Broadband Providers in The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has 93 broadband providers available to its residents. The highest internet speed we've seen is 6329.36 Mbps, and typical real-world speeds vary from 28.03 to 92.85 Mbps.

The fastest broadband speed we saw came from Box Broadband, and we've seen internet speeds as high as 6068.11 Mbps from BT, 4523.71 Mbps from Hyperoptic, and 3453.27 Mbps from Community Fibre. In terms of user numbers, Virgin Media is the most popular broadband provider in The United Kingdom, followed by BT and Sky Broadband. The fastest cities in The United Kingdom include Basildon, York, and Greater London, and The United Kingdom's fastest internet providers are Virgin Media, BT, and Hyperoptic.

United Kingdom Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Summary of Internet Service Providers in The United Kingdom

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Regions
1G.Network948.8 Mbps97.38—428.32 Mbps5
2Cambridge Fibre939.51 Mbps169.48—407.07 Mbps2
3toob946.59 Mbps63.9—472.41 Mbps2
4Box Broadband930.44 Mbps125.64—313.32 Mbps3
5Hyperoptic4523.71 Mbps79.65—289.39 Mbps61
6Trunk Networks889.52 Mbps43.25—337.15 Mbps16
7Cerberus Networks786.66 Mbps69.94—253.48 Mbps42
8Spectrum Internet940.42 Mbps76.05—238.3 Mbps13
9Community Fibre3453.27 Mbps76.54—223.04 Mbps16
10Gigaclear946.21 Mbps84.34—262.33 Mbps32
11Call Flow Solutions947.57 Mbps44.79—275.95 Mbps7
12B4RN1785.55 Mbps39.39—233.45 Mbps13
13Sure Guernsey526.84 Mbps12.61—379.73 Mbps1
14TrueSpeed Communications931.55 Mbps66.41—199.58 Mbps5
15Optimity946.4 Mbps46.68—239.09 Mbps4
16FibreNest521.02 Mbps62.13—200.9 Mbps20
17Virgin Media6329.36 Mbps43.98—196.34 Mbps165
18Pembs Wifi758.83 Mbps46.82—105.69 Mbps2
19Glide941.78 Mbps37.29—160.01 Mbps75
20Pure Fibre948.39 Mbps77.6—104.28 Mbps9
21Exascale925.35 Mbps51.11—139.89 Mbps5
22WightFibre940.8 Mbps40.93—148.77 Mbps4
23telcom (Velocity Fibre)944.19 Mbps62.87—112.82 Mbps18
24Pure Broadband945.14 Mbps13.4—140.89 Mbps7
25KCOM941.68 Mbps30.69—160.39 Mbps127
26Solway Communications905.54 Mbps11.18—187.27 Mbps8
27Juice Broadband907.2 Mbps26.94—93.44 Mbps5
28Wessex Internet923.94 Mbps45.17—107.28 Mbps7
29Vostron854.5 Mbps44.27—93.49 Mbps4
30Jibba Jabba493.86 Mbps44.81—97.94 Mbps2
31CSD Network Services802.09 Mbps39.17—93.4 Mbps4
32Internetty901.56 Mbps29.56—120.11 Mbps5
33OptaNet184.14 Mbps29.12—94.32 Mbps1
34Unchained ISP551.14 Mbps22.31—71.33 Mbps3
