mbps7
3Clavering72.51 Mbps50.73—66.26 Mbps53.14 Mbps3
4Epping827.08 Mbps32.78—183.23 Mbps43.59 Mbps9
5Bowers Gifford and North Benfleet549.27 Mbps25.11—102.74 Mbps37.33 Mbps8
6Loughton537.05 Mbps27.47—67.77 Mbps34.97 Mbps8
7Brentwood927.83 Mbps22.58—72.13 Mbps31.37 Mbps13
8Buckhurst Hill463.39 Mbps19.88—71.29 Mbps30.39 Mbps8
9Basildon547.62 Mbps19.25—78.54 Mbps28.79 Mbps11
10Harlow780.84 Mbps19.11—75.26 Mbps27.73 Mbps11
11Waltham Abbey716.08 Mbps20.15—45.27 Mbps27.47 Mbps7
12Herongate and Ingrave601.83 Mbps17.09—56.43 Mbps25.46 Mbps8
13Rayleigh296.47 Mbps17.78—57.51 Mbps24.58 Mbps11
14Saffron Walden317.73 Mbps15.41—47.12 Mbps24.31 Mbps7
15Chigwell394.37 Mbps13.02—66.46 Mbps22.43 Mbps10
16South Benfleet543.63 Mbps15.89—45.81 Mbps21.36 Mbps9
17Chelmsford572.49 Mbps15.81—50.39 Mbps21.08 Mbps10
18Colchester825.6 Mbps14.6—48.49 Mbps20.14 Mbps16
19Rettendon297.27 Mbps14.58—45.07 Mbps19.95 Mbps8
20Blackmore, Hook End and Wyatts Green138.14 Mbps10.73—58.3 Mbps19.56 Mbps4
21Southminster281.19 Mbps13.56—41.41 Mbps19.19 Mbps6
22Canvey Island469.91 Mbps12.51—39.37 Mbps18.63 Mbps8
23Clacton-on-Sea297.39 Mbps13.35—37.45 Mbps18.52 Mbps8
24Rochford166.52 Mbps10.03—61.53 Mbps18.49 Mbps8
25Berden486.47 Mbps13.03—47.36 Mbps18.04 Mbps11
26Frinton and Walton288.51 Mbps12.72—39.08 Mbps18.04 Mbps8
27Little Burstead286.12 Mbps13.8—34.6 Mbps18.01 Mbps8
28Billericay536.96 Mbps11.41—48.69 Mbps17.7 Mbps10
29Braintree498.59 Mbps12.94—36.04 Mbps17.48 Mbps9
30Witham466.66 Mbps13.3—37.07 Mbps17.35 Mbps8
31Broomfield378.26 Mbps12.22—36.95 Mbps17.32 Mbps14
32Heybridge245.84 Mbps14.79—41.69 Mbps16.29 Mbps6
33Asheldham296.24 Mbps11.38—44.3 Mbps16.01 Mbps9
34Great Dunmow282.65 Mbps10.44—36.86 Mbps15.96 Mbps9
35Althorne471.13 Mbps9.65—37.46 Mbps14.98 Mbps7
36Borley300.16 Mbps10.82—35.12 Mbps14.65 Mbps7
37Hockley126.53 Mbps9.06—38.22 Mbps14.35 Mbps6
38Arkesden280.88 Mbps10.42—38.31 Mbps14.19 Mbps11
39Wivenhoe686.03 Mbps9.46—35.95 Mbps12.87 Mbps8
40Castle Hedingham438.86 Mbps8.58—32.71 Mbps12.58 Mbps8
41Takeley273.29 Mbps8.11—39.05 Mbps12.14 Mbps7
42Little Clacton289.87 Mbps10.46—33.12 Mbps11.89 Mbps7
43St. Osyth155.12 Mbps10.12—27.88 Mbps11.52 Mbps5
44Little Hallingbury516.34 Mbps6.9—26.35 Mbps11.34 Mbps6
45Bradfield260.85 Mbps7.72—27.23 Mbps10.85 Mbps7
46Hawkwell287.09 Mbps7.44—32.94 Mbps10.52 Mbps5
47Great and Little Leighs71.27 Mbps5.27—29.72 Mbps9.33 Mbps2
48Harwich224.52 Mbps6.17—25.34 Mbps8.55 Mbps6
49West Mersea295.48 Mbps5.45—26.67 Mbps8.02 Mbps9
50Kelvedon177.65 Mbps5.5—26.87 Mbps7.76 Mbps7
51Aldham585.34 Mbps4.27—20.25 Mbps6.96 Mbps10
52Alphamstone61.71 Mbps3.73—13.37 Mbps5.11 Mbps4

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Essex

Essex has 30 ISPs available.
Virgin Media is the fastest provider in Essex with 927.83 Mbps, and an average speed range of 32.4—126.35 Mbps.
Users in Essex see an average internet speed of 14.53 up to 52.64 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 927.83 Mbps.
BT is available in Essex, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 825.6 Mbps.
Sky Broadband is available in Essex, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 889.99 Mbps.
Virgin Media is available in Essex, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 927.83 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Essex is BT.

Last updated: 07 Apr 2020