Italy's Fastest and Slowest Cities

Measuring towns and cities by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

Italy's Fastest Cities by Maximum Speed

06 Jul 2020 07 Jul 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Brera858.22 MbpsBrera931.81 MbpsMusocco1319.98 Mbps
Milan576.8 MbpsBologna919.07 MbpsVizzolo Predabissi944.27 Mbps
Brescia544.5 MbpsGenoa915.89 MbpsBrera943.51 Mbps
Bologna537.29 MbpsRome901 MbpsMessina942.9 Mbps
Genoa528.47 MbpsPavia883.76 MbpsCordusio942.81 Mbps
Rome510.9 MbpsRivoli882.79 MbpsConcorezzo942.21 Mbps
Cordusio468.07 MbpsFrosinone872.79 MbpsGiardini Porta Venezia942 Mbps
Naples365.41 MbpsBrescia848.51 MbpsBrescia941.33 Mbps
Florence220.35 MbpsBussolengo835.43 MbpsReggio Calabria941.27 Mbps
Lucca175.14 MbpsRieti822.79 MbpsMarnate939.59 Mbps

Italy's Fastest Cities by Speed Range

06 Jul 2020 07 Jul 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Brera93.64—520.5 MbpsNonantola58.83—318.5 MbpsCorte de' Frati514.79—534.34 Mbps
Genoa67.67—340.16 MbpsMontichiari60.09—247.84 MbpsCaravate384.34—538.22 Mbps
Rome37.72—90.52 MbpsTortona15.35—288.99 MbpsCorsica135.88—699.39 Mbps
Cordusio23.04—80.83 MbpsPioltello86.98—103.18 MbpsLucento47.71—491.36 Mbps
Bologna19.41—86.05 MbpsBelgioioso50.75—172.46 MbpsAbbadesse12.58—502.84 Mbps
Naples24.34—58.39 MbpsSan Lazzaro di Savena73.8—121.64 MbpsAzzano Mella16.09—482.44 Mbps
Florence24.72—53.73 MbpsGiardini Porta Venezia24.11—219.57 MbpsNonantola34.5—403.72 Mbps
Pisa15.08—71.01 MbpsUcria82.97—84.57 MbpsBaldaria40.93—359.81 Mbps
Brescia10.45—77.84 MbpsCastel Volturno66.53—107.05 MbpsCalavino10.59—414.52 Mbps
Cascina Tangit II23.15—42.5 MbpsArcore19.7—184.39 MbpsCarvico45.42—337.04 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Cities by Maximum Speed

06 Jul 2020 07 Jul 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Palermo73.5 MbpsBorgo Santa Maria3.01 MbpsSan Nicolò Gerrei0.71 Mbps
Cascina Tangit II100.64 MbpsUsmate Velate6.07 MbpsAl Simonelli Ovest1.49 Mbps
Pisa108.49 MbpsMarrubiu6.26 MbpsMilis1.93 Mbps
Lucca175.14 MbpsFonte Laurentina6.75 MbpsPiazza Campana3.78 Mbps
Florence220.35 MbpsLagonegro8.14 MbpsSan Nicolo4.05 Mbps
Naples365.41 MbpsCapriolo8.71 MbpsSabbionara4.06 Mbps
Cordusio468.07 MbpsSestu9.47 MbpsVigano4.14 Mbps
Rome510.9 MbpsZiano Piacentino10.24 MbpsSella di Corno4.22 Mbps
Genoa528.47 MbpsCampagnano di Roma10.24 MbpsChiusaforte4.26 Mbps
Bologna537.29 MbpsCarpaneto Piacentino10.33 MbpsGrumello de' Zanchi4.29 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Cities by Speed Range

06 Jul 2020 07 Jul 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Palermo7.4—22.72 MbpsMelissano0.25—0.53 MbpsTorre Gaveta0.08—0.22 Mbps
Milan13.79—13.95 MbpsCardito0.35—0.4 MbpsGandosso0.23—0.28 Mbps
Lucca6.03—37.77 MbpsBarrafranca0.34—0.49 MbpsMilis0.4—0.93 Mbps
Cascina Tangit II23.15—42.5 MbpsBorgo Santa Maria0.41—2.12 MbpsGiba0.33—1.13 Mbps
Brescia10.45—77.84 MbpsUsmate Velate0.61—2.53 MbpsConiolo0.27—1.29 Mbps
Pisa15.08—71.01 MbpsPoggio a Caiano0.17—3.55 MbpsSan Nicolò Gerrei0.61—0.63 Mbps
Florence24.72—53.73 MbpsPagani0.59—3.3 MbpsPellegrino Parmense0.38—1.08 Mbps
Naples24.34—58.39 MbpsFonte Laurentina1.52—1.98 MbpsVigano0.3—1.79 Mbps
Bologna19.41—86.05 MbpsSillavengo1.13—3.98 MbpsMorro d'Alba0.28—1.88 Mbps
Cordusio23.04—80.83 MbpsSolofra1.04—4.23 MbpsCatute0.45—1.72 Mbps
Last updated: 11 Jul 2020