Internet Providers in Province of Modena

Province of Modena
There are 25 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Province of Modena. Typical internet speeds vary from 8.38 to 45.32 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 921.38 Mbps from Telecom Italia. Other fast providers include Tiscali with 921.24 Mbps, Vodafone Italy with 908.22 Mbps, and Fastweb with 903.06 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Province of Modena are 0.78% better than the Italy national average of 12.84 Mbps. The most common provider in Province of Modena is Telecom Italia, their typical speeds ranging from 10.4 to 47.22 Mbps.

Province of Modena Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Province of Modena

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Telecom Italia921.38 Mbps10.4—47.22 Mbps60
2Vodafone Italy908.22 Mbps9.26—46.14 Mbps36
3Acantho552.06 Mbps6.75—36.66 Mbps28
4Fastweb903.06 Mbps18.33—242.65 Mbps24
5Tiscali921.24 Mbps6.14—40.37 Mbps23
6WIND Telecomunicazioni895.26 Mbps15.14—54.48 Mbps23
7NGI102.1 Mbps8.76—25.64 Mbps16
8Cloudfire260.15 Mbps6.5—25.72 Mbps12
9Lepida696.08 Mbps6.32—41.74 Mbps11
10Linkem31.6 Mbps3.25—11.59 Mbps9
11BT Italia181.38 Mbps10.12—33.5 Mbps7
12Voix46.47 Mbps2.61—6.88 Mbps7
13NETandWORK97.23 Mbps2.88—6.8 Mbps6
14Mynet srl209.95 Mbps21.19—69.75 Mbps5
15Cesena Net srl538.64 Mbps3.27—41.67 Mbps4
16IRIDEOS Domestic91.51 Mbps6.69—45.61 Mbps4
17Welcome Italia91.25 Mbps7.4—27.75 Mbps4
18Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni72.55 Mbps1.97—30.41 Mbps2
19TWT94.53 Mbps84.62—92.93 Mbps1
20Metrolink40.88 Mbps20.87—37.51 Mbps1
21Progetto8 Srl26.38 Mbps0—23.81 Mbps1
22CDLAN22.02 Mbps9.31—14.74 Mbps1
23STEL14.14 Mbps0—11.87 Mbps1
24Next.it27.84 Mbps2.59—15.11 Mbps1
25Delta Web1.48 Mbps0—0.37 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Province of Modena

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Nonantola526.43 Mbps43.59—400.34 Mbps84.4 Mbps7
2San Felice sul Panaro588.8 Mbps23.65—91.77 Mbps35.72 Mbps8
3Cavezzo763.29 Mbps17.65—43.95 Mbps27.39 Mbps5
4San Cesario sul Panaro402.2 Mbps13.98—49.86 Mbps23.08 Mbps6
5Concordia sulla Secchia698.94 Mbps12.38—42.9 Mbps19.63 Mbps3
6Castelvetro di Modena626.31 Mbps12.89—69.13 Mbps19.11 Mbps4
7Vignola503.14 Mbps11.79—43.8 Mbps18.14 Mbps7
8Modena921.24 Mbps11.87—55.48 Mbps18.01 Mbps16
9Sassuolo758.2 Mbps11.26—49.91 Mbps17.28 Mbps10
10Castelfranco Emilia629.47 Mbps11.58—49.01 Mbps17.06 Mbps8
11Castelnuovo Rangone654.35 Mbps9.81—45.6 Mbps15.1 Mbps9
12Pavullo nel Frignano805.92 Mbps10.16—38.78 Mbps14.86 Mbps9
13Spilamberto604.29 Mbps9.16—44.38 Mbps14.72 Mbps8
14Finale Emilia486.02 Mbps10.26—44.5 Mbps14.58 Mbps8
15Formigine796.04 Mbps9.6—45.11 Mbps14.5 Mbps9
16Fiorano Modenese920.61 Mbps10.32—48.08 Mbps14.14 Mbps8
17Savignano sul Panaro586.52 Mbps8.34—45.04 Mbps13.58 Mbps4
18Soliera921.38 Mbps8.21—43.61 Mbps12.78 Mbps9
19Carpi912.61 Mbps7.68—45.64 Mbps12.77 Mbps14
20Zocca101.04 Mbps8.79—26.2 Mbps12 Mbps4
21Campogalliano896.18 Mbps6.77—39.32 Mbps11.09 Mbps7
22Novi di Modena455.47 Mbps6.6—41.05 Mbps10.1 Mbps5
23Maranello773.85 Mbps6.36—37.09 Mbps9.8 Mbps10
24Massa Finalese179.14 Mbps5.99—37.95 Mbps9.6 Mbps2
25Bomporto305.52 Mbps7.56—29.97 Mbps9.42 Mbps7
26Prignano sulla Secchia97.01 Mbps4.48—13.7 Mbps5.87 Mbps1
27Serramazzoni105.38 Mbps3.94—21.88 Mbps5.6 Mbps6
28Medolla170.04 Mbps4.49—16.59 Mbps5.5 Mbps6
29Mirandola774.18 Mbps3.67—14.21 Mbps5.26 Mbps13
30Marano sul Panaro164.93 Mbps3.71—31.01 Mbps5.05 Mbps5

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Province of Modena

Province of Modena has 25 ISPs available.
Telecom Italia is the fastest provider in Province of Modena with 921.38 Mbps, and an average speed range of 10.4—47.22 Mbps.
Users in Province of Modena see an average internet speed of 8.38 up to 45.32 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 921.38 Mbps.
Telecom Italia is available in Province of Modena, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 921.38 Mbps.
Vodafone Italy is available in Province of Modena, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 908.22 Mbps.
Linkem is available in Province of Modena, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 31.6 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Province of Modena is Telecom Italia.

Last updated: 10 Aug 2020