Italy's Fastest and Slowest Providers

Measuring major and minor providers by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

Italy's Fastest Providers by Maximum Speed

28 Jul 2021 29 Jul 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Vodafone Italy1046.47 MbpsVodafone Italy967.99 MbpsFastweb4614.22 Mbps
Fastweb939.89 MbpsWIND Telecomunicazioni933.83 MbpsITNET Italia3494.44 Mbps
WIND Telecomunicazioni937.57 MbpsFastweb928.07 MbpsTelecom Italia3050.3 Mbps
Telecom Italia935.66 MbpsTelecom Italia927.53 MbpsLepida2296.68 Mbps
M247925.29 MbpsLepida913.64 MbpsVodafone Italy1593.2 Mbps
TWT900.8 MbpsTiscali893.69 MbpsCloudfire1567.15 Mbps
NGI871.76 MbpsTWT875.57 MbpsENEL972.32 Mbps
RadioFibra845.23 MbpsInterplanet Srl829.42 MbpsRetelit946.38 Mbps
Intred807.45 MbpsIRIDEOS Domestic814.86 MbpsWIND Telecomunicazioni946.04 Mbps
Tiscali804.85 MbpsDimensione Srl806.75 MbpsRadioFibra945.9 Mbps

Italy's Fastest Providers by Speed Range

28 Jul 2021 29 Jul 2021 Previous 12 Months 
RadioFibra55.06—290.22 MbpsLepida41.24—509.73 MbpsFIBERING54.63—473.48 Mbps
Unidata52.54—213.71 MbpsRadioFibra80.49—292.65 MbpsENEL38.1—440.43 Mbps
Melita Italia36.02—207.87 MbpsISI Line71.48—263.84 MbpsNice Blue54.85—317.69 Mbps
Colt10.22—190.55 MbpsColt18.75—197.38 MbpsSi.El.Co.7.7—388.57 Mbps
myNET47.16—101.66 MbpsTecno General srl28.73—131.97 MbpsTex9734.83—303.17 Mbps
Tecno General srl9.22—176.26 MbpsPlanetel Srl38.52—97.97 MbpsRadioFibra59.23—244.76 Mbps
Estracom47.51—96.08 MbpsMelita Italia42.61—87.87 MbpsMelita Italia51.27—196.5 Mbps
Planetel Srl41.57—98.34 MbpsMynet srl33.39—104.78 MbpsUnidata44.9—200.23 Mbps
Dimensione Srl28.23—116.37 MbpsCOMMON NET36.91—86.86 MbpsSUPERNAP Italia35.23—185.56 Mbps
COMMON NET44.06—83.54 MbpsUnidata32.99—90.84 MbpsColt44.02—148.42 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Providers by Maximum Speed

28 Jul 2021 29 Jul 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Grifonline14.2 MbpsDelta Web9.77 MbpsSistemi WiFi20.02 Mbps
itesys15.72 MbpsE4A11.04 MbpsTeckman20.21 Mbps
MegaWeb16.23 MbpsWish Networks12.8 MbpsLorenzo Rossi29.02 Mbps
WITECNO18.1 MbpsGrifonline16.71 MbpsDigital Telco32.79 Mbps
IProute20.63 MbpsNETandWORK20.02 MbpsMandarin43.72 Mbps
Skylogic23.05 MbpsIrpinia Net-Com SRL24.42 MbpsGrifonline47.12 Mbps
STEL26.63 MbpsSkylogic24.51 Mbpsitesys48.88 Mbps
Z.G. Elettronica di Zilio Giancarlo28.24 MbpsInterfibra26.71 MbpsWITECNO49.09 Mbps
WIREM29.77 MbpsProgetto8 Srl28.52 MbpsWIREM56.23 Mbps
Interfibra31.83 MbpsSTIADSL28.78 MbpsMU Network58.73 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Providers by Speed Range

28 Jul 2021 29 Jul 2021 Previous 12 Months 
IProute0.34—6.34 MbpsDelta Web1.81—2.4 MbpsTelxius Cable1.68—3.76 Mbps
itesys1.1—5.34 MbpsNEXT SRL2.54—5.91 MbpsGrifonline2.41—6.7 Mbps
E4A3.48—7.81 MbpsNETandWORK2.36—6.97 MbpsSEDMULTITEL3.54—5.34 Mbps
Horizon Telecom3.31—9.06 MbpsE4A2.5—7.36 MbpsE4A2.82—7.14 Mbps
WITECNO3.62—8.45 MbpsSkylogic1.28—12.26 MbpsClio2.59—9.17 Mbps
MegaWeb4.44—8.34 MbpsSinergia Telecomunication4.12—10.08 MbpsWITECNO3.35—9.09 Mbps
Orakom4.78—13.84 MbpsSTIADSL4.42—10.07 MbpsDigital Telco3.93—9.33 Mbps
Wish Networks6.7—10.91 MbpsInterfibra2.93—13.18 MbpsSistemi WiFi3.86—10.53 Mbps
WARIAN7.23—10.43 MbpsSEDMULTITEL3.81—12.65 MbpsDelta Web4.37—10.13 Mbps
Panservice6.66—12.28 MbpsGrifonline3.39—13.9 MbpsMaide4.61—9.94 Mbps
Last updated: 31 Jul 2021