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Gigaclear is a medium-sized provider in The United Kingdom. We have seen speeds as high as 923.31 Mbps from Gigaclear's coverage area, and most of their users see real-world speeds in the range of 51.78 to 180.51 Mbps. Gigaclear is available in several large cities, including Romford, London, Northampton, Peterborough, and Oxford. In these cities, its fastest speeds range from 0 to 419.56 Mbps. Of the smaller cities Gigaclear serves, such as Aston Subedge, Baulking, Adlestrop, Hasfield, and Addington, maximum speeds vary from 31.9 to 532.05 Mbps, and most of their customers obtain speeds between 111.15 and 532.05 Mbps.

Gigaclear's Rankings Across The United Kingdom: Medium-sized Providers in 2019


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Gigaclear Speeds Over Time

Gigaclear's Fastest Towns and Cities in The United Kingdom

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Baulking881.61 Mbps111.15—532.05 Mbps389.53 Mbps
2London859.61 Mbps214.13—419.56 Mbps254.8 Mbps
3North Weald Bassett834.75 Mbps155.84—217.52 Mbps182.77 Mbps
4Sundon336.66 Mbps145.34—177.59 Mbps154.42 Mbps
5Aston Somerville923.31 Mbps80.76—173.21 Mbps152.16 Mbps

Gigaclear's Slowest Towns and Cities in The United Kingdom

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed
1Arborfield and Newland92.44 Mbps8.12—45.83 Mbps14.24 Mbps
2Beckley and Stowood713.5 Mbps13.98—44.77 Mbps18.08 Mbps
3Waddesdon406.42 Mbps12.86—49.66 Mbps19.65 Mbps
4Wheatley206.24 Mbps13.96—52.09 Mbps20.28 Mbps
5Bicester295.95 Mbps16.63—94.96 Mbps20.47 Mbps

Gigaclear Growth and Performance History: Towns and Cities

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Gigaclear Speed Test Results

We analysed users testing Gigaclear multiple times, each test starting no more than 30 minutes after the previous speed test. On average, Gigaclear customers ran 4 speed tests per session. Looking at download speeds, if the download speed of a Gigaclear user's final test is 10% faster than their starting download speed, we count that as a succesful and faster speed test result. We count an unsuccessful, slower result if the final result is 10% slower than the starting result; we'd consider this a customer Gigaclear should speak to as soon as possible. For speed tests that don't vary by that much, we consider the final result to be the same. For Gigaclear's customer base, of the speed tests we measured, 47.43% were fast, 27.86% slow, and 24.71% broadly the same.
Most Recent Tests
Town / CityStart Time# TestsDurationStart SpeedEnd SpeedStatus
Hasfield, Gloucestershire10 Feb 2020 21:56:16229 mins39.39 Mbps93.67 MbpsImproved
Aldermaston, West Berkshire10 Feb 2020 21:40:19103 mins64.42 Mbps18.24 MbpsNeeds help
Sulgrave, Northamptonshire10 Feb 2020 21:39:05226 secs31.72 Mbps18.4 MbpsNeeds help
Aldermaston, West Berkshire10 Feb 2020 20:19:28275 secs132.59 Mbps132.93 Mbps
London, London10 Feb 2020 19:16:59227 mins194.89 Mbps223.98 MbpsImproved
London, London10 Feb 2020 19:23:51232 secs12.55 Mbps28.71 MbpsImproved
Wootton, Oxfordshire10 Feb 2020 18:56:20225 secs49.5 Mbps55.2 MbpsImproved
Lowick, Northamptonshire10 Feb 2020 18:23:37226 mins23.71 Mbps27.59 MbpsImproved
London, London10 Feb 2020 18:22:35230 secs4.65 Mbps41.8 MbpsImproved
Hasfield, Gloucestershire10 Feb 2020 18:09:13270 secs51 Mbps24.18 MbpsNeeds help
Addington, Buckinghamshire10 Feb 2020 17:11:20224 secs17.4 Mbps23.49 MbpsImproved
Sywell, Northamptonshire10 Feb 2020 16:47:2324 mins13.99 Mbps11.57 MbpsNeeds help
Wootton, Oxfordshire10 Feb 2020 16:24:40211 mins197.72 Mbps14.77 MbpsNeeds help
Hasfield, Gloucestershire10 Feb 2020 16:19:05129 mins30.02 Mbps36.83 MbpsImproved
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire10 Feb 2020 15:53:35933 mins13.35 Mbps61.17 MbpsImproved
Aldworth, West Berkshire10 Feb 2020 13:43:32225 mins2.32 Mbps10.55 MbpsImproved
London, London10 Feb 2020 13:56:44247 secs33.76 Mbps33.07 Mbps
Abingdon, Oxfordshire10 Feb 2020 13:46:2442 mins1.33 Mbps16.18 MbpsImproved
London, London10 Feb 2020 12:57:59355 secs12.7 Mbps28.41 MbpsImproved
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire10 Feb 2020 11:39:07320 mins0.66 Mbps93.23 MbpsImproved

