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Interplanet Srl is a medium-sized provider in Italy. We have seen speeds as high as 296.12 Mbps from Interplanet Srl's coverage area, and most of their users see real-world speeds in the range of 7.96 to 26.23 Mbps. Interplanet Srl is available in several large cities, including Verona, Vicenza, Valdagno, Arzignano, and Montecchio Maggiore. In these cities, its fastest speeds range from 3.06 to 47.03 Mbps. Of the smaller cities Interplanet Srl serves, such as Grancona, Nogarole Vicentino, Altissimo, Nanto, and Crespadoro, maximum speeds vary from 0 to 33.12 Mbps, and most of their customers obtain speeds between 17.03 and 33.12 Mbps.

Interplanet Srl's Rankings Across Italy: Medium-sized Providers in 2019


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Interplanet Srl Speeds Over Time

Interplanet Srl's Fastest Towns and Cities in Italy

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Valdagno90.42 Mbps19.19—47.03 Mbps32.1 Mbps
2Altavilla Vicentina73.39 Mbps17.78—29.7 Mbps23.34 Mbps
3Altissimo169.88 Mbps17.03—33.12 Mbps21.5 Mbps
4Montebello Vicentino91.73 Mbps15.92—39.62 Mbps19.74 Mbps
5Sovizzo202.17 Mbps15.43—28.74 Mbps17.62 Mbps

Interplanet Srl's Slowest Towns and Cities in Italy

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Sommacampagna9.46 Mbps1.02—2.57 Mbps1.06 Mbps
2Malo18.85 Mbps1.78—7.23 Mbps2.58 Mbps
3Cornedo Vicentino120.22 Mbps2.15—12.34 Mbps2.75 Mbps
4Quinto Vicentino9.57 Mbps2.78—4.44 Mbps2.98 Mbps
5Ponte di Castegnero18.56 Mbps2.14—7.83 Mbps3.17 Mbps

Interplanet Srl Growth and Performance History: Towns and Cities

Interplanet Srl in Regions and Counties

Large Towns and Cities Testing Interplanet Srl

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range
1San Giovanni Lupatoto56.36 Mbps13.26—20.42 Mbps
2San Bonifacio67.76 Mbps11.1—23.95 Mbps
3Bussolengo9.54 Mbps4.86—8.14 Mbps
4Mirano18.29 Mbps0—2.75 Mbps
5Malo18.85 Mbps1.78—7.23 Mbps
6Lonigo98.65 Mbps6.85—24.78 Mbps
7Zevio9.57 Mbps4.38—9.36 Mbps
8Chiampo150.19 Mbps10.38—25.81 Mbps
9Altavilla Vicentina73.39 Mbps17.78—29.7 Mbps
10Conselve38.99 Mbps18.04—32.58 Mbps
11Isola della Scala196.64 Mbps6.76—24.72 Mbps
12Cornedo Vicentino120.22 Mbps2.15—12.34 Mbps
13Noventa Vicentina93.2 Mbps8.01—40.92 Mbps
14Sommacampagna9.46 Mbps1.02—2.57 Mbps
15Badia Polesine20.43 Mbps0.4—3.79 Mbps
16Negrar9.48 Mbps5.45—9.18 Mbps
17Trissino70.03 Mbps11.75—27.42 Mbps
18Caldiero42.85 Mbps1.13—14.84 Mbps
19Monteforte d'Alpone191.98 Mbps2.74—13.74 Mbps
20Montebello Vicentino91.73 Mbps15.92—39.62 Mbps
21Torrebelvicino15.92 Mbps3.29—7.54 Mbps
22Isola Vicentina9.39 Mbps1.85—4.55 Mbps
23Castelgomberto16.66 Mbps4.73—13.17 Mbps
24Sovizzo202.17 Mbps15.43—28.74 Mbps
25Brendola91.07 Mbps5.55—20.49 Mbps
26Costabissara28.23 Mbps3.24—8.89 Mbps
27Cogollo del Cengio176.2 Mbps8.61—26.71 Mbps
28Arcugnano62.69 Mbps6.49—27.87 Mbps
29Colognola ai Colli10.71 Mbps7.63—10.1 Mbps
30Montecchia di Crosara20.19 Mbps12.33—17.48 Mbps
31Veggiano27.92 Mbps8.4—25.46 Mbps
32Montorso Vicentino7.83 Mbps0—0.44 Mbps
33Quinto Vicentino9.57 Mbps2.78—4.44 Mbps
34Locara35.71 Mbps0.07—0.26 Mbps
35Curtarolo108.28 Mbps28.01—37.75 Mbps
36Roana23.84 Mbps5.06—9.65 Mbps
37San Pietro Mussolino81.62 Mbps12.49—26.22 Mbps
38Ponte di Castegnero18.56 Mbps2.14—7.83 Mbps
39Crespadoro5.21 Mbps0—0.31 Mbps
40Nanto4.2 Mbps0—3.02 Mbps
41Altissimo169.88 Mbps17.03—33.12 Mbps
42Nogarole Vicentino184.3 Mbps3.53—9.41 Mbps
43Grancona28.75 Mbps5.06—12.57 Mbps