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Post Office Broadband has recorded the 11th fastest broadband speed in the UK right now, based on a total of 122,108 download speed tests performed over the last 12 months. We typically process internet speed test data with a lag of two days, and the most recent test we processed took place on the 25th of July.

Out of all the internet providers in the country, Post Office Broadband has the 11th best broadband download speed range, and is the 10th most tested broadband provider in the country.

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Post Office Broadband Internet Speed Test Results

We analysed users testing Post Office Broadband multiple times, each test starting no more than 30 minutes after the previous speed test. On average, Post Office Broadband customers ran 3 speed tests per session. Looking at download speeds, if the download speed of a Post Office Broadband user's final test is 10% faster than their starting download speed, we count that as a succesful and faster speed test result. We count an unsuccessful, slower result if the final result is 10% slower than the starting result; we'd consider this a customer Post Office Broadband should speak to as soon as possible. For speed tests that don't vary by that much, we consider the final result to be the same. For Post Office Broadband's customer base, of the speed tests we measured, 38.61% were fast, 20.42% slow, and 40.96% broadly the same.
Most Recent Tests
Town / CityStart Time# TestsDurationStart SpeedEnd SpeedStatus
Belfast City Centre, Belfast25 Jul 2021 22:23:1425 mins50.68 Mbps70.44 MbpsImproved
Birmingham, Birmingham25 Jul 2021 21:47:21211 mins2.82 Mbps6 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Islington, London25 Jul 2021 20:38:36310 mins67.6 Mbps67.93 Mbps
Manchester, Manchester25 Jul 2021 20:06:17230 mins2.67 Mbps3.08 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Tower Hamlets, London25 Jul 2021 20:27:02248 secs32.94 Mbps32.05 Mbps
Forest Gate, London25 Jul 2021 19:44:48220 mins1.97 Mbps3.38 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Bristol, Bristol25 Jul 2021 19:51:4656 mins19.74 Mbps19.8 Mbps
Tower Hamlets, London25 Jul 2021 19:45:1826 mins23.91 Mbps31.71 MbpsImproved
Nottingham, Nottingham25 Jul 2021 19:05:5448 mins0.81 Mbps9.68 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Waltham Forest, London25 Jul 2021 18:42:2234 mins5.38 Mbps5.29 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Croydon, London25 Jul 2021 18:31:04311 mins0.51 Mbps13.58 MbpsImproved
Leeds, Leeds25 Jul 2021 18:39:33360 secs16.51 Mbps31.61 MbpsImproved
Stockport, Stockport25 Jul 2021 18:38:16292 secs36.99 Mbps35.79 Mbps
Nottingham, Nottingham25 Jul 2021 17:20:11225 secs37 Mbps37.07 Mbps
Woughton on the Green, Milton Keynes25 Jul 2021 17:13:1126 mins30.3 Mbps36.41 MbpsImproved
Barnet, London25 Jul 2021 17:13:14290 secs1.65 Mbps13.79 MbpsImproved
Sandwell, Sandwell25 Jul 2021 16:55:4124 mins20.81 Mbps34.03 MbpsImproved
Leeds, Leeds25 Jul 2021 16:02:04430 mins32.47 Mbps36.91 MbpsImproved
Baston, Lincolnshire25 Jul 2021 15:33:33215 mins61.94 Mbps62.98 Mbps
London, London25 Jul 2021 15:25:112103 secs6.91 Mbps6.91 MbpsNeeds help, very slow

Last updated: 25 Jul 2021