Italy's Fastest and Slowest Cities

Measuring towns and cities by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

Italy's Fastest Cities by Maximum Speed

27 Mar 2020 28 Mar 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Brera934.19 MbpsBrera913.78 MbpsBrera943.51 Mbps
Monza929.3 MbpsGenoa898.12 MbpsCordusio942.81 Mbps
Genoa902.16 MbpsPavia894.72 MbpsGiardini Porta Venezia942 Mbps
Bologna900.42 MbpsPorta Monforte791.05 MbpsMessina941.55 Mbps
Verona898.78 MbpsCascina780.63 MbpsBrescia941.33 Mbps
Pavia897.43 MbpsMagliana771.89 MbpsReggio Calabria941.27 Mbps
Cordusio880.03 MbpsLeinì754.11 MbpsMarnate939.59 Mbps
Rome875.66 MbpsRome732 MbpsLicciana Nardi938.38 Mbps
Porta Monforte860.02 MbpsCasatenovo691.95 MbpsGenoa938.05 Mbps
Giardini Porta Venezia789.03 MbpsModena685.94 MbpsCastel Maggiore937.72 Mbps

Italy's Fastest Cities by Speed Range

27 Mar 2020 28 Mar 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Cisano Bergamasco2.38—526.77 MbpsLeinì12.75—650.81 MbpsCorte de' Frati507.17—533.97 Mbps
Abbadesse1.08—503.98 MbpsFavaro Veneto17.74—518.42 MbpsCaravate269.99—537.05 Mbps
Carnate120.4—128.41 MbpsCentro Storico5.77—390.21 MbpsCorsica78.3—680.78 Mbps
Torre Pellice27.27—263.61 MbpsCarnate126.76—128.65 MbpsCarvico61.84—441.96 Mbps
San Babila92.21—93.27 MbpsNonantola21.69—318.81 MbpsGraffignano38.22—429.48 Mbps
Nonantola8.93—238.84 MbpsSan Giuliano Milanese64.8—202.67 MbpsMaresana153.02—174.71 Mbps
Monsummano Terme30.58—190.99 MbpsMeran14.22—253.63 MbpsAbbadesse10.59—455.88 Mbps
Lana40.37—147.89 MbpsPorta Monforte14.3—204.86 MbpsCerrione9.13—440.78 Mbps
Albisola Superiore41.2—141.04 MbpsCastiglione Torinese25.38—147.19 MbpsNonantola21.09—386.95 Mbps
Randazzo3.49—206.95 MbpsPonte nelle Alpi11.66—169.23 MbpsViagrande32.15—304.78 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Cities by Maximum Speed

27 Mar 2020 28 Mar 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Fie Allo Sciliar1.7 MbpsVallemaio0.98 MbpsSan Nicolò Gerrei0.71 Mbps
Nocara1.8 MbpsFie Allo Sciliar1.75 MbpsAl Simonelli Ovest1.57 Mbps
Castelnovo2.11 MbpsCaselle Lurani1.89 MbpsMonastero di Vasco1.86 Mbps
Cibali2.69 MbpsPula3.12 MbpsMilis1.93 Mbps
Caselle Lurani2.73 MbpsLesignano de' Bagni3.44 MbpsMercatello sul Metauro2.49 Mbps
Sovicille2.74 MbpsSan Paolo di Jesi3.98 MbpsGarbo2.81 Mbps
Villaspeciosa3.01 MbpsIontapede4.58 MbpsGenola2.86 Mbps
Caltabellotta3.17 MbpsMilitello in Val di Catania4.65 MbpsBultei3.44 Mbps
Saponara3.43 MbpsRivignano4.72 MbpsGuarda3.76 Mbps
Sant'Omero3.66 MbpsPero dei Santi4.94 MbpsPiazza Campana3.78 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Cities by Speed Range

27 Mar 2020 28 Mar 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Castelnovo0.12—0.3 MbpsPula0.32—0.52 MbpsTorre Gaveta0.08—0.19 Mbps
Monterosi0.28—0.56 MbpsVallemaio0.27—0.9 MbpsCascina Locatelli0.13—0.22 Mbps
Cibali0.37—0.85 MbpsCabrelle0.35—0.94 MbpsGandosso0.27—0.29 Mbps
Palmanova0.4—1 MbpsLizzanello0.44—0.82 MbpsVische0.5—0.63 Mbps
Borgonovo Val Tidone0.37—1.17 MbpsCura Carpignano0.62—0.95 MbpsMilis0.4—0.93 Mbps
Nocara0.36—1.25 MbpsLesignano de' Bagni0.56—1.14 MbpsConiolo0.28—1.17 Mbps
I Sadotti0.44—1.12 MbpsPero dei Santi0.64—1.12 MbpsGiba0.33—1.13 Mbps
Villarotta0.41—1.25 MbpsSogliano Cavour0.36—1.7 MbpsSan Nicolò Gerrei0.61—0.63 Mbps
Oliveto Citra0.47—1.27 MbpsBotticino0.67—1.17 MbpsMonastero di Vasco0.51—1.18 Mbps
Fie Allo Sciliar0.61—1.08 MbpsMondovì0.61—1.36 MbpsQuincinetto0.54—1.25 Mbps
Last updated: 01 Apr 2020