Internet Providers in Seville

There are 19 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Seville. Typical internet speeds vary from 10.58 to 63.09 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 927.1 Mbps from Adamo Telecom Iberia. Other fast providers include Vodafone ONO with 817.8 Mbps, PROCONO with 742.42 Mbps, and Vodafone Espana with 726.24 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Seville are 5.37% worse than the Spain national average of 18.07 Mbps. The most common provider in Seville is Orange Spain, their typical speeds ranging from 12.59 to 64.45 Mbps.

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Summary of Internet Service Providers in Seville

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Telefonica de Espana618.78 Mbps9.58—86.66 Mbps81
2Orange Spain614.8 Mbps12.59—64.45 Mbps58
3Vodafone Espana726.24 Mbps10.66—52.58 Mbps54
4Aire Networks del Mediterraneo546.55 Mbps7.04—29.54 Mbps48
5Vodafone ONO817.8 Mbps12.72—76.35 Mbps34
6MasMovil611.06 Mbps15.92—86.7 Mbps12
7Cogent Communications271.67 Mbps4.45—22.46 Mbps12
8COMUNITEL551.56 Mbps22.01—82.38 Mbps10
9Adamo Telecom Iberia927.1 Mbps11.29—89.36 Mbps8
10PROCONO742.42 Mbps14.75—52.06 Mbps7
11Servicios Digitales Codinet92.51 Mbps1.3—5.79 Mbps4
12Alcort228.77 Mbps20.31—58.6 Mbps3
13onsicom250.87 Mbps13.9—50.35 Mbps3
14Startnix Ip Europe54.5 Mbps1.91—5.49 Mbps3
15Digi Spain Telecom218.12 Mbps39.42—116.53 Mbps1
16Inpro Telecomunicaciones139.53 Mbps19.29—59.86 Mbps1
17Quenture191.33 Mbps1.78—46.86 Mbps1
18Jeyca Tecnologia y Medio Ambiente202.27 Mbps7.54—24.5 Mbps1
19Neutra Network Services10.96 Mbps0—10.89 Mbps0

