Internet Providers in Schleswig-Holstein

There are 30 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Schleswig-Holstein. Typical internet speeds vary from 12.81 to 57.14 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 938.35 Mbps from Other fast providers include Vereinigte Stadtwerke Media with 917.64 Mbps, TNG Stadtnetz with 915.6 Mbps, and ADDIX Internet Services with 849.06 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Schleswig-Holstein are 20.31% better than the Germany national average of 16.64 Mbps. The most common provider in Schleswig-Holstein is Deutsche Telekom, their typical speeds ranging from 10.97 to 49.59 Mbps.

Schleswig-Holstein Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Schleswig-Holstein

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom627.63 Mbps10.97—49.59 Mbps495
2Vodafone243.75 Mbps6.74—33.43 Mbps268
3Telefonica Germany225.97 Mbps8.93—39.87 Mbps142
4wilhelm.tel938.35 Mbps27.75—91.18 Mbps125
5TNG Stadtnetz915.6 Mbps16.42—74.24 Mbps83
6Artfiles New Media824.98 Mbps24.82—91.87 Mbps75
7net services490.55 Mbps13.28—48.19 Mbps55
8Vereinigte Stadtwerke Media917.64 Mbps32.53—144.29 Mbps53
9GlobalConnect A/S515.73 Mbps5.98—21.08 Mbps21
10Cablesurf409.37 Mbps27.57—96.52 Mbps20
11ADDIX Internet Services849.06 Mbps2.3—14.61 Mbps17
12ropa carrier solutions515.92 Mbps21.8—59.03 Mbps11
13TraveKom200.49 Mbps7.26—25.37 Mbps11
14Deutsche Glasfaser817.3 Mbps28.06—101.97 Mbps10
15Plusnet92.5 Mbps3.18—20.04 Mbps7
16NetUSE AG272.2 Mbps52.83—150.65 Mbps2
17mywire Datentechnik48.58 Mbps33.16—47.54 Mbps2
18akquinet outsourcing69.68 Mbps15.58—41.91 Mbps2
19Colt93.51 Mbps9.48—54.18 Mbps2
20EWETel294.48 Mbps13.76—38.5 Mbps2
21SysEleven28.11 Mbps2.31—8.41 Mbps2
22scanplus279.16 Mbps20.89—58.28 Mbps1
23pop-interactive74.02 Mbps39.1—68.84 Mbps1
24ITENOS92.29 Mbps9.24—74.3 Mbps1
25IPHH Internet Port Hamburg87.44 Mbps8.22—65.83 Mbps1
26DNS:NET Internet Service225.13 Mbps11.69—49.89 Mbps1
27BT81.56 Mbps8.92—34.01 Mbps1
28Verizon Business - EMEA24.71 Mbps2.67—13.59 Mbps1
29Wemacom Telekommunikation5.14 Mbps1—3.18 Mbps1
30RelAix Networks21.63 Mbps0.54—1.12 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Schleswig-Holstein

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Krummesse713.01 Mbps296.73—303.77 Mbps300.81 Mbps3
2Zarpen813.4 Mbps196.5—287.31 Mbps197.13 Mbps2
3Fiefhusen197.69 Mbps47.47—133.13 Mbps68.02 Mbps1
4Dersau358.98 Mbps44.46—261.52 Mbps57.27 Mbps2
5Fuhlenhagen305.7 Mbps48.61—112.18 Mbps54.56 Mbps1
6Trittau864.48 Mbps33.37—113.99 Mbps46.95 Mbps4
7Langenharm900.63 Mbps31.69—92.79 Mbps45.74 Mbps4
8Harksheide884.62 Mbps33.36—94.02 Mbps45.31 Mbps5
9Garstedt563.14 Mbps29.24—93.25 Mbps45.24 Mbps4
10Nusse580.45 Mbps25.69—95.11 Mbps41.06 Mbps3
11Horstedt496.94 Mbps29.3—98.75 Mbps40.6 Mbps1
12Wrist458.58 Mbps28.89—88.43 Mbps38.25 Mbps3
13Niebuell461.58 Mbps24.82—91.99 Mbps37.7 Mbps4
14Neuenbrook804.68 Mbps28.79—67.64 Mbps36.71 Mbps3
15Glashuette480.28 Mbps26.27—93.35 Mbps36.26 Mbps4
