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Numericable Broadband is a large internet provider in France. We have seen broadband speeds as high as 970 Mbps from Numericable's coverage area, and most of their users see real-world internet speeds in the range of 48 to 200 Mbps.


Numericable Broadband Coverage around France

Numericable's Rankings Across France: Large Broadband Providers in 2021


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Numericable Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Numericable's Fastest Towns and Cities in France

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Villers-les-Nancy697.9 Mbps70.28—591.33 Mbps465.31 Mbps
2Andrezieux-Boutheon411.51 Mbps280.58—384.2 Mbps351.38 Mbps
3Saint-Martin-des-Champs723.74 Mbps189.79—491.15 Mbps327.37 Mbps
4Wasquehal708.6 Mbps258.83—353.58 Mbps321.14 Mbps
5Marseille 06654.2 Mbps162.2—537.95 Mbps293.3 Mbps

Numericable's Slowest Towns and Cities in France

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Beaujeu85.58 Mbps1.53—15.74 Mbps1.77 Mbps
2Privas93.67 Mbps1.36—29.22 Mbps2.39 Mbps
3Bellegarde-sur-Valserine341.86 Mbps1.01—230.63 Mbps4.68 Mbps
4Gondreville72.55 Mbps4.5—11.64 Mbps5.1 Mbps
5Morance180.88 Mbps4.26—88.56 Mbps5.15 Mbps

Numericable Broadband Speed Distribution

 Percentage of Speed Tests in Speed Range
Internet Speed RangeNumericableFrance
Very Slow: under 10 Mbps13.07%30.89%
Slow: 10-30 Mbps14.79%19.82%
Adequate: 30-60 Mbps18.23%13.44%
Good: 60-80 Mbps8.20%4.21%
Fast: 80-300 Mbps31.78%19.13%
Very Fast: over 300 Mbps13.93%12.52%

Numericable Growth and Broadband Performance History: Towns and Cities

Numericable Broadband in Regions and Counties

Numericable Broadband Speed Test Results

We analysed users testing Numericable multiple times, each test starting no more than 30 minutes after the previous internet speed test. On average, Numericable customers ran 4 speed tests per session. Looking at broadband download speeds, if the download speed of a Numericable user's final test is 10% faster than their starting download speed, we count that as a succesful and faster speed test result. We count an unsuccessful, slower result if the final result is 10% slower than the starting result; we'd consider this a customer Numericable should speak to as soon as possible. For speed tests that don't vary by that much, we consider the final result to be the same. For Numericable's customer base, of the speed tests we measured, 43.98% were fast, 24.65% slow, and 31.37% broadly the same.

Most Recent Tests
Town / CityStart Time# TestsDurationStart SpeedEnd SpeedStatus
Toulouse, Upper Garonne24 Jan 2022 21:47:4723 mins2.63 Mbps20.65 MbpsImproved
Villeneuve-d'Ascq, North24 Jan 2022 20:04:15274 secs22.35 Mbps107.57 MbpsImproved
Geispolsheim, Bas-Rhin24 Jan 2022 19:54:16269 secs46.56 Mbps56.82 MbpsImproved
Antony, Hauts-de-Seine24 Jan 2022 18:58:1733 mins0.72 Mbps4.28 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Tourcoing, North24 Jan 2022 18:49:3427 mins657.77 Mbps559.33 MbpsNeeds help
Haillicourt, Pas-de-Calais24 Jan 2022 18:31:46261 secs35.16 Mbps35.34 Mbps
Brebieres, Pas-de-Calais24 Jan 2022 17:11:58350 mins317.33 Mbps373.13 MbpsImproved
Emerainville, Seine-et-Marne24 Jan 2022 17:43:462108 secs0.68 Mbps0.68 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Angers, Maine-et-Loire24 Jan 2022 17:31:52211 mins1.01 Mbps9.65 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Amiens, Somme24 Jan 2022 16:42:47234 secs94.28 Mbps94.88 Mbps
Cavaillon, Vaucluse24 Jan 2022 15:59:32251 secs65.92 Mbps386.3 MbpsImproved
Amiens, Somme24 Jan 2022 12:28:38312 mins0.53 Mbps0.41 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Puteaux, Hauts-de-Seine24 Jan 2022 10:06:33226 secs59.03 Mbps68.34 MbpsImproved
Marseille 13, Bouches-du-Rhône24 Jan 2022 08:42:52330 mins86.07 Mbps84.87 Mbps
Nuelles, Rhône24 Jan 2022 09:05:59224 secs246.74 Mbps253.67 Mbps
Asnieres-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine24 Jan 2022 08:39:1627 mins4.05 Mbps11.76 MbpsImproved
Nice, Alpes-Maritimes24 Jan 2022 08:25:01233 secs9.89 Mbps9.36 MbpsNeeds help, very slow
Rhut, Isère24 Jan 2022 08:13:35220 secs36.77 Mbps36.53 Mbps
Tourcoing, North24 Jan 2022 00:54:04216 mins602.84 Mbps316.62 MbpsNeeds help
Levallois-Perret, Hauts-de-Seine23 Jan 2022 23:00:1742 mins1.81 Mbps5.77 MbpsNeeds help, very slow

