Germany Tübingen Region

Internet Providers in Tübingen Region

There are 39 different broadband providers available to and being tested by people living in Tübingen Region. The average internet speed in Tübingen Region is 73 Mbps, while the median speed test result is 34 Mbps. Typical internet speeds vary from 23 to 95 Mbps, and the highest broadband speed we've seen is 849 Mbps from Accelerated IT Services.

Compare Local Providers
Other fast internet providers include Liberty Global with 1018.44 Mbps, pronexon with 938.36 Mbps, and Dr.-Ing. Nepustil with 936.52 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Tübingen Region are 7.02% worse than the Germany national average of 36.17 Mbps. The most common broadband provider in Tübingen Region is Deutsche Telekom, and their typical speeds range from 15.22 to 65.8 Mbps.

Tübingen Region Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Tübingen Region

#Provider NameMax Download SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom929.44 Mbps15.22—65.8 Mbps235
2Vodafone1022.25 Mbps34.56—199.88 Mbps182
3Liberty Global1018.44 Mbps42.96—238.41 Mbps143
4NetCom BW919.39 Mbps16.48—44.5 Mbps96
5Telefonica Germany371.6 Mbps22.42—57.6 Mbps76
6Plusnet245.49 Mbps9.04—51.05 Mbps31
7TeleData815.85 Mbps20.72—44.79 Mbps26
8M-net833.97 Mbps83.06—90.23 Mbps10
9SWU TeleNet927.65 Mbps18.39—82.87 Mbps10
10pronexon938.36 Mbps76.9—241.4 Mbps7
11scanplus904.63 Mbps10.04—47.85 Mbps6
12inexio183.94 Mbps20.76—51.22 Mbps6
13Globalways809.06 Mbps85.91—97.28 Mbps5
14LEW TelNet533.53 Mbps49.99—134.43 Mbps5
15sdt.net730.21 Mbps13.1—32.43 Mbps5
16Telekommunikation Lindau816.47 Mbps22.64—79.51 Mbps4
17Telia Carrier312.23 Mbps16.28—31.55 Mbps4
18MK Netzdienste893.39 Mbps59.92—247.74 Mbps3
19Dr.-Ing. Nepustil936.52 Mbps31.21—182 Mbps3
20TELE AG440.5 Mbps38.15—98.52 Mbps3
21Bisping & Bisping105.05 Mbps51.49—87.12 Mbps2
22Cablesurf62.73 Mbps26.04—41.26 Mbps2
23Accelerated IT Services848.66 Mbps91.04—215.31 Mbps1
24Thuga SmartService743.09 Mbps51.04—92.19 Mbps1
25HL komm287.46 Mbps10.12—276.48 Mbps1
26VSE NET295.33 Mbps17.71—212.17 Mbps1
27Colt97.81 Mbps77.36—94.34 Mbps1
28vitroconnect508.75 Mbps29.79—120.29 Mbps1
29Stiegeler Internet Service296.92 Mbps22.84—102.94 Mbps1
30S-IT Informationstechnologie Betreiber97.76 Mbps69.08—86.23 Mbps1
31ropa carrier solutions84.93 Mbps46.8—77.69 Mbps1
32cyberways91.92 Mbps12.27—52.12 Mbps1
33imos105.47 Mbps3.97—53.71 Mbps1
34ThuringenDSL147.45 Mbps25.23—44.37 Mbps1
35rockenstein AG35.56 Mbps25.18—32.84 Mbps1
36Tata Communications41.33 Mbps3.65—34.84 Mbps1
37WEBDISCOUNT51.82 Mbps0.67—14.47 Mbps1
38nexiu27.54 Mbps6.28—26.31 Mbps1
39Verizon Business - EMEA2.3 Mbps1.77—2.04 Mbps1

