Internet Service Providers in Italy

Italy has 192 providers available to its residents. The highest speed we've seen is 4614.22 Mbps, and typical real-world speeds vary from 9.15 to 46.28 Mbps. The fastest speed we saw came from Fastweb, and we've seen speeds as high as 1097.56 Mbps from Lepida, 944.27 Mbps from WIND Telecomunicazioni, and 940.93 Mbps from Vodafone Italy. In terms of user numbers, Telecom Italia is the most popular provider in Italy, followed by Vodafone Italy and Fastweb. The fastest cities in Italy include Rome, Musocco, and Reggio Emilia, and Italy's fastest providers are Fastweb, Lepida, and WIND Telecomunicazioni.

Italy Speeds Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Italy

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Regions
1FIBERING930.94 Mbps41.78—502.98 Mbps10
2Si.El.Co.493.64 Mbps8.96—388.57 Mbps1
3TELMEKOM315.27 Mbps76.21—242.8 Mbps4
4Telecom Italia Sparkle342.25 Mbps30.27—210.72 Mbps3
5SUPERNAP Italia406.26 Mbps35.27—242.52 Mbps2
6A2A SMART CITY718.34 Mbps28.55—94.38 Mbps3
7RadioFibra940.35 Mbps49.54—164.3 Mbps6
8Unidata824.92 Mbps30.21—160.31 Mbps5
9Colt888.66 Mbps45.67—152.82 Mbps17
10Melita Italia834.73 Mbps38.16—162.76 Mbps4
11ITNET Italia838.4 Mbps9.59—76.13 Mbps2
12Nice Blue846.79 Mbps26.39—90.07 Mbps3
13myNET134.06 Mbps48.18—88.33 Mbps1
14XMATICA SRL612.72 Mbps9.83—46.84 Mbps2
15ICA-NET487.67 Mbps10.43—30.56 Mbps1
16UNICONNECT183.06 Mbps11.5—85.02 Mbps2
17TWT929.64 Mbps15.69—74.3 Mbps46
18ISI Line891.55 Mbps6.3—40.75 Mbps7
19Fastweb4614.22 Mbps12.21—62.14 Mbps107
20Orange Business Services153.88 Mbps23.12—71.03 Mbps1
21Metrolink265.95 Mbps43.54—62.23 Mbps5
22ASDASD srl832.31 Mbps5.64—42.18 Mbps8
23WAVECOM400.13 Mbps7.63—68.79 Mbps1
24Iren Energia418.53 Mbps11.9—53.71 Mbps3
25Lepida1097.56 Mbps7.18—80.82 Mbps13
26Vodafone Italy940.93 Mbps9.62—49.86 Mbps107
27WIND Telecomunicazioni944.27 Mbps11.83—56.27 Mbps107
28Brennercom806.42 Mbps13.58—85.66 Mbps8
29Comune di Milano222.48 Mbps18.37—74.45 Mbps1
30Tiscali930.32 Mbps7.53—48.05 Mbps101
31Naquadria655.28 Mbps5.16—37.26 Mbps5
32Verizon Business - EMEA190.88 Mbps14.32—59.48 Mbps7
33Redder Telco538.21 Mbps6.03—36.79 Mbps7
34COMMON NET193.82 Mbps12.11—71.64 Mbps1
35BT Italia649.58 Mbps5.09—31.75 Mbps67
36PASUBIO TECNOLOGIA202.9 Mbps10.75—61.02 Mbps3
37Telecom Italia San Marino360.46 Mbps12.61—45.41 Mbps6
38Trentino Network672.42 Mbps5.13—59.53 Mbps2
39Mynet srl769.22 Mbps13.86—54.24 Mbps17
40Planetel Srl874.38 Mbps18.5—47.77 Mbps13
41T.net91.67 Mbps5.15—69.99 Mbps2
42Acantho633.42 Mbps9.38—60.18 Mbps11
43ZADEA185.38 Mbps9.17—32.67 Mbps1
