Internet Providers in Swabia

There are 28 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Swabia. Typical internet speeds vary from 18.91 to 79.33 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 934.35 Mbps from Vodafone. Other fast providers include Liberty Global with 905.03 Mbps, Deutsche Telekom with 902.27 Mbps, and M-net with 878.71 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Swabia are 7.23% worse than the Germany national average of 31.39 Mbps. The most common provider in Swabia is Deutsche Telekom, their typical speeds ranging from 18.28 to 74.21 Mbps.

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Summary of Internet Service Providers in Swabia

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom902.27 Mbps18.28—74.21 Mbps269
2Vodafone934.35 Mbps27.72—122.44 Mbps167
3M-net878.71 Mbps16.79—53.03 Mbps140
4Telefonica Germany253.22 Mbps14—46.68 Mbps93
5LEW TelNet857 Mbps30.95—96.66 Mbps34
6Plusnet203.05 Mbps9.98—37.28 Mbps24
7Telia Carrier503.25 Mbps9.27—27.4 Mbps24
8inexio823.45 Mbps14.56—46.1 Mbps18
9NetCom BW535.69 Mbps12.76—41.93 Mbps11
10Liberty Global905.03 Mbps36.57—499.18 Mbps10
11COM-IN Telekommunikation221.38 Mbps14.54—45.78 Mbps8
12cyberways534.37 Mbps18.76—69.53 Mbps7
13Telekommunikation Lindau694.86 Mbps12.03—43.45 Mbps6
14Cablesurf202.69 Mbps21.61—48.19 Mbps4
15scanplus199.67 Mbps12.1—49.08 Mbps4
16MK Netzdienste97.73 Mbps19.93—46.89 Mbps4
17SWU TeleNet539.09 Mbps13.42—42.63 Mbps4
18Bisping & Bisping102.6 Mbps15.22—73.07 Mbps3
19ecotel communication ag259.28 Mbps20.91—83.98 Mbps2
20Deutsche Glasfaser617.27 Mbps34.27—181.66 Mbps1
21VIA NET.WORKS273.77 Mbps12.78—98.45 Mbps1
22euNetworks Group120.53 Mbps32.18—41.56 Mbps1
23ropa carrier solutions44.6 Mbps9.6—43.18 Mbps1
24Thuga SmartService90.73 Mbps26.7—34.79 Mbps1
25EWETel46.43 Mbps14.39—37.65 Mbps1
26RSM Freilassing, Michael Rack51.43 Mbps0.96—6.96 Mbps1
27SysEleven25.34 Mbps2.57—10.45 Mbps1
28SpaceNet AG0.32 Mbps0—0.16 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Swabia