Numericable in Large Towns and Cities

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range
1Montpellier561.77 Mbps44.02—276.04 Mbps
2Bordeaux563.68 Mbps44.37—186.45 Mbps
3Lille894.83 Mbps65.08—96.1 Mbps
4Rennes883.97 Mbps257.5—324.79 Mbps
5Reims924.61 Mbps55.3—279.76 Mbps
6Le Havre383.76 Mbps54.82—213 Mbps
7Saint-Etienne736.69 Mbps34.5—137.53 Mbps
8Toulon304.46 Mbps25.97—91.74 Mbps
9Angers938.14 Mbps33.6—188.53 Mbps
10Dijon908.97 Mbps42.49—354.04 Mbps
11Nîmes187.73 Mbps9.06—184.87 Mbps
12Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines788.48 Mbps91.34—361.59 Mbps
13Amiens834.53 Mbps58.31—319.78 Mbps
14Tours830.32 Mbps5.94—186.62 Mbps
15Clermont-Ferrand687.55 Mbps44.93—250.85 Mbps
16Besançon94.66 Mbps12.9—57.77 Mbps
17Metz372.56 Mbps58.11—94.81 Mbps
18Rouen761.44 Mbps32.89—260.95 Mbps
19Caen890.04 Mbps76.49—302.29 Mbps
20Boulogne-Billancourt935.47 Mbps34.53—254.13 Mbps
21Nancy803.18 Mbps91.22—457.04 Mbps
22Saint-Denis384.2 Mbps46.56—94.09 Mbps
23Roubaix905.6 Mbps49.84—334.49 Mbps
24Tourcoing907.79 Mbps52.18—408.07 Mbps
25Montreuil786.38 Mbps27.58—90.2 Mbps
26Marseille 13653.42 Mbps58.37—173.3 Mbps
27Asnieres-sur-Seine796.43 Mbps31.73—91.28 Mbps
28Nanterre188.71 Mbps0—173.29 Mbps
29Versailles935.83 Mbps43.76—254.11 Mbps
30Courbevoie949.6 Mbps92.81—472.23 Mbps
31Créteil911.25 Mbps25.22—95.5 Mbps
32Vitry-sur-Seine63.97 Mbps17.99—53.64 Mbps
33Marseille 08652.63 Mbps18.03—90.04 Mbps
34Marseille 15805.28 Mbps55.55—127.44 Mbps
35Marseille 09578.05 Mbps87.84—330.88 Mbps
36Champigny-sur-Marne95.72 Mbps39.47—91.92 Mbps
37Rueil-Malmaison506.37 Mbps90.22—191.36 Mbps
38Mérignac515.21 Mbps31.26—171.45 Mbps
39Valence728.9 Mbps40.97—275.82 Mbps
40Villeneuve-d'Ascq378.36 Mbps32.62—93.59 Mbps
41Levallois-Perret939.39 Mbps34.16—257.77 Mbps
42Marseille 14658.56 Mbps48.04—184.72 Mbps
43Chambéry98.72 Mbps42.05—89.91 Mbps
44Issy-les-Moulineaux862.6 Mbps42.53—115.37 Mbps
45Neuilly-sur-Seine920.98 Mbps31.95—218.01 Mbps
46Antony807.36 Mbps43.12—162.56 Mbps
47La Roche-sur-Yon755.83 Mbps69.88—331.54 Mbps
48Marseille 12669.81 Mbps61.45—259.18 Mbps
49Pessac499.26 Mbps35.54—114.4 Mbps
50Niort821.06 Mbps90.79—94.15 Mbps
51Fréjus706.72 Mbps93.06—490.3 Mbps
52Fontenay-sous-Bois574.57 Mbps36.58—98.06 Mbps
53Évry270.67 Mbps24.46—133.77 Mbps
54Clamart891.18 Mbps41.55—278.77 Mbps
55Bondy377.94 Mbps33.44—91.99 Mbps
56Grasse102.36 Mbps29.92—71.74 Mbps
57Sevran507.2 Mbps30.67—135.01 Mbps
58Chalon-sur-Saône591.33 Mbps42.9—245.73 Mbps
59Marseille 04469.8 Mbps58.56—94.31 Mbps
60Boulogne-sur-Mer796.97 Mbps52.77—334.78 Mbps