44Powerhouse Management109.88 Mbps10.03—49.55 Mbps2
45Estracom611.69 Mbps9.48—47.94 Mbps6
46Welcome Italia801.14 Mbps15.22—55.05 Mbps60
47Telecom Italia934.06 Mbps9.35—44.89 Mbps107
48ENEL92.89 Mbps19.83—38.1 Mbps1
49IRIDEOS Domestic618.64 Mbps8.61—46.17 Mbps38
50Multiwire531.18 Mbps14.33—45.23 Mbps4
51Intred936.88 Mbps13.51—42.31 Mbps12
52HAL Service srl492.04 Mbps5.98—27.19 Mbps11
53Expereo International bv56.2 Mbps17.02—39.19 Mbps1
54Intercom450.97 Mbps14.71—48.09 Mbps5
55Utility Line Italia90.78 Mbps12.53—44.29 Mbps4
56CenturyLink40.75 Mbps21.5—38.83 Mbps1
57Sistemi HS143.51 Mbps12.85—37.11 Mbps5
58Panservice778 Mbps3.22—27.99 Mbps4
59NHM264.21 Mbps7.04—37.06 Mbps2
60Professional Link412 Mbps12.56—32.32 Mbps9
61Unica Telecomunicazioni95.1 Mbps9.05—40.95 Mbps6
62Nexusway srl236.65 Mbps12.19—34.56 Mbps2
63DB Network583.72 Mbps8.04—32.58 Mbps1
64CDLAN909.54 Mbps8.52—40.23 Mbps29
65M247828.82 Mbps7.06—31.6 Mbps12
66BrianTel Srl358.64 Mbps7.5—28.14 Mbps8
67InternetONE907.98 Mbps4.68—17.62 Mbps4
68Interplanet Srl934.37 Mbps9.08—29.34 Mbps4
69DOLOMITES NETWORK172.26 Mbps9.43—28.62 Mbps2
70Optima Italia815.29 Mbps6.84—31.04 Mbps18
71Micro Servizi198.74 Mbps5.15—25.48 Mbps4
72Fontel87.39 Mbps9.97—27.35 Mbps1
73NGI748.37 Mbps8.07—26.24 Mbps80
74Convergenze278.53 Mbps9.36—27.77 Mbps4
75SmartProvider241.48 Mbps6.12—27.67 Mbps2
76BBBell913.89 Mbps6.61—18.9 Mbps10
77Cesena Net srl538.64 Mbps6.96—18.53 Mbps7
78Qcom243.54 Mbps10.79—27.99 Mbps11
79Time-Net648.5 Mbps4.97—28.32 Mbps13
80Logos Technologies87.45 Mbps4.22—29.25 Mbps5
81IT.Gate937.16 Mbps4.41—35.89 Mbps7
82Cloudfire426.86 Mbps6.15—22.78 Mbps12
83Retelit938.38 Mbps3.72—19.4 Mbps23
84Sirius Technology SRL592.89 Mbps4.76—22.24 Mbps6
85ALTITUD172.11 Mbps4.46—23.95 Mbps4
86Connesi727.91 Mbps4.29—22.33 Mbps8
87Abilene Net Solutions93.07 Mbps4.85—18.31 Mbps3
88Alida285.91 Mbps5.06—24.1 Mbps7
89RP Engineering349.92 Mbps4.68—21.33 Mbps4
90Tecno General srl280.84 Mbps5.67—21.97 Mbps9
91SIM INFORMATICA600.58 Mbps5.58—19.26 Mbps5
92IProute716.17 Mbps6.07—19.14 Mbps8
93Net Global263.68 Mbps5.38—18.35 Mbps2
94Telemar684.99 Mbps6.93—22.04 Mbps5
953P System Srl204.77 Mbps6.7—18.89 Mbps4
96Nova Quadri281.95 Mbps2.78—11.59 Mbps3
97Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni662.46 Mbps4.84—20.04 Mbps79
98Wolnext srl442.31 Mbps6.2—19.96 Mbps11
99ACI informatica97.79 Mbps6.95—23.93 Mbps6
100EMIND109.39 Mbps8.31—19.11 Mbps3
101Next.it757.91 Mbps3.91—15.03 Mbps6
1022Bite498.61 Mbps5.23—17.61 Mbps8
103Alfanews451.53 Mbps4.44—13.29 Mbps2
104Link Space308.21 Mbps2.83—8.96 Mbps1
105Telecomunicazioni digitali Fastalp106.93 Mbps6.31—19.78 Mbps3