Cities and Provider Speeds in Seville

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Rochelambert913.28 Mbps22.91—146.58 Mbps34.18 Mbps1
2Camas694.99 Mbps19.51—89.83 Mbps29.66 Mbps6
3Palomares del Rio558.16 Mbps21.29—85.9 Mbps28.25 Mbps3
4Bormujos576.62 Mbps17.83—90.9 Mbps26.87 Mbps6
5Seville602.51 Mbps16.51—96.34 Mbps26.64 Mbps7
6Bollullos de la Mitacion564.68 Mbps18.39—75.79 Mbps24.88 Mbps3
7Olivares579.72 Mbps16.26—69.28 Mbps22.96 Mbps3
8Mairena del Aljarafe616.92 Mbps14—76.28 Mbps22.77 Mbps8
9Tomares594.87 Mbps13.74—66.91 Mbps21.74 Mbps4
10Huerta Del Pilar817.8 Mbps13.29—74.06 Mbps21.33 Mbps14
11San Jose de la Rinconada595.41 Mbps14.06—59.85 Mbps20.82 Mbps4
12Écija742.42 Mbps12.6—70.21 Mbps20.81 Mbps7
13Santiponce562.97 Mbps13.35—55.94 Mbps19.67 Mbps5
14Dos Hermanas717.55 Mbps11.26—77.35 Mbps19.23 Mbps9
15Alcalá de Guadaira612.2 Mbps12.05—64.46 Mbps19.21 Mbps8
16Gerena499.46 Mbps13.13—63.8 Mbps19.07 Mbps2
17Coria del Río618.78 Mbps12.55—50.02 Mbps18.63 Mbps5
18Espartinas602.93 Mbps12.03—61.7 Mbps18.4 Mbps5
19Gelves559.57 Mbps10.53—90.39 Mbps18.24 Mbps5
20Osuna714.1 Mbps11.43—44.59 Mbps17.23 Mbps5
21Morón de la Frontera553.66 Mbps10.7—41.77 Mbps15.78 Mbps5
22Estepa581.64 Mbps10.41—42.65 Mbps15.77 Mbps6
23Los Palacios y Villafranca584.36 Mbps9.81—47.32 Mbps15.02 Mbps7
24Castilleja de la Cuesta568.78 Mbps9.81—53.02 Mbps14.98 Mbps4
25El Cuervo260.52 Mbps9.93—40.58 Mbps14.63 Mbps1
26Umbrete572.92 Mbps9.02—77.84 Mbps13.5 Mbps6
27Lora del Rio598.97 Mbps9.77—67.17 Mbps13.49 Mbps4
28Alcala del Rio615.53 Mbps9.73—45.39 Mbps13.07 Mbps5
29Pruna425.02 Mbps8.73—43.6 Mbps12.78 Mbps3
30El Arahal428.07 Mbps8.67—35.56 Mbps12.4 Mbps5
31La Lantejuela257.22 Mbps8.51—32.06 Mbps12.39 Mbps1
32La Puebla de Cazalla479.97 Mbps9.13—34.08 Mbps11.88 Mbps3
33La Roda de Andalucia127 Mbps7.78—34.74 Mbps11.27 Mbps3
34Aznalcollar194.94 Mbps8.24—23.27 Mbps10.34 Mbps2
35San Juan de Aznalfarache536.01 Mbps6.56—43.16 Mbps10.34 Mbps5
36Sanlucar la Mayor565.88 Mbps6.51—49 Mbps9.99 Mbps4
37Fuentes de Andalucia562.31 Mbps6.99—27.89 Mbps9.83 Mbps4
38Utrera726.24 Mbps6.53—33.19 Mbps9.52 Mbps5
39Gines570.95 Mbps6.14—49.32 Mbps9.13 Mbps4
40Pilas364.74 Mbps4.43—39.13 Mbps8.41 Mbps6
41La Puebla del Rio590.05 Mbps5.58—36.24 Mbps8.3 Mbps3
42Las Cabezas de San Juan536.52 Mbps5.71—35.17 Mbps8.2 Mbps4
43Guillena576.57 Mbps6.58—43.62 Mbps8 Mbps4
44Burguillos544.07 Mbps4.94—35.7 Mbps7.57 Mbps3
45Zancarron599.56 Mbps4.9—44.62 Mbps7.54 Mbps4
46Constantina466.42 Mbps4.58—37.4 Mbps7.46 Mbps3
47La Algaba516.93 Mbps4.44—40.17 Mbps7.26 Mbps4
48Marchena268.9 Mbps4.92—18.01 Mbps6.85 Mbps4
49Herrera113.46 Mbps5.19—14.65 Mbps6.62 Mbps3
50San Bartolome222.77 Mbps4.42—28.28 Mbps5.81 Mbps4
51Mairena del Alcor261.69 Mbps4.42—11.36 Mbps5.76 Mbps4
52Carmona486.77 Mbps4.06—19.83 Mbps5.7 Mbps5
53Valdezorras218.12 Mbps3.81—14.57 Mbps5.26 Mbps2
54Brenes478.68 Mbps3.46—13.38 Mbps4.75 Mbps3
55Montellano93.57 Mbps3.38—12.2 Mbps4.5 Mbps4
56Villanueva del Ariscal225.09 Mbps3.51—10.82 Mbps4.31 Mbps2
57El Viso del Alcor369.15 Mbps2.92—10.88 Mbps4.04 Mbps3
58Villaverde del Rio325.11 Mbps2.7—12.12 Mbps3.78 Mbps3

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Seville

Seville has 19 ISPs available.
Adamo Telecom Iberia is the fastest provider in Seville with 927.1 Mbps, and an average speed range of 11.29—89.36 Mbps.
Users in Seville see an average internet speed of 10.58 up to 63.09 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 927.1 Mbps.
Orange Spain is available in Seville, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 614.8 Mbps.
Telefonica de Espana is available in Seville, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 618.78 Mbps.
Vodafone Espana is available in Seville, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 726.24 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Seville is Orange Spain.

Last updated: 10 Feb 2020