Italy's Fastest and Slowest Providers

Measuring major and minor providers by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

Italy's Fastest Providers by Maximum Speed

18 Oct 2021 19 Oct 2021 Previous 12 Months 
M2471325.11 MbpsVodafone Italy1373.15 MbpsFastweb4614.22 Mbps
Vodafone Italy1002.88 MbpsFastweb945.51 MbpsITNET Italia3494.44 Mbps
BT Italia940.34 MbpsWIND Telecomunicazioni945.15 MbpsM2473244.23 Mbps
Telecom Italia938.89 MbpsISI Line943.23 MbpsTelecom Italia3050.3 Mbps
Fastweb936.47 MbpsTiscali933.92 MbpsLepida2296.68 Mbps
WIND Telecomunicazioni934.24 MbpsTelecom Italia928.62 MbpsVodafone Italy1593.2 Mbps
Tiscali924.05 MbpsLepida909.02 MbpsENEL1582.58 Mbps
Planetel Srl910.17 MbpsIRIDEOS Domestic886.82 MbpsCloudfire1567.15 Mbps
RadioFibra908.11 MbpsA2A SMART CITY839.6 MbpsClouditalia Telecomunicazioni952.33 Mbps
TWT902.19 MbpsInterplanet Srl795.77 MbpsWIND Telecomunicazioni946.71 Mbps

Italy's Fastest Providers by Speed Range

18 Oct 2021 19 Oct 2021 Previous 12 Months 
BrianTel Srl75.59—761.21 MbpsColt80.29—231.97 MbpsENEL72.94—440.43 Mbps
Melita Italia82.82—357.75 MbpsRadioFibra50.47—285.89 MbpsNice Blue82.03—353.57 Mbps
RadioFibra36.33—290.41 MbpsRetelit30.17—324.73 MbpsFIBERING46.32—421.35 Mbps
FIBERING40.61—261.13 MbpsMelita Italia83.93—208.54 MbpsTex9735.6—331.23 Mbps
Unidata55.47—212.45 MbpsFIBERING41.25—281.84 MbpsRadioFibra57.96—283.3 Mbps
Lepida40.14—215.24 MbpsUnidata54.37—149.91 MbpsTelecom Italia Sparkle55.87—208.09 Mbps
Interplanet Srl38.6—148.45 MbpsLepida42.13—146.5 MbpsMelita Italia49.85—196.85 Mbps
BBANDA52.39—103.73 MbpsISI Line64.28—89.9 MbpsUnidata42.14—189.24 Mbps
DB Network33.56—129.35 MbpsTrentino Network21.76—151.64 MbpsSi.El.Co.5.26—258.95 Mbps
ISI Line33.58—116.99 MbpsPlanetel Srl43.88—98.34 MbpsSistemi HS45.05—171.63 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Providers by Maximum Speed

18 Oct 2021 19 Oct 2021 Previous 12 Months 
E4A7.88 MbpsNewtec28.15 MbpsTeckman29.09 Mbps
WITECNO18.13 MbpsINFORMATICA SYSTEM32.71 MbpsDigital Telco32.79 Mbps
Digital Telecommunication Services30.61 MbpsIccom37.35 MbpsSistemi WiFi37.23 Mbps
Telecomunicazioni digitali Fastalp31.23 MbpsSirius Technology SRL39.94 MbpsMandarin41.76 Mbps
Sirius Technology SRL32.9 Mbps3P System Srl40.63 MbpsGrifonline47.12 Mbps
Next.it34.27 MbpsSiportal Srl41.05 Mbpsitesys48.88 Mbps
WARIAN34.6 MbpsMicso Nord41.79 MbpsWITECNO49.09 Mbps
Z.G. Elettronica di Zilio Giancarlo35.49 MbpsWish Networks44.8 MbpsNumeria57.8 Mbps
INFORMATICA SYSTEM37.2 MbpsExpereo International bv46.75 MbpsTelxius Cable62.12 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Providers by Speed Range

18 Oct 2021 19 Oct 2021 Previous 12 Months 
INFORMATICA SYSTEM0.44—11.63 MbpsE4A3.6—17.37 MbpsTelxius Cable1.81—4.51 Mbps
Z.G. Elettronica di Zilio Giancarlo0.86—12.65 MbpsNewtec5.45—17.7 MbpsSEDMULTITEL3.53—5.05 Mbps
E4A3.85—6.69 Mbps3P System Srl2.17—24.38 MbpsE4A2.91—7.3 Mbps
SILTEL DIGITAL TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES4.15—8.27 MbpsOrakom3.1—22.54 MbpsGrifonline2.67—8.79 Mbps
IProute2.4—14.69 MbpsMegaWeb7.75—15.24 MbpsClio2.96—9.44 Mbps
WARIAN5.05—11.18 MbpsWish Networks8.38—17.08 MbpsWITECNO3.89—10.06 Mbps
Newtec4.74—12.65 MbpsINFORMATICA SYSTEM6.6—21.69 MbpsSistemi WiFi4.19—10.63 Mbps
Wifiweb srl5.55—11.29 MbpsCDLAN3.01—30.02 MbpsDigital Telco4.62—9.97 Mbps
WITECNO5.74—17.67 MbpsSTIADSL8.64—19.37 MbpsTeckman3.75—13.02 Mbps
Netoip.com0.86—32.53 MbpsLinkem7.12—22.56 MbpsInNet4.61—11.62 Mbps
Last updated: 21 Oct 2021