Internet Providers in Rome

There are 54 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Rome. Typical internet speeds vary from 8.42 to 39.55 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 920.06 Mbps from Fastweb. Other fast providers include Telecom Italia with 908.21 Mbps, WIND Telecomunicazioni with 884.24 Mbps, and Unidata with 877.78 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Rome are 10.12% better than the Italy national average of 11.26 Mbps. The most common provider in Rome is Telecom Italia, their typical speeds ranging from 8.98 to 40.47 Mbps.

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Summary of Internet Service Providers in Rome

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Telecom Italia908.21 Mbps8.98—40.47 Mbps160
2Fastweb920.06 Mbps9.87—48.03 Mbps92
3Vodafone Italy844.65 Mbps9.72—39.86 Mbps59
4WIND Telecomunicazioni884.24 Mbps8.85—44.44 Mbps57
5Tiscali850.42 Mbps7.71—36.42 Mbps33
6Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni662.46 Mbps4.94—18.42 Mbps25
7BT Italia355.66 Mbps10.96—187.34 Mbps23
8Colt521.98 Mbps25.72—148.59 Mbps23
9NGI99.59 Mbps6.48—21.01 Mbps17
10Unidata877.78 Mbps19.69—81.95 Mbps16
11Welcome Italia161.52 Mbps6.71—25.61 Mbps8
12Linkem54.99 Mbps4.97—14.84 Mbps7
13IRIDEOS Domestic291.04 Mbps6.12—32.79 Mbps6
14WARIAN22.66 Mbps3.39—10.54 Mbps6
15INTERCONN44.88 Mbps5.37—13.74 Mbps4
16Retelit525.79 Mbps8.23—53.92 Mbps3
17Time-Net102.22 Mbps4.37—26.26 Mbps3
182Bite30.25 Mbps4.67—14.63 Mbps3
19NEXT SRL24.51 Mbps2.33—6.21 Mbps3
20Telecom Italia Sparkle264.74 Mbps7.18—71.65 Mbps2
21Verizon Business - EMEA135.95 Mbps11.73—51.64 Mbps2
22ENEL212.31 Mbps11.93—44.51 Mbps2
23Active Network57.3 Mbps6.48—13.24 Mbps2
24ACI informatica76.51 Mbps4.28—17 Mbps2
25Panservice49.7 Mbps3.61—11.2 Mbps2
26Tecno General srl91.47 Mbps2.18—7.56 Mbps2
27Naquadria387.5 Mbps92.3—226.11 Mbps1
28Lepida573.04 Mbps11.07—72.53 Mbps1
29Cogent Communications88.72 Mbps14.63—48.9 Mbps1
30BrianTel Srl64.31 Mbps0—3.36 Mbps1
31wiber85.53 Mbps16.43—53.69 Mbps1
32Metrolink128.22 Mbps9.04—64.49 Mbps1
33Brennercom604.65 Mbps8.44—33.17 Mbps1
34Intred89.36 Mbps15.02—28.85 Mbps1
35Orange Business Services115.52 Mbps7.99—34.09 Mbps1
36FIBERING52.96 Mbps1.99—31.14 Mbps1
37TWT106.16 Mbps5.29—32.23 Mbps1
38Fastnet Italy51.65 Mbps2.6—24.96 Mbps1
39COMMON NET123.48 Mbps6.63—24.96 Mbps1
40M247126.94 Mbps3.83—16.32 Mbps1
41Estracom27.57 Mbps3.32—16.87 Mbps1
42Net Global9.2 Mbps0—7.87 Mbps1
43Optima Italia93.25 Mbps4.5—11.46 Mbps1
44Skylogic26.51 Mbps2.5—14.19 Mbps1
45Asco TLC10.8 Mbps5.27—9 Mbps1
46Siportal Srl10.84 Mbps3.55—7.61 Mbps1
47Connesi22.86 Mbps2.55—6.27 Mbps1
48Grifonline15.79 Mbps2.78—7.18 Mbps1
49SEDMULTITEL54.29 Mbps3.32—6.52 Mbps1
50Micso Centro Sud25.75 Mbps2.55—6.39 Mbps1
51Tecnotel Servizi Tecnologici19.88 Mbps2.45—5.36 Mbps1
52Telxius Cable50.21 Mbps1.67—3.43 Mbps1
53Redder Telco3.9 Mbps0—0.1 Mbps1
54Clio4.06 Mbps1.23—2.61 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Rome

