Spain's Fastest and Slowest Providers

Measuring major and minor providers by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

Spain's Fastest Providers by Maximum Speed

03 May 2021 04 May 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Aire Networks del Mediterraneo1364.74 MbpsTelefonica de Espana946.46 MbpsOrange Spain2440.54 Mbps
Telefonica de Espana947.8 MbpsAdamo Telecom Iberia940.9 MbpsAire Networks del Mediterraneo2417.19 Mbps
Adamo Telecom Iberia945.36 MbpsOrange Spain933.67 MbpsFLEXNET1759.49 Mbps
Orange Spain945.21 MbpsCOMUNITEL927.77 MbpsDinahosting SL1380.37 Mbps
Television por Cable Santa Pola941.5 MbpsMasMovil922.92 MbpsTelefonica de Espana1165.66 Mbps
Cogent Communications938.38 MbpsVodafone Espana921.7 MbpsAdamo Telecom Iberia1162.52 Mbps
Free Technologies Excom926.86 MbpsDigi Spain Telecom918.92 MbpsAltecom1161.15 Mbps
Vodafone ONO925.41 MbpsEUSKALTEL912.74 MbpsVodafone Espana1134.42 Mbps
Digi Spain Telecom919.78 MbpsINNOVA TELEKOM REDES Y SERVICIOS886.29 MbpsMasMovil947.87 Mbps
Vodafone Espana919.72 MbpsPROCONO875.13 MbpsEUSKALTEL947.04 Mbps

Spain's Fastest Providers by Speed Range

03 May 2021 04 May 2021 Previous 12 Months 
INNOVA TELEKOM REDES Y SERVICIOS45.71—667.8 MbpsRed Helio279.67—784.14 MbpsDinahosting SL86.5—903.64 Mbps
Cablemel181.35—261.25 MbpsIBERSONTEL93.54—355.91 MbpsFLEXNET108.15—765.44 Mbps
Digi Spain Telecom54.25—301.3 MbpsCablemel91.7—351.29 MbpsIBERSONTEL57.78—367.96 Mbps
Vozelia Telecom55.57—278.03 MbpsAzurita System25.11—481.9 MbpsVozelia Telecom78.9—320.99 Mbps
Avanza Fibra18.83—351 MbpsDigi Spain Telecom55.46—310.05 MbpsEURONA WIRELESS TELECOM22.04—390.48 Mbps
Sarenet48.54—247.2 MbpsCARRIERENABLER40.63—292.95 MbpsRed Helio69.31—281.84 Mbps
Altecom69.16—203.35 MbpsInterfibra Telecomunicaciones91.8—175.53 MbpsOlivenet Network76.21—245.14 Mbps
COMUNITEL44.2—251.18 MbpsAdamo Telecom Iberia41.02—267.5 MbpsQuenture56.02—271.27 Mbps
LEAST COST ROUTING TELECOM, SL26.73—274.34 MbpsLEAST COST ROUTING TELECOM, SL43.83—246.72 MbpsDigi Spain Telecom42.87—270.54 Mbps
Olivenet Network56.43—204.79 MbpsCOMUNITEL34.51—257.33 MbpsLEAST COST ROUTING TELECOM, SL29.81—283.72 Mbps

Spain's Slowest Providers by Maximum Speed

03 May 2021 04 May 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Startnix Ip Europe24.09 MbpsStartnix Ip Europe15.69 Mbpsenvia TEL34.69 Mbps
Servicios Digitales Codinet25.38 Mbpsenvia TEL32.95 MbpsEcuadortelecom44.01 Mbps
NIXVAL43.67 MbpsNetfiber Conecta 202042 MbpsSkylogic52.63 Mbps
Nadunet Telecom63.76 MbpsComunicaciones Enersol88.33 MbpsOmniAccess53.62 Mbps
Prored Comunicaciones67.29 MbpsNOVATIO91.19 MbpsCodisa Telco Solutions91.47 Mbps
Fibratown68.66 MbpsFitel Network103.03 MbpsQUAD PLAY BATT92.71 Mbps
KNET Comunicaciones100.3 MbpsFree Technologies Excom124.05 MbpsT-Systems93.13 Mbps
Comunicaciones Enersol186.12 MbpsE-PORTS AMPLE DE BANDA I INTERNET SL136.84 MbpsVola los del Internet93.32 Mbps
onsicom270.36 MbpsServicios Digitales Codinet206.65 MbpsNetfiber Conecta 202098.75 Mbps
Red digital de telecomunicaciones de las islas baleares288.19 MbpsMISMENET TELECOMUNICACIONES276.2 MbpsWifiber.es106.83 Mbps

Spain's Slowest Providers by Speed Range

03 May 2021 04 May 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Servicios Digitales Codinet1.84—11.98 Mbpsenvia TEL0.69—8.98 MbpsOmniAccess1.28—4.39 Mbps
Prored Comunicaciones7.91—9.92 MbpsStartnix Ip Europe7.16—11.21 MbpsSVINTNET3.49—8.38 Mbps
Startnix Ip Europe9.33—13.34 MbpsServicios Digitales Codinet1.24—28.9 MbpsIporium Networks2.88—9.83 Mbps
NIXVAL9.32—17.96 MbpsNIXVAL9.27—18.67 MbpsQUAD PLAY BATT3.48—9.12 Mbps
SCIP7.77—21.95 MbpsFree Technologies Excom9.46—36.86 MbpsWifiber.es3.12—11.3 Mbps
Fibratown10.37—20.19 MbpsComunicaciones Enersol11.81—33.9 MbpsCodisa Telco Solutions3.7—12.42 Mbps
Nadunet Telecom16.82—26.26 MbpsMISMENET TELECOMUNICACIONES6.69—63.94 MbpsStartnix Ip Europe4.29—13.87 Mbps
NETLLAR SL14.41—47.23 MbpsNadunet Telecom16.35—54.04 MbpsVola los del Internet4.07—14.32 Mbps
Red digital de telecomunicaciones de las islas baleares11.42—62.39 MbpsNetfiber Conecta 202026.56—36.65 MbpsRural Telecom5.23—13.72 Mbps
Comunicaciones Enersol23.31—41.52 MbpsAire Networks del Mediterraneo14.87—71.4 MbpsT-Systems4.55—15.89 Mbps
Last updated: 06 May 2021