Italy's Fastest and Slowest Cities

Measuring towns and cities by maximum download speed and overall speed range over recent days and the last 12 months.

Italy's Fastest Cities by Maximum Speed

27 Jul 2021 28 Jul 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Brera964.14 MbpsBrera1046.47 MbpsRome4614.22 Mbps
Rome948.74 MbpsSesto San Giovanni947.26 MbpsSesto San Giovanni4055.15 Mbps
Monza947.25 MbpsMilan946.72 MbpsMilano Fiori3494.44 Mbps
Cordusio945.45 MbpsPadua933.97 MbpsGiaveno3050.3 Mbps
Camogli942.74 MbpsQuinto Romano925.29 MbpsMesola2296.68 Mbps
Limbiate936.39 MbpsSimonetta924.16 MbpsBrera1593.2 Mbps
Milan936.16 MbpsVerona915.9 MbpsMilan1567.15 Mbps
Grugliasco936.14 MbpsGenoa913.7 MbpsForlì1523.66 Mbps
Basiglio936.07 MbpsMusocco912.63 MbpsImola1366.88 Mbps
Cuneo935.01 MbpsMarsala906.53 MbpsMonza1336.12 Mbps

Italy's Fastest Cities by Speed Range

27 Jul 2021 28 Jul 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Camogli93.35—901.38 MbpsMonzuno148.76—510.12 MbpsFiera337.59—678.89 Mbps
Noceto204.04—255.01 MbpsCommessaggio149.49—284.91 MbpsVillafalletto377.34—527.87 Mbps
Case Bottere165.01—303.55 MbpsLeffe87.75—341.77 MbpsCasnigo336.97—516.61 Mbps
Montecchio Maggiore142.45—318.23 MbpsArcisate25.71—425.17 MbpsFezzano90.33—830.7 Mbps
Susa111.4—335.33 MbpsCastel Volturno12.64—407.15 MbpsCorte de' Frati173.16—514.84 Mbps
Limbiate12.63—525.56 MbpsRoncade37.57—344.97 MbpsMirafiori South88.22—664.03 Mbps
Saluzzo6.98—524.1 MbpsFiesso d'Artico51.3—314.2 MbpsFanano218.78—389.08 Mbps
Ferrara38.59—456.87 MbpsCampagnano di Roma53.84—307.13 MbpsLucento151.87—488.4 Mbps
Veroli65.17—352.66 MbpsAlbano Laziale50.94—278.36 MbpsTerruggia146—470.51 Mbps
Arcisate21.84—422.77 MbpsQuinto Romano71.52—229.93 MbpsGorgo al Monticano138.41—391 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Cities by Maximum Speed

27 Jul 2021 28 Jul 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Leno0.46 MbpsBufolaria2.42 MbpsProssedi4.39 Mbps
Tragliatella Campitello1.49 MbpsPace del Mela6.68 MbpsAvise4.42 Mbps
Civitella San Paolo8.35 MbpsDomegge di Cadore8.54 MbpsBagnasco4.8 Mbps
Trino10 MbpsCanelli10.04 MbpsGarna d'Alpago5.84 Mbps
Trepuzzi10.15 MbpsGambettola10.16 MbpsSan Pasquale5.94 Mbps
Piazzola sul Brenta10.27 MbpsNocara10.54 MbpsDurazzano6.29 Mbps
Villarbasse11.15 MbpsSeiano12.74 MbpsMilano Due6.31 Mbps
Fermignano12.71 MbpsDruento13.18 MbpsSan Lorenzo Nuovo6.38 Mbps
Seiano13.13 MbpsNeviano degli Arduini13.83 MbpsPiverone6.48 Mbps
Subbiano13.43 MbpsFurlane14.15 MbpsCastiglione Messer Marino6.5 Mbps

Italy's Slowest Cities by Speed Range

27 Jul 2021 28 Jul 2021 Previous 12 Months 
Tragliatella Campitello0—0.32 MbpsSandrigo0.28—0.31 MbpsScuola Agraria0.84—1.49 Mbps
Leno0.3—0.44 MbpsFidenza0.68—1.44 MbpsMadonna del Pilone0.52—2.41 Mbps
La Maddalena1.02—2.09 MbpsBufolaria0.95—1.87 MbpsRivarone0.44—2.96 Mbps
Civitella San Paolo1.01—2.99 MbpsLoreto Aprutino1.11—1.64 MbpsMorsenchio0.97—1.93 Mbps
Ceto1.62—2.14 MbpsLa Presa0.89—2.56 MbpsSan Pasquale0.38—3.51 Mbps
Saonara1.77—3.49 MbpsCarmiano0.63—5.52 MbpsCassinasco0.35—3.58 Mbps
Latisana1.81—3.41 MbpsDomegge di Cadore2.27—3.15 MbpsVische0.68—3.17 Mbps
Sarcedo1.25—4.76 MbpsLozzo Atestino2.55—2.91 MbpsSan Lupo0.62—3.37 Mbps
Orsenigo2.35—2.58 MbpsGambettola2.65—4.13 MbpsMilano Due1.39—2.01 Mbps
Albairate1.29—5.05 MbpsFurlane0.89—9.38 MbpsCastiglione Messer Marino0.6—4.05 Mbps
Last updated: 31 Jul 2021