Internet Providers in Provincia di Brescia

There are 36 different broadband providers available to and being tested by people living in Provincia di Brescia. Typical internet speeds vary from 17.41 to 42.24 Mbps, and the highest broadband speed we've seen is 969.18 Mbps from Vodafone Italy. Other fast internet providers include Fastweb with 944.02 Mbps, Intred with 939.8 Mbps, and Telecom Italia with 939.4 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Provincia di Brescia are 1.81% worse than the Italy national average of 22.69 Mbps. The most common broadprovider in Provincia di Brescia is Telecom Italia, and their typical speeds range from 19.65 to 40.37 Mbps.

Provincia di Brescia Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Provincia di Brescia

#Provider NameMax Download SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Telecom Italia939.4 Mbps19.65—40.37 Mbps169
2Vodafone Italy969.18 Mbps16.84—75.34 Mbps120
3Intred939.8 Mbps18.92—50.77 Mbps107
4NGI348.6 Mbps14.51—49.04 Mbps74
5WIND Telecomunicazioni937.8 Mbps21.1—72.63 Mbps73
6Fastweb944.02 Mbps13.3—70.64 Mbps67
7Mynet srl935.62 Mbps18.85—81.94 Mbps38
8Tiscali666.81 Mbps9.95—65.99 Mbps31
9Linkem75.9 Mbps5.9—19.89 Mbps27
10SIM INFORMATICA586.18 Mbps9.82—23.99 Mbps21
11Retelit789.8 Mbps2.97—18.89 Mbps17
12Qcom465.06 Mbps19.65—44.73 Mbps14
13Airbeam104.5 Mbps9—27.11 Mbps13
14Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni89.84 Mbps8.01—25.24 Mbps11
15Welcome Italia537.92 Mbps15.11—46.24 Mbps10
16TWT896.05 Mbps11.12—78.99 Mbps9
17BT Italia93.83 Mbps31.09—47.03 Mbps9
18Planetel Srl836.46 Mbps20.3—70.12 Mbps6
19IRIDEOS Domestic700.96 Mbps6.27—46.01 Mbps6
20XMATICA SRL825.7 Mbps49.69—643.69 Mbps4
21Wolnext srl88.75 Mbps10.66—37.16 Mbps4
22CDLAN30.84 Mbps1.31—7.12 Mbps3
23SEDMULTITEL9.74 Mbps3.61—5.04 Mbps2
24IRIDEOS349.68 Mbps0—286.05 Mbps1
25Active Network92.37 Mbps27.15—61.88 Mbps1
26FIBERING100.76 Mbps30.25—88.27 Mbps1
27RadioFibra226.2 Mbps2.36—53.65 Mbps1
28Logos Technologies52.2 Mbps0—47.56 Mbps1
29Time-Net39.79 Mbps23.93—34.08 Mbps1
30Naquadria89.72 Mbps1.75—35.17 Mbps1
31Cloudfire75.21 Mbps9.75—13.87 Mbps1
32Brennercom276.62 Mbps4—20.44 Mbps1
33Colt42.45 Mbps0.48—3.34 Mbps1
34Progetto8 Srl30.14 Mbps4.98—15.71 Mbps1
35Professional Link27.94 Mbps0.34—14.65 Mbps1
36Optima Italia2.64 Mbps0—2.61 Mbps1