Cities and Broadband Provider Speeds in Tübingen Region

PositionCityMax Download SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Kirchentellinsfurt901.5 Mbps161.64—509.82 Mbps361.78 Mbps6
2Eriskirch903.35 Mbps72.77—393.67 Mbps102.54 Mbps4
3Owingen809.53 Mbps57.48—376.19 Mbps92.37 Mbps4
4Buch878.81 Mbps86.48—90.38 Mbps88.57 Mbps5
5Allmannsweiler916.67 Mbps46.03—211.07 Mbps66.32 Mbps4
6Gomaringen924.16 Mbps38.61—301.33 Mbps62.37 Mbps4
7Orschel-Hagen1022.25 Mbps43.7—198.18 Mbps61.1 Mbps4
8Sondelfingen905.86 Mbps41.89—220 Mbps55.92 Mbps10
9Wangen901.5 Mbps38.95—179.68 Mbps55.23 Mbps6
10Blaubeuren Abbey399.94 Mbps27.97—141.45 Mbps52.89 Mbps5
11Kusterdingen919.74 Mbps35.77—189.97 Mbps51.33 Mbps5
12Ganter884.34 Mbps33.52—210.71 Mbps50.62 Mbps7
13Reutlingen973.39 Mbps35.75—182.33 Mbps50.59 Mbps8
14Dotternhausen875.71 Mbps34.91—123.12 Mbps49.82 Mbps3
15Bad Urach918.68 Mbps23.42—142.75 Mbps48.19 Mbps5
16Bad Wurzach514.02 Mbps39.03—372.46 Mbps47.84 Mbps6
17Ulm981.55 Mbps32.71—145.42 Mbps47.36 Mbps11
18Walddorf914.44 Mbps30.78—98.18 Mbps46.04 Mbps3
19Bad Waldsee911.77 Mbps29.85—206.86 Mbps45.79 Mbps5
20Betzingen965.3 Mbps31.81—174.02 Mbps45.75 Mbps9
21Eselsberg910.28 Mbps29.89—105.95 Mbps45.34 Mbps10
22Tettnang Castle757.23 Mbps30.44—153.84 Mbps43.6 Mbps5
23Gruenkraut417.74 Mbps42.72—44.57 Mbps43.57 Mbps4
24Altshausen701.68 Mbps28.91—84.47 Mbps43.02 Mbps2
25Tübingen914.58 Mbps28.45—98.21 Mbps41.06 Mbps8
26Tailfingen898.74 Mbps29.17—96.95 Mbps40.31 Mbps6
27Ravensburg917.72 Mbps25.29—100.65 Mbps39.75 Mbps6
28Eningen unter Achalm892.77 Mbps28.02—90.06 Mbps39.65 Mbps4
29Ebingen912.17 Mbps27.26—99.92 Mbps38.92 Mbps5
30Meckenbeuren879.54 Mbps24.89—99.72 Mbps37.33 Mbps6
31Ammerbuch532.07 Mbps25.63—86.03 Mbps37.31 Mbps6
32Albstadt895.82 Mbps26.55—75.61 Mbps37.11 Mbps3
33Donautal914.03 Mbps22.87—93.12 Mbps35.76 Mbps7
34Manzell526.88 Mbps26.19—68.28 Mbps34.16 Mbps4
35Metzingen924.68 Mbps22.2—97.79 Mbps34.02 Mbps7
36Pliezhausen846.24 Mbps23.27—80.6 Mbps33.74 Mbps6
37Mossingen887.25 Mbps25.04—68.63 Mbps33.31 Mbps5
38Erbach788.37 Mbps22.53—92.92 Mbps33.04 Mbps5
39Rosenfeld287.46 Mbps27.61—50.21 Mbps32.33 Mbps5
40Geislingen859.51 Mbps25.64—73.31 Mbps31.95 Mbps4
41Markdorf883.86 Mbps21.18—99.59 Mbps31.88 Mbps4
42Laupheim919.39 Mbps21.54—85.52 Mbps31.85 Mbps9
43Weingarten905.41 Mbps20.44—90.43 Mbps31.59 Mbps8
44Undingen912.38 Mbps22.75—96.86 Mbps31.48 Mbps3
45Pfullingen1018.44 Mbps22.96—85.6 Mbps31.32 Mbps6
46Balingen902.6 Mbps21.14—77.81 Mbps30.6 Mbps7
47Achstetten919.89 Mbps23.19—157.62 Mbps30.54 Mbps3
48Baienfurt702.12 Mbps19.91—109.67 Mbps30.28 Mbps5
49Biberach an der Riss930.68 Mbps22.05—80.5 Mbps30.28 Mbps5
50Sigmaringen906.37 Mbps19.97—85.39 Mbps30.23 Mbps6
51Haigerloch530.61 Mbps21.05—46.37 Mbps29.04 Mbps6
52Jungingen927.65 Mbps18.92—73.12 Mbps28.71 Mbps8
53Klingenstein902.92 Mbps21.68—80.08 Mbps28.51 Mbps7
54Ofterdingen914.65 Mbps18.1—106.69 Mbps28.32 Mbps4
55Pfullendorf863.34 Mbps16.9—88.94 Mbps28.26 Mbps5
56Strassberg826.47 Mbps20.73—83.05 Mbps28.21 Mbps3
57Friedrichshafen918 Mbps22.46—80.62 Mbps27.89 Mbps8
58Mittelbiberach812.25 Mbps22.23—81.75 Mbps27.39 Mbps4
59Rechtenstein671.98 Mbps21.21—47.48 Mbps27.33 Mbps2
60Meersburg259.01 Mbps18.27—60.23 Mbps27.19 Mbps4
61Bermatingen851.44 Mbps18.21—103.52 Mbps26.66 Mbps4
62Hochdorf301.45 Mbps21.17—44.71 Mbps26.57 Mbps3
63Langenau907.65 Mbps16.21—105.23 Mbps26.32 Mbps6
64Dornstadt650.02 Mbps18.57—57.29 Mbps26.2 Mbps6
