Internet Providers in Thuringia

There are 29 different broadband providers available to and being tested by people living in Thuringia. Typical internet speeds vary from 16.54 to 76.39 Mbps, and the highest broadband speed we've seen is 1838.76 Mbps from AlphaCron Datensysteme. Other fast internet providers include Vodafone with 931.2 Mbps, Deutsche Telekom with 880.09 Mbps, and Keyweb with 864.12 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Thuringia are 29.72% worse than the Germany national average of 35.56 Mbps. The most common broadprovider in Thuringia is Deutsche Telekom, and their typical speeds range from 16.55 to 75.69 Mbps.

Thuringia Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Thuringia

#Provider NameMax Download SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom880.09 Mbps16.55—75.69 Mbps331
2Vodafone931.2 Mbps16.8—94.77 Mbps220
3ThuringenDSL739.31 Mbps21.72—65.94 Mbps98
4Plusnet230.76 Mbps11.9—50.31 Mbps83
5Telefonica Germany251.93 Mbps9.48—33.92 Mbps55
6Thuringer Netkom654.98 Mbps11.64—44.66 Mbps42
7Ilm-Provider436.12 Mbps9.19—23.6 Mbps35
8envia TEL760.03 Mbps11.8—29.83 Mbps24
9AlphaCron Datensysteme1838.76 Mbps87.7—170.11 Mbps15
10Tele Columbus AG660.52 Mbps29.19—177 Mbps14
11ecotel communication ag371.49 Mbps89.19—163.02 Mbps6
12scanplus696.17 Mbps7.15—27.63 Mbps5
13suec//dacor89.89 Mbps16.3—49.14 Mbps4
14KNT Internet220.11 Mbps13.83—36.09 Mbps4
15HL komm250.77 Mbps14.43—32.34 Mbps4
16Bisping & Bisping232.03 Mbps45.16—77.54 Mbps3
17Liberty Global300.52 Mbps53.81—113.3 Mbps2
18Cablesurf443.37 Mbps20.1—122.16 Mbps2
19euNetworks Group713.07 Mbps42.66—486.35 Mbps1
20Thuga SmartService425.44 Mbps46.99—276.7 Mbps1
21Wobcom262.25 Mbps10.96—32.87 Mbps1
22TELE AG51.84 Mbps0—51.82 Mbps1
23inexio188.27 Mbps37.68—81.31 Mbps1
24Keyweb864.12 Mbps8.77—64.06 Mbps1
25The Cloud Networks Germany380.39 Mbps8.04—33.89 Mbps1
26SysEleven232.24 Mbps3.15—24.49 Mbps1
27NETHINKS7.29 Mbps4.95—7.18 Mbps1
28Verizon Business - EMEA4.53 Mbps3.71—4.28 Mbps1
29NU Informationssysteme3.8 Mbps1.72—2.96 Mbps1

