Italy's Fastest and Slowest Cities

Measuring towns and cities by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

Italy's Fastest Cities by Maximum Speed

15 Jan 2021 16 Jan 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Osio Sotto945.01 MbpsNichelino925.27 MbpsRome4614.22 Mbps
Sesto San Giovanni930.88 MbpsModena911.59 MbpsMusocco1319.98 Mbps
Modena913 MbpsSimonetta880.47 MbpsReggio Emilia1097.56 Mbps
Simonetta904.98 MbpsTurin813.92 MbpsArona965.12 Mbps
Brera898.28 MbpsSesto San Giovanni777.63 MbpsCadelbosco di Sopra959.27 Mbps
Rome880.17 MbpsFeltre737.25 MbpsCordusio947.69 Mbps
Turin802.22 MbpsPortomaggiore734.54 MbpsMilan947.12 Mbps
Bologna777.9 MbpsBrera705.61 MbpsOsio Sotto945.01 Mbps
Cordusio755.58 MbpsCeronda660.63 MbpsSesto San Giovanni944.4 Mbps
Vicenza669.25 MbpsMilan640.59 MbpsVizzolo Predabissi944.27 Mbps

Italy's Fastest Cities by Speed Range

15 Jan 2021 16 Jan 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Nonantola317.49—375.53 MbpsPortomaggiore445.36—565.25 MbpsCaravate498.91—538.76 Mbps
Nichelino262.49—405.37 MbpsNichelino269.93—616.57 MbpsCorte de' Frati483.99—533.48 Mbps
Rubano263.39—273.7 MbpsTurin53.12—511.57 MbpsLucento476.76—502.35 Mbps
Anzola dell'Emilia75.49—490.4 MbpsGiardini Porta Venezia68.63—476.46 MbpsLimito20.64—721.75 Mbps
Osio Sotto43.44—486.57 MbpsCastenaso18.02—514.6 MbpsCasnigo69.08—508.77 Mbps
Castelnuovo Rangone16.36—538.21 MbpsCastelnuovo Rangone16.49—486.87 MbpsVillafalletto70.58—471.42 Mbps
Bollate12.71—515.29 MbpsBrera60.38—388.82 MbpsNonantola94.77—387.83 Mbps
Brera52.28—410.21 MbpsNonantola73.92—355.11 MbpsAbbadesse15.87—516.54 Mbps
Bologna36.2—432.74 MbpsMontesilvano Marina89.78—251.79 MbpsSomma Lombardo12.82—510.95 Mbps
Giardini Porta Venezia30.38—441.28 MbpsFeltre41.37—336.77 MbpsAmaseno37.43—461.29 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Cities by Maximum Speed

15 Jan 2021 16 Jan 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Villarotta10.38 MbpsLenna6.72 MbpsVolla0.5 Mbps
Visciano13.35 MbpsCasal Palocco10.92 MbpsPiazza Campana1.44 Mbps
Telgate17.16 MbpsBoltiere12.49 MbpsAl Simonelli Ovest1.49 Mbps
Giovo25.42 MbpsPieve San Giacomo16.93 MbpsPellegrino Parmense2.59 Mbps
San Mango Piemonte27.8 MbpsMogliano Veneto18.29 MbpsCatute2.67 Mbps
Bibbiano27.87 MbpsColico21.8 MbpsSella di Corno3.89 Mbps
Agliana28.36 MbpsSellia Marina22.24 MbpsSan Nicolo4.05 Mbps
Brembate28.79 MbpsCaprarola23.46 MbpsCombai5.15 Mbps
Pegazzano29.49 MbpsPannarano23.8 MbpsSant'Agapito5.72 Mbps
Colico29.61 MbpsNuoro24.23 MbpsLauzacco5.77 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Cities by Speed Range

15 Jan 2021 16 Jan 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Scafati0.34—0.45 MbpsGiugliano in Campania1.44—4.74 MbpsGandosso0.23—0.29 Mbps
Monopoli1.4—7.25 MbpsCasal Palocco2.66—4.06 MbpsVolla0.31—0.4 Mbps
Villarotta2.77—6.59 MbpsNuoro3.99—7.95 MbpsPellegrino Parmense0.23—0.61 Mbps
Falconara Marittima4—8.12 MbpsGubbio3.42—9.3 MbpsCatute0.42—1.41 Mbps
Vittoria1.57—13.67 MbpsBoltiere4.22—9.29 MbpsPiazza Campana0.69—1.21 Mbps
Selvino4.09—10.83 MbpsColico0.99—16.66 MbpsMarcati0.2—2.54 Mbps
Brembate5.39—9.74 MbpsSenago5.65—7.9 MbpsScuola Agraria0.73—1.62 Mbps
Visciano5.01—10.82 MbpsSelvino1.74—15.84 MbpsSinagra0.51—2.27 Mbps
Bibbiano0.8—20.14 MbpsLenna6.52—6.56 MbpsSover0.53—2.25 Mbps
Poggio del Torrino4.64—13.35 MbpsSellia Marina4.64—10.63 MbpsQuinto Vercellese0.58—2.19 Mbps
Last updated: 20 Jan 2021