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Affile463.88 Mbps14.09—117.11 Mbps27.2 Mbps1
2Torvaianica Alta183.06 Mbps17.66—46.51 Mbps23.5 Mbps3
3Olevano Romano174.77 Mbps12.28—60.18 Mbps19.45 Mbps2
4EUR102.22 Mbps12.83—42.88 Mbps19.27 Mbps8
5Rocca di Papa381.36 Mbps12.24—40.37 Mbps18.52 Mbps3
6Ariccia309.29 Mbps11.82—41.75 Mbps18 Mbps6
7Ardea644.73 Mbps11.12—41.95 Mbps16.21 Mbps5
8Tolfa382.28 Mbps12.61—32.16 Mbps16.16 Mbps2
9Frascati575.09 Mbps10.49—45.01 Mbps15.69 Mbps7
10Mentana509.96 Mbps10.59—40.44 Mbps15.65 Mbps4
11Artena491.58 Mbps9.72—39.2 Mbps15.41 Mbps2
12Marino531.12 Mbps10.28—44.29 Mbps15.29 Mbps6
13Colleferro171.24 Mbps9.62—41.19 Mbps14.94 Mbps3
14Ladispoli507.74 Mbps9.78—46.83 Mbps14.72 Mbps6
15Monte Compatri367.82 Mbps10.51—39.18 Mbps14.69 Mbps2
16Zagarolo400.05 Mbps9.99—35.26 Mbps14.67 Mbps5
17Monterotondo748.36 Mbps8.92—44.77 Mbps14.63 Mbps6
18Rome920.06 Mbps9.67—43.71 Mbps14.45 Mbps26
19Pomezia862.98 Mbps8.91—41.28 Mbps14.42 Mbps6
20Magliana908.21 Mbps9.39—40.8 Mbps14.13 Mbps2
21Anzio699.67 Mbps9.05—40.49 Mbps13.7 Mbps7
22Trevi786.04 Mbps8.92—45.35 Mbps13.58 Mbps31
23San Cesareo176.11 Mbps9.68—35.41 Mbps13.36 Mbps4
24Grottaferrata209.46 Mbps8.88—41.16 Mbps13.25 Mbps5
25Velletri486.97 Mbps8.44—27.97 Mbps12.99 Mbps6
26Aurelio822 Mbps8.88—47.44 Mbps12.74 Mbps4
27Trevignano Romano232.77 Mbps7.91—43.53 Mbps12.55 Mbps3
28Valmontone470.6 Mbps9.04—35.31 Mbps12.08 Mbps3
29Monte Massaruccio177.71 Mbps7.02—35.54 Mbps12 Mbps4
30Dragoncello815.05 Mbps6.47—67.46 Mbps11.95 Mbps1
31Parione828.27 Mbps7.88—38.81 Mbps11.94 Mbps7
32Pigna771.96 Mbps7.94—39.16 Mbps11.92 Mbps16
33Nettuno615.54 Mbps8.41—48.91 Mbps11.8 Mbps5
34Genazzano283.11 Mbps8.26—42.45 Mbps11.5 Mbps2
35Lariano318.51 Mbps7.27—31.85 Mbps11.37 Mbps3
36Valle Santa172.15 Mbps9.11—26.78 Mbps11.29 Mbps1
37Albuccione155.96 Mbps8.12—36.51 Mbps11.2 Mbps3
38Genzano di Roma302.37 Mbps6.83—39.13 Mbps11.11 Mbps6
39Tivoli602.03 Mbps7.33—35.92 Mbps11.04 Mbps8
40Albano Laziale287.02 Mbps7.25—37.22 Mbps10.96 Mbps8
41Carpineto Romano316.7 Mbps8.39—33.64 Mbps10.94 Mbps1
42Santa Marinella374.25 Mbps7.8—36.58 Mbps10.83 Mbps4
43Lanuvio269.36 Mbps7.38—24.05 Mbps10.58 Mbps5
44Guidonia Montecelio749.06 Mbps7.19—33.07 Mbps10.45 Mbps8
45Castel Gandolfo399.55 Mbps7.43—34.2 Mbps10.4 Mbps4