Cities and Broadband Provider Speeds in Thuringia

PositionCityMax Download SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Suelzenbruecken1838.76 Mbps245.39—963.68 Mbps333.09 Mbps2
2Lipprechterode260.57 Mbps70.13—232.3 Mbps121.77 Mbps5
3Buttstaedt223.97 Mbps68.69—152.82 Mbps101.71 Mbps5
4Wenigenjena590.38 Mbps87.55—469.62 Mbps100.21 Mbps4
5Apfelstaedt747.07 Mbps86.87—89.17 Mbps87.75 Mbps4
6Muenchenbernsdorf207.69 Mbps79.92—89.72 Mbps84.58 Mbps2
7Bad Koestritz254.03 Mbps33.76—86.96 Mbps58.96 Mbps2
8Sulzer Siedlung695.11 Mbps42.25—89.23 Mbps57.05 Mbps4
9Dittelstedt917.16 Mbps41.46—102.66 Mbps57.02 Mbps9
10Waltershausen534.63 Mbps49.65—104.5 Mbps56.84 Mbps4
11Winzerla532.43 Mbps44.43—100.67 Mbps51.27 Mbps5
12Queienfeld226.4 Mbps37—72.43 Mbps49.52 Mbps4
13Erfurt877.92 Mbps31.52—102.9 Mbps48.46 Mbps16
14Nohra507.26 Mbps28.02—78.07 Mbps48.36 Mbps4
15Jena760.03 Mbps38.54—98.61 Mbps47.33 Mbps10
16Suhl874.52 Mbps27.92—104.6 Mbps45.86 Mbps3
17Weimar869.92 Mbps26.89—162.07 Mbps44.07 Mbps6
18Gispersleben270.03 Mbps21.94—91.33 Mbps43.19 Mbps3
19Bad Salzungen443.37 Mbps27.53—223.85 Mbps42.36 Mbps3
20Lobeda834.94 Mbps30.73—96.56 Mbps42.15 Mbps6
21Ronneburg629.66 Mbps16.08—46.32 Mbps38.87 Mbps2
22Sproetau261.46 Mbps24.72—77.17 Mbps37.62 Mbps2
23Gernrode264.8 Mbps25.93—61.97 Mbps35.11 Mbps2
24Ilmenau267.41 Mbps17.65—100.2 Mbps33.44 Mbps8
25Zella-Mehlis262.24 Mbps18.05—109.83 Mbps32.93 Mbps3
26Suhler Neundorf614.85 Mbps21.89—91.01 Mbps32.31 Mbps2
27Johannesvorstadt856.02 Mbps20.68—71.13 Mbps31.81 Mbps9
28Sondershausen670.13 Mbps23.42—83.71 Mbps31.79 Mbps5
29Gera869.16 Mbps21.54—79.17 Mbps31.44 Mbps5
30Schleiz533.37 Mbps21.29—69.92 Mbps31.38 Mbps5
31Meiningen713.57 Mbps20—83.53 Mbps31.24 Mbps4
32Tanna238.36 Mbps23.52—55.88 Mbps30.29 Mbps2
33Menteroda214.57 Mbps20.14—58.17 Mbps29.85 Mbps3
34Themar264.34 Mbps19.76—62.63 Mbps29.82 Mbps2
35Schleusingen504.89 Mbps16.77—57.78 Mbps29.19 Mbps4
36Niederorschel261.56 Mbps20.72—57.95 Mbps28.41 Mbps3
37Weida431.47 Mbps15.48—90.57 Mbps27.59 Mbps5
38Hildburghausen797.74 Mbps18.57—57.71 Mbps27.25 Mbps3
39Lusan727.13 Mbps21.11—91.73 Mbps26.82 Mbps5
40Apolda297.93 Mbps17.04—79.11 Mbps26.2 Mbps6
41Ellrich257.99 Mbps14.53—53.7 Mbps26.13 Mbps2
42Gerstungen573.25 Mbps19.46—53.79 Mbps25.99 Mbps4
43Nordhausen797.56 Mbps15.13—77.9 Mbps25.71 Mbps7
44Kraftsdorf264.18 Mbps17.93—62.92 Mbps25.46 Mbps2
45Eisfeld819.11 Mbps16.11—57 Mbps25.28 Mbps4
46Bieblach718.54 Mbps16.99—57.91 Mbps25.27 Mbps3
47Wolfsbehringen180.35 Mbps20.88—49.42 Mbps25.14 Mbps3
48Bad Frankenhausen879.02 Mbps14.14—57.39 Mbps25.13 Mbps3
49Leinefelde-Worbis656.04 Mbps16.29—57.09 Mbps25.01 Mbps2
50Herbsleben263.17 Mbps21.26—49.26 Mbps24.98 Mbps2
51Kromsdorf199.33 Mbps18.19—57.45 Mbps24.92 Mbps1
52Bad Langensalza806.64 Mbps19.09—49.39 Mbps24.17 Mbps5
53Neuhaus am Rennweg835.59 Mbps14.19—63.72 Mbps24.04 Mbps3
54Hirschberg684.21 Mbps16.95—52.28 Mbps24.03 Mbps2
55Artern245.46 Mbps13.82—46.92 Mbps23.92 Mbps3
56Anrode158.91 Mbps18.62—43.3 Mbps23.79 Mbps3
57Koenigsee106.07 Mbps21.16—48.91 Mbps23.75 Mbps3
58Saalfeld790.91 Mbps15.04—54.85 Mbps23.61 Mbps7
