Internet Providers in Provincia di Lecce

Provincia di Lecce
There are 13 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Provincia di Lecce. Typical internet speeds vary from 6.24 to 31.32 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 850.9 Mbps from Telecom Italia. Other fast providers include Vodafone Italy with 773.32 Mbps, Fastweb with 495.9 Mbps, and Tiscali with 398.09 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Provincia di Lecce are 27.65% worse than the Italy national average of 12.84 Mbps. The most common provider in Provincia di Lecce is Telecom Italia, their typical speeds ranging from 9.61 to 40.95 Mbps.

Provincia di Lecce Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Provincia di Lecce

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Telecom Italia850.9 Mbps9.61—40.95 Mbps83
2Fastweb495.9 Mbps7.29—32.06 Mbps49
3Vodafone Italy773.32 Mbps8.96—41.83 Mbps48
4WIND Telecomunicazioni389.42 Mbps9.02—45.11 Mbps37
5WicitY174.01 Mbps2.21—8.57 Mbps21
6Clio81.62 Mbps1.23—4.56 Mbps20
7Tiscali398.09 Mbps3.69—15.02 Mbps9
8Linkem30.96 Mbps2.78—11.82 Mbps4
9Origine Impianti59.54 Mbps2.22—12.5 Mbps2
10BT Italia13.13 Mbps0—8.75 Mbps1
11ELCOM SRL33.19 Mbps5.9—15.34 Mbps1
12Active Network36.1 Mbps5.93—15.65 Mbps1
13IProute19.1 Mbps2.8—8.59 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Provincia di Lecce

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Caprarica di Lecce164.96 Mbps17.71—62.38 Mbps54.67 Mbps1
2Aradeo165.42 Mbps14.98—49.14 Mbps22.21 Mbps5
3Martano146.13 Mbps15.41—43.76 Mbps21.03 Mbps3
4Galatone200.01 Mbps13.98—51.43 Mbps19.71 Mbps5
5Scorrano166.73 Mbps11.06—51.26 Mbps19.45 Mbps2
6Salice Salentino151.55 Mbps14.35—48.27 Mbps19.01 Mbps4
7Campi Salentina163.91 Mbps12.52—46 Mbps17.53 Mbps4
8Nardò389.34 Mbps11.58—44.25 Mbps17.22 Mbps5
9Taviano389.42 Mbps12.85—44.7 Mbps17.07 Mbps3
10Casarano170.69 Mbps11.54—43.57 Mbps16.97 Mbps4
11Ugento171.33 Mbps9.96—44.53 Mbps16.31 Mbps3
12Alliste172.52 Mbps10.85—43.12 Mbps15.84 Mbps3
13Maglie177.8 Mbps10.53—44.64 Mbps15.79 Mbps5
14Ruffano164.07 Mbps10.53—40.03 Mbps15.56 Mbps4
15Vaste157.17 Mbps10.23—35.33 Mbps15.53 Mbps1
16Galatina179.81 Mbps10.51—41.02 Mbps15.5 Mbps5
17Trepuzzi172.25 Mbps10.71—39.79 Mbps15.14 Mbps3
18San Cesario di Lecce156.77 Mbps9.62—38.31 Mbps15.1 Mbps4
19Racale163.4 Mbps10.13—41.1 Mbps14.95 Mbps4
20Novoli200.49 Mbps11.47—42 Mbps14.92 Mbps4
21Sannicola166 Mbps10.03—39.79 Mbps14.85 Mbps4
22Cavallino495.9 Mbps9.93—41.33 Mbps13.8 Mbps5
23Calimera254.28 Mbps9.63—37.23 Mbps13.79 Mbps5
24Surbo162.89 Mbps10.15—39.02 Mbps13.76 Mbps6
25Taurisano388.3 Mbps8.93—46.28 Mbps13.18 Mbps5
26Lequile328.95 Mbps9.43—38.05 Mbps12.7 Mbps4
27Squinzano389.02 Mbps7.18—41.22 Mbps12.48 Mbps3
28Lecce850.9 Mbps8.16—37.99 Mbps12.33 Mbps7
29Parabita352.3 Mbps8.8—41.23 Mbps12.02 Mbps5
30Gallipoli171.86 Mbps7.52—35.87 Mbps11.71 Mbps6
31Melendugno181.88 Mbps7.57—34.18 Mbps11.52 Mbps5
32Sogliano Cavour173.72 Mbps7.35—36.18 Mbps11.38 Mbps2
33Copertino330.2 Mbps7.35—40.11 Mbps11.25 Mbps4
34Porto Cesareo136.98 Mbps7.08—26.46 Mbps11.22 Mbps3
35Melissano164.67 Mbps6.73—35.22 Mbps11.2 Mbps4
36Seclì91.99 Mbps6.38—35.04 Mbps11 Mbps2
37Monteroni di Lecce331.54 Mbps7.27—37.25 Mbps10.99 Mbps4
38Matino156.16 Mbps5.39—28.41 Mbps8.07 Mbps5
39Lizzanello226.95 Mbps4.15—35.43 Mbps7 Mbps5
40Tuglie161.34 Mbps4.52—18.22 Mbps6.8 Mbps3
41Galugnano148.93 Mbps3.95—15.39 Mbps5.57 Mbps2
42Corigliano d'Otranto168.35 Mbps3.62—16.99 Mbps5.39 Mbps5
43Martignano87.59 Mbps3.17—13.92 Mbps5.06 Mbps3
44Carmiano152.27 Mbps3.33—16.95 Mbps4.83 Mbps5
45Vernole174.01 Mbps2.98—14.83 Mbps4.53 Mbps4
46Tricase171.19 Mbps2.95—12.89 Mbps4.16 Mbps6
47Cannole42.47 Mbps1.64—8.72 Mbps2.73 Mbps2
48Cutrofiano342.31 Mbps1.72—7.19 Mbps2.5 Mbps3

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Provincia di Lecce

Provincia di Lecce has 13 ISPs available.
Telecom Italia is the fastest provider in Provincia di Lecce with 850.9 Mbps, and an average speed range of 9.61—40.95 Mbps.
Users in Provincia di Lecce see an average internet speed of 6.24 up to 31.32 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 850.9 Mbps.
Telecom Italia is available in Provincia di Lecce, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 850.9 Mbps.
Fastweb is available in Provincia di Lecce, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 495.9 Mbps.
Tiscali is available in Provincia di Lecce, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 398.09 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Provincia di Lecce is Telecom Italia.

Last updated: 09 Aug 2020