Cities and Broadband Provider Speeds in Provincia di Brescia

PositionCityMax Download SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Manerba del Garda581.11 Mbps42.66—91.98 Mbps63.11 Mbps7
2Cologne947.43 Mbps36.39—287.47 Mbps53.08 Mbps7
3Capriano del Colle918.24 Mbps29.8—93.22 Mbps47.81 Mbps8
4Calcinato823.32 Mbps29.95—50.35 Mbps36.07 Mbps9
5Montichiari894.63 Mbps22.07—254.16 Mbps31.95 Mbps10
6Ghedi938.15 Mbps21.72—57.36 Mbps28.7 Mbps8
7Verolanuova935.62 Mbps18.98—90.76 Mbps28.58 Mbps5
8Castenedolo933.2 Mbps20.7—74.59 Mbps28.56 Mbps8
9Gardone Val Trompia542.67 Mbps18.49—69.31 Mbps28.24 Mbps8
10Bovezzo845.21 Mbps21.63—63.35 Mbps28.23 Mbps7
11Sale Marasino634.99 Mbps20.48—61.04 Mbps27.8 Mbps5
12Breno837.21 Mbps14.85—87.17 Mbps26.84 Mbps5
13Rovato874.38 Mbps18.3—48.26 Mbps26.65 Mbps13
14Villa Carcina811.88 Mbps17.89—59.37 Mbps25.75 Mbps7
15Mazzano963.1 Mbps18.59—69.7 Mbps25.69 Mbps5
16Paderno Franciacorta938.18 Mbps16.36—65.8 Mbps24.88 Mbps8
17Gussago853.48 Mbps16.58—54.23 Mbps24.69 Mbps8
18Edolo543.97 Mbps14.77—463.97 Mbps24.54 Mbps4
19Brescia969.18 Mbps15.9—63.05 Mbps24.36 Mbps21
20Artogne626.88 Mbps21.58—37.68 Mbps23.85 Mbps5
21Leno960.51 Mbps13.84—72.13 Mbps23.47 Mbps6
22Castrezzato883.37 Mbps14.74—61.44 Mbps23.42 Mbps6
23Gottolengo578.92 Mbps12.59—69.7 Mbps23.21 Mbps3
24Padenghe sul Garda602.13 Mbps15.58—60.05 Mbps23.12 Mbps5
25Desenzano del Garda552.44 Mbps15.24—56.01 Mbps23.02 Mbps11
26San Zeno Naviglio742.6 Mbps16.09—53.8 Mbps22.91 Mbps6
27Lograto548.36 Mbps14.14—135.41 Mbps22.85 Mbps5
28Botticino939.4 Mbps16.01—48.5 Mbps22.84 Mbps7
29Coccaglio845.18 Mbps14.89—47.47 Mbps22.63 Mbps7
30Concesio778.33 Mbps15.93—51.43 Mbps22.56 Mbps8
31Zona Produttiva 2 San Pancrazio530.62 Mbps16.92—55.14 Mbps22.55 Mbps7
32Torbole Casaglia525.89 Mbps14.18—44.93 Mbps22.2 Mbps5
33Pontoglio696.74 Mbps14.91—52.31 Mbps22.18 Mbps11
34Travagliato847.6 Mbps14.84—50.63 Mbps21.82 Mbps9
35Monticelli Brusati291.02 Mbps14.27—51.39 Mbps21.74 Mbps5
36Manerbio923.73 Mbps15.32—65.38 Mbps21.73 Mbps9
37Vobarno843.45 Mbps15.17—48.07 Mbps21.57 Mbps5
38Orzinuovi841.06 Mbps15.05—49.16 Mbps21.48 Mbps8
39Sirmione594.95 Mbps13.73—45.73 Mbps21.35 Mbps7
40Sarezzo893.24 Mbps15.43—46.72 Mbps21.16 Mbps7
41Castel Mella469.04 Mbps16.49—52.44 Mbps20.91 Mbps11
42Collebeato788.38 Mbps13.03—47.52 Mbps20.89 Mbps6
43Bagnolo Mella549.28 Mbps13.34—52.63 Mbps20.85 Mbps5
44San Felice del Benaco800.11 Mbps14.3—66.17 Mbps20.79 Mbps7
45Rezzato913.04 Mbps18.83—45.05 Mbps20.73 Mbps9
46Chiari929.57 Mbps13.12—52.28 Mbps20.59 Mbps8
47Palazzolo sull'Oglio931.95 Mbps13.21—64.96 Mbps20.56 Mbps11
48Gavardo917.65 Mbps13.88—51.83 Mbps20.41 Mbps9
49Nave939.8 Mbps14.05—47.34 Mbps20.1 Mbps5
50Pozzolengo302.03 Mbps14.53—34.17 Mbps20.06 Mbps3
51Moniga del Garda522.09 Mbps12.56—46.33 Mbps19.51 Mbps4
52Toscolano-Maderno748.36 Mbps12.6—55.06 Mbps19.46 Mbps7
53Lonato881.39 Mbps13.6—53.54 Mbps19.09 Mbps8