106Cogent Communications805.89 Mbps3.79—13.98 Mbps7
107Apuacom553.51 Mbps2.67—14.1 Mbps4
108Netoip.com558.78 Mbps3.98—13.13 Mbps9
109Z.G. Elettronica di Zilio Giancarlo330.36 Mbps4.52—14.77 Mbps4
110Active Network456.18 Mbps3.43—13.32 Mbps17
111Skylogic39.63 Mbps6.04—18.69 Mbps3
112BBANDA302.31 Mbps3.45—15.55 Mbps1
113Wifiweb srl101.23 Mbps6.03—16.2 Mbps3
114WIREM40.59 Mbps4.98—17.88 Mbps5
115Asco TLC299.19 Mbps3.14—11.82 Mbps9
116Digital Telecommunication Services298.38 Mbps5.56—18.92 Mbps11
117Siportal Srl90.22 Mbps3.55—15.23 Mbps9
118IRIDEOS394.07 Mbps3.05—13.78 Mbps3
119STIADSL91.56 Mbps6.28—16.51 Mbps3
120Elsynet83.47 Mbps2.31—17.46 Mbps2
121Orakom310.4 Mbps3.21—13.41 Mbps5
122Wispone Srl480.29 Mbps4.64—14.57 Mbps4
123Spadhausen285.49 Mbps3.43—12.34 Mbps1
124NETandWORK174 Mbps4.58—12.65 Mbps4
125Dimensione Srl474.06 Mbps4.79—13.03 Mbps4
126Uno Communications96.13 Mbps5.62—16.43 Mbps6
127Origine Impianti78.93 Mbps2.49—16.88 Mbps2
128Tecnotel Servizi Tecnologici306.25 Mbps4.31—14.37 Mbps11
129Momax93.82 Mbps3.44—11.22 Mbps6
130ELCOM SRL313.71 Mbps4.55—12.91 Mbps4
131Lorenzo Rossi104.62 Mbps4.94—12.21 Mbps1
132Irpinia Net-Com SRL456.61 Mbps3.63—10.99 Mbps7
133Cielo46.12 Mbps5.76—15.58 Mbps1
134INTERCONN313.75 Mbps5.04—13.6 Mbps1
135Micso Nord552.79 Mbps4.46—14.73 Mbps8
136STEL95.47 Mbps5.74—13.95 Mbps7
137Terra182.61 Mbps3.34—13.15 Mbps7
139Tex9728.03 Mbps5.56—14.82 Mbps3
140Progetto8 Srl482.49 Mbps4.06—10.15 Mbps6
141NOVACONN118.31 Mbps4.03—10.17 Mbps2
142Videobyte64.55 Mbps5.08—12.44 Mbps4
143ip telecom81.93 Mbps4.29—11.67 Mbps3
144Airbeam134.58 Mbps4.51—12.45 Mbps2
145ADAL NETWORK SRL309.92 Mbps2.1—10.14 Mbps1
146wiber85.53 Mbps1.29—8.93 Mbps2
147INFORMATICA SYSTEM90.78 Mbps3.63—12.78 Mbps1
148Geny Communications181.89 Mbps2.38—11.24 Mbps2
149MegaWeb94.34 Mbps3.77—12.85 Mbps3
150GlobalComBasilicata43.12 Mbps3.4—11.68 Mbps3
151PSA145.15 Mbps2.53—11.49 Mbps1
152Newtec78.01 Mbps3.46—11.98 Mbps5
153Linkem114.11 Mbps3.36—12.14 Mbps75
154Hynet88.49 Mbps4.35—11.06 Mbps2
155Coding44.01 Mbps3.09—11.54 Mbps1
156Airgrid49.73 Mbps3.38—10.74 Mbps4
157NOVA NETWORKS72.01 Mbps3.26—10.93 Mbps4
158Fastnet Italy369.52 Mbps3.11—8.68 Mbps9
159Delta Web96.88 Mbps2.89—9.35 Mbps6
160Prometeus di Daniela Agro78.37 Mbps3—10.15 Mbps8
161Sinergia Telecomunication309.53 Mbps3.15—9.31 Mbps1
162Fiber Telecom Italia650.32 Mbps2.81—8.15 Mbps9
163Aircomm93.92 Mbps2.66—10.21 Mbps5
164Atomo Networks120.14 Mbps3.45—8.84 Mbps2
165BV Networks srl169.59 Mbps2.8—9.95 Mbps1
166WicitY181.17 Mbps2.1—8.37 Mbps3
167Interfibra121.96 Mbps3.04—9.3 Mbps5