16Arlewatt486.06 Mbps26.36—93.45 Mbps35.24 Mbps1
17Oststeinbek251.04 Mbps17.87—92.35 Mbps34.83 Mbps3
18Quickborn484.97 Mbps25.94—85.84 Mbps34.79 Mbps4
19Bad Bramstedt461.49 Mbps24.83—93.99 Mbps34.46 Mbps4
20Kellinghusen525.71 Mbps26.13—78.27 Mbps34.44 Mbps4
21Sulfeld460.86 Mbps23.68—79.83 Mbps34.13 Mbps3
22Risum-Lindholm434.92 Mbps24.24—89.14 Mbps34.09 Mbps3
23Norderstedt526.78 Mbps24.01—89.5 Mbps33.97 Mbps4
24Suederluegum460.5 Mbps23.58—89.75 Mbps33.72 Mbps2
25Bad Oldesloe917.64 Mbps23.84—83.48 Mbps32.92 Mbps4
26Bargfeld-Stegen812.16 Mbps23.82—92.16 Mbps32.81 Mbps2
27Friedrichskoog497.08 Mbps23.25—90.26 Mbps32.25 Mbps2
28Wedel938.35 Mbps20.56—68.06 Mbps31.49 Mbps6
29Weiche571.28 Mbps19.67—87.03 Mbps30.94 Mbps5
30Freiheit307.93 Mbps18.95—87.15 Mbps30.83 Mbps2
31Boostedt476.85 Mbps23.1—66.93 Mbps30.76 Mbps3
32Fahrdorf515.92 Mbps24.73—63.58 Mbps30.04 Mbps1
33Braak532.48 Mbps19.43—76.03 Mbps30.01 Mbps7
34Osterronfeld385.49 Mbps20.92—82.6 Mbps28.89 Mbps3
35Barmstedt558.91 Mbps21.87—80.35 Mbps28.85 Mbps5
36Ascheberg409.37 Mbps18.75—63.57 Mbps28.34 Mbps3
37Westermoor457.2 Mbps21.68—56.09 Mbps28.26 Mbps1
38Breitenberg450.04 Mbps20.47—54.2 Mbps27.13 Mbps1
39Rieseby264.36 Mbps22.74—58.92 Mbps27.1 Mbps3
40Bordesholm530.05 Mbps17.97—60.53 Mbps26.74 Mbps4
41Halstenbek517.77 Mbps19.91—74.48 Mbps26.71 Mbps4
42Mehlbek231.97 Mbps18.23—55.17 Mbps26.57 Mbps1
43Glinde218.59 Mbps16.78—76.52 Mbps26.27 Mbps5
44Reinbek331.31 Mbps17.41—64.25 Mbps26.06 Mbps7
45Klein Offenseth-Sparrieshoop407.7 Mbps18.35—91.66 Mbps25.6 Mbps3
46Handewitt307.89 Mbps16.19—66.43 Mbps25.56 Mbps3
47Bredstedt309.03 Mbps16.77—72.7 Mbps25.45 Mbps3
48Henstedt-Ulzburg795.8 Mbps16.96—73.06 Mbps25.27 Mbps5
49Hohenlockstedt791.75 Mbps16.34—57.01 Mbps25.11 Mbps3
50Nutzen488.82 Mbps16.86—77.1 Mbps24.96 Mbps3
51Ahrensburg499.17 Mbps17.41—58.11 Mbps24.49 Mbps7
52Kuhren248.1 Mbps17.99—49.55 Mbps24.25 Mbps1
53Neustadt in Holstein241.77 Mbps13.59—72.21 Mbps24.14 Mbps3
54Buedelsdorf403.68 Mbps14.32—80.81 Mbps23.53 Mbps5
55Marne359.08 Mbps14.88—82.4 Mbps23.51 Mbps4
56Wellingdorf526.62 Mbps14.48—52.78 Mbps23.43 Mbps6
57Jarplundfeld487.45 Mbps16.97—71.51 Mbps23.04 Mbps1
58Bargteheide577.68 Mbps15.54—59.23 Mbps23 Mbps5
59Wankendorf437.29 Mbps14.19—50.45 Mbps22.59 Mbps4
60Dummersdorf256.24 Mbps14.77—54.94 Mbps22.2 Mbps5
61Haseldorf230.37 Mbps14.14—53.97 Mbps21.95 Mbps2
62Sankt Lorenz Sued455.68 Mbps13.78—54.93 Mbps21.44 Mbps6
63Oh-Moor467.8 Mbps13.31—52.31 Mbps21.32 Mbps7
64Boernsen256.13 Mbps12.88—78.95 Mbps21.11 Mbps5
65Sankt Juergen259.62 Mbps14.39—57.31 Mbps20.97 Mbps6
66Schwarzenbek255.35 Mbps14.09—48.08 Mbps20.74 Mbps6
67Quellental526.95 Mbps13.35—47.56 Mbps20.52 Mbps5
68Klein Adelbylund474.17 Mbps13.86—57.32 Mbps20.23 Mbps8
69Lauenberg530.05 Mbps12.86—54.68 Mbps19.46 Mbps6
70Itzehoe247.37 Mbps12.08—53.35 Mbps19.34 Mbps5
71Fehmarn255.72 Mbps12.81—53.85 Mbps19.17 Mbps3
72Moelln307.19 Mbps13.41—54.31 Mbps19.07 Mbps4
73Puetjen857.89 Mbps11.31—45.04 Mbps18.57 Mbps4
74Kaltenkirchen891.52 Mbps12.56—50.67 Mbps18.55 Mbps5
