Internet Providers in Barcelona

There are 34 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Barcelona. Typical internet speeds vary from 16.3 to 91.08 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 934.88 Mbps from Adamo Telecom Iberia. Other fast providers include Colt with 912.09 Mbps, Orange Spain with 898.5 Mbps, and MasMovil with 724.39 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Barcelona are 31.87% better than the Spain national average of 19.39 Mbps. The most common provider in Barcelona is Telefonica de Espana, their typical speeds ranging from 21.21 to 127.45 Mbps.

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Summary of Internet Service Providers in Barcelona

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Telefonica de Espana627.5 Mbps21.21—127.45 Mbps212
2Orange Spain898.5 Mbps20.98—88.47 Mbps161
3Vodafone Espana618.54 Mbps14.77—69.53 Mbps135
4COMUNITEL707.11 Mbps13.26—73.14 Mbps68
5Adamo Telecom Iberia934.88 Mbps22.21—158.94 Mbps55
6Vodafone ONO654.35 Mbps10.75—68.86 Mbps44
7MasMovil724.39 Mbps10.27—59.71 Mbps39
8Colt912.09 Mbps30.12—92.92 Mbps37
9Aire Networks del Mediterraneo484.47 Mbps5.27—28.46 Mbps28
10EUSKALTEL504.77 Mbps14.15—145.47 Mbps8
11Altecom654.61 Mbps29.04—136.85 Mbps8
12Neutra Network Services479.34 Mbps12.11—66.15 Mbps8
13Cogent Communications385.93 Mbps4.46—15.94 Mbps8
14ADAM392.2 Mbps17.24—133.97 Mbps6
15VozTelecom Sistemas564.66 Mbps15.71—89.25 Mbps5
16Claranet323.91 Mbps15.78—81.54 Mbps5
17M247496.4 Mbps7.73—29.59 Mbps5
18bitNAP Datacenter417.75 Mbps5.03—52.1 Mbps3
19BT ES Datacenter and hosting90.08 Mbps2.13—13.35 Mbps3
20Vozelia Telecom282.88 Mbps29.43—122.54 Mbps2
21Sarenet369.16 Mbps3.98—75.56 Mbps2
22Verizon Business - EMEA98.74 Mbps3.37—55.03 Mbps2
23EURONA WIRELESS TELECOM90.84 Mbps4.54—13.4 Mbps2
24Vola los del Internet14.91 Mbps3.79—8.81 Mbps2
25Digi Spain Telecom295.22 Mbps66.25—292.69 Mbps1
26Avatel & Wikiker Telecom310.78 Mbps39.01—262.45 Mbps1
27FLEXNET89.84 Mbps6.7—65.93 Mbps1
28Fitel Network204.99 Mbps2.59—44.26 Mbps1
29T-Systems137.36 Mbps3.79—15.75 Mbps1
30Xtudio Networks76.23 Mbps4.73—9.72 Mbps1
31Rural Telecom19.14 Mbps6.38—16.71 Mbps1
32NETLLAR SL93.8 Mbps2.75—12.34 Mbps1
33XARTIC19.47 Mbps1.06—1.37 Mbps1
34Iporium Networks24.87 Mbps1.63—5.55 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Barcelona