35Pine Media784.4 Mbps22.85—146.58 Mbps3
36Manx Telecom448.74 Mbps19.2—172.2 Mbps1
37Velocity1943.35 Mbps53.94—60.47 Mbps3
38Independent Fibre Networks909.27 Mbps41.1—114.85 Mbps61
39NYnet766.46 Mbps27.79—78.09 Mbps9
40County Broadband947.36 Mbps23.91—92.4 Mbps3
41Zen Internet1562.03 Mbps36.64—74.11 Mbps166
42Spitfire946.4 Mbps48.45—93.45 Mbps57
43Zone Broadband858.85 Mbps59.55—64.42 Mbps18
44CCS Leeds926.79 Mbps40.9—95.15 Mbps52
45iDNET943.62 Mbps37.01—87.74 Mbps63
46Contingency Networks907.48 Mbps48.83—76.28 Mbps14
47CIX1052.14 Mbps19.09—73.17 Mbps131
48BT6068.11 Mbps27.35—70.5 Mbps184
49uno373.71 Mbps17.59—60.97 Mbps23
50Internet Central939.3 Mbps17.5—72.92 Mbps20
51FastNet946.36 Mbps22.97—63.88 Mbps20
52Structured Communications912.7 Mbps47.33—73.69 Mbps12
53Onestream243.07 Mbps28.98—82.55 Mbps2
54UltraNetworks330.14 Mbps25.43—82.56 Mbps1
55Andrews & Arnold762.08 Mbps40.42—69.55 Mbps84
56Freeola264.38 Mbps39.39—74.62 Mbps2
57Vodafone939.79 Mbps28.75—63.48 Mbps183
58London Web94.44 Mbps28.61—81.76 Mbps2
59Surrey Hills Internet107.01 Mbps30.85—80.25 Mbps2
60Gigastream88.44 Mbps24.88—69.11 Mbps3
61Airband895.11 Mbps18.92—40.52 Mbps11
62EE3135.43 Mbps19.48—55.88 Mbps182
63TalkTalk939.59 Mbps22.04—55.22 Mbps182
64Sky Broadband1887.37 Mbps20.6—57.61 Mbps180
65Gradwell924.11 Mbps25.83—39.67 Mbps24
66BazTel875.02 Mbps11.37—67.01 Mbps6
67CloudScape Connect361.94 Mbps19.88—46.92 Mbps18
68Fibrecast226.97 Mbps16.18—50.28 Mbps2
69The Phone Coop874.61 Mbps8.39—57.21 Mbps34
70Aquiss271.86 Mbps11.91—49.23 Mbps11
71Plusnet281.94 Mbps16.37—47.5 Mbps184
72Village Networks344.04 Mbps12.56—37.35 Mbps2
73Boundless Networks526.32 Mbps16.02—35.31 Mbps17
74Country Connect92.5 Mbps9.72—39.32 Mbps3
75Connexin1021.86 Mbps10.81—35.5 Mbps4
76Origin Broadband932.6 Mbps15.91—36.86 Mbps87
77Sugarnet87.19 Mbps26.51—28.89 Mbps2
78O2 Broadband900.68 Mbps6.49—34.48 Mbps72
79SAQ72.54 Mbps22.86—27.12 Mbps3
80Call2774.15 Mbps13.43—32.86 Mbps3 Mbps12.87—31.41 Mbps13
82WiSpire396.93 Mbps10.51—29.41 Mbps5
83Go Internet102.92 Mbps9.45—27.34 Mbps5
84Lothian Broadband30.19 Mbps10.83—25.1 Mbps1
85Shell Energy74.85 Mbps6.93—32.28 Mbps179
86Legend Telecom101.73 Mbps7.14—21 Mbps2
87I Need Broadband186.08 Mbps8.55—24.05 Mbps5
88W3Z424.43 Mbps10.04—21.69 Mbps2
89Lonsdale Network Services113.69 Mbps7.87—22.81 Mbps1
90BitStreme48.75 Mbps11.46—15.14 Mbps1
91Beacon Broadband96.45 Mbps8.37—22.4 Mbps4
92Wi-Manx86.42 Mbps6.94—8.16 Mbps2
93XLN8.71 Mbps2.02—4.82 Mbps1