168Horizon Telecom44.36 Mbps2.81—8.79 Mbps5
169SEDMULTITEL54.29 Mbps3.54—7.1 Mbps7
170SiciLink22.11 Mbps3.02—7.8 Mbps1
171Micso Centro Sud93.24 Mbps1.98—8.08 Mbps11
172Digital Telco18.65 Mbps3.29—8.55 Mbps2
173WARIAN257.16 Mbps1.9—7.51 Mbps14
174Iccom904.12 Mbps2.5—5.47 Mbps2
175Clio81.62 Mbps1.38—5.24 Mbps3
176NEXT SRL84.72 Mbps2.19—6.82 Mbps2
177Voix46.47 Mbps2.41—6.73 Mbps2
178Teckman18.96 Mbps2.11—7.45 Mbps1
179Grifonline29.76 Mbps2.47—6.69 Mbps4
180WITECNO48.53 Mbps1.99—6.98 Mbps2
181MU Network31.89 Mbps1.18—7.7 Mbps4
182Sistemi WiFi28.8 Mbps1.91—6.91 Mbps2
183Maide68.99 Mbps1.82—7.05 Mbps3
184InNet132.25 Mbps1.62—5.91 Mbps1
185Mandarin43.72 Mbps1.63—6.02 Mbps6
186ASValcom25.13 Mbps1.53—6.22 Mbps1
187Erre Elle Net98.41 Mbps2.26—5.96 Mbps5
188Wish Networks75.05 Mbps1.76—5.66 Mbps2
189Numeria117.39 Mbps1.04—4.81 Mbps2
190Telxius Cable62.12 Mbps1.53—1.96 Mbps1
191itesys31.37 Mbps1.39—4.77 Mbps3
192E4A86.11 Mbps1.23—4.21 Mbps8

Italy Regions By Speed

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Provincia di Genova93914.2—73.58 Mbps22.55 Mbps21
2Provincia di Foggia791.5612.96—51.93 Mbps20.26 Mbps13
3Provincia di Livorno877.8912.86—53.1 Mbps19.83 Mbps15
4Provincia di Prato846.0212.24—55.35 Mbps18.91 Mbps12
5Provincia di La Spezia925.4612.65—51.9 Mbps18.8 Mbps12
6Bologna943.3212.37—62.87 Mbps18.71 Mbps33
7Monza Brianza942.2112.08—56.09 Mbps18.65 Mbps28
8Province of Parma916.2512.27—54.06 Mbps18.52 Mbps21
9Pisa866.8211.57—53.3 Mbps17.8 Mbps17
10Milan1319.9811.28—62.61 Mbps17.76 Mbps118
11Provincia di Savona924.611.35—60.36 Mbps17.69 Mbps14
12Province of Brindisi408.8411.48—47.18 Mbps17.22 Mbps11
13Provincia di Lucca68111.07—49.2 Mbps16.87 Mbps18
14Provincia di Pavia936.1711.02—46.48 Mbps16.7 Mbps25
15Provincia di Taranto601.9510.93—45.8 Mbps16.5 Mbps11
16Provincia di Verona936.5211.04—48.55 Mbps16.25 Mbps24
17Provincia di Cosenza483.289.93—44.52 Mbps16.23 Mbps12
18Provincia di Rimini813.8711.16—47.33 Mbps16.22 Mbps19
19Provincia di Cremona803.6710.59—48.59 Mbps16.12 Mbps19
20South Tyrol904.4210.55—55.1 Mbps16.08 Mbps14
21Provincia di Matera511.1710.34—54.8 Mbps15.93 Mbps6
22Bari910.410.47—48.77 Mbps15.86 Mbps19
23Provincia di Novara931.410.45—47.97 Mbps15.68 Mbps21
24Naples916.2910.01—45.91 Mbps15.56 Mbps28
25Provincia di Barletta452.9910.07—48.83 Mbps15.44 Mbps11
26Province of Forlì-Cesena895.0310.66—46.56 Mbps15.17 Mbps18
27Rome4614.229.71—50.93 Mbps14.93 Mbps70
28Province of Vibo Valentia5379.29—42.73 Mbps14.93 Mbps5
29Provincia di Reggio Calabria941.279.05—43.31 Mbps14.87 Mbps9
30Province of Modena921.389.35—51.93 Mbps14.78 Mbps25