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Bellaterra541.01 Mbps42.92—492.08 Mbps66.51 Mbps5
2Abrera878.92 Mbps35.4—98.98 Mbps48.62 Mbps4
3Sant Fruitos de Bages621.75 Mbps24.97—481.25 Mbps48.31 Mbps3
4Sant Sadurni d'Anoia626.85 Mbps24.45—263.34 Mbps47.49 Mbps4
5Santa Perpetua de Mogoda663.1 Mbps33.64—142.66 Mbps46.36 Mbps4
6Martorell666.63 Mbps26.88—263.07 Mbps44.51 Mbps6
7Alella616.81 Mbps28.62—118.78 Mbps42.26 Mbps4
8Canovelles829.13 Mbps23.82—492.84 Mbps41.48 Mbps6
9Esparreguera624.64 Mbps28.88—92.24 Mbps40.94 Mbps3
10Sitges623.96 Mbps26.71—169.03 Mbps40.89 Mbps4
11Sant Cugat625.64 Mbps26.83—283.08 Mbps40.74 Mbps7
12Llerona836.01 Mbps28.91—98.36 Mbps39.81 Mbps5
13Vilassar de Mar607.91 Mbps24.96—164.19 Mbps37.07 Mbps4
14Manlleu625.46 Mbps28.42—90.81 Mbps36.65 Mbps3
15Barcelona931.42 Mbps22.95—163.53 Mbps36.57 Mbps13
16Santa Coloma de Gramenet754.08 Mbps24.26—93.47 Mbps36.31 Mbps7
17Ripollet622.14 Mbps24.47—101.16 Mbps36.11 Mbps5
18Sant Feliu de Llobregat920.1 Mbps26.08—99.78 Mbps36.1 Mbps6
19Olesa de Montserrat809.93 Mbps23.9—88.16 Mbps36.04 Mbps4
20Torelló927.71 Mbps25.22—100.41 Mbps36.02 Mbps5
21Sant Boi de Llobregat685.05 Mbps24.25—99.07 Mbps35.61 Mbps6
22Cornellà de Llobregat624.8 Mbps24.73—98.75 Mbps35.39 Mbps7
23Llinars del Valles836.75 Mbps23.44—98.19 Mbps35.13 Mbps6
24Igualada625.75 Mbps21.84—249.84 Mbps33.89 Mbps6
25La Gabarra909.95 Mbps22.35—97.77 Mbps33.4 Mbps8
26Badalona773.14 Mbps21.74—101.55 Mbps32.93 Mbps8
27Manresa754.53 Mbps22.3—99.84 Mbps32.78 Mbps7
28Caldes de Montbui623.98 Mbps23.81—94.25 Mbps32.59 Mbps5
29Tona615.98 Mbps22.57—93.71 Mbps32.44 Mbps2
30Barbera Del Valles625.05 Mbps22.63—94.34 Mbps32.1 Mbps4
31Esplugues de Llobregat626.33 Mbps22.03—101.14 Mbps31.99 Mbps6
32Sant Feliu de Codines627.05 Mbps22.58—82.01 Mbps31.88 Mbps6
33Parets del Vallès620.66 Mbps22.64—92.48 Mbps31.86 Mbps6
34Arenys de Mar681.28 Mbps21.59—87.09 Mbps31.86 Mbps5
35Sant Adrià de Besòs776.47 Mbps19.71—93.63 Mbps31.68 Mbps7
36Sant Andreu872.02 Mbps20.77—91.64 Mbps31.58 Mbps8
37el Prat de Llobregat682.17 Mbps22.02—95.7 Mbps31.43 Mbps6
38Granollers734.02 Mbps20.69—97.49 Mbps31.27 Mbps7
39Castelldefels625.03 Mbps20.73—97.64 Mbps31.25 Mbps5
40Mataró880.22 Mbps20.29—93.8 Mbps31.17 Mbps5
41Molins de Rei622.86 Mbps21.96—96.25 Mbps31.08 Mbps6
42Ca'l Rubio598.76 Mbps21.4—80.55 Mbps30.67 Mbps3
43Sant Celoni827.93 Mbps19.53—103.05 Mbps30.51 Mbps5
44Teià580.37 Mbps20.54—99.12 Mbps30.36 Mbps3
45Cerdanyola del Vallès788.76 Mbps19.56—93.29 Mbps29.94 Mbps10
46Sant Andreu de la Barca625.09 Mbps20.53—84.43 Mbps29.7 Mbps5
47Rubí758.35 Mbps19.23—101.06 Mbps29.6 Mbps8
48Sant Vicenç dels Horts696.53 Mbps19.76—85.94 Mbps29.22 Mbps4
49Castellar del Valles624.85 Mbps19.57—87.61 Mbps29.17 Mbps4
50Cervello578.35 Mbps21.26—60.98 Mbps29.07 Mbps3
51el Poblenou917.37 Mbps19.47—96.17 Mbps29.03 Mbps2
52Corbera de Llobregat619.14 Mbps21.01—89.24 Mbps28.77 Mbps4
53Malgrat de Mar594.92 Mbps18.3—84.15 Mbps28.72 Mbps4
54Sabadell852.06 Mbps18.76—92.45 Mbps28.53 Mbps8
55el Masnou624.67 Mbps19.92—98.87 Mbps28.39 Mbps5
56Sant Pere de Ribes580.72 Mbps19.44—77.97 Mbps28.01 Mbps4
57Tordera618.72 Mbps16.62—85.72 Mbps27.81 Mbps2
58Castellbisbal621.74 Mbps16.31—91.51 Mbps27.46 Mbps4
59Pineda de Mar624.31 Mbps16.86—85.18 Mbps27.26 Mbps3
60La Llagosta622.94 Mbps20.05—91.41 Mbps27.25 Mbps6
61Vallirana624.51 Mbps16.13—87.74 Mbps27.19 Mbps3
62Montmeló739.84 Mbps18.64—89.88 Mbps27.18 Mbps5
63Cubelles607.93 Mbps15.66—90.43 Mbps27.17 Mbps4
64Lliçà de Vall623.17 Mbps18.2—80.57 Mbps26.81 Mbps4
65Cànoves i Samalús545.22 Mbps19.6—81.69 Mbps26.53 Mbps5
66Artes563.93 Mbps17.35—76.97 Mbps26.44 Mbps4
67Montcada i Reixac657.87 Mbps17.21—88.79 Mbps25.97 Mbps6
68Bigues i Riells551.03 Mbps17.69—68.83 Mbps25.76 Mbps4
69Vilanova i la Geltrú625.3 Mbps16.12—90.37 Mbps25.67 Mbps6
70Eixample934.88 Mbps15.93—92.13 Mbps25.43 Mbps19
71Cabrils617.29 Mbps16.06—90.22 Mbps25.41 Mbps4
72Calella618.84 Mbps14.11—80.18 Mbps25.17 Mbps5
73Terrassa834.21 Mbps16.76—87.74 Mbps24.84 Mbps9
74Cardedeu625.35 Mbps16.92—77.72 Mbps24.64 Mbps4
75Vic929.21 Mbps15.29—80.2 Mbps24.01 Mbps8
76Sant Just Desvern624.77 Mbps14.3—100.49 Mbps23.96 Mbps5
77Fort Pienc923.25 Mbps15.61—79.41 Mbps23.8 Mbps9
78Mollet del Vallès626.12 Mbps15.33—79.76 Mbps23.66 Mbps7
79Pallejà577.88 Mbps15.82—53.51 Mbps23.38 Mbps4
80Premià de Dalt624.43 Mbps15.35—71.44 Mbps23.32 Mbps3
81Piera616.19 Mbps14.99—94.95 Mbps23.19 Mbps3
82Palafolls584.49 Mbps10.54—66.16 Mbps23.15 Mbps3
83Sant Quirze del Valles624.76 Mbps14.42—86.44 Mbps23.01 Mbps5
84Santa Coloma de Cervelló560.89 Mbps16.52—76.36 Mbps22.49 Mbps3
85Sant Esteve Sesrovires620 Mbps15.42—85.35 Mbps22.31 Mbps4
86Polinya625.01 Mbps12.39—87.15 Mbps22.19 Mbps3
87Vilanova de la Roca805.29 Mbps13.84—78.41 Mbps21.43 Mbps3
88la Garriga625.77 Mbps15.02—76.27 Mbps21.18 Mbps5
89Sentmenat597.23 Mbps14.22—57.06 Mbps20.19 Mbps3
90Sant Fost de Campsentelles925.46 Mbps12.46—69.69 Mbps19.63 Mbps5
91Llica d'Amunt625.48 Mbps12.96—57.24 Mbps19.63 Mbps4
92Montornès del Vallès784.28 Mbps12.36—77.02 Mbps19.31 Mbps4
93Seva835.17 Mbps11.58—549.44 Mbps18.54 Mbps4
94Canet de Mar624.84 Mbps10.96—63.97 Mbps18.27 Mbps5
95Carme287 Mbps13.12—42.24 Mbps17.81 Mbps1
96Sant Vicenc de Montalt623.54 Mbps11.81—46.73 Mbps17.13 Mbps4
97Montgat562.27 Mbps12.59—40.11 Mbps16.45 Mbps3
98Santa Maria de Palautordera623.36 Mbps10.33—49.81 Mbps15.88 Mbps5
99Vilafranca del Penedès627.5 Mbps9.15—74.29 Mbps15.69 Mbps6
100Vilanova del Camí616.29 Mbps9.87—47.33 Mbps15.67 Mbps5
101Gothic Quarter920.98 Mbps10.24—54.6 Mbps15.61 Mbps17
102Torrelles de Llobregat578.48 Mbps9.39—58.41 Mbps15.29 Mbps4
103Sant Gervasi - Galvany390.75 Mbps8.71—37.72 Mbps14.83 Mbps6
104Moia526.41 Mbps10.75—42.81 Mbps14.06 Mbps6
105Cardona814.2 Mbps8.64—50.76 Mbps13.61 Mbps3
106Arenys de Munt567.46 Mbps7.92—53.79 Mbps13.3 Mbps5
107Sant Joan de Vilatorrada621.07 Mbps7.93—70.42 Mbps12.93 Mbps3
108Navarcles508.23 Mbps6.47—66.8 Mbps12.76 Mbps3
109Sant Antoni de Vilamajor623.45 Mbps8.25—42.91 Mbps12.47 Mbps5
110Sallent788.06 Mbps6.74—75.93 Mbps10.7 Mbps3
111Argentona622.1 Mbps6.21—55.08 Mbps10.19 Mbps5
112la Nova Esquerra de l'Eixample585.84 Mbps8.21—23.03 Mbps9.19 Mbps3
113la Vila Olimpica del Poblenou496.4 Mbps6.65—33.19 Mbps8.05 Mbps6
114el Parc i la Llacuna del Poblenou590.49 Mbps5.38—39.23 Mbps7.71 Mbps4
115Súria406.69 Mbps5.49—30.78 Mbps7.28 Mbps3
116Berga622.85 Mbps4.82—33.26 Mbps6.72 Mbps5
117Sants385.93 Mbps3.82—14.3 Mbps5.38 Mbps2
118Sant Cebria de Vallalta250.5 Mbps2.38—11.69 Mbps3.49 Mbps2

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Barcelona

Barcelona has 34 ISPs available.
Adamo Telecom Iberia is the fastest provider in Barcelona with 934.88 Mbps, and an average speed range of 22.21—158.94 Mbps.
Users in Barcelona see an average internet speed of 16.3 up to 91.08 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 934.88 Mbps.
Telefonica de Espana is available in Barcelona, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 627.5 Mbps.
Orange Spain is available in Barcelona, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 898.5 Mbps.
MasMovil is available in Barcelona, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 724.39 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Barcelona is Telefonica de Espana.

Last updated: 28 Mar 2020