Spain's Fastest and Slowest Providers

Measuring major and minor providers by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

Spain's Fastest Providers by Maximum Speed

07 Apr 2020 08 Apr 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Adamo Telecom Iberia931.02 MbpsAdamo Telecom Iberia928.63 MbpsVodafone ONO937.93 Mbps
COMUNITEL875.29 MbpsDigi Spain Telecom902.11 MbpsOrange Spain937.19 Mbps
Vodafone Espana767.87 MbpsOrange Spain867.97 MbpsAdamo Telecom Iberia934.88 Mbps
Telefonica de Espana744.01 MbpsCOMUNITEL835.63 MbpsDinahosting SL932.97 Mbps
Vodafone ONO623.81 MbpsSkynetLink Informatica y Redes791.82 MbpsTelefonica de Espana929.55 Mbps
Orange Spain622.6 MbpsVodafone ONO726.28 MbpsCOMUNITEL929.52 Mbps
Sarenet621.73 MbpsAire Networks del Mediterraneo639.49 MbpsDigi Spain Telecom929.49 Mbps
MasMovil617.13 MbpsTelefonica de Espana626.83 Mbps1&1 Internet925.93 Mbps
Interfibra Telecomunicaciones582.16 MbpsVodafone Espana625.41 MbpsInterfibra Telecomunicaciones916.54 Mbps
Avanza Fibra566.32 MbpsMasMovil613.86 MbpsPROCONO916.5 Mbps

Spain's Fastest Providers by Speed Range

07 Apr 2020 08 Apr 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Olivenet Network41.53—205.88 MbpsOlivenet Network60.28—153.21 MbpsOLYMPIC BROADCASTING SERVICES161.9—370.22 Mbps
Avanza Fibra22.68—185.92 MbpsIBERSONTEL40.71—188.3 Mbps1&1 Internet24.21—221.7 Mbps
onsicom38.66—136.33 MbpsDigi Spain Telecom22.71—112.17 MbpsVozplus Telecomunicaciones34.67—179.55 Mbps
Digi Spain Telecom28.01—137.44 MbpsQuenture11.03—124.86 MbpsOlivenet Network47.93—148.2 Mbps
IBERSONTEL12.13—133.09 MbpsCOMUNITEL19.96—95.89 MbpsIBERSONTEL29.65—176.85 Mbps
Vozplus Telecomunicaciones30.11—93.68 MbpsAltecom7.99—119.24 MbpsADAM51.81—119.38 Mbps
Cablemel33.09—80.69 MbpsAdamo Telecom Iberia16.92—98.97 MbpsAltecom29.82—142.95 Mbps
Altecom36.96—63.27 MbpsVodafone Espana15.35—100.65 MbpsAvanza Fibra27.19—143.52 Mbps
Adamo Telecom Iberia16.23—101.58 MbpsVozplus Telecomunicaciones19.23—92.3 MbpsAdamo Telecom Iberia20.29—135.48 Mbps
MasMovil17.84—94.33 MbpsTelefonica de Espana12.09—106.37 MbpsDigi Spain Telecom25.96—122.99 Mbps

Spain's Slowest Providers by Maximum Speed

07 Apr 2020 08 Apr 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Startnix Ip Europe10.22 MbpsStartnix Ip Europe8.67 MbpsInstelNET Telecomunicaciones11.28 Mbps
Free Technologies Excom15.22 MbpsTelitec Connections9.13 MbpsWifi Sancti Petri19.35 Mbps
SVINTNET18.37 MbpsWifi Sancti Petri10.99 MbpsQUAD PLAY BATT21.33 Mbps
Open Cable Telecomunicaciones19.44 MbpsSVINTNET18.86 MbpsSkylogic25.6 Mbps
CIUDAD SIN CABLES TELECOM23.26 MbpsFree Technologies Excom19 Mbpsenvia TEL31.84 Mbps
Netfiber Conecta 202033.83 MbpsRural Telecom19.09 MbpsEcuadortelecom39.28 Mbps
ELECTROVIDEO VELEZ41.06 MbpsMegavista Online34.26 MbpsTata Communications40.42 Mbps
Megavista Online41.6 MbpsNetfiber Conecta 202035.36 MbpsCodisa Telco Solutions47.79 Mbps
INTERSUR43.06 MbpsAltercom-2139.66 MbpsVola los del Internet52.17 Mbps

Spain's Slowest Providers by Speed Range

07 Apr 2020 08 Apr 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Open Cable Telecomunicaciones1.32—2.62 MbpsINSTAL MATEL0.21—0.61 MbpsOmniAccess2.2—3.29 Mbps
INSTAL MATEL0.65—6.29 MbpsIporium Networks1.14—4.58 MbpsQUAD PLAY BATT1.71—4.47 Mbps
Prored Comunicaciones0.63—7.24 MbpsINTERSUR1.13—4.89 MbpsInstelNET Telecomunicaciones2.01—5.84 Mbps
CIUDAD SIN CABLES TELECOM1.64—7.54 MbpsSVINTNET1.36—4.93 MbpsWifiber.es2.14—6.22 Mbps
Television por Cable Santa Pola1.73—7.74 MbpsBT ES Datacenter and hosting2.48—2.82 MbpsT-Systems1.34—8.52 Mbps
EURONA WIRELESS TELECOM0.75—10.03 MbpsRural Telecom2.04—7.84 MbpsCodisa Telco Solutions1.74—8.05 Mbps
Comunicaciones Enersol1.96—7.72 MbpsServicios Digitales Codinet2.48—8.4 MbpsStartnix Ip Europe2.18—7.25 Mbps
MISMENET TELECOMUNICACIONES2.88—6.65 MbpsStartnix Ip Europe3.2—7.05 MbpsVADAVO2.06—7.68 Mbps
SCIP2.75—8.1 MbpsCIUDAD SIN CABLES TELECOM2.1—9.4 MbpsIporium Networks2.04—9.28 Mbps
Servicios Digitales Codinet1.96—10.96 MbpsTelitec Connections3.38—8.85 MbpsServicios Digitales Codinet2.62—8.46 Mbps
Last updated: 10 Apr 2020