Internet Service Providers in Spain

Spain has 118 broadband providers available to its residents. The highest internet speed we've seen is 2440.54 Mbps, and typical real-world speeds vary from 30.26 to 211.55 Mbps. The fastest broadband speed we saw came from Orange Spain, and we've seen internet speeds as high as 2417.19 Mbps from Aire Networks del Mediterraneo, 1759.49 Mbps from FLEXNET, and 1380.37 Mbps from Dinahosting SL. In terms of user numbers, Telefonica de Espana is the most popular broadband provider in Spain, followed by Orange Spain and MasMovil. The fastest cities in Spain include Madrid, La Poveda, and Manresa, and Spain's fastest internet providers are Orange Spain, Aire Networks del Mediterraneo, and FLEXNET.

Spain Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Spain

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Regions
1FLEXNET1759.49 Mbps206.03—803.09 Mbps5
2Dinahosting SL1380.37 Mbps31.05—898.57 Mbps2
3Digi Spain Telecom933.39 Mbps49.29—287.67 Mbps19
4Red Helio946.7 Mbps77.67—305.84 Mbps2
5Vozelia Telecom619.29 Mbps79.7—318.06 Mbps10
6IBERSONTEL944.05 Mbps61.09—367.79 Mbps4
7EURONA WIRELESS TELECOM873.66 Mbps39.56—382.07 Mbps8
8Adamo Telecom Iberia1162.52 Mbps37.64—252.74 Mbps23
9Telefonica de Espana1165.66 Mbps27.69—279.48 Mbps52
10LEAST COST ROUTING TELECOM, SL574.29 Mbps33.12—287.91 Mbps5
11Olivenet Network936.34 Mbps76.37—247.32 Mbps5
12Quenture914.88 Mbps58.3—272.52 Mbps9
131&1 Internet934.89 Mbps13.39—275.05 Mbps3
14Grupalia Internet905.68 Mbps11.85—242.31 Mbps3
15Vodafone ONO1108.14 Mbps39.88—223.1 Mbps51
16COMUNITEL940.1 Mbps40.01—215.6 Mbps47
17Sarenet939.28 Mbps45.5—245.22 Mbps13
18EUSKALTEL947.6 Mbps40.57—205.22 Mbps31
19Avanza Fibra827.61 Mbps29.33—179.17 Mbps4
20MasMovil948.09 Mbps35.62—185.46 Mbps51
21Altecom1210.37 Mbps73.85—163.89 Mbps3
22Television Costa Blanca938.13 Mbps22.88—137.79 Mbps4
23Vodafone Espana1134.42 Mbps28.53—176.18 Mbps52
24Orange Spain2440.54 Mbps29.62—175.91 Mbps52
25Cablemel769.54 Mbps24.49—148.42 Mbps3
26CARRIERENABLER927.14 Mbps30—126.39 Mbps10
27Vozplus Telecomunicaciones905.41 Mbps32.56—169.91 Mbps4
28Interfibra Telecomunicaciones941.05 Mbps22.66—109.27 Mbps4
29Avatel & Wikiker Telecom807.15 Mbps36.24—179.13 Mbps18
30PROCONO943.61 Mbps25.38—118.51 Mbps8
31Wifi Sancti Petri726.39 Mbps17.48—147.76 Mbps2
32OLYMPIC BROADCASTING SERVICES253.8 Mbps20.14—128.5 Mbps1
33ADAM926.4 Mbps23.41—142.57 Mbps3
34Scan Sat Network931.43 Mbps29.55—98.41 Mbps1
35INNOVA TELEKOM REDES Y SERVICIOS924.66 Mbps13.77—93.25 Mbps2
36UTV Internet617.12 Mbps21.36—103.41 Mbps1
37VozTelecom Sistemas570.26 Mbps24.39—94.53 Mbps6
38SkynetLink Informatica y Redes934.86 Mbps20.61—94.59 Mbps4
39NIxus Networks893.63 Mbps31.23—110.46 Mbps1
40INSTAL MATEL917.65 Mbps14.43—94.59 Mbps9
41Inpro Telecomunicaciones931.88 Mbps37.47—108.35 Mbps2
42CONECTA 3 TELECOM940.45 Mbps12.37—96.55 Mbps3
43KNET Comunicaciones802.74 Mbps23.77—94.69 Mbps6
44UFINET TELECOM196.92 Mbps21.53—88.85 Mbps1
45Quasar Viveiro278.6 Mbps19.2—115.27 Mbps4
46Ibercom Telecom108.94 Mbps6.15—85.96 Mbps1
47Television por Cable Santa Pola942.17 Mbps12.88—75.15 Mbps5
48Sewan Communications529.72 Mbps10.77—93.62 Mbps2