31Provincia di Pistoia805.179.27—47.01 Mbps14.53 Mbps15
32Florence928.929.43—48.31 Mbps14.42 Mbps27
33Provincia di Reggio Emilia1097.569.48—44.78 Mbps14.13 Mbps21
34Provincia di Lodi851.629.11—44.74 Mbps14.12 Mbps13
35Provincia di Ravenna896.839.21—45.07 Mbps14.11 Mbps19
36Provincia di Piacenza918.19.23—45.46 Mbps13.71 Mbps16
37Provincia di Trieste930.128.74—44.6 Mbps13.51 Mbps10
38Provincia di Lecco920.79.21—37.3 Mbps13.48 Mbps19
39Turin937.769.04—46.2 Mbps13.42 Mbps37
40Province of Massa-Carrara938.388.43—42.8 Mbps13.37 Mbps13
41Province of Mantua915.99.49—40.51 Mbps13.34 Mbps18
42Provincia di Imperia896.89.1—45.42 Mbps13.33 Mbps10
43Provincia di Alessandria934.619.1—42.19 Mbps13.32 Mbps17
44Provincia di Caserta615.118.52—41.89 Mbps13.16 Mbps19
45Province of Terni836.268.76—39.47 Mbps13.1 Mbps11
46Venice9238.57—43.6 Mbps12.71 Mbps27
47Provincia di Vercelli782.668.65—39.56 Mbps12.58 Mbps12
48Province of Pordenone791.328.34—40.69 Mbps12.58 Mbps14
49Provincia di Perugia911.578.34—40.66 Mbps12.58 Mbps16
50Provincia di Gorizia911.937.78—44.12 Mbps12.56 Mbps9
51Province of Sondrio922.38.57—36.9 Mbps12.51 Mbps13
52Provincia di Varese939.598.62—28.52 Mbps12.37 Mbps25
53Provincia di Bergamo932.828.53—36.71 Mbps12.34 Mbps28
54Padua934.628.09—40.1 Mbps12.2 Mbps31
55Provincia di Latina907.357.77—46.25 Mbps12.14 Mbps17
56Provincia di Isernia407.57.6—39.73 Mbps12.02 Mbps7
57Provincia di Frosinone872.797.6—42.52 Mbps11.98 Mbps14
58Provincia di Como925.397.95—37.29 Mbps11.86 Mbps24
59Provincia di Ferrara915.139.02—42.1 Mbps11.84 Mbps16
60Provincia di Brescia941.338.07—36.1 Mbps11.83 Mbps30
61Province of Palermo923.727.74—42.52 Mbps11.66 Mbps17
62Provincia di Pescara859.117.73—37.6 Mbps11.41 Mbps12
63Province of Trente882.347.27—42.34 Mbps11.39 Mbps24
64Provincia di Salerno501.957.62—35.87 Mbps11.21 Mbps21
65Pesaro and Urbino708.457.24—37.68 Mbps11.2 Mbps17
66Provincia di Rovigo826.067.31—35.06 Mbps11.13 Mbps13
67Verbano-Cusio-Ossola795.67.45—30.07 Mbps11.12 Mbps11
68Provincia di Ancona640.77.28—37.02 Mbps10.87 Mbps19
69Provincia di Chieti864.387.14—36.59 Mbps10.83 Mbps15
70Provincia di Grosseto841.716.76—40.58 Mbps10.8 Mbps10
71Provincia di Udine900.147.03—37.16 Mbps10.72 Mbps14
72Provincia di Cagliari900.476.73—44.31 Mbps10.69 Mbps9
73Province of Belluno900.946.57—39.77 Mbps10.51 Mbps15
74Provincia di Treviso924.266.85—35.99 Mbps10.35 Mbps28
75Provincia di Cuneo925.076.91—36.19 Mbps10.16 Mbps19
76Provincia di Crotone368.566.49—37.39 Mbps10.06 Mbps7
77Valle d'Aosta806.266.58—40.34 Mbps10.05 Mbps8
78Province of Messina942.96.27—43.41 Mbps10.01 Mbps16
