Internet Providers in Upper Bavaria

Upper Bavaria
There are 55 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Upper Bavaria. Typical internet speeds vary from 12.05 to 48.19 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 925.9 Mbps from Deutsche Telekom. Other fast providers include COM-IN Telekommunikation with 896.17 Mbps, Vodafone with 884.92 Mbps, and Colt with 852.93 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Upper Bavaria are 9.01% better than the Germany national average of 16.64 Mbps. The most common provider in Upper Bavaria is Deutsche Telekom, their typical speeds ranging from 13.42 to 55.16 Mbps.

Upper Bavaria Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Upper Bavaria

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom925.9 Mbps13.42—55.16 Mbps556
2Vodafone884.92 Mbps6.36—31.39 Mbps323
3Telefonica Germany379.57 Mbps10.88—42.68 Mbps182
4M-net Telekommunikations843.36 Mbps12.01—46.59 Mbps121
5Colt852.93 Mbps12.65—75.67 Mbps35
6Plusnet158.34 Mbps7.34—26.69 Mbps33
7Cablesurf500.52 Mbps21.01—100.79 Mbps25
8COM-IN Telekommunikation896.17 Mbps9.61—35.92 Mbps18
9komro482.43 Mbps18.64—58.77 Mbps16
10scanplus235.1 Mbps11.4—62.38 Mbps16
11Turk Telekom International85.38 Mbps7.22—24.62 Mbps16
12SpaceNet AG656.43 Mbps2.43—8.42 Mbps12
13inexio185.07 Mbps13.68—45.61 Mbps10
14AnschlussWerk291.72 Mbps14.77—45.85 Mbps9
15Thuga SmartService493.33 Mbps19.5—44.42 Mbps7
16Deutsche Glasfaser681.44 Mbps27.36—92.32 Mbps6
17BT344.16 Mbps17.93—19.33 Mbps6
18CCNST Deutschland56.42 Mbps8.32—21.45 Mbps6
19noris network AG813.75 Mbps43.36—186.99 Mbps5
20MK Netzdienste45.6 Mbps3.19—11.31 Mbps5
21Trusted Network468.69 Mbps13.47—47.57 Mbps4
22Erdenreich Datentechnik141.09 Mbps14.99—55.38 Mbps4
23RSM Freilassing, Michael Rack89.37 Mbps15.76—25.78 Mbps4
24IABG TELEPORT494.73 Mbps1.05—3.18 Mbps4
25VIA NET.WORKS192.26 Mbps53.01—168.31 Mbps3
26LEW TelNet352.63 Mbps24.5—115.44 Mbps3
27ecotel communication ag77.94 Mbps15.45—44.25 Mbps3
28MTI Teleport827.74 Mbps305.02—375.95 Mbps2
29Artfiles New Media308.4 Mbps29.92—94.28 Mbps2
30Plus.line91.74 Mbps24.68—79.24 Mbps2
31HL komm370.17 Mbps8.97—52.46 Mbps2
32Bisping & Bisping238.31 Mbps12.92—22.48 Mbps2
33Linde318.99 Mbps11.33—45.24 Mbps2
34DNS:NET Internet Service137.69 Mbps4.18—21.7 Mbps2
35NetCom BW15.3 Mbps2.16—13.16 Mbps2
36Verizon Business - EMEA432.24 Mbps42.83—125.95 Mbps1
37Liberty Global517.84 Mbps40.04—232.12 Mbps1
38Globalways140.17 Mbps0—85.08 Mbps1
39AT&T EMEA155.02 Mbps0.22—131.63 Mbps1
40ropa carrier solutions156.28 Mbps0—14.23 Mbps1
41R-KOM94.44 Mbps0—43.41 Mbps1
42Stadtnetz Bamberg112.32 Mbps49.07—111.45 Mbps1
43combahton220 Mbps22.71—88.57 Mbps1
44cyberways90.98 Mbps23.46—78.79 Mbps1