54Corte Franca945.25 Mbps12.91—30.58 Mbps18.47 Mbps8
55Bedizzole826.6 Mbps13.05—46.64 Mbps18.42 Mbps10
56Salò917.3 Mbps12.26—55.62 Mbps18.11 Mbps8
57Castegnato423.05 Mbps12.81—42.97 Mbps17.82 Mbps8
58Darfo Boario Terme474.75 Mbps13.38—37.12 Mbps17.77 Mbps8
59Piazza865.5 Mbps12.2—40.58 Mbps17.73 Mbps9
60Calvisano528.87 Mbps11.96—54.35 Mbps17.52 Mbps7
61Belleguardello840.3 Mbps11.5—47.53 Mbps17.4 Mbps4
62Pontevico432.63 Mbps11.31—48.4 Mbps17.35 Mbps5
63Castelcovati189.09 Mbps11.81—54.21 Mbps17.04 Mbps3
64Erbusco603.19 Mbps11.84—51.63 Mbps16.7 Mbps7
65Flero736.33 Mbps10.49—52.47 Mbps16.69 Mbps7
66Quinzano d'Oglio154.24 Mbps10.87—42.82 Mbps16.25 Mbps4
67Bienno138.64 Mbps9.62—41.74 Mbps16.1 Mbps6
68Poncarale548.91 Mbps10.5—40.86 Mbps15.99 Mbps4
69Nuvolera517.57 Mbps10.44—65.74 Mbps15.84 Mbps6
70Sabbio Chiese122.89 Mbps10.37—65.98 Mbps15.78 Mbps4
71Esine547.41 Mbps10.41—29.59 Mbps15.37 Mbps4
72Cazzago San Martino440.7 Mbps9.77—32.74 Mbps15.01 Mbps7
73Adro547.92 Mbps9.94—52.51 Mbps14.3 Mbps11
74Pisogne669.47 Mbps8.64—43.88 Mbps14.3 Mbps7
75Sulzano182.55 Mbps9.98—49.67 Mbps14.15 Mbps5
76Iseo856.09 Mbps9.67—48.15 Mbps13.84 Mbps6
77Cellatica821.7 Mbps9.96—49.96 Mbps12.96 Mbps6
78Carpenedolo554.56 Mbps9.3—44.27 Mbps12.91 Mbps9
79Malonno365.06 Mbps9.12—23.91 Mbps12.9 Mbps3
80Agnosine118.33 Mbps9.35—28.49 Mbps12.42 Mbps4
81Lumezzane897.74 Mbps11.32—44.61 Mbps11.73 Mbps9
82Piancogno542.53 Mbps6.96—38.68 Mbps11.21 Mbps4
83Borgo San Giacomo686.79 Mbps7.33—26.34 Mbps10.53 Mbps6
84Bassano Bresciano384.57 Mbps6—20.39 Mbps8.38 Mbps5
85Capriolo759.74 Mbps4.62—20.28 Mbps5.91 Mbps10
86Pralboino135.66 Mbps3.84—12.27 Mbps4.97 Mbps2

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Provincia di Brescia

How many providers in Provincia di Brescia are there?
Provincia di Brescia has 36 ISPs available.
Who is the fastest provider in Provincia di Brescia?
Vodafone Italy is the fastest provider in Provincia di Brescia with 969.18 Mbps, and an average speed range of 16.84—75.34 Mbps.
What is the average internet speed in Provincia di Brescia?
Users in Provincia di Brescia see an average internet speed of 17.41 up to 42.24 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 969.18 Mbps.
Is Telecom Italia available in Provincia di Brescia?
Telecom Italia is available in Provincia di Brescia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 939.4 Mbps.
Is Intred available in Provincia di Brescia?
Intred is available in Provincia di Brescia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 939.8 Mbps.
Is Linkem available in Provincia di Brescia?
Linkem is available in Provincia di Brescia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 75.9 Mbps.
Who is the the most popular provider in Provincia di Brescia?
The provider with the most users in Provincia di Brescia is Telecom Italia.

Last updated: 01 Aug 2021