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Bellenberg915.07 Mbps91.76—485.41 Mbps92.46 Mbps3
2Bobingen925.33 Mbps48.23—168.17 Mbps82.35 Mbps6
3Pfronten291.3 Mbps41.13—101.02 Mbps55.6 Mbps4
4Thierhaupten500.42 Mbps38.27—96.09 Mbps54.17 Mbps5
5Augsburg-Lechviertel878.71 Mbps37.23—86.87 Mbps47.13 Mbps7
6Lenzfried802.04 Mbps28.59—106.83 Mbps46.01 Mbps5
7Buchloe906.22 Mbps31.82—85.82 Mbps44.82 Mbps4
8Friedberg794.14 Mbps23.56—90.11 Mbps43.7 Mbps7
9Obergermaringen762.79 Mbps26.38—94.56 Mbps43.17 Mbps2
10Jettingen-Scheppach715.77 Mbps29.19—168.14 Mbps42.49 Mbps3
11Turkheim834.41 Mbps27.98—89.48 Mbps42.04 Mbps4
12Spickel-Herrenbach920.91 Mbps28.11—106.17 Mbps41.91 Mbps7
13Nersingen266.68 Mbps29.76—58.06 Mbps41.73 Mbps4
14Meitingen416.88 Mbps26.62—95.06 Mbps41.12 Mbps4
15Siedlung Hammerschmiede877.64 Mbps26.9—87.69 Mbps39.52 Mbps5
16Dillingen an der Donau905.03 Mbps24.79—153.92 Mbps38.65 Mbps5
17Haunstetten919.38 Mbps26.48—92.75 Mbps38.59 Mbps5
18Pfersee934.35 Mbps24.38—88.58 Mbps38.41 Mbps7
19Bubesheim734.97 Mbps28.52—90.58 Mbps38.36 Mbps2
20Boos622.99 Mbps26.88—73.96 Mbps37.2 Mbps1
21Altusried192.57 Mbps27.59—62.68 Mbps37 Mbps4
22Ichenhausen348.03 Mbps24.73—89.78 Mbps36.94 Mbps3
23Stadtbergen918.61 Mbps23.94—92.97 Mbps36.85 Mbps6
24Lindenberg im Allgau772.38 Mbps24.27—90.57 Mbps36.62 Mbps3
25Lindau321.12 Mbps23.69—57.85 Mbps36.49 Mbps3
26Memmingen911.63 Mbps24.74—88.73 Mbps36.34 Mbps7
27Hochfeld925.31 Mbps23.8—112.34 Mbps36.19 Mbps6
28Nördlingen871.19 Mbps23.74—49.75 Mbps35.51 Mbps8
29Hochzoll925.1 Mbps21.76—95.59 Mbps35.19 Mbps4
30Kaufbeuren919.08 Mbps23.87—82.5 Mbps34.55 Mbps6
31Radau918.64 Mbps22.68—91.75 Mbps34.39 Mbps7
32Kissing589.73 Mbps17.75—87.76 Mbps33.71 Mbps5
33Gersthofen899.44 Mbps22.28—82.71 Mbps33.67 Mbps7
34Füssen259.28 Mbps26.25—87.97 Mbps31.55 Mbps4
35Sonthofen804.7 Mbps20.99—105.77 Mbps31.52 Mbps7
36Vohringen833.86 Mbps20.18—91.42 Mbps31.51 Mbps5
37Donauwörth914.01 Mbps19.66—71.33 Mbps31.33 Mbps3
38Burgberg261.7 Mbps18.79—57.45 Mbps30.74 Mbps3
39Illertissen912.69 Mbps20.14—69.68 Mbps30.45 Mbps6
40Mering902.27 Mbps19.78—88.52 Mbps30.36 Mbps4
41Oberhausen803.74 Mbps19.87—71.78 Mbps29.97 Mbps9
42Kempten (Allgaeu)745.1 Mbps18.95—73.07 Mbps29.83 Mbps4
43Aichach462.98 Mbps19.77—65.75 Mbps29.58 Mbps6
44Diedorf510.98 Mbps20.48—61.57 Mbps28.49 Mbps3
45Eggen743.22 Mbps17.15—60.52 Mbps27.45 Mbps4
46Neusass736.81 Mbps19.26—62.19 Mbps27.36 Mbps6
47Lechhausen920.4 Mbps21.01—82.08 Mbps27.12 Mbps6
48Rain455.94 Mbps16.41—57.31 Mbps26.04 Mbps4
49Senden448.48 Mbps14.16—71.23 Mbps25.26 Mbps3
50Zusmarshausen507.31 Mbps16.14—58.6 Mbps25.06 Mbps6
51Weitnau356.69 Mbps14.26—49.51 Mbps24.78 Mbps5
52Augsburg916.69 Mbps16.76—57.84 Mbps24.76 Mbps7
53Wertingen266.48 Mbps18.15—98.55 Mbps24.47 Mbps4
54Burgau526.21 Mbps14.64—57.52 Mbps23.98 Mbps4
55Gablingen531.38 Mbps15.27—57.04 Mbps23.82 Mbps3
56Lauingen320.85 Mbps17.18—55.01 Mbps23.42 Mbps4
57Mindelheim924.48 Mbps15.43—57.36 Mbps23.39 Mbps5
58Dinkelscherben488.37 Mbps13.63—55.02 Mbps23.13 Mbps5
59Bad Worishofen914.57 Mbps12.95—72.35 Mbps22.95 Mbps5
60Tagmersheim191.16 Mbps16.45—53.68 Mbps22.21 Mbps2
61Blaichach523.21 Mbps14.66—56.86 Mbps22.14 Mbps2
62Guenzburg828.15 Mbps13.41—57.27 Mbps22.09 Mbps8
63Weiler-Simmerberg320.16 Mbps12.41—56.17 Mbps21.56 Mbps2
64Offenhausen927.78 Mbps13.56—58.64 Mbps20.72 Mbps8
65Roggenburg823.45 Mbps14.56—39.12 Mbps19.75 Mbps3
66Oberottmarshausen232.83 Mbps13.51—47.09 Mbps19.65 Mbps1
67Krumbach535.89 Mbps11.71—54.52 Mbps18.93 Mbps4
68Degelstein476.87 Mbps12.08—45.35 Mbps18.43 Mbps3
69Immenstadt im Allgau413.27 Mbps11.67—51.45 Mbps17.56 Mbps4
70Wemding359.34 Mbps12.17—55.05 Mbps16.75 Mbps2
71Weissenhorn921.39 Mbps11.62—50.2 Mbps16.52 Mbps3
72Marktoberdorf527.98 Mbps10.38—52.62 Mbps15.55 Mbps6
73Oettingen in Bayern806.23 Mbps12.3—37.89 Mbps15.18 Mbps3
74Unterelchingen262.71 Mbps10.93—43.96 Mbps14.52 Mbps6
75Merching336.16 Mbps10.54—28.64 Mbps14.32 Mbps4
76Kettershausen189.67 Mbps9.43—37.11 Mbps14.27 Mbps2
77Monheim528.76 Mbps9.53—32.79 Mbps12.76 Mbps2
78Schwabmunchen919.01 Mbps9.19—29.34 Mbps12.24 Mbps6
79Scherstetten46.89 Mbps8.89—9.41 Mbps8.96 Mbps3

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Swabia

How many providers in Swabia are there?
Swabia has 28 ISPs available.
Who is the fastest provider in Swabia?
Vodafone is the fastest provider in Swabia with 934.35 Mbps, and an average speed range of 27.72—122.44 Mbps.
What is the average internet speed in Swabia?
Users in Swabia see an average internet speed of 18.91 up to 79.33 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 934.35 Mbps.
Is Deutsche Telekom available in Swabia?
Deutsche Telekom is available in Swabia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 902.27 Mbps.
Is Vodafone available in Swabia?
Vodafone is available in Swabia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 934.35 Mbps.
Is M-net available in Swabia?
M-net is available in Swabia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 878.71 Mbps.
Who is the the most popular provider in Swabia?
The provider with the most users in Swabia is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 19 Apr 2021