Large Towns and Cities Testing Gigaclear

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range
1Tonbridge263.98 Mbps101.22—221.6 Mbps
2Gloucester343.53 Mbps23.9—66.95 Mbps
3Cheltenham564.33 Mbps46.19—169.24 Mbps
4Leighton-Linslade703.89 Mbps38.65—169.83 Mbps
5Abingdon857.12 Mbps32.23—215.98 Mbps
6Bicester295.95 Mbps16.63—94.96 Mbps
7Witney456.07 Mbps26.23—69.58 Mbps
8Thatcham234.47 Mbps56.19—151.83 Mbps
9Ware277.74 Mbps25.76—89.21 Mbps
10Carterton495.29 Mbps31.11—137.83 Mbps
11Brackley269.64 Mbps44.88—178.06 Mbps
12Kidlington267.5 Mbps0—3.75 Mbps
13Stroud760.36 Mbps24.45—93.79 Mbps
14Epping844.05 Mbps56.67—195.72 Mbps
15Wythall313.68 Mbps28.4—82.6 Mbps
16Desborough666.95 Mbps25.3—228.32 Mbps
17Honiton263.64 Mbps21.51—81.34 Mbps
18Brockworth385.38 Mbps30.43—94.74 Mbps
19Ampthill435.1 Mbps94.56—239.1 Mbps
20Stonehouse273.83 Mbps47.49—135.16 Mbps
21Chipping Norton628.17 Mbps32.76—112.19 Mbps
22Long Ashton612.02 Mbps36.91—127.27 Mbps
23North Weald Bassett834.75 Mbps155.84—217.52 Mbps
24Chalford98.54 Mbps73.39—93.35 Mbps
25Hungerford307.61 Mbps69.61—100.87 Mbps
26Newent291.22 Mbps29.26—99.61 Mbps
27Wheatley206.24 Mbps13.96—52.09 Mbps
28Uppingham256.58 Mbps42.43—208.14 Mbps
29Benson75.15 Mbps43.31—72.97 Mbps
30Moreton in Marsh74.84 Mbps23.27—54.41 Mbps
31Cold Ash781.89 Mbps65.45—289.64 Mbps
32Stratfield Mortimer101.28 Mbps16.31—84.82 Mbps
33Pangbourne94.37 Mbps0—11.93 Mbps
34Arborfield and Newland92.44 Mbps8.12—45.83 Mbps
35Wootton517.59 Mbps59.31—152.45 Mbps
36Cuxton219.14 Mbps86.97—185.38 Mbps
37Aspley Guise916.23 Mbps29.92—86.62 Mbps
38Waddesdon406.42 Mbps12.86—49.66 Mbps
39Axbridge299.97 Mbps58.79—144.1 Mbps
40Lambourne70.49 Mbps0—16.68 Mbps
41Stow-on-the-Wold101.22 Mbps100.1—100.76 Mbps
42Wrotham547.9 Mbps93.87—165.53 Mbps
43Shaw cum Donnington153.97 Mbps123.81—153.8 Mbps
44Grendon Underwood229.5 Mbps30.18—97.24 Mbps
45Baston275.43 Mbps17.56—51.86 Mbps
46Highclere276.12 Mbps38.2—66.65 Mbps
47Enstone322.02 Mbps277.48—283.81 Mbps
48Boughton281.11 Mbps29.07—123.5 Mbps
49Brill258.66 Mbps47.98—92.34 Mbps
50Ruscombe219.46 Mbps89.01—203.56 Mbps
51Aldermaston818.38 Mbps30.37—137.08 Mbps
52Kingsland281.34 Mbps34.96—124.63 Mbps
53Marsh Gibbon363.15 Mbps36.75—124.64 Mbps
54Croughton277.03 Mbps59.54—171.18 Mbps
55Stanton Harcourt419.17 Mbps92.45—93.69 Mbps
56Clanfield596.25 Mbps22.6—90.76 Mbps
57Pitminster602.55 Mbps39.62—109.78 Mbps
58Sywell265.38 Mbps25.87—51.83 Mbps
59Abberley296.64 Mbps27.68—94.7 Mbps
60Wellington Without372.59 Mbps23.45—109.89 Mbps
61Begbroke254.78 Mbps21.16—44.85 Mbps
62Beckley and Stowood713.5 Mbps13.98—44.77 Mbps
63Worminghall92.92 Mbps0.28—64.18 Mbps
64Arlingham830.78 Mbps68.47—203.48 Mbps
65Berden377.82 Mbps42.06—128.44 Mbps
66Sundon336.66 Mbps145.34—177.59 Mbps
67Thorpe Achurch344.72 Mbps23.57—75.01 Mbps
68Sulgrave542.44 Mbps23.48—76.05 Mbps
69Swell921.57 Mbps77.9—164.1 Mbps
70South Leigh540.1 Mbps29.07—182.32 Mbps
71Allexton277.53 Mbps62.93—96.87 Mbps
72Leigh371.33 Mbps61.25—279.51 Mbps
73Egleton220.11 Mbps18.1—94.06 Mbps
74Lowick381.27 Mbps26.83—81.73 Mbps
75Bainton667.03 Mbps31.05—262.55 Mbps
76Stanford540.42 Mbps51.07—142.26 Mbps
77Aldworth669.8 Mbps70.89—252.04 Mbps
78Ardington525.98 Mbps36.33—150.66 Mbps
79Aston Somerville923.31 Mbps80.76—173.21 Mbps
80Grendon Bishop820.14 Mbps58.43—228.08 Mbps
81Ashmansworth876.26 Mbps52.75—100.26 Mbps
82Ampney St. Mary297.52 Mbps45.96—85.07 Mbps
83Aston Upthorpe202.1 Mbps39.81—86.24 Mbps
84Driffield293.3 Mbps27.22—80.46 Mbps
85Addington408.4 Mbps74.08—303.89 Mbps
86Hasfield447.77 Mbps31.9—134.59 Mbps
87Adlestrop308.43 Mbps51.22—261.16 Mbps
88Baulking881.61 Mbps111.15—532.05 Mbps
89Aston Subedge297.09 Mbps44.1—179.78 Mbps