The United Kingdom Regions By Broadband Speed

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1East Dunbartonshire890.7442.5—152.09 Mbps59.97 Mbps11
2West Dunbartonshire787.2140.44—127.55 Mbps58.59 Mbps8
3Kingston upon Hull934.4738.12—233.77 Mbps57.25 Mbps8
4Bracknell Forest941.6637.31—200.48 Mbps53.2 Mbps21
5Wokingham938.6836.63—126.98 Mbps51.37 Mbps23
6North East Lincolnshire944.9535.24—145.87 Mbps50.35 Mbps10
7Portsmouth940.3134—148.96 Mbps50.11 Mbps18
8Stockport1144.6935.51—111.68 Mbps49.25 Mbps16
9Bolton932.836.27—137.13 Mbps49.03 Mbps14
10Surrey2201.7335.08—133.63 Mbps48.3 Mbps35
11Medway1102.7234.55—142.04 Mbps47.77 Mbps19
12Redcar and Cleveland930.3933.46—122.08 Mbps47.74 Mbps10
13Thurrock938.6233.8—135.28 Mbps47.56 Mbps16
14North Lanarkshire915.6534.44—108.91 Mbps46.06 Mbps13
15Telford and Wrekin939.1535.87—110.66 Mbps45.69 Mbps14
16Greater London5794.2133.28—109.41 Mbps45.69 Mbps67
17Newport937.1432.94—94.09 Mbps45.48 Mbps13
18Hertfordshire945.8833.51—110.45 Mbps45.37 Mbps30
19Renfrewshire933.5532.86—128.02 Mbps45.15 Mbps13
20East Ayrshire917.4634.29—115.82 Mbps44.79 Mbps9
21Rochdale1562.0335.83—73.36 Mbps44.55 Mbps12
22Wakefield931.4432.88—101.45 Mbps44.53 Mbps18
23Poole936.2931.47—110.59 Mbps44.16 Mbps15
24South Tyneside771.8532.52—106.37 Mbps44.15 Mbps11
25Stockton-on-Tees936.6531.17—108.98 Mbps44.06 Mbps13
26Central Bedfordshire941.3732.29—127.66 Mbps43.94 Mbps19
27Falkirk927.8131.05—106.3 Mbps43.62 Mbps11
28Solihull937.9430.32—110.86 Mbps43.4 Mbps14
29Gloucestershire945.5131.13—108.99 Mbps43.17 Mbps24
30Cambridgeshire1234.4231.59—109.01 Mbps43.17 Mbps27
31Vale of Glamorgan936.8632.05—115.24 Mbps43.13 Mbps16
32Oxfordshire1182.7532.23—105.93 Mbps42.82 Mbps30
33City and County of Swansea944.4830.68—115.64 Mbps42.61 Mbps15
34Northamptonshire939.5931.47—107.53 Mbps42.44 Mbps28
35Bristol943.1330.46—109.99 Mbps42.42 Mbps21
36Derby931.2131.61—109.8 Mbps42.26 Mbps16
37Leicestershire936.3330.93—109.01 Mbps42.08 Mbps26
38Inverclyde653.0430—103.52 Mbps41.74 Mbps9
39Nottinghamshire933.7731.34—108.9 Mbps41.66 Mbps27
40Warwickshire1877.4932.14—102.74 Mbps41.64 Mbps25
41Trafford944.1931.48—93.56 Mbps41.57 Mbps16
42West Berkshire942.5131.63—97.23 Mbps41.56 Mbps16
43Hartlepool911.2430.8—108.83 Mbps41.55 Mbps9
44North Tyneside933.5431.32—107.2 Mbps41.35 Mbps10
45Bedford937.1731.81—104.69 Mbps41.29 Mbps16
46Wigan1196.631.23—106.52 Mbps41.16 Mbps17
47Plymouth935.5731.29—117.21 Mbps41.08 Mbps12
48Warrington858.0431.91—101.81 Mbps40.83 Mbps13
49St Helens924.1730.41—104.43 Mbps40.57 Mbps13
50Dundee City936.8329.75—109.16 Mbps40.48 Mbps10
51Wirral937.2830.68—93.18 Mbps40.24 Mbps16
52Sefton925.1329.64—105.8 Mbps40.16 Mbps15
53Buckinghamshire939.330.18—95.09 Mbps40.1 Mbps26
54Neath Port Talbot935.4329.85—108.85 Mbps40.06 Mbps11
55East Renfrewshire928.3729.55—109.66 Mbps40.04 Mbps14
56Dudley937.5729.76—96.93 Mbps39.9 Mbps19
57Lisburn and Castlereagh915.927.4—108.26 Mbps39.71 Mbps11
58Bournemouth939.2229.4—104.84 Mbps39.48 Mbps17
59North Somerset941.9230.01—101.04 Mbps39.42 Mbps21
60Wolverhampton935.5630.07—98.02 Mbps39.39 Mbps16
