Internet Providers in Provincia di Lecco

Provincia di Lecco
There are 19 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Provincia di Lecco. Typical internet speeds vary from 9.22 to 36.01 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 920.7 Mbps from WIND Telecomunicazioni. Other fast providers include Vodafone Italy with 914.36 Mbps, Telecom Italia with 872.89 Mbps, and NGI with 649.33 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Provincia di Lecco are 1.68% worse than the Italy national average of 13.66 Mbps. The most common provider in Provincia di Lecco is NGI, their typical speeds ranging from 9.27 to 27.88 Mbps.

Provincia di Lecco Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Provincia di Lecco

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Telecom Italia872.89 Mbps9.02—41.4 Mbps64
2Vodafone Italy914.36 Mbps9.04—42.47 Mbps44
3Fastweb522.62 Mbps10.76—59.04 Mbps37
4NGI649.33 Mbps9.27—27.88 Mbps35
5WIND Telecomunicazioni920.7 Mbps11.51—51.47 Mbps23
6Tiscali172.91 Mbps6.36—51.63 Mbps16
7BrianTel Srl330.27 Mbps5.76—21.15 Mbps15
8Planetel Srl345.59 Mbps12.91—44.63 Mbps5
9Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni84.03 Mbps3.54—23.62 Mbps5
10Professional Link190.94 Mbps8—56.21 Mbps3
11Welcome Italia73.86 Mbps6.45—27.16 Mbps3
12TWT89.98 Mbps12.33—67.27 Mbps2
13IRIDEOS Domestic92.54 Mbps8.84—41.12 Mbps2
14BT Italia55.3 Mbps0—34.93 Mbps1
15Metrolink33.59 Mbps30.09—33.08 Mbps1
16Mynet srl107.28 Mbps10.53—32.51 Mbps1
17Linkem31.1 Mbps10.05—27.42 Mbps1
18Intred25.09 Mbps0.52—8.95 Mbps1
19SEDMULTITEL4.84 Mbps2.85—3.09 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Provincia di Lecco

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Vercurago568.44 Mbps39—62.6 Mbps59.19 Mbps4
2Montevecchia258.16 Mbps17.59—53.03 Mbps25.89 Mbps3
3Barzanò378.16 Mbps16.8—86.49 Mbps23.57 Mbps6
4Calco449.65 Mbps13.85—55.11 Mbps21.8 Mbps6
5Dervio161.82 Mbps12.94—47.4 Mbps21.72 Mbps1
6Merate901.69 Mbps12.09—45.99 Mbps19.14 Mbps7
7Civate613.24 Mbps11.35—44.51 Mbps18.73 Mbps5
8Lomagna194.64 Mbps11.45—54.59 Mbps18.5 Mbps6
9Casatenovo691.95 Mbps12.47—45.55 Mbps18.09 Mbps9
10Ballabio551.1 Mbps11.73—42.82 Mbps17.11 Mbps5
11Valmadrera390.42 Mbps10.82—42.79 Mbps16.79 Mbps7
12Cassago Brianza248.19 Mbps9.73—53.91 Mbps15.58 Mbps4
13Calolziocorte272.66 Mbps10.68—39.32 Mbps15.23 Mbps7
14Lecco865.93 Mbps9.87—34.12 Mbps14.56 Mbps10
15Carenno625.16 Mbps9.41—27.09 Mbps13.33 Mbps2
16Casargo364.21 Mbps9.27—27.59 Mbps13.08 Mbps2
17Perego920.7 Mbps9.3—51.39 Mbps12.85 Mbps3
18Introbio649.33 Mbps8.84—26.59 Mbps12.55 Mbps3
19Cernusco Lombardone522.62 Mbps6.95—28.49 Mbps12.37 Mbps4
20Olginate667.05 Mbps8.45—31.95 Mbps12.32 Mbps5
21Airuno153.26 Mbps7.83—42.02 Mbps12.21 Mbps4
22Robbiate723.16 Mbps8.69—41.3 Mbps12.19 Mbps5
23Mandello del Lario141.7 Mbps8.31—34.88 Mbps12.17 Mbps4
24Bellano174.1 Mbps7.96—29.12 Mbps11.66 Mbps4
25Colico237.19 Mbps7.02—23.96 Mbps10.95 Mbps4
26Abbadia Lariana145.33 Mbps7.52—25.14 Mbps10.86 Mbps4
27Vigano157.49 Mbps10.71—26.76 Mbps10.84 Mbps3
28Olgiate Molgora186.54 Mbps8.18—42.8 Mbps10.75 Mbps7
29Oggiono374.06 Mbps7.91—31.31 Mbps10.72 Mbps6
30Galbiate167.66 Mbps6.65—25.3 Mbps10.31 Mbps5
31Nibionno161.7 Mbps6.68—26.14 Mbps9.98 Mbps2
32Missaglia854.64 Mbps6.1—28.27 Mbps9.25 Mbps5
33Brivio476.56 Mbps6.05—25.32 Mbps9.03 Mbps5
34Sirtori914.36 Mbps4.88—49.48 Mbps8.23 Mbps4
35Ello397.3 Mbps5.64—26.06 Mbps7.1 Mbps4
36California124.51 Mbps4.97—24.39 Mbps6.96 Mbps1

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Provincia di Lecco

Provincia di Lecco has 19 ISPs available.
WIND Telecomunicazioni is the fastest provider in Provincia di Lecco with 920.7 Mbps, and an average speed range of 11.51—51.47 Mbps.
Users in Provincia di Lecco see an average internet speed of 9.22 up to 36.01 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 920.7 Mbps.
NGI is available in Provincia di Lecco, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 649.33 Mbps.
Telecom Italia is available in Provincia di Lecco, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 872.89 Mbps.
Vodafone Italy is available in Provincia di Lecco, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 914.36 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Provincia di Lecco is NGI.

Last updated: 24 Oct 2020