46Monte Porzio Catone271.11 Mbps6.64—29.7 Mbps10.29 Mbps5
47Torvaianica359.48 Mbps7.34—31.45 Mbps10.05 Mbps2
48Fiumicino619.91 Mbps6.77—36.16 Mbps9.91 Mbps8
49Ciampino849.48 Mbps6.56—31.29 Mbps9.2 Mbps7
50Civitavecchia499.85 Mbps5.66—32.03 Mbps8.89 Mbps7
51Vicovaro309.46 Mbps7.65—16.87 Mbps8.87 Mbps1
52Palestrina448.35 Mbps6.07—26.6 Mbps8.7 Mbps6
53Fiano Romano509.06 Mbps5.71—26.4 Mbps7.75 Mbps6
54Cerveteri492.32 Mbps5.57—17.61 Mbps7.56 Mbps6
55Tiburtina662.46 Mbps5.36—20.53 Mbps7.5 Mbps3
56Palombara Sabina405.96 Mbps5.09—19.42 Mbps7.13 Mbps4
57Lido di Ostia399.08 Mbps5.39—18.37 Mbps6.99 Mbps5
58Ostiense730.98 Mbps5.34—17.01 Mbps6.96 Mbps2
59Manziana127.24 Mbps5.4—21.76 Mbps6.74 Mbps3
60Morlupo155.45 Mbps5.01—18.69 Mbps6.7 Mbps4
61Poggio del Torrino54.99 Mbps4.89—14.77 Mbps6.64 Mbps2
62Monte Sacro84.34 Mbps4.59—26.85 Mbps6.56 Mbps2
63Bracciano176.8 Mbps4.5—23.87 Mbps6.42 Mbps5
64Anguillara281.22 Mbps4.89—18.17 Mbps6.41 Mbps4
65Casal Palocco31.92 Mbps4.77—14.24 Mbps6.4 Mbps1
66Civitella San Paolo64.31 Mbps5.17—10.62 Mbps6.2 Mbps1
67San Basilio167.26 Mbps4.6—16.85 Mbps6.19 Mbps2
68Subiaco153.09 Mbps3.9—16.4 Mbps5.96 Mbps5
69Monteflavio190.95 Mbps3.84—25.73 Mbps5.56 Mbps2
70Cave181.31 Mbps3.94—15.06 Mbps5.56 Mbps3
71Cecchignola136.02 Mbps3.99—15.44 Mbps5.47 Mbps4
72Castelnuovo di Porto248.37 Mbps3.88—11.22 Mbps5.06 Mbps3
73Riano312.5 Mbps3.56—12.51 Mbps4.95 Mbps4
74Rignano Flaminio182.61 Mbps3.72—8.04 Mbps4.78 Mbps3
75Campagnano di Roma180.11 Mbps2.86—10.15 Mbps4.21 Mbps3
76Sacrofano145.5 Mbps2.61—7.53 Mbps4.03 Mbps2
77Bivio di Capanelle18.58 Mbps1.01—5.68 Mbps2.5 Mbps1

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Rome

Rome has 54 ISPs available.
Fastweb is the fastest provider in Rome with 920.06 Mbps, and an average speed range of 9.87—48.03 Mbps.
Users in Rome see an average internet speed of 8.42 up to 39.55 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 920.06 Mbps.
Telecom Italia is available in Rome, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 908.21 Mbps.
Fastweb is available in Rome, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 920.06 Mbps.
WIND Telecomunicazioni is available in Rome, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 884.24 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Rome is Telecom Italia.

Last updated: 10 Feb 2020