61Brighton and Hove942.1329.64—108.45 Mbps39.37 Mbps21
62Edinburgh931.9830.21—99.29 Mbps39.32 Mbps15
63Oldham939.5330.52—91.97 Mbps39.12 Mbps15
64Birmingham2786.0629.73—107.75 Mbps39.1 Mbps25
65Walsall942.8630.47—96.78 Mbps38.97 Mbps18
66Angus914.0528.26—106.68 Mbps38.54 Mbps11
67Darlington940.8629.21—106.36 Mbps38.51 Mbps14
68South Ayrshire908.129.94—87.33 Mbps38.45 Mbps12
69West Lothian923.0829.92—101.06 Mbps38.29 Mbps13
70Salford935.5629.59—97.15 Mbps38.2 Mbps17
71Blackburn with Darwen926.928—104.96 Mbps38.11 Mbps11
72Southampton946.5928.52—110.16 Mbps37.92 Mbps21
73Staffordshire937.0130.22—98.17 Mbps37.88 Mbps24
74Coventry944.9529.07—92.1 Mbps37.82 Mbps20
75North Lincolnshire920.0529.74—105.31 Mbps37.71 Mbps15
76Slough938.8428.75—98.7 Mbps37.71 Mbps16
77Kirklees933.0229.24—100.53 Mbps37.66 Mbps20
78South Lanarkshire898.129.79—99.14 Mbps37.64 Mbps12
79Sandwell934.6730.27—91.22 Mbps37.52 Mbps19
80Mid and East Antrim919.2128.54—82.81 Mbps37.46 Mbps11
81Stoke-on-Trent945.1428.4—104.36 Mbps37.42 Mbps16
82Calderdale931.1229.98—82.95 Mbps37.33 Mbps18
83Hampshire938.5129.1—92.43 Mbps37.27 Mbps39
84Leeds1580.9128.8—98.18 Mbps37.07 Mbps28
85Leicester935.8927.49—99.53 Mbps37.05 Mbps22
86Peterborough946.2127.9—93.56 Mbps37.03 Mbps17
87Essex6329.3627.66—93.75 Mbps36.95 Mbps34
88Cheshire East924.1729.72—87.57 Mbps36.94 Mbps23
89Ards and North Down927.6228.08—98.58 Mbps36.85 Mbps11
90Cheshire928.6728.41—80.26 Mbps36.8 Mbps19
91Southend-on-Sea3158.9726.5—106.32 Mbps36.8 Mbps15
92Milton Keynes937.0828.85—70.54 Mbps36.23 Mbps21
93Bath and North East Somerset1690.8227.48—89.52 Mbps36.18 Mbps20
94Halton896.7429.89—73.33 Mbps36.12 Mbps11
95South Gloucestershire934.5826.95—84.86 Mbps36.12 Mbps15
96West Sussex938.4927.35—75.53 Mbps36.12 Mbps29
97Blackpool911.3827.26—87.21 Mbps36.11 Mbps12
98Middlesbrough920.224.04—109.55 Mbps36.08 Mbps10
99Windsor and Maidenhead936.4927.06—70.65 Mbps35.99 Mbps22
100Rotherham1088.6427.63—73.92 Mbps35.96 Mbps18
101Antrim and Newtownabbey899.0527.65—72.91 Mbps35.84 Mbps14
102Borough of Bury932.3727.8—70.8 Mbps35.83 Mbps14
103East Yorkshire931.2726.37—103.58 Mbps35.79 Mbps15
104Worcestershire940.0527.2—73.81 Mbps35.67 Mbps25
105Swindon934.7322.06—104.11 Mbps35.57 Mbps14
106Belfast935.4926.34—97.59 Mbps35.29 Mbps13
107Cardiff940.4225.67—77.89 Mbps35.26 Mbps18
108Knowsley898.4628—72.04 Mbps35.25 Mbps13
109Bradford1021.8626.59—84.66 Mbps35.18 Mbps22
110Manchester1644.226.84—82.32 Mbps35.11 Mbps25
111Lancashire1785.5527.03—72.86 Mbps35.01 Mbps25
112Fife913.8431.43—47.96 Mbps34.92 Mbps15
113Liverpool1134.5325.63—89.99 Mbps34.68 Mbps22
114Kent1070.5825.27—74.34 Mbps34.55 Mbps29
115Torfaen County Borough941.1526.63—72.11 Mbps34.19 Mbps10
116Armagh City Banbridge and Craigavon899.7124.7—72.67 Mbps34.17 Mbps12
117Merthyr Tydfil923.9427.91—67.61 Mbps34.05 Mbps10
118York6068.1124.48—71.73 Mbps33.87 Mbps21
119Sunderland927.8126.18—72.38 Mbps33.85 Mbps13
120County Borough of Bridgend928.6326.93—62.05 Mbps33.73 Mbps11
121Newcastle upon Tyne934.0424.17—82.62 Mbps33.23 Mbps17