61Chelles873.6 Mbps43.21—94.39 Mbps
62Vincennes862.73 Mbps48.24—357.76 Mbps
63Martigues615.75 Mbps40.13—94.99 Mbps
64Bourg-en-Bresse373.33 Mbps89.15—166.87 Mbps
65Suresnes926.23 Mbps54.94—897.89 Mbps
66Meudon741.7 Mbps43.85—188.43 Mbps
67Marseille 0595.82 Mbps29.39—94.22 Mbps
68Bayonne471.19 Mbps20.91—245.58 Mbps
69Istres507.13 Mbps259.12—312.02 Mbps
70Nevers708.07 Mbps48.29—284.18 Mbps
71Marseille 06654.2 Mbps162.2—537.95 Mbps
72Wattrelos117.86 Mbps78.76—93.02 Mbps
73Caluire-et-Cuire94.23 Mbps8.93—76.78 Mbps
74Rosny-sous-Bois87.57 Mbps0—4.09 Mbps
75Salon-de-Provence591.12 Mbps35.12—301.77 Mbps
76Bastia550.72 Mbps32.07—107.86 Mbps
77Marseille 01697.38 Mbps35.42—144.57 Mbps
78Sète610.7 Mbps22.84—92.94 Mbps
79Anglet174.79 Mbps9.16—91.65 Mbps
80Puteaux407.38 Mbps75.3—274.9 Mbps
81Roanne839.7 Mbps38.66—369.68 Mbps
82Savigny-sur-Orge809.71 Mbps53.71—114.57 Mbps
83Épinal896.83 Mbps45.88—315.76 Mbps
84Saint-Ouen95.75 Mbps37.05—84.65 Mbps
85Montigny-le-Bretonneux935.2 Mbps45.45—253.12 Mbps
86Melun381.97 Mbps59.3—375.14 Mbps
87Massy883.74 Mbps41.22—104.9 Mbps
88Montrouge737.44 Mbps20.98—44.63 Mbps
89Marcq-en-Baroeul898.13 Mbps31.64—192.01 Mbps
90Lens715.18 Mbps57.09—215.49 Mbps
91Poissy970.13 Mbps54.7—277 Mbps
92Marseille 07594.37 Mbps52.57—98.39 Mbps
93Romans-sur-Isère932.39 Mbps48.96—331.45 Mbps
94Pontault-Combault878.06 Mbps37.89—669.2 Mbps
95Périgueux664.65 Mbps43.7—283.16 Mbps
96Liévin903.56 Mbps49.51—268.04 Mbps
97Biarritz513.18 Mbps34.57—86.93 Mbps
98Villefranche-sur-Saône597.3 Mbps30.96—88.8 Mbps
99Châtillon901.17 Mbps57.49—841.04 Mbps
100Schiltigheim423.9 Mbps6.53—32.07 Mbps

Frequently Asked Questions about Numericable Broadband

How fast are Numericable's broadband download speeds?

The fastest internet speed we've seen for Numericable is 970.13 Mbps, and most people see broadband download speeds in the range of 48.38—199.63 Mbps.

Where is Numericable Broadband Available?

We have recorded Numericable Broadband internet speed tests in over 100 towns and cities, including Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lille, Rennes, and Reims.

How do Numericable's speeds compare to other internet providers?

Numericable Broadband is ranked as the 6th fastest internet provider in France.

How many people use Numericable as their ISP?

In France, Numericable Broadband is the 6th most popular broadband provider.

Author: Thomas Buck

Last Reviewed By: Thomas Buck

Published: 10 Nov 2019

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2022