Internet Providers in Venice

There are 22 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Venice. Typical internet speeds vary from 6.43 to 30.99 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 709.55 Mbps from WIND Telecomunicazioni. Other fast providers include Vodafone Italy with 705 Mbps, Telecom Italia with 686.28 Mbps, and Fastweb with 353.6 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Venice are 15.28% worse than the Italy national average of 11.32 Mbps. The most common provider in Venice is Telecom Italia, their typical speeds ranging from 6.84 to 29.79 Mbps.

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Summary of Internet Service Providers in Venice

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Telecom Italia686.28 Mbps6.84—29.79 Mbps80
2Vodafone Italy705 Mbps6.29—34.95 Mbps44
3WIND Telecomunicazioni709.55 Mbps7.15—35.85 Mbps39
4Fastweb353.6 Mbps5.23—26.38 Mbps30
5Tiscali88.87 Mbps4.97—13.6 Mbps11
6BT Italia45.78 Mbps4.13—14.3 Mbps5
7NGI167.92 Mbps7.5—24.8 Mbps4
83P System Srl148.84 Mbps4.69—12.12 Mbps4
9Linkem30.25 Mbps5.9—17.12 Mbps3
10ASDASD srl49.16 Mbps1.22—5.66 Mbps3
11Unica Telecomunicazioni59.69 Mbps6.22—36.87 Mbps2
12Asco TLC43.26 Mbps1.39—9.18 Mbps2
13Redder Telco14.79 Mbps2.01—9.83 Mbps2
14IProute159.67 Mbps3.69—38.82 Mbps1
15Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni71.88 Mbps11.17—35.19 Mbps1
16Logos Technologies87.36 Mbps8.16—28.53 Mbps1
17Wolnext srl16.75 Mbps0—16 Mbps1
18Interplanet Srl18.29 Mbps0—2.75 Mbps1
19E4A7.82 Mbps6.9—7.67 Mbps1
20Delta Web42.38 Mbps1.71—4.08 Mbps1
21Airgrid6.74 Mbps1.65—6.12 Mbps1
22Colt61.1 Mbps0—60.16 Mbps0

Cities and Provider Speeds in Venice

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Favaro Veneto351.13 Mbps12.97—64.76 Mbps21.34 Mbps4
2Zelarino166.77 Mbps13.77—32.59 Mbps17.9 Mbps3
3Malpaga265.98 Mbps10.5—42.86 Mbps16.82 Mbps2
4Camponogara138.78 Mbps10.75—35.7 Mbps16.79 Mbps4
5San Donà di Piave164.53 Mbps10.69—42.35 Mbps16.54 Mbps5
6Cavallino132.15 Mbps9.33—38.55 Mbps15.18 Mbps3
7Dolo191.01 Mbps9.56—35.1 Mbps14.66 Mbps4
8Musile di Piave161.12 Mbps9.79—37.05 Mbps14.34 Mbps3
9Quarto d'Altino234.8 Mbps8.77—32.93 Mbps14.25 Mbps4
10San Stino di Livenza207.65 Mbps9.35—34.44 Mbps14.12 Mbps2
11Sant'Anna100.94 Mbps8.72—25.99 Mbps13.14 Mbps1
12Sestiere di San Polo677.66 Mbps8.65—34.72 Mbps13 Mbps5
13Salzano686.28 Mbps7.06—35.51 Mbps12.2 Mbps2
14Chioggia317.31 Mbps7.94—33.02 Mbps12.13 Mbps4
15Mestre699.37 Mbps7.44—35.13 Mbps11.12 Mbps9
16Marghera709.55 Mbps6.98—34.85 Mbps10.94 Mbps5
17Mira270.97 Mbps7.4—33.55 Mbps10.68 Mbps6
18Cavarzere667.39 Mbps6.76—28.98 Mbps10.15 Mbps2
19Mirano432.33 Mbps6.53—29.96 Mbps9.72 Mbps7
20Jesolo312.65 Mbps6.53—28.62 Mbps9.63 Mbps5
21Santa Maria di Sala158.65 Mbps6.71—28.92 Mbps9.54 Mbps5
22Santa Croce422.75 Mbps6.73—33.71 Mbps9.47 Mbps4
23Noventa di Piave316.33 Mbps6.46—25.56 Mbps9.16 Mbps4
24Martellago191.29 Mbps6.2—27.56 Mbps9.1 Mbps4
25Vigonovo128.55 Mbps6.12—25.72 Mbps9.06 Mbps3
26Concordia Sagittaria94.05 Mbps6.22—24.65 Mbps9 Mbps4
27Fossalta di Portogruaro86.63 Mbps6.59—25.17 Mbps8.85 Mbps3
28Pianiga112.18 Mbps5.43—23.44 Mbps8.84 Mbps6
29Noale269.81 Mbps5.77—25.7 Mbps8.29 Mbps4
30Murano90.39 Mbps5.81—27.62 Mbps8.24 Mbps2
31Stra175.45 Mbps5.64—28.25 Mbps8.2 Mbps7
32Scorzè260.2 Mbps5.89—26.22 Mbps8.11 Mbps4
33Meolo153.03 Mbps6.34—26.44 Mbps8.09 Mbps2
34Venice705 Mbps5.67—29.93 Mbps8.03 Mbps7
35Portogruaro148.9 Mbps5.49—25.88 Mbps7.58 Mbps4
36Caorle142.25 Mbps4.9—23.9 Mbps7.35 Mbps3
37Marcon520.53 Mbps4.91—23.96 Mbps7.17 Mbps3
38Lido261.78 Mbps5.39—26.47 Mbps7.04 Mbps4
39Spinea303.94 Mbps4.85—23.86 Mbps6.52 Mbps5
40Fiesso d'Artico154.24 Mbps4.74—14.61 Mbps6.03 Mbps3

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Venice

Venice has 22 ISPs available.
WIND Telecomunicazioni is the fastest provider in Venice with 709.55 Mbps, and an average speed range of 7.15—35.85 Mbps.
Users in Venice see an average internet speed of 6.43 up to 30.99 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 709.55 Mbps.
Telecom Italia is available in Venice, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 686.28 Mbps.
WIND Telecomunicazioni is available in Venice, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 709.55 Mbps.
Fastweb is available in Venice, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 353.6 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Venice is Telecom Italia.

Last updated: 27 Feb 2020