79Provincia di Vicenza934.376.7—32.25 Mbps9.98 Mbps35
80Provincia di Lecce850.96.51—34.82 Mbps9.96 Mbps14
81Syracuse411.556.19—40.39 Mbps9.94 Mbps14
82Province of Caltanissetta490.486.29—39.19 Mbps9.78 Mbps8
83Provincia di Potenza476.036.4—33.66 Mbps9.64 Mbps13
84Province of Siena887.046.49—31.78 Mbps9.58 Mbps18
85Province of Catania805.816.3—40.61 Mbps9.45 Mbps18
86Province of Fermo710.736.5—28.35 Mbps9.43 Mbps16
87Province of Agrigento861.276.22—35.09 Mbps9.36 Mbps13
88Provincia di Biella842.486.59—33.13 Mbps9.11 Mbps15
89Province of Enna610.535.87—36.02 Mbps9.04 Mbps10
90Province of L'Aquila610.56.38—27.49 Mbps9.01 Mbps13
91Provincia di Teramo756.486.04—30.86 Mbps8.97 Mbps12
92Arezzo894.636.16—32.56 Mbps8.64 Mbps19
93Provincia di Viterbo887.065.81—34.59 Mbps8.47 Mbps13
94Provincia di Catanzaro747.175.69—29.03 Mbps8.35 Mbps10
95Province of Trapani879.165.83—34.39 Mbps8.26 Mbps8
96Provincia di Benevento405.815.71—31.2 Mbps8.21 Mbps12
97Provincia di Macerata824.575.61—28.41 Mbps8.12 Mbps17
98Provincia di Sassari885.275.49—31.19 Mbps7.91 Mbps9
99Provincia di Campobasso474.065.68—24.68 Mbps7.85 Mbps12
100Province of Ragusa373.35.1—37.03 Mbps7.82 Mbps11
101Provincia di Avellino669.145.34—27.62 Mbps7.52 Mbps12
102Provincia di Asti926.635.4—23.11 Mbps7.32 Mbps20
103Ascoli Piceno630.475.09—25.99 Mbps7.29 Mbps16
104Provincia di Nuoro414.25.09—28.2 Mbps7.01 Mbps10
105South Sardinia673.734.82—27.26 Mbps6.91 Mbps8
106Provincia di Rieti822.794.45—20.53 Mbps6.24 Mbps10
107Provincia di Oristano473.474—22.21 Mbps5.77 Mbps7

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Italy

Italy has 192 ISPs available to its 60,340,328 residents.
Fastweb is the fastest provider in Italy with 4614.22 Mbps, and a typical real-world speed range of 12.21—62.14 Mbps.
FIBERING is the best provider in Italy, and their users typically see speeds in the range of 41.78 to 502.98 Mbps.
Users in Italy see an average internet speed of 9.15 up to 46.28 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 4614.22 Mbps.
Telecom Italia is available in Italy, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 934.06 Mbps.
Vodafone Italy is available in Italy, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 940.93 Mbps.
Fastweb is available in Italy, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 4614.22 Mbps.
WIND Telecomunicazioni is available in Italy, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 944.27 Mbps.
NGI is available in Italy, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 748.37 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Italy is Telecom Italia.