49Alcort924.93 Mbps21.43—102.13 Mbps10
50Claranet428.88 Mbps8.77—87.51 Mbps1
51onsicom576.61 Mbps28.74—85.78 Mbps2
52TELPLAY672.04 Mbps11.35—87.8 Mbps3
53Colt925.03 Mbps20.94—85.07 Mbps7
54Ibercom713.96 Mbps8.14—31.97 Mbps2
55Airsip telecomunicaciones913.24 Mbps16.27—83.96 Mbps1
56IDECNET500.03 Mbps19.26—74.47 Mbps2
57SCIP848.96 Mbps10.75—82.16 Mbps2
58M247885.91 Mbps14.63—84.13 Mbps5
59Fitel Network421.37 Mbps22.21—89.54 Mbps2
60Dvblab Communication536.16 Mbps9.73—54.93 Mbps2
61InstelNET Telecomunicaciones850.1 Mbps8.33—64.9 Mbps1
62Nadunet Telecom827.98 Mbps17.56—91.29 Mbps1
63TEDRA GROUP263.73 Mbps7.84—84.39 Mbps1
64Aire Networks del Mediterraneo2417.19 Mbps11.77—61.36 Mbps31
65Red digital de telecomunicaciones de las islas baleares916.03 Mbps13.09—73.11 Mbps3
66XARTIC911.31 Mbps5.73—51.16 Mbps3
67Cogent Communications946.83 Mbps9.68—52.93 Mbps21
68The Telecom Boutique181.33 Mbps33.6—72.67 Mbps1
69Powerhouse Management152.16 Mbps17.09—84.23 Mbps1
70GRN Serveis Telematics286.65 Mbps13.36—79.99 Mbps3
71E-PORTS AMPLE DE BANDA I INTERNET SL910.69 Mbps17—66.28 Mbps4
72Jeyca Tecnologia y Medio Ambiente241.37 Mbps15.48—77.22 Mbps1
74Free Technologies Excom931.51 Mbps8.24—36.24 Mbps7
75Informatica El Corte Ingles855.53 Mbps11.29—71.63 Mbps1
76Verizon Business - EMEA322.48 Mbps4.42—80.9 Mbps4
77Open Cable Telecomunicaciones486.34 Mbps11.02—70.19 Mbps7
78ELECTROVIDEO VELEZ577.54 Mbps16.15—47.31 Mbps2
79VADAVO606.76 Mbps5.78—36.4 Mbps1
80Azurita System930.15 Mbps7.2—44.14 Mbps1
81co-fi577.43 Mbps6.01—41.15 Mbps3
82CIUDAD SIN CABLES TELECOM567.88 Mbps6.08—35.2 Mbps5
83MISMENET TELECOMUNICACIONES941.89 Mbps8.39—37.47 Mbps4
84Genetsis144.65 Mbps9.34—69.3 Mbps1
85Telitec Connections339.45 Mbps8.97—49.69 Mbps4
86Xtudio Networks314.87 Mbps9.4—29.97 Mbps4
87Air Wifi199.33 Mbps9.41—53.19 Mbps3
88NOVATIO258.13 Mbps8.36—48.61 Mbps1
89NETLLAR SL605.84 Mbps10.62—37.7 Mbps10
90BT ES Datacenter and hosting556.37 Mbps7.74—39.93 Mbps4
91NIXVAL806.21 Mbps7.98—31.13 Mbps5
92bitNAP Datacenter293.76 Mbps9.58—44.29 Mbps1
93Comunicaciones Enersol754.69 Mbps9.91—36.8 Mbps7
94Neutra Network Services381.22 Mbps5.1—37.06 Mbps12
95Prored Comunicaciones473.14 Mbps8.51—39.21 Mbps4
96AGO TELECOM676.98 Mbps5.64—36.16 Mbps1
97Fibratown355.84 Mbps8.49—39.83 Mbps3
98Altercom-21184.87 Mbps12.07—22.69 Mbps1
99Nunsys646.38 Mbps7.2—25.89 Mbps3
100ENSINCA NETWORKS251.97 Mbps8.15—26.1 Mbps2
101Skylogic100.69 Mbps10.06—25.03 Mbps1
102Netfiber Conecta 2020203.84 Mbps8.88—26.93 Mbps3
103Rural Telecom430.8 Mbps6.84—15.89 Mbps6
104Servicios Digitales Codinet532.96 Mbps5.01—21.24 Mbps20
105Tata Communications187.07 Mbps7.04—17.62 Mbps7
106INTERSUR448.63 Mbps7.55—22.75 Mbps1
107Codisa Telco Solutions93.06 Mbps4.83—17.13 Mbps5
108Megavista Online241.74 Mbps6.36—20.63 Mbps9
109T-Systems100.6 Mbps5.21—18.11 Mbps2
110Vola los del Internet93.32 Mbps4.29—16.69 Mbps5
111Iporium Networks256 Mbps2.94—11.48 Mbps8
112envia TEL35.43 Mbps5.75—18.87 Mbps1
113Ecuadortelecom71.25 Mbps3.88—19.83 Mbps1
114Startnix Ip Europe554.18 Mbps4.88—15.05 Mbps8
115Wifiber.es152.35 Mbps3.84—12.14 Mbps2
116QUAD PLAY BATT92.71 Mbps4.27—10.17 Mbps1
117SVINTNET315.56 Mbps3.77—9.18 Mbps3
118OmniAccess53.62 Mbps1.34—8.05 Mbps2