45TELE AG73.07 Mbps0—0.62 Mbps1
46LWLcom82.9 Mbps23.83—59.59 Mbps1
47euNetworks Group84.48 Mbps14.2—51.52 Mbps1
48wilhelm.tel66.92 Mbps14.37—39.43 Mbps1
49SysEleven55.77 Mbps18.4—44.39 Mbps1
50envia TEL86.64 Mbps0.08—38.83 Mbps1
51M247112.93 Mbps6.03—43.31 Mbps1
52Telia Carrier79.26 Mbps8—28.19 Mbps1
53Cogent Communications174.85 Mbps3.47—16.28 Mbps1
54VOXILITY93.34 Mbps6.14—17.34 Mbps1
55Bartels System52.88 Mbps7.07—19.79 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Upper Bavaria

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Neufinsing176.41 Mbps88.95—92 Mbps90.12 Mbps2
2Alte Heide-Hirschau428.21 Mbps65.1—79.24 Mbps69.8 Mbps4
3Grunwald254.03 Mbps33.21—186.85 Mbps48.99 Mbps5
4Frankenmoosen239.73 Mbps27—57.01 Mbps43.76 Mbps2
5Aschheim508.51 Mbps36.56—161.32 Mbps43.31 Mbps5
6Gmund am Tegernsee91.51 Mbps25.03—81.94 Mbps41.28 Mbps1
7Neupasing479.78 Mbps28.65—93.94 Mbps40.64 Mbps4
8Grafelfing256.82 Mbps22.19—92.92 Mbps40.32 Mbps4
9Erdweg166.9 Mbps25.64—70.95 Mbps40.07 Mbps3
10Haar259.4 Mbps25.18—56.6 Mbps38.44 Mbps6
11Taufkirchen100.97 Mbps23.42—91.36 Mbps37.22 Mbps4
12Baar-Ebenhausen519.86 Mbps23.57—58.27 Mbps37.14 Mbps3
13Seefeld233.53 Mbps26.15—57.54 Mbps35.04 Mbps4
14Egmating635.41 Mbps26.74—67.02 Mbps34.89 Mbps2
15Bergkirchen233 Mbps21.74—57.57 Mbps34.56 Mbps3
16Zorneding681.44 Mbps21.45—91.51 Mbps31.92 Mbps5
17Holzkirchen745.71 Mbps19.29—83.11 Mbps31.02 Mbps6
18Germering260.29 Mbps19.97—83.61 Mbps30.31 Mbps5
19Ismaning827.74 Mbps20.28—75.33 Mbps30.15 Mbps6
20Miesbach522.38 Mbps18.5—82.48 Mbps29.77 Mbps2
21Vaterstetten222.3 Mbps20.79—52.21 Mbps29.24 Mbps4
22Unterhaching366.95 Mbps19.93—64.46 Mbps29.19 Mbps6
23Unterschleissheim451.08 Mbps17.91—74.82 Mbps28.44 Mbps8
24Geltendorf287.12 Mbps19.94—56.68 Mbps28.05 Mbps3
25Bad Feilnbach106.14 Mbps19.26—57.35 Mbps27.85 Mbps2
26Berg198.08 Mbps17.74—56.28 Mbps27.77 Mbps3
27Pforring232.6 Mbps18.69—55.11 Mbps27.43 Mbps1
28Rosenheim473.16 Mbps18.91—56.51 Mbps26.88 Mbps6
29Olching371.63 Mbps16.53—70.91 Mbps26.64 Mbps4
30Dachau513.09 Mbps18.54—57.02 Mbps26.28 Mbps7
31Unterwindach578.62 Mbps18.4—63.57 Mbps26.15 Mbps3
32Geretsried220.5 Mbps16.48—52.41 Mbps26.04 Mbps5
33Karlsfeld252.15 Mbps16.93—56.14 Mbps25.91 Mbps4
34Au in der Hallertau517.84 Mbps18.77—60.66 Mbps25.8 Mbps2
35Riegsee190.22 Mbps12.63—45.65 Mbps25.65 Mbps4
36Manching297.53 Mbps15.38—53.15 Mbps25.1 Mbps4
37Lenting262.63 Mbps15.35—56.28 Mbps24.72 Mbps3
38Forstern127.26 Mbps14.07—78.2 Mbps24.16 Mbps2
39Markt Indersdorf500.52 Mbps20.11—66.15 Mbps24.1 Mbps4
40Ingolstadt896.17 Mbps14.07—88.57 Mbps24.1 Mbps8
41Altomunster493.33 Mbps18.48—43.91 Mbps23.95 Mbps3
42Rottach-Egern155.27 Mbps15.65—56.03 Mbps23.79 Mbps1
43Reichertshofen251.68 Mbps14.29—56.77 Mbps23.71 Mbps3