122Wiltshire943.1524.18—73.42 Mbps33.17 Mbps24
123Doncaster935.9125.93—89.71 Mbps32.89 Mbps19
124North Yorkshire942.4324.38—68.58 Mbps32.87 Mbps22
125Reading939.223.9—101.65 Mbps32.86 Mbps21
126Glasgow City916.2423.81—68.78 Mbps32.56 Mbps19
127Derbyshire936.5224.64—67.69 Mbps32.55 Mbps26
128Tameside932.925.55—66.82 Mbps32.27 Mbps18
129Sheffield936.7923.71—69.14 Mbps32.15 Mbps21
130Gateshead900.6423.34—76.12 Mbps32.11 Mbps15
131Torbay937.6320.22—100.05 Mbps31.6 Mbps12
132Wrexham891.1122.78—72.65 Mbps31.46 Mbps12
133Herefordshire923.6624.65—61.99 Mbps31.45 Mbps16
134Barnsley930.6324.4—68 Mbps31.4 Mbps13
135Lincolnshire938.3722.65—68.55 Mbps31.13 Mbps24
136Derry City and Strabane923.920.79—83.79 Mbps31.12 Mbps12
137Norfolk936.6422.59—68.39 Mbps31.09 Mbps21
138East Sussex939.8623.55—58.45 Mbps31.07 Mbps23
139Rhondda Cynon Taf931.1723.77—59.66 Mbps30.82 Mbps14
140Northumberland905.2322.81—62.61 Mbps30.68 Mbps15
141Orkney Islands875.724.17—62.86 Mbps30.41 Mbps8
142Caerphilly County Borough938.8424.48—55.15 Mbps30.38 Mbps12
143Suffolk948.0522.99—66.01 Mbps30.35 Mbps27
144Flintshire915.8822.65—64.88 Mbps30.18 Mbps14
145Devon1117.3220.48—68.27 Mbps30.06 Mbps26
146Isle of Wight940.823.38—62.89 Mbps29.43 Mbps12
147Durham934.2321.94—55.7 Mbps29.11 Mbps15
148Shropshire913.9420.79—59.5 Mbps29.05 Mbps20
149Perth and Kinross859.0519.61—69.61 Mbps29.02 Mbps13
150Moray915.5720.93—64.3 Mbps28.96 Mbps11
151East Lothian913.8321.74—59.48 Mbps28.87 Mbps13
152Fermanagh and Omagh921.4818.74—62.9 Mbps28.77 Mbps10
153Midlothian919.0921.93—64.64 Mbps28.34 Mbps11
154Dorset929.9220.38—53.26 Mbps28.12 Mbps19
155Powys915.1518.23—65.53 Mbps27.93 Mbps16
156Clackmannanshire871.8221.58—56.13 Mbps27.83 Mbps8
157Somerset934.8619.64—60.9 Mbps27.76 Mbps20
158Causeway Coast and Glens910.2319.86—63.4 Mbps27.63 Mbps12
159Cumbria1737.7519.69—55.3 Mbps27.52 Mbps20
160Conwy928.0518.94—61 Mbps27.51 Mbps12
161Monmouthshire923.2118.53—61.19 Mbps26.8 Mbps14
162Blaenau Gwent913.7718.7—51.62 Mbps26.78 Mbps7
163Aberdeenshire919.7519.33—62.61 Mbps26.76 Mbps15
164North Ayrshire3135.4319.2—57.34 Mbps26.65 Mbps10
165Newry Mourne and Down92717.73—62.71 Mbps26.11 Mbps10
166Aberdeen City915.4319.19—54 Mbps25.92 Mbps16
167Scottish Borders918.0518.42—59.92 Mbps25.85 Mbps11
168Ceredigion911.9515.81—58.79 Mbps25.72 Mbps12
169Cornwall931.0420.98—49.18 Mbps25.64 Mbps18
170Anglesey918.7317.4—51.32 Mbps24.58 Mbps8
171Denbighshire930.9116.53—48.5 Mbps23.79 Mbps14
172Gwynedd920.7314.98—58.07 Mbps23.55 Mbps12
173Western Isles727.1517.85—48.23 Mbps23.55 Mbps6
174Dumfries and Galloway924.1316.65—49.81 Mbps22.89 Mbps13
175Carmarthenshire922.4413.9—60.33 Mbps22.57 Mbps10
176Highland924.2115.89—51.06 Mbps22.5 Mbps16
177Rutland124.5517.17—46.15 Mbps22.46 Mbps7
178Mid Ulster900.1914.45—65.16 Mbps22.4 Mbps14
179Argyll and Bute902.5413.68—56.75 Mbps21.29 Mbps15
180Stirling935.9615.62—47.39 Mbps20.87 Mbps10
181Nottingham2371.4915.99—39.85 Mbps18.81 Mbps18
182Pembrokeshire917.6810.52—55.11 Mbps17.65 Mbps13
183Shetland Islands689.7911.37—48.72 Mbps17.12 Mbps7
184Luton917.358.99—87.22 Mbps15.13 Mbps6