Spain Regions By Broadband Speed

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Provincia de Alava947.4245.98—227.83 Mbps77.15 Mbps8
2Barcelona1210.3744.91—274.04 Mbps77.15 Mbps45
3Balearic Islands946.1543—274.55 Mbps76.15 Mbps14
4Navarre947.7138.09—247.16 Mbps64.78 Mbps14
5Valladolid947.8138.86—267.58 Mbps62.55 Mbps13
6Lleida946.4335.05—300.58 Mbps62.46 Mbps16
7Biscay947.9837.8—222.11 Mbps61.87 Mbps16
8Guadalajara947.437.18—291.48 Mbps61.65 Mbps10
9Segovia947.1636.47—183.73 Mbps61.56 Mbps8
10Saragossa936.5835.52—209.35 Mbps58.75 Mbps17
11Madrid2440.5432.35—247.75 Mbps55.55 Mbps88
12Ceuta931.1832.52—227.93 Mbps53.1 Mbps6
13Malaga94733.2—192.89 Mbps50.67 Mbps26
14Salamanca946.7731.75—211.7 Mbps48.68 Mbps8
15Cantabria946.8731.22—152.67 Mbps46.46 Mbps12
16Ciudad Real946.3231.32—234.55 Mbps46.26 Mbps14
17Gipuzkoa948.0928.4—197.21 Mbps45.96 Mbps13
18Huesca948.1826.59—283.38 Mbps45.83 Mbps9
19La Rioja948.1631.13—166.12 Mbps45.78 Mbps11
20Zamora946.6826.79—118.37 Mbps45.69 Mbps7
21Palencia942.0230.58—162.7 Mbps45.16 Mbps5
22Toledo947.3427.98—194.86 Mbps44.92 Mbps17
23Soria944.5429.42—167.11 Mbps44.49 Mbps8
24Granada946.7729.28—155.81 Mbps44.35 Mbps16
25Santa Cruz de Tenerife947.9526.98—178.71 Mbps43.99 Mbps21
26Melilla927.4928.6—180.73 Mbps43.2 Mbps5
27Burgos947.3827.64—157.66 Mbps42.4 Mbps11
28Las Palmas947.9126.09—165.07 Mbps41.72 Mbps11
29Tarragona947.8824.89—185.34 Mbps40.57 Mbps17
30Murcia944.9925.87—145.11 Mbps40.25 Mbps36
31A Coruña1034.8422.71—185.34 Mbps39.86 Mbps12
32Seville948.225.56—146.04 Mbps39.18 Mbps26
33Valencia947.9524.32—158.59 Mbps38.93 Mbps40
34Cuenca946.5523.32—174.92 Mbps38.87 Mbps7
35Cadiz947.8424.05—129.11 Mbps38.05 Mbps20
36Alicante1081.9923.75—151.94 Mbps37.74 Mbps38
37Asturias948.2321.86—162.98 Mbps37.2 Mbps11
38Jaen947.4723.41—135.5 Mbps36.67 Mbps10
39Badajoz947.6822.23—119.11 Mbps36.11 Mbps18
40Ourense946.7220.52—171.84 Mbps35.22 Mbps12
41Huelva936.0321.23—112.71 Mbps34.7 Mbps16
42Leon942.2320.25—127.12 Mbps34.41 Mbps7
43Albacete945.9621.43—118.93 Mbps34.26 Mbps15
44Castellon948.0721.02—133.61 Mbps33.85 Mbps17
45Caceres1134.4219.17—200.81 Mbps33.48 Mbps16
46Almeria947.9319.75—106.57 Mbps32.74 Mbps16
47Cordoba947.3522.87—103.79 Mbps32.73 Mbps14
48Pontevedra947.9317.6—113.34 Mbps31.46 Mbps13
49Teruel1152.0616.33—98.85 Mbps28.42 Mbps10
50Girona948.1717.12—143.21 Mbps28.3 Mbps18
51Avila946.916.74—105.67 Mbps27.81 Mbps8
52Lugo947.2210.37—109.21 Mbps18.27 Mbps11

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Spain

Spain has 118 ISPs available to its 46,505,963 residents.
Orange Spain is the fastest provider in Spain with 2440.54 Mbps, and a typical real-world speed range of 29.62—175.91 Mbps.
FLEXNET is the best provider in Spain, and their users typically see speeds in the range of 206.03 to 803.09 Mbps.
Users in Spain see an average internet speed of 30.26 up to 211.55 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 2440.54 Mbps.
Telefonica de Espana is available in Spain, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1165.66 Mbps.
Orange Spain is available in Spain, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 2440.54 Mbps.
MasMovil is available in Spain, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 948.09 Mbps.
Vodafone Espana is available in Spain, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1134.42 Mbps.
Vodafone ONO is available in Spain, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1108.14 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Spain is Telefonica de Espana.