44Bad Toelz237.16 Mbps13.16—64.39 Mbps23.51 Mbps5
45Adelschlag470.13 Mbps16.32—44.5 Mbps23.11 Mbps1
46Mettenheim228.96 Mbps16.24—48.11 Mbps23.03 Mbps2
47Moosburg501.85 Mbps14.73—52.75 Mbps23 Mbps4
48Friedrichshofen613.03 Mbps13.81—76.97 Mbps22.88 Mbps5
49Hallbergmoos495.69 Mbps13.63—46.25 Mbps22.87 Mbps3
50Oberbrunnenreuth264.84 Mbps14.34—57.42 Mbps22.59 Mbps4
51Schliersee207.24 Mbps14.49—63.41 Mbps22.59 Mbps3
52Gauting259.95 Mbps14.17—63.98 Mbps22.5 Mbps4
53Brunnthal210.3 Mbps14.16—52.17 Mbps22.47 Mbps4
54Kiefersfelden91.81 Mbps14.58—46.8 Mbps22.33 Mbps1
55Planegg256.35 Mbps14.14—57.63 Mbps22.09 Mbps6
56Erding264.2 Mbps14.2—56.15 Mbps22.09 Mbps4
57Gilching386.1 Mbps14.83—56.45 Mbps21.97 Mbps4
58Vohburg an der Donau158.37 Mbps15.06—55.08 Mbps21.71 Mbps2
59Eichstaett512.67 Mbps14.79—49.51 Mbps21.67 Mbps4
60Oberau203.96 Mbps13.25—48.64 Mbps21.67 Mbps2
61Odelzhausen261.74 Mbps15.91—40.1 Mbps21.48 Mbps2
62Puchheim404.38 Mbps12.17—50.58 Mbps21.42 Mbps5
63Stephanskirchen101.4 Mbps14.19—54.66 Mbps21.32 Mbps3
64Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm510.91 Mbps13.24—51.52 Mbps21.28 Mbps4
65Herrsching am Ammersee459.41 Mbps12.93—92.47 Mbps21.27 Mbps4
66Schrobenhausen350.49 Mbps13.23—53.87 Mbps21.16 Mbps4
67Diessen am Ammersee214.07 Mbps14.33—52.65 Mbps20.91 Mbps4
68Luitpolderhofe231.24 Mbps10.45—66.91 Mbps20.83 Mbps2
69Markt Schwaben260.53 Mbps13.39—46.43 Mbps20.58 Mbps5
70Teisendorf96.9 Mbps13.1—81.1 Mbps20.58 Mbps4
71Fahrenzhausen198.27 Mbps11.96—45.19 Mbps20.47 Mbps2
72Langenpreising183.92 Mbps15.25—44.44 Mbps20.32 Mbps3
73Starnberg429.09 Mbps13.23—53.81 Mbps20.25 Mbps4
74Schernfeld263.57 Mbps13.16—46.95 Mbps19.94 Mbps1
75Oberwiesenfeld379.57 Mbps13.99—38.14 Mbps19.9 Mbps1
76Gaimersheim337.82 Mbps13.58—53.23 Mbps19.65 Mbps6
77Utting am Ammersee264.24 Mbps12.79—53.44 Mbps19.65 Mbps1
78Kothau183.49 Mbps13.98—48.68 Mbps19.6 Mbps6
79Waldkraiburg240.33 Mbps13.45—47.04 Mbps19.59 Mbps5
80Ohlstadt232.39 Mbps14.24—49.96 Mbps19.57 Mbps2
81Oberwohr482.43 Mbps13.22—49.65 Mbps19.32 Mbps4
82Peissenberg233.94 Mbps12—50.9 Mbps19.25 Mbps2
83Hettenshausen521.48 Mbps12.71—49.45 Mbps19.2 Mbps5
84Oberhaching248.51 Mbps13.55—49.56 Mbps19.14 Mbps5
85Poing256.27 Mbps11.62—53.7 Mbps19.07 Mbps5
86Frasdorf99.54 Mbps12.66—44.83 Mbps18.84 Mbps2
87Muehldorf364.14 Mbps12.77—46.43 Mbps18.64 Mbps4
88Lerchenfeld484.66 Mbps11.35—52.23 Mbps18.6 Mbps6
89Kolbermoor305.92 Mbps11.82—52.61 Mbps18.58 Mbps4
90Hohenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn170 Mbps12.81—46.98 Mbps18.42 Mbps3
91Raubling249.9 Mbps13.04—46.21 Mbps18.32 Mbps4
92Schwabing171.95 Mbps17.94—19.31 Mbps18.32 Mbps1
93Kirchanschoring173.22 Mbps13—44.47 Mbps18.26 Mbps3