75Heiligenhafen229.97 Mbps11.73—45.66 Mbps18.32 Mbps1
76Reisiek258.84 Mbps12.58—53.3 Mbps18.13 Mbps2
77Bad Schwartau515.73 Mbps12.05—48.49 Mbps18.09 Mbps5
78Besenbek460.06 Mbps11.54—48.24 Mbps17.82 Mbps6
79Dassendorf260.23 Mbps12.19—51.94 Mbps17.37 Mbps4
80Jevenstedt309.17 Mbps11.06—90.14 Mbps17.37 Mbps4
81Heide307.46 Mbps11.3—49.12 Mbps17.2 Mbps4
82Lübeck305.53 Mbps11.79—48.81 Mbps16.93 Mbps7
83Schafflund256.26 Mbps12.33—51.34 Mbps16.65 Mbps3
84Friedrichstadt298.17 Mbps10.63—49.99 Mbps16.39 Mbps3
85Rendsburg260.91 Mbps11.18—49.32 Mbps16.32 Mbps5
86Vieburg751.18 Mbps11.3—49.61 Mbps16.1 Mbps5
87Geesthacht257.62 Mbps11.27—45.04 Mbps16.01 Mbps5
88Luetjenburg258.88 Mbps10.62—39.96 Mbps15.85 Mbps4
89Kiel915.6 Mbps10.95—48.76 Mbps15.67 Mbps11
90Duesternbrook514.51 Mbps11.1—46.49 Mbps15.62 Mbps8
91Malente231.29 Mbps10.6—45.04 Mbps15.42 Mbps3
92Kappeln258.94 Mbps10.52—53.48 Mbps15.29 Mbps3
93Garding237.25 Mbps13.49—45.3 Mbps15.29 Mbps1
94Brandenbaum231.72 Mbps11.39—44.81 Mbps15.28 Mbps4
95Tungendorf459.59 Mbps10.51—62.04 Mbps15.2 Mbps4
96Vormstegen432.54 Mbps10.77—49.35 Mbps15.17 Mbps5
97Ramsharde479.94 Mbps10.39—47.01 Mbps15.09 Mbps7
98Brunsbuetelkoog135.33 Mbps10.14—42.41 Mbps15.02 Mbps1
99Meldorf228.27 Mbps9.88—43.3 Mbps14.52 Mbps3
100Nortorf426.54 Mbps10.85—57.49 Mbps14.19 Mbps4
101Eckernfoerde191 Mbps10.04—44.32 Mbps14.15 Mbps4
102Friesischer Berg308.35 Mbps11.09—49.78 Mbps14.02 Mbps6
103Husum483.73 Mbps9.84—46.14 Mbps14 Mbps4
104Ruthenberg474.12 Mbps10.49—48.6 Mbps13.94 Mbps4
105Wesenberg302.45 Mbps10.13—47.71 Mbps13.88 Mbps4
106Gaarden482.07 Mbps8.95—45.61 Mbps13.78 Mbps5
107Sylt-Ost272.2 Mbps11.19—44.47 Mbps13.57 Mbps3
108Muerwik627.63 Mbps10.23—45.48 Mbps13.51 Mbps3
109Kronshagen261.63 Mbps9.36—47.62 Mbps13.11 Mbps4
110Dreikronen521.97 Mbps10.2—55.39 Mbps13.11 Mbps6
111Uetersen249.7 Mbps9.09—43.85 Mbps12.86 Mbps4
112Sankt Lorenz Nord319.06 Mbps9.79—54.36 Mbps12.84 Mbps4
113Mettenhof497.62 Mbps8.96—43.03 Mbps12.8 Mbps5
114Krempelsdorf255.91 Mbps8.23—40.79 Mbps12.78 Mbps4
115Suederstapel237.58 Mbps9.84—45.49 Mbps12.77 Mbps1
116Wik432.12 Mbps9.14—44.3 Mbps12.72 Mbps5
117Wrixum219.13 Mbps8.51—44.48 Mbps12.15 Mbps1
118Ausackerwesterholz494.72 Mbps8.04—42.89 Mbps11.83 Mbps1
119Sieverstedt231.13 Mbps8.91—43.19 Mbps11.72 Mbps1
120Brunsbuettel397.34 Mbps7.6—39.46 Mbps11.51 Mbps4
121Wyk auf Foehr159.01 Mbps7.75—43.88 Mbps11.45 Mbps2
122Stockelsdorf258.77 Mbps7.94—45.32 Mbps11.16 Mbps5
123Ploen228.25 Mbps7.86—40.69 Mbps11.1 Mbps2
124Gettorf238.53 Mbps7.78—34.64 Mbps11.08 Mbps5
125Schenefeld457 Mbps8.53—40.01 Mbps11.05 Mbps5
126Oldenburg in Holstein226.13 Mbps7.29—48.33 Mbps11 Mbps4
127Bockholt432.17 Mbps6.35—41.23 Mbps10.96 Mbps3
128Bad Segeberg259.4 Mbps7.54—38.73 Mbps10.63 Mbps3
129Schleswig256.24 Mbps6.82—44.71 Mbps10.42 Mbps4
130Gartenstadt450.94 Mbps7.4—32.3 Mbps10.13 Mbps4
131Rothebeck194.98 Mbps6.59—37.74 Mbps9.87 Mbps4
132Stipsdorf140.97 Mbps6.25—25.01 Mbps9.28 Mbps1
133Barsbuettel233.3 Mbps6.11—28.41 