Internet Providers in Almeria

There are 15 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Almeria. Typical internet speeds vary from 9.75 to 74.58 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 915.8 Mbps from Vodafone ONO. Other fast providers include Vodafone Espana with 665.6 Mbps, Telefonica de Espana with 623.37 Mbps, and COMUNITEL with 616.38 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Almeria are 34.69% worse than the Spain national average of 24.16 Mbps. The most common provider in Almeria is Orange Spain, their typical speeds ranging from 11.2 to 72.95 Mbps.

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Summary of Internet Service Providers in Almeria

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Telefonica de Espana623.37 Mbps9.28—91.31 Mbps62
2Orange Spain584.9 Mbps11.2—72.95 Mbps48
3Vodafone Espana665.6 Mbps12.8—90.29 Mbps39
4Aire Networks del Mediterraneo531.45 Mbps3.99—19.37 Mbps38
5Vodafone ONO915.8 Mbps14.12—80.67 Mbps18
6TELPLAY215.55 Mbps4.9—17.73 Mbps18
7MasMovil592.27 Mbps17.28—90 Mbps7
8COMUNITEL616.38 Mbps21.02—91.77 Mbps7
9Servicios Digitales Codinet193.65 Mbps2.84—9.61 Mbps6
10Neutra Network Services24.7 Mbps1.75—9.44 Mbps2
11Digi Spain Telecom561.81 Mbps38.92—119.91 Mbps1
12Avatel & Wikiker Telecom216.56 Mbps46.59—79.11 Mbps1
13NETLLAR SL9.66 Mbps6.9—9.06 Mbps1
14Startnix Ip Europe15.74 Mbps3.17—7.22 Mbps1
15InstelNET Telecomunicaciones12.7 Mbps1.91—6.66 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Almeria

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1El Bobar605.84 Mbps26.62—92.1 Mbps34.71 Mbps3
2Mojacar Pueblo604.11 Mbps15.91—302.83 Mbps33.14 Mbps4
3Roquetas de Mar601.41 Mbps15.49—90.65 Mbps25.86 Mbps8
4Vera Playa572.64 Mbps14.46—71.75 Mbps25.21 Mbps4
5Benahadux597.49 Mbps17.93—79.52 Mbps24.5 Mbps2
6Almerimar585.24 Mbps14.83—85.41 Mbps23.39 Mbps5
7El Parador de las Hortichuelas590.09 Mbps15.23—74.55 Mbps22.97 Mbps4
8Aguadulce607.7 Mbps13.82—84.45 Mbps22.58 Mbps6
9Almería915.8 Mbps13.14—87.92 Mbps21.11 Mbps9
10Huercal de Almeria613.74 Mbps12.63—65.68 Mbps19.41 Mbps5
11Viator587.73 Mbps11.99—75.74 Mbps18.52 Mbps7
12La Rambla107.04 Mbps11.63—32.27 Mbps17.01 Mbps2
13Adra616.19 Mbps9.61—68.8 Mbps16.01 Mbps6
14Albox579.65 Mbps9.79—74.86 Mbps14.02 Mbps6
15Macael454.67 Mbps8.28—45.9 Mbps14 Mbps4
16Vicar587.81 Mbps9.09—76.24 Mbps13.7 Mbps5
17Retamar594.53 Mbps9.22—64.83 Mbps13.53 Mbps4
18Matagorda597.66 Mbps7—67.33 Mbps13 Mbps6
19La Mojonera432.21 Mbps9.22—47.99 Mbps12.98 Mbps4
20Celin607.56 Mbps8.13—74.11 Mbps12.66 Mbps8
21Huercal Overa599.01 Mbps7.44—48.97 Mbps11.26 Mbps5
22La Canada de San Urbano594.17 Mbps7.26—73.96 Mbps11.26 Mbps3
23Berja507.9 Mbps7.57—65.98 Mbps10.98 Mbps3
24Pulpí341.76 Mbps7.13—29.38 Mbps10.43 Mbps5
25Garrucha582.67 Mbps7.47—37.88 Mbps10.38 Mbps5
26El Alquian598 Mbps7.57—31.95 Mbps9.7 Mbps3
27Santa Fe de Mondujar342.02 Mbps6.37—33.8 Mbps8.95 Mbps4
28San Isidro de Nijar583.46 Mbps5.9—25.06 Mbps8.36 Mbps2
29Velez-Rubio445.6 Mbps6.63—20.47 Mbps8.33 Mbps4
30Arboleas454.81 Mbps5.65—21.51 Mbps7.65 Mbps3
31Los Nietos de Campo Hermoso441.42 Mbps4.86—28.13 Mbps7.2 Mbps5
32Tijola525.34 Mbps5.38—13.73 Mbps6.81 Mbps3
33Vera610.32 Mbps4.22—22.02 Mbps6.09 Mbps7
34Carboneras344.8 Mbps4.21—15.21 Mbps5.71 Mbps4
35Cuevas del Almanzora461.32 Mbps3.8—14.82 Mbps5.45 Mbps6
36Turre45.61 Mbps3.53—9.76 Mbps5.25 Mbps4
37Nijar380.27 Mbps3.35—29.95 Mbps5.16 Mbps3
38Dalias566.05 Mbps3.27—14.95 Mbps4.86 Mbps2
39Alhama de Almeria193.65 Mbps3.12—20.27 Mbps4.37 Mbps3
40Palomares374.13 Mbps2.88—13.13 Mbps4.33 Mbps3
41Antas244.91 Mbps2.71—10.73 Mbps4.14 Mbps4
42Seron38.18 Mbps2.85—8.73 Mbps3.85 Mbps4

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Almeria

Almeria has 15 ISPs available.
Vodafone ONO is the fastest provider in Almeria with 915.8 Mbps, and an average speed range of 14.12—80.67 Mbps.
Users in Almeria see an average internet speed of 9.75 up to 74.58 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 915.8 Mbps.
Orange Spain is available in Almeria, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 584.9 Mbps.
Telefonica de Espana is available in Almeria, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 623.37 Mbps.
MasMovil is available in Almeria, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 592.27 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Almeria is Orange Spain.

Last updated: 06 Jul 2020