94Kirchseeon95.92 Mbps12.16—47.77 Mbps18.22 Mbps2
95Gaertnerplatz884.92 Mbps11.22—47.07 Mbps18.19 Mbps12
96Weilheim249.26 Mbps11.9—55.06 Mbps18.13 Mbps4
97Englischer Garten Sued925.9 Mbps12.06—48.02 Mbps18.01 Mbps26
98Mogling291.72 Mbps12.9—48.24 Mbps18 Mbps3
99Penzberg250.37 Mbps12.21—45.07 Mbps18 Mbps4
100Altenmarkt an der Alz100.69 Mbps11.64—48.42 Mbps17.81 Mbps2
101Unterfoehring402.17 Mbps11.25—54.31 Mbps17.78 Mbps6
102Munich557.68 Mbps11.56—47.38 Mbps17.55 Mbps10
103Nandlstadt214.07 Mbps11.5—45.46 Mbps17.36 Mbps3
104Erharting104.82 Mbps11.88—51.34 Mbps17.36 Mbps3
105Hebertshausen228.3 Mbps9.65—56.67 Mbps17.31 Mbps3
106Dorfen248.34 Mbps11.75—47.92 Mbps17.3 Mbps4
107Bruck473.86 Mbps11.68—47.46 Mbps16.92 Mbps3
108Feldkirchen-Westerham99.44 Mbps11.44—44.17 Mbps16.57 Mbps2
109Neuotting502.33 Mbps10.33—53.43 Mbps16.54 Mbps3
110Unterammergau221.92 Mbps11.75—45.92 Mbps16.53 Mbps1
111Ampfing230.69 Mbps11.14—43.91 Mbps16.36 Mbps3
112Wasserburg am Inn503.12 Mbps10.72—44.25 Mbps16.32 Mbps4
113Hofham89.37 Mbps15.78—22.43 Mbps16.2 Mbps1
114Kirchdorf245.89 Mbps10.7—44.97 Mbps16.18 Mbps2
115Alt Moosach239.66 Mbps10.58—43.05 Mbps16.06 Mbps2
116Bad Reichenhall168.62 Mbps11.92—38.59 Mbps16 Mbps3
117Bad Wiessee224.94 Mbps11.14—42.45 Mbps16 Mbps4
118Ebersberg105.36 Mbps10.72—40.95 Mbps15.9 Mbps5
119Scheyern147.14 Mbps10.16—43.34 Mbps15.79 Mbps2
120Hochod228.05 Mbps10.78—44.05 Mbps15.67 Mbps1
121Landsberg am Lech262.25 Mbps10.24—48.27 Mbps15.47 Mbps7
122Gern411.46 Mbps11.68—34.23 Mbps15.47 Mbps1
123Wolfratshausen180.06 Mbps10.86—44.12 Mbps15.36 Mbps6
124Kleindingharting87.81 Mbps10.68—40.03 Mbps15.33 Mbps1
125Peiting719.64 Mbps11.14—45.65 Mbps15.22 Mbps4
126Kirchheim bei Muenchen427.97 Mbps8.13—56.59 Mbps15.19 Mbps6
127Laufen111.98 Mbps11.95—43.17 Mbps15.05 Mbps2
128Garching bei Munchen843.36 Mbps10.74—57.69 Mbps15.01 Mbps5
129Traunstein166.52 Mbps11.86—46.07 Mbps14.98 Mbps5
130Eching248.32 Mbps9.94—38.24 Mbps14.93 Mbps4
131Hohenbrunn220.05 Mbps9.37—56.35 Mbps14.76 Mbps3
132Tacherting146.46 Mbps11.07—44.11 Mbps14.69 Mbps5
133Prien am Chiemsee103.09 Mbps10.74—47.33 Mbps14.67 Mbps2
134Schongau352.63 Mbps10.27—47.93 Mbps14.66 Mbps5
135Weihenstephan504.83 Mbps10.29—53.47 Mbps14.64 Mbps5
136Anger90.44 Mbps10.99—34.58 Mbps14.57 Mbps2
137Waging am See105.51 Mbps10.34—37.48 Mbps14.5 Mbps2
138Altoetting275.06 Mbps10.2—46.23 Mbps14.45 Mbps2
139Westerndorf-Sankt Peter252.29 Mbps11.55—52.29 Mbps14.36 Mbps4
140Freilassing103.94 Mbps10.47—42.92 Mbps14.26 Mbps3
141Fridolfing153.65 Mbps10.77—37.84 Mbps14.22 Mbps1
142Hohenpeissenberg225.76 Mbps10.79—43.66 Mbps14.14 Mbps2
143Kaufering258.1 Mbps10.04—50.45 Mbps14.13 Mbps4
144Unterhaunstadt271.36 Mbps10.46—48.4 Mbps14.02 Mbps6
