Italy's Fastest and Slowest Providers

Measuring major and minor providers by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

Italy's Fastest Providers by Maximum Speed

31 May 2020 01 Jun 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Vodafone Italy932.23 MbpsWIND Telecomunicazioni891.01 MbpsWIND Telecomunicazioni944.27 Mbps
Fastweb902.14 MbpsVodafone Italy889 MbpsFastweb942.9 Mbps
WIND Telecomunicazioni884.13 MbpsFastweb884.99 MbpsRetelit938.38 Mbps
Telecom Italia874.97 MbpsRetelit875.88 MbpsVodafone Italy937.96 Mbps
Tiscali694.08 MbpsTiscali869.8 MbpsIT.Gate937.16 Mbps
A2A SMART CITY532.39 MbpsTelecom Italia822.73 MbpsIntred936.88 Mbps
RadioFibra507.57 MbpsA2A SMART CITY528.29 MbpsTelecom Italia934.06 Mbps
Unidata483.29 MbpsFIBERING515.17 MbpsFIBERING930.94 Mbps
NGI473.72 MbpsUnidata493.19 MbpsTWT929.64 Mbps
ISI Line450.59 MbpsNGI473.75 MbpsTiscali919.58 Mbps

Italy's Fastest Providers by Speed Range

31 May 2020 01 Jun 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Colt91.75—168.91 MbpsFIBERING53.97—476.62 MbpsTELMEKOM157.41—253.15 Mbps
Unidata29.98—147.33 MbpsMelita Italia57.91—167.02 MbpsFIBERING15.1—480.51 Mbps
RadioFibra32.75—125.82 MbpsUnidata41.81—135.17 MbpsSi.El.Co.36.34—337.97 Mbps
TWT29.79—89.88 MbpsRadioFibra42.05—130.32 MbpsSUPERNAP Italia56.19—183.29 Mbps
A2A SMART CITY21.97—84.2 MbpsLepida56.79—89.83 MbpsRadioFibra42.19—148.6 Mbps
BT Italia5.13—112.01 MbpsAcantho32.23—85.53 MbpsMelita Italia34.06—154.1 Mbps
Welcome Italia19.49—67.12 MbpsBrennercom27.43—86.24 MbpsTelecom Italia Sparkle8.27—190.46 Mbps
Brennercom16.55—70.78 MbpsBrianTel Srl42.42—45.91 MbpsmyNET38.17—87.73 Mbps
Acantho6.33—87.63 MbpsColt2.3—100.98 MbpsNice Blue26.2—91.07 Mbps
Lepida4.45—87.58 MbpsTWT15.98—64.51 MbpsColt21.31—100.83 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Providers by Maximum Speed

31 May 2020 01 Jun 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Fiber Telecom Italia8.91 MbpsIccom4.13 MbpsDigital Telco16.42 Mbps
Interfibra10.27 MbpsWish Networks4.76 MbpsTeckman18.14 Mbps
E4A11.41 Mbpsip telecom6.66 MbpsGrifonline18.26 Mbps
Cesena Net srl14.64 MbpsInterfibra10.67 MbpsSiciLink23.03 Mbps
Atomo Networks14.7 MbpsAsco TLC10.68 MbpsASValcom25.13 Mbps
Grifonline15.76 MbpsE4A11.81 MbpsNumeria30.75 Mbps
Uno Communications16.19 MbpsGrifonline13.3 Mbpsitesys31.37 Mbps
INFORMATICA SYSTEM16.55 MbpsAircomm14.92 MbpsMU Network31.89 Mbps
WARIAN17.84 MbpsINFORMATICA SYSTEM17.59 MbpsGlobalComBasilicata34.14 Mbps
Sinergia Telecomunication18.09 MbpsNova Quadri17.71 MbpsHorizon Telecom35.46 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Providers by Speed Range

31 May 2020 01 Jun 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Wish Networks0.14—3.39 MbpsIccom1.75—3.07 MbpsTelxius Cable1.62—2.32 Mbps
PSA0.97—4.98 MbpsE4A1.54—3.91 MbpsMU Network0.25—5.27 Mbps
Nova Quadri1.61—3.82 MbpsWish Networks1.97—4.05 MbpsNumeria0.93—4.04 Mbps
E4A1.83—4.56 MbpsNova Quadri1.58—5.29 MbpsClio1.11—4.06 Mbps
Active Network1.48—6.08 MbpsMicso Centro Sud1.29—6.41 MbpsE4A1.27—4.11 Mbps
Trentino Network1.22—7.17 MbpsGeny Communications0.63—10.33 Mbpsitesys1.42—4.94 Mbps
Fiber Telecom Italia3.1—5.02 Mbps2Bite2.16—8.19 MbpsMandarin1.63—5.61 Mbps
WARIAN3.02—6.95 MbpsActive Network2.08—9.7 Mbpswiber1.21—6.56 Mbps
Prometeus di Daniela Agro2.7—7.65 MbpsAsco TLC3.68—6.61 MbpsInNet1.64—5.81 Mbps
INFORMATICA SYSTEM3.33—7.41 MbpsSirius Technology SRL1.27—12.57 MbpsIccom2.29—4.51 Mbps
Last updated: 03 Jun 2020