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in The United Kingdom

How many providers in The United Kingdom are there?

The United Kingdom has 93 ISPs available to its 62,348,447 residents.

Who is the fastest provider in The United Kingdom?

Box Broadband is the fastest provider in The United Kingdom with 930.44 Mbps, and a typical real-world speed range of 125.64—313.32 Mbps.

Who is the best provider in The United Kingdom?

Cambridge Fibre is the best provider in The United Kingdom, and their users typically see speeds in the range of 169.48 to 407.07 Mbps.

What is the average internet speed in The United Kingdom?

Users in The United Kingdom see an average internet speed of 28.03 up to 92.85 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 6329.36 Mbps.

Is Virgin Media available in The United Kingdom?

Virgin Media is available in The United Kingdom, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 6329.36 Mbps.

Is BT available in The United Kingdom?

BT is available in The United Kingdom, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 6068.11 Mbps.

Is Sky Broadband available in The United Kingdom?

Sky Broadband is available in The United Kingdom, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1887.37 Mbps.

Is Plusnet available in The United Kingdom?

Plusnet is available in The United Kingdom, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 281.94 Mbps.

Is TalkTalk available in The United Kingdom?

TalkTalk is available in The United Kingdom, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 939.59 Mbps.

Who is the the most popular provider in The United Kingdom?

The provider with the most users in The United Kingdom is Virgin Media.