145Tittmoning95.36 Mbps10—35.18 Mbps13.99 Mbps3
146Baldham252.93 Mbps10.49—47.31 Mbps13.91 Mbps4
147Oberschleissheim228.94 Mbps13.21—45.53 Mbps13.71 Mbps3
148Berchtesgaden185.7 Mbps9.84—41.87 Mbps13.69 Mbps1
149Hadergass88.8 Mbps10.79—38.52 Mbps13.66 Mbps1
150Ottobrunn372.81 Mbps10.87—46.23 Mbps13.52 Mbps6
151Ainring95.62 Mbps9.65—38.38 Mbps13.39 Mbps5
152Bad Aibling482 Mbps10.08—46.24 Mbps13.35 Mbps3
153Pullach im Isartal246.69 Mbps7.89—44.82 Mbps13.27 Mbps6
154Traunreut236.75 Mbps9.6—42.37 Mbps13.26 Mbps3
155Nussdorf am Inn88.68 Mbps10.71—39.08 Mbps13.21 Mbps2
156Burghausen506.35 Mbps8.81—42.84 Mbps13.18 Mbps2
157Hitzhofen190.88 Mbps9.38—39 Mbps13.13 Mbps4
158Altstadt673.48 Mbps9.04—49 Mbps13.06 Mbps5
159Schwindegg160.98 Mbps8.86—41.45 Mbps12.96 Mbps2
160Beilngries260.41 Mbps8.92—46.95 Mbps12.89 Mbps4
161Piding105.47 Mbps8.8—40.06 Mbps12.76 Mbps1
162Grassau97.38 Mbps9.83—37.63 Mbps12.73 Mbps1
163Soyen187.18 Mbps8.37—28.34 Mbps12.46 Mbps4
164Neuburg an der Donau467.58 Mbps9.09—37.1 Mbps11.99 Mbps6
165Neufahrn bei Freising216.32 Mbps9.01—30.21 Mbps11.97 Mbps4
166Schweitenkirchen222.81 Mbps8.24—40.85 Mbps11.67 Mbps4
167Chieming93.1 Mbps8.43—33.45 Mbps10.98 Mbps3
168Wartenberg245.52 Mbps6.16—39.85 Mbps10.97 Mbps3
169Wolnzach333.19 Mbps7.58—39.7 Mbps10.94 Mbps4
170Glonn100.42 Mbps7.29—37.89 Mbps10.92 Mbps3
171Bruckmuhl216 Mbps7.42—25.79 Mbps10.57 Mbps3
172Geisenfeld222.31 Mbps6.93—35.1 Mbps10.54 Mbps3
173Fraunberg184.56 Mbps6.81—43.5 Mbps10.52 Mbps1
174Engelsberg182.58 Mbps7.89—21.68 Mbps10.42 Mbps2
175Neubiberg102.68 Mbps6.85—34.74 Mbps10.27 Mbps4
176Griesstatt85.38 Mbps7.14—24.73 Mbps9.82 Mbps2
177Karlshuld105 Mbps6.9—28.04 Mbps9.72 Mbps2
178Garmisch-Partenkirchen255.96 Mbps6.47—26.57 Mbps9.23 Mbps5
179Kienberg160.86 Mbps6.6—21.49 Mbps9.22 Mbps1
180Eiselfing84.6 Mbps6.46—16.77 Mbps8.21 Mbps4
181Feldafing238.53 Mbps5.27—26.63 Mbps7.22 Mbps2

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Upper Bavaria

Upper Bavaria has 55 ISPs available.
Deutsche Telekom is the fastest provider in Upper Bavaria with 925.9 Mbps, and an average speed range of 13.42—55.16 Mbps.
Users in Upper Bavaria see an average internet speed of 12.05 up to 48.19 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 925.9 Mbps.
Deutsche Telekom is available in Upper Bavaria, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 925.9 Mbps.
Telefonica Germany is available in Upper Bavaria, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 379.57 Mbps.
M-net Telekommunikations is available in Upper Bavaria, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 843.36 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Upper Bavaria is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 07 Apr 2020