59Peterborn592.57 Mbps13.47—71.56 Mbps23.2 Mbps7
60Debschwitz759.99 Mbps14.3—55.02 Mbps22.72 Mbps4
61Eschenbergen251.87 Mbps17.07—47.64 Mbps22.45 Mbps2
62Bad Berka718.86 Mbps12.95—66.32 Mbps22.42 Mbps6
63Schlotheim500.7 Mbps15.58—65.75 Mbps22.31 Mbps3
64Poessneck721.83 Mbps15.05—52.12 Mbps21.96 Mbps6
65Roemhild931.2 Mbps16.98—52.15 Mbps21.64 Mbps5
66Nobitz259.74 Mbps15.28—57.3 Mbps21.33 Mbps2
67Kirchheim106.81 Mbps14.86—44.62 Mbps20.63 Mbps4
68Sonneberg519.7 Mbps13.66—53.66 Mbps20.29 Mbps2
69Arnstadt747.54 Mbps13.97—57.39 Mbps20.06 Mbps6
70Gotha593.92 Mbps13.57—57.83 Mbps19.8 Mbps6
71Schmalkalden265.79 Mbps12.93—53.54 Mbps19.32 Mbps5
72Greiz739.11 Mbps12.7—56.03 Mbps19.04 Mbps4
73Wintersdorf262.03 Mbps10.73—57.81 Mbps18.77 Mbps4
74Triebes739.94 Mbps12.67—49.31 Mbps18.56 Mbps2
75Altenburg701.4 Mbps11.58—56.64 Mbps18.39 Mbps5
76Zeulenroda670.29 Mbps11.67—51.78 Mbps17.64 Mbps3
77Soemmerda846.3 Mbps11.27—56.42 Mbps17.51 Mbps5
78Riethnordhausen220.11 Mbps12.09—30.78 Mbps16.96 Mbps1
79Mühlhausen888.22 Mbps10.89—54.25 Mbps16.79 Mbps6
80Dermbach775.74 Mbps11.45—54.21 Mbps16.56 Mbps1
81Bad Sulza265.13 Mbps12.44—65.14 Mbps16.44 Mbps6
82Steinbach-Hallenberg228.54 Mbps10.76—50.33 Mbps16.39 Mbps4
83Heilbad Heiligenstadt482.83 Mbps7.03—24.55 Mbps16.34 Mbps3
84Auleben88.17 Mbps13.12—23.33 Mbps15.34 Mbps2
85Eisenach386.74 Mbps10.29—47.85 Mbps15.03 Mbps8
86Heldrungen386.02 Mbps10.08—48.55 Mbps14.66 Mbps2
87Ruhla259.6 Mbps10.72—52.71 Mbps14.58 Mbps2
88Bad Liebenstein264.9 Mbps11.22—56.02 Mbps14.5 Mbps2
89Rudolstadt310.86 Mbps9.56—34.53 Mbps13.07 Mbps8
90Schmoelln260.84 Mbps9.62—41.8 Mbps12.47 Mbps6
91Eisenberg172.13 Mbps8.88—39.08 Mbps11.26 Mbps4
92Lunzig148.23 Mbps8.19—25.6 Mbps11 Mbps6
93Ohrdruf259.05 Mbps7.79—21.81 Mbps10.17 Mbps4
94Scheiditz39.06 Mbps8.32—17.66 Mbps9.76 Mbps1
95Bad Blankenburg222.63 Mbps7.05—27.5 Mbps9.67 Mbps5
96Lauscha367.72 Mbps5.58—40.7 Mbps9.63 Mbps2
97Kindelbrueck336.94 Mbps7.51—23.57 Mbps9.6 Mbps3
98Goessnitz240.42 Mbps9.48—30.58 Mbps9.58 Mbps3

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Thuringia

How many providers in Thuringia are there?
Thuringia has 29 ISPs available.
Who is the fastest provider in Thuringia?
AlphaCron Datensysteme is the fastest provider in Thuringia with 1838.76 Mbps, and an average speed range of 87.7—170.11 Mbps.
What is the average internet speed in Thuringia?
Users in Thuringia see an average internet speed of 16.54 up to 76.39 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 1838.76 Mbps.
Is Deutsche Telekom available in Thuringia?
Deutsche Telekom is available in Thuringia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 880.09 Mbps.
Is Vodafone available in Thuringia?
Vodafone is available in Thuringia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 931.2 Mbps.
Is ThuringenDSL available in Thuringia?
ThuringenDSL is available in Thuringia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 739.31 Mbps.
Who is the the most popular provider in Thuringia?
The provider with the most users in Thuringia is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 29 Jul 2021