65Immenstaad am Bodensee627.02 Mbps16.89—57.09 Mbps26.06 Mbps7
66Bierlingen524.94 Mbps20.85—51.76 Mbps25.8 Mbps3
67Schaulings220.51 Mbps18.61—31.6 Mbps25.26 Mbps4
68Ingoldingen523.64 Mbps18.72—48.84 Mbps24.89 Mbps3
69Rangendingen466.89 Mbps15.16—57.53 Mbps24.43 Mbps5
70Oberstadion524.44 Mbps16.03—44.86 Mbps23.52 Mbps3
71Munderkingen490.69 Mbps15.93—51.82 Mbps23.41 Mbps4
72Hechingen909.87 Mbps14.35—57.2 Mbps23.38 Mbps8
73Mengen294.16 Mbps16.37—43.85 Mbps23.23 Mbps4
74Eichelsteig918.86 Mbps14.79—47.51 Mbps22.79 Mbps6
75Lauterach867.97 Mbps13.46—54.83 Mbps22.56 Mbps4
76Riedlingen926.14 Mbps13.81—57.2 Mbps22.44 Mbps4
77Mahringen854.13 Mbps15.34—53.77 Mbps21.94 Mbps1
78Ochsenhausen390.57 Mbps13—57.46 Mbps21.62 Mbps4
79Remmingsheim531.73 Mbps13.56—53.16 Mbps21.38 Mbps5
80Isny731.5 Mbps13.35—68.11 Mbps21.23 Mbps4
81Herbertingen870.29 Mbps15.97—56.42 Mbps21.11 Mbps4
82Ostrach906.02 Mbps14.85—43.42 Mbps21.08 Mbps4
83Stetten am Kalten Markt846 Mbps14.05—55.74 Mbps20.07 Mbps5
84Leutkirch865.55 Mbps11.58—55.17 Mbps19.51 Mbps7
85Schelklingen801.9 Mbps11.45—53.24 Mbps18.5 Mbps3
86Kleinengstingen206.07 Mbps12.96—42.46 Mbps18.38 Mbps3
87Burghofe288.63 Mbps12.47—42.69 Mbps18.09 Mbps2
88Laichingen858.36 Mbps13.39—50.7 Mbps17.26 Mbps5
89Erolzheim373.96 Mbps10.15—53 Mbps17.11 Mbps3
90Aulendorf730.74 Mbps10.04—57.66 Mbps17.05 Mbps4
91Krauchenwies290.76 Mbps10.51—51.62 Mbps16.46 Mbps5
92Sigmaringendorf747.35 Mbps10.43—56.05 Mbps16.18 Mbps3
93Burladingen869.07 Mbps10.56—51.22 Mbps16.15 Mbps5
94Eberhardzell913.17 Mbps9.93—58.66 Mbps16.07 Mbps3
95Winterlingen466.94 Mbps10.92—41.19 Mbps15.39 Mbps5
96Dettingen an der Iller257.77 Mbps9.36—45.5 Mbps15.02 Mbps1
97Munsingen907.19 Mbps10.92—53.9 Mbps14.65 Mbps4
98Blitzenreute429.2 Mbps11.8—32.11 Mbps14.39 Mbps3
99Waldburg261.97 Mbps11.09—53.84 Mbps14.34 Mbps4
100Uberlingen857.48 Mbps8.91—54.58 Mbps13.96 Mbps6
101Inzigkofen912.76 Mbps10.95—30.01 Mbps13.9 Mbps3
102Bodnegg239.41 Mbps7.72—56.04 Mbps13.44 Mbps3
103Kisslegg533.06 Mbps9.92—49.31 Mbps13.3 Mbps3
104Siebenlinden929.44 Mbps8.47—35.83 Mbps12.16 Mbps8
105Bernstadt217.84 Mbps9.45—35.79 Mbps11.93 Mbps2
106Messkirch892.45 Mbps8.68—37.74 Mbps11.85 Mbps4
107Bodelshausen912.74 Mbps7.38—52.38 Mbps9.98 Mbps4
108Gammertingen581.7 Mbps6.18—58.28 Mbps9.46 Mbps4

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Tübingen Region

How many providers in Tübingen Region are there?

Tübingen Region has 39 ISPs available.

Who is the fastest provider in Tübingen Region?

Accelerated IT Services is the fastest provider in Tübingen Region with 848.66 Mbps, and an average speed range of 91.04—215.31 Mbps.

What is the average internet speed in Tübingen Region?

Users in Tübingen Region see an average internet speed of 23.31 up to 95.01 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 1022.25 Mbps.

Is Deutsche Telekom available in Tübingen Region?

Deutsche Telekom is available in Tübingen Region, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 929.44 Mbps.

Is Vodafone available in Tübingen Region?

Vodafone is available in Tübingen Region, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1022.25 Mbps.

Is Liberty Global available in Tübingen Region?

Liberty Global is available in Tübingen Region, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1018.44 Mbps.

Who is the the most popular provider in Tübingen Region?

The provider with the most users in Tübingen Region is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 20 Jan 2022