Italy's Fastest and Slowest Cities

Measuring towns and cities by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

Italy's Fastest Cities by Maximum Speed

22 Sep 2020 23 Sep 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Brera933.58 MbpsBrera933.81 MbpsMusocco1319.98 Mbps
Pavia882.21 MbpsBologna844.15 MbpsReggio Emilia1097.56 Mbps
Milan816.13 MbpsModena729.99 MbpsVizzolo Predabissi944.27 Mbps
Bologna766.21 MbpsParione669.72 MbpsBrera943.51 Mbps
Genoa720.47 MbpsMilan657.38 MbpsBologna943.32 Mbps
Modena710.37 MbpsRome607.8 MbpsMessina942.9 Mbps
Volpiano624.83 MbpsGiardini Porta Venezia553.45 MbpsCordusio942.81 Mbps
Rome596.26 MbpsSesto San Giovanni548.54 MbpsConcorezzo942.21 Mbps
Padua573.08 MbpsGenoa544.16 MbpsGiardini Porta Venezia942 Mbps
Perugia555.99 MbpsArezzo543.95 MbpsBrescia941.33 Mbps

Italy's Fastest Cities by Speed Range

22 Sep 2020 23 Sep 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Brera86.33—501.93 MbpsBresso90.49—537.62 MbpsCorte de' Frati516.93—534.82 Mbps
Turin64.24—525.84 MbpsGiardini Porta Venezia91.99—514.69 MbpsCaravate357.13—538.14 Mbps
Imola83.28—337.09 MbpsBrera81.18—491.96 MbpsCorsica135.88—699.39 Mbps
Arezzo16.26—449.57 MbpsTurin68.6—320.8 MbpsLucento78.37—492.07 Mbps
Santa Lucia64.66—277.05 MbpsSanta Lucia64.03—278.93 MbpsBrusuglio51.3—501.39 Mbps
Porta Monforte73.43—236.05 MbpsBorgomanero87.95—196 MbpsAbbadesse13.26—506.37 Mbps
Bari46.78—271.03 MbpsNonantola14.37—327.15 MbpsCalavino12.06—500.97 Mbps
Latina85.5—182.22 MbpsAnzola dell'Emilia116.01—120.27 MbpsAzzano Mella16.8—482.96 Mbps
Giardini Porta Venezia23.78—267 MbpsLegnano93.44—127.31 MbpsNonantola54.82—395.65 Mbps
Genoa41.41—230.67 MbpsIvrea50.05—182.62 MbpsAmaseno26.64—441.19 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Cities by Maximum Speed

22 Sep 2020 23 Sep 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Samarate3.21 MbpsCodroipo1.71 MbpsSan Nicolò Gerrei0.71 Mbps
Sammichele di Bari6.91 MbpsMassalengo-Motta Vigana5.14 MbpsAl Simonelli Ovest1.49 Mbps
Tavernerio9.81 MbpsBrembate16.41 MbpsCatute2.67 Mbps
Piegaro12.83 MbpsCarugate19.57 MbpsPellegrino Parmense2.86 Mbps
Abbadia di Stura25.12 MbpsPianopoli20.74 MbpsCanneto Pavese3.39 Mbps
Caivano26.77 MbpsAbbadia di Stura24.21 MbpsInganni3.55 Mbps
Sellia Marina27.87 MbpsSellia Marina25.85 MbpsPiazza Campana3.78 Mbps
Crevalcore29.75 MbpsMassa27.53 MbpsSella di Corno3.89 Mbps
Poggio del Torrino29.76 MbpsOlgiate Olona28 MbpsSan Nicolo4.05 Mbps
Brembate30.29 MbpsPoggio del Torrino28.15 MbpsSabbionara4.06 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Cities by Speed Range

22 Sep 2020 23 Sep 2020 Previous 12 Months 
Codroipo0.93—1.71 MbpsCodroipo1.34—1.71 MbpsTorre Gaveta0.09—0.4 Mbps
Piegaro0.43—4.76 MbpsBrembate1.32—6.52 MbpsGandosso0.24—0.29 Mbps
Samarate3.15—3.18 MbpsSammichele di Bari4—6.21 MbpsVolla0.31—0.43 Mbps
Abbadia di Stura1.81—7.57 MbpsMassalengo-Motta Vigana5.05—5.13 MbpsPellegrino Parmense0.38—0.63 Mbps
Sammichele di Bari3.9—5.76 MbpsCaserta2.82—9.81 MbpsGiba0.33—1.13 Mbps
Lucento2.63—11.53 MbpsSellia Marina2.61—13.88 MbpsSan Nicolò Gerrei0.61—0.63 Mbps
Parione3.24—10.68 MbpsPalo del Colle4.47—12.49 MbpsCatute0.42—1.41 Mbps
Ragusa1.97—15.05 MbpsFiesole6.3—13.49 MbpsVigano0.3—1.79 Mbps
Sellia Marina1.8—17.3 MbpsPianopoli8.85—10.24 MbpsMilis0.61—1.32 Mbps
Caivano3.76—16.2 MbpsCesena6.69—14.6 MbpsCastelletto0.49—1.72 Mbps
Last updated: 27 Sep 2020