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PROCONO Broadband is a large internet provider in Spain. We have seen broadband speeds as high as 947.99 Mbps from PROCONO's coverage area, and most of their users see real-world internet speeds in the range of 26.83 to 128.46 Mbps. PROCONO Broadband is available in several large cities, including Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Málaga, and Cordova. In these cities, its fastest broadband speeds range from 20.67 to 235.62 Mbps. Of the smaller cities PROCONO Broadband serves, such as Alcaracejos, Pedroche, Espiel, Granja de Torrehermosa, and Berlanga, maximum internet speeds vary from 11.92 to 114.21 Mbps, and most of their customers obtain speeds between 49.25 and 114.21 Mbps.

PROCONO's Rankings Across Spain: Large Broadband Providers in 2020


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PROCONO Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

PROCONO's Fastest Towns and Cities in Spain

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Puente de Vallecas941.17 Mbps58.01—171.65 Mbps96.06 Mbps
2Ciudad Lineal940.86 Mbps91.78—286.92 Mbps94.31 Mbps
3Campillos611.08 Mbps81.55—287.08 Mbps88.82 Mbps
4Jaén457.47 Mbps70.14—220.14 Mbps80.91 Mbps
5Torrejón de Ardoz938 Mbps77.49—693.57 Mbps80.39 Mbps

PROCONO's Slowest Towns and Cities in Spain

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Lucena116.11 Mbps2.7—5.58 Mbps3.12 Mbps
2Osuna929.23 Mbps3.36—10.35 Mbps4.22 Mbps
3Ronda299.32 Mbps5.62—10.61 Mbps6.78 Mbps
4Archidona19.91 Mbps6.44—12.94 Mbps8.81 Mbps
5Castelló de la Plana52 Mbps9.31—45.23 Mbps10.58 Mbps

PROCONO Broadband Speed Distribution

 Percentage of Speed Tests in Speed Range
Internet Speed RangePROCONOSpain
Very Slow: under 10 Mbps34.40%31.43%
Slow: 10-30 Mbps24.33%20.71%
Adequate: 30-60 Mbps16.82%13.83%
Good: 60-80 Mbps5.12%4.69%
Fast: 80-300 Mbps14.97%20.85%
Very Fast: over 300 Mbps4.36%8.50%

PROCONO Growth and Broadband Performance History: Towns and Cities

PROCONO Broadband in Regions and Counties

PROCONO Broadband Speed Test Results

We analysed users testing PROCONO multiple times, each test starting no more than 30 minutes after the previous internet speed test. On average, PROCONO customers ran 4 speed tests per session. Looking at broadband download speeds, if the download speed of a PROCONO user's final test is 10% faster than their starting download speed, we count that as a succesful and faster speed test result. We count an unsuccessful, slower result if the final result is 10% slower than the starting result; we'd consider this a customer PROCONO should speak to as soon as possible. For speed tests that don't vary by that much, we consider the final result to be the same. For PROCONO's customer base, of the speed tests we measured, 49.62% were fast, 30.56% slow, and 19.82% broadly the same.
Most Recent Tests
Town / CityStart Time# TestsDurationStart SpeedEnd SpeedStatus
Málaga, Malaga30 Jul 2021 22:21:27335 mins17.03 Mbps18.62 Mbps
Málaga, Malaga30 Jul 2021 21:26:49468 secs200.61 Mbps249.71 MbpsImproved
San Blas-Canillejas, Madrid30 Jul 2021 21:20:35234 secs24.42 Mbps28.26 MbpsImproved
Madrid, Madrid30 Jul 2021 20:11:41228 secs84.92 Mbps95.31 MbpsImproved
San Blas-Canillejas, Madrid30 Jul 2021 19:14:42214 mins165.92 Mbps183.98 MbpsImproved
Beniferri, Valencia30 Jul 2021 18:03:2028 mins0.54 Mbps0.81 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Cordova, Cordoba30 Jul 2021 17:19:2745 mins25.59 Mbps16.76 MbpsNeeds help
Valencia, Valencia30 Jul 2021 17:23:51255 secs6.94 Mbps6.88 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Cordova, Cordoba30 Jul 2021 16:20:001262 mins0.66 Mbps0.8 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Málaga, Malaga30 Jul 2021 17:11:0128 mins268.31 Mbps294.33 Mbps
Madrid, Madrid30 Jul 2021 17:15:252109 secs35.8 Mbps42.44 MbpsImproved
Málaga, Malaga30 Jul 2021 16:24:40323 mins341.02 Mbps484.51 MbpsImproved
Huerta Del Pilar, Seville30 Jul 2021 15:57:24274 secs15.68 Mbps17.2 Mbps
Málaga, Malaga30 Jul 2021 15:10:39635 mins13.7 Mbps6.57 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Beniferri, Valencia30 Jul 2021 14:36:02412 mins2.6 Mbps33 MbpsImproved
Belmez, Jaen30 Jul 2021 14:37:57228 secs118.6 Mbps123.09 Mbps
San Blas-Canillejas, Madrid30 Jul 2021 13:58:48237 secs608 Mbps494.87 MbpsNeeds help
Écija, Seville30 Jul 2021 13:55:09229 secs4.11 Mbps3.29 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Madrid, Madrid30 Jul 2021 13:08:04347 secs0.21 Mbps0.47 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Málaga, Malaga30 Jul 2021 11:26:24557 mins5.55 Mbps8.52 MbpsNeeds help, very slow

PROCONO in Large Towns and Cities

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range
1Puente de Vallecas941.17 Mbps58.01—171.65 Mbps
2Ciudad Lineal940.86 Mbps91.78—286.92 Mbps
3Fuenlabrada7.02 Mbps1.22—5.39 Mbps
4Castelló de la Plana52 Mbps9.31—45.23 Mbps
5San Blas-Canillejas924.28 Mbps38.83—187.81 Mbps
6Torrejón de Ardoz938 Mbps77.49—693.57 Mbps
7Jaén457.47 Mbps70.14—220.14 Mbps
8Linares794.5 Mbps14.99—57.62 Mbps
9Antequera402.39 Mbps52.42—233.6 Mbps
10Lucena116.11 Mbps2.7—5.58 Mbps
11Écija910.17 Mbps15.63—93.61 Mbps
12Ronda299.32 Mbps5.62—10.61 Mbps
13Martos540.27 Mbps20.47—79.12 Mbps
14Requena349.55 Mbps20.99—89.4 Mbps
15Baena45.31 Mbps8.46—10.07 Mbps
16Mairena del Alcor73.66 Mbps5.1—35.98 Mbps
17Osuna929.23 Mbps3.36—10.35 Mbps
18Pozoblanco613.49 Mbps29.67—94.73 Mbps
19Aguilar875.84 Mbps195.87—633.24 Mbps
20Alora113.25 Mbps32.05—73.16 Mbps
21La Carlota22.95 Mbps0—12.62 Mbps
22Estepa907.71 Mbps29.94—119.14 Mbps
23Penarroya-Pueblonuevo554 Mbps24.15—131.24 Mbps
24Rute539.11 Mbps13.32—33.59 Mbps
25Villanueva de Cordoba226.54 Mbps14.11—46.91 Mbps
26Fernán Núñez176.32 Mbps73.84—110.34 Mbps
27Archidona19.91 Mbps6.44—12.94 Mbps
28Azuaga560.29 Mbps35.83—158.59 Mbps
29Castro del Rio98.48 Mbps7.83—45.07 Mbps
30Campillos611.08 Mbps81.55—287.08 Mbps
31Hinojosa del Duque115.55 Mbps22.21—96.45 Mbps
32Almodovar del Rio71.44 Mbps33.87—57.54 Mbps
33Posadas309.77 Mbps43.26—133.53 Mbps
34Santaella45.58 Mbps25.2—26.9 Mbps
35Fuente Obejuna304.12 Mbps14.38—38.87 Mbps
36Alameda57.74 Mbps13.42—33.65 Mbps
37Hornachuelos175.07 Mbps43.04—174.79 Mbps
38Teba200.48 Mbps10.46—91.52 Mbps
39Mollina86.94 Mbps30.85—65.34 Mbps
40Pruna52.21 Mbps42.4—48.17 Mbps
41Dos Torres368.62 Mbps29.98—50.33 Mbps
42Berlanga548.87 Mbps11.92—57.83 Mbps
43Granja de Torrehermosa652.95 Mbps26.64—114.17 Mbps
44Espiel468.93 Mbps49.25—114.21 Mbps
45Pedroche220.54 Mbps29.25—83.3 Mbps
46Alcaracejos394.15 Mbps12.63—94.15 Mbps

Frequently Asked Questions about PROCONO Broadband

How fast are PROCONO's broadband download speeds?
The fastest internet speed we've seen for PROCONO is 947.99 Mbps, and most people see broadband download speeds in the range of 26.83—128.46 Mbps.
Where is PROCONO Broadband Available?
We have recorded PROCONO Broadband internet speed tests in 46 towns and cities, including Puente de Vallecas, Ciudad Lineal, Fuenlabrada, Castelló de la Plana, and San Blas-Canillejas.
How do PROCONO's speeds compare to other internet providers?
PROCONO Broadband is ranked as the 3rd fastest internet provider in Spain.
How many people use PROCONO as their ISP?
In Spain, PROCONO Broadband is the 11th most popular broadband provider.

Last updated: 30 Jul 2021