Internet Providers in Provincia di Como

Provincia di Como
There are 25 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Provincia di Como. Typical internet speeds vary from 10.22 to 45.07 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 942.59 Mbps from Telecom Italia. Other fast providers include Vodafone Italy with 940.52 Mbps, WIND Telecomunicazioni with 938.64 Mbps, and Tiscali with 920.5 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Provincia di Como are 13.47% worse than the Italy national average of 17.97 Mbps. The most common provider in Provincia di Como is Telecom Italia, their typical speeds ranging from 10.84 to 51.11 Mbps.

Provincia di Como Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Provincia di Como

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Telecom Italia942.59 Mbps10.84—51.11 Mbps105
2Vodafone Italy940.52 Mbps6.36—39.22 Mbps77
3NGI681.33 Mbps9.96—29.01 Mbps69
4Fastweb892.13 Mbps13.62—45.38 Mbps54
5WIND Telecomunicazioni938.64 Mbps10.18—55.84 Mbps51
6Tiscali920.5 Mbps9.47—60.53 Mbps33
7Welcome Italia811.72 Mbps15.46—47.4 Mbps9
8Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni189.44 Mbps10.15—41.52 Mbps9
9Professional Link622 Mbps20.99—51.58 Mbps7
10BT Italia649.58 Mbps15.77—67.4 Mbps6
11TWT564.48 Mbps14.69—75.17 Mbps5
12Qcom89.51 Mbps17.08—41.67 Mbps4
13Linkem30.88 Mbps3.71—18.08 Mbps4
14Colt407.26 Mbps8.77—127 Mbps3
15Utility Line Italia90.78 Mbps20.03—77.66 Mbps3
16IRIDEOS Domestic103.91 Mbps6.02—36.46 Mbps3
17CDLAN186.87 Mbps12.17—25.53 Mbps2
18HAL Service srl98.6 Mbps7.35—20.36 Mbps2
19Retelit207.12 Mbps2.13—5.96 Mbps2
20Unidata464.61 Mbps55.78—268.99 Mbps1
21Planetel Srl577.41 Mbps27.68—44.18 Mbps1
22Mynet srl203.45 Mbps14.54—32.64 Mbps1
23BrianTel Srl98.13 Mbps14.68—46.38 Mbps1
24Intred199.46 Mbps17.21—28.29 Mbps1
25Micso Nord51.97 Mbps7.82—21.99 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Provincia di Como

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Lambrugo232.11 Mbps84.68—92.22 Mbps86.75 Mbps1
2Carbonate919.42 Mbps27.01—65.76 Mbps41.78 Mbps4
3Mondello410.56 Mbps23.42—85.8 Mbps34.55 Mbps8
4Blevio526.99 Mbps20.31—87.57 Mbps32.83 Mbps2
5Erba577.41 Mbps16.34—88.64 Mbps29.06 Mbps7
6Longone al Segrino189.82 Mbps17.06—86.59 Mbps26.78 Mbps3
7Guanzate396.02 Mbps12.7—62.29 Mbps21.49 Mbps8
8San Fermo della Battaglia555.52 Mbps13.71—46.67 Mbps20.64 Mbps5
9Cermenate938.64 Mbps14.31—53.05 Mbps20.34 Mbps8
10Cabiate179.53 Mbps13.25—44.01 Mbps20.05 Mbps7
11Porlezza188.08 Mbps12.99—39.54 Mbps20 Mbps3
12Mariano Comense870.77 Mbps13.54—46.97 Mbps19.78 Mbps10
13Montano Lucino183.26 Mbps13.79—51.11 Mbps19.49 Mbps5
14Binago166.81 Mbps13.4—47.81 Mbps18.79 Mbps6
15Casnate Con Bernate478.29 Mbps12.29—49.75 Mbps18.72 Mbps7
16Moltrasio942.59 Mbps9.95—48.25 Mbps18.66 Mbps2
17Villa Guardia465.62 Mbps13.5—46.37 Mbps18.53 Mbps3
18Merone170.65 Mbps12.77—29.93 Mbps17.62 Mbps3
19Bregnano811.72 Mbps10.85—47 Mbps17.5 Mbps4
20Carugo157.63 Mbps11.21—39.19 Mbps17.35 Mbps5
21Como937.71 Mbps11.42—46.59 Mbps17.24 Mbps13
22Bellagio460.46 Mbps10.54—41.28 Mbps17.07 Mbps4
23Uggiate Trevano770.87 Mbps11.41—61.05 Mbps16.95 Mbps6
24Olgiate Comasco781.29 Mbps11.55—43.41 Mbps16.83 Mbps8
25Inverigo860.65 Mbps11.32—53.07 Mbps16.56 Mbps6
26Brunate553.66 Mbps11.25—30.12 Mbps16.52 Mbps2
27Grandate189.44 Mbps12.21—48.17 Mbps16.5 Mbps8
28Figino Serenza505.59 Mbps10—48.17 Mbps16.28 Mbps3
29Lomazzo890.71 Mbps10.8—38.95 Mbps16.14 Mbps10
30Cantu940.52 Mbps10.68—45.81 Mbps15.98 Mbps11
31Monticello649.58 Mbps10.05—50.71 Mbps15.75 Mbps7
32Cernobbio806.04 Mbps11.29—49.6 Mbps15.59 Mbps5
33Cucciago189.16 Mbps10.55—38.86 Mbps15.48 Mbps3
34Appiano Gentile849.46 Mbps10.62—42.44 Mbps15.46 Mbps8
35Cassina Rizzardi464.61 Mbps9.44—52.86 Mbps15.3 Mbps5
36Turate550.14 Mbps10.27—44.26 Mbps15.14 Mbps7
37Senna Comasco309.39 Mbps11.07—36.84 Mbps14.96 Mbps4
38Vertemate con Minoprio735.78 Mbps9.4—51.71 Mbps14.61 Mbps3
39Lanzo d'Intelvi934.85 Mbps10.06—28.85 Mbps14.51 Mbps5
40Tavernerio642.59 Mbps9.6—38.46 Mbps14.2 Mbps4
41Albavilla918.45 Mbps9.66—43.14 Mbps14.01 Mbps6
42Lurago d'Erba245.45 Mbps10—37.04 Mbps13.87 Mbps6
43Rovellasca189.6 Mbps9.84—44.16 Mbps13.63 Mbps5
44Fino Mornasco885.81 Mbps9.11—32.33 Mbps13.6 Mbps7
45Oltrona di San Mamette102.14 Mbps9.55—27.18 Mbps13.35 Mbps3
46Albiolo140.35 Mbps7.38—42.65 Mbps13.32 Mbps3
47Veniano892.13 Mbps9.79—34.74 Mbps13.25 Mbps5
48Beregazzo con Figliaro184.71 Mbps8.49—44.69 Mbps12.87 Mbps4
49Rovello Porro465.03 Mbps8.99—41.78 Mbps12.83 Mbps3
50Asso488.68 Mbps8.95—30.32 Mbps12.42 Mbps4
51Ponte Lambro343.2 Mbps8.79—38.59 Mbps12.35 Mbps6
52Gironico al Piano146.56 Mbps7.2—28.96 Mbps10.83 Mbps3
53Canzo173.17 Mbps7.97—28.14 Mbps10.11 Mbps5
54Luisago166.91 Mbps7.41—69.36 Mbps10.07 Mbps4
55Bulgarograsso480.93 Mbps6.3—30.43 Mbps9.53 Mbps5
56Menaggio176.95 Mbps6.64—28.23 Mbps9.52 Mbps5
57Lipomo348.54 Mbps6.64—38.46 Mbps9.32 Mbps6
58Alzate Brianza110.09 Mbps6.7—24.13 Mbps9.21 Mbps5
59Arosio644.67 Mbps7.06—38.11 Mbps9.15 Mbps5
60Villette-Gervasio920.5 Mbps6.9—35.53 Mbps9.14 Mbps4
61Fenegro789.23 Mbps5.81—27.55 Mbps8.44 Mbps3
62Carimate182.48 Mbps3.17—9.13 Mbps4.11 Mbps4
63Novedrate509.93 Mbps2.93—9.59 Mbps3.98 Mbps5
64Mozzate816.04 Mbps2.91—13.05 Mbps3.93 Mbps7

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Provincia di Como

How many providers in Provincia di Como are there?
Provincia di Como has 25 ISPs available.
Who is the fastest provider in Provincia di Como?
Telecom Italia is the fastest provider in Provincia di Como with 942.59 Mbps, and an average speed range of 10.84—51.11 Mbps.
What is the average internet speed in Provincia di Como?
Users in Provincia di Como see an average internet speed of 10.22 up to 45.07 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 942.59 Mbps.
Is Telecom Italia available in Provincia di Como?
Telecom Italia is available in Provincia di Como, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 942.59 Mbps.
Is NGI available in Provincia di Como?
NGI is available in Provincia di Como, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 681.33 Mbps.
Is Fastweb available in Provincia di Como?
Fastweb is available in Provincia di Como, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 892.13 Mbps.
Who is the the most popular provider in Provincia di Como?
The provider with the most users in Provincia di Como is Telecom Italia.

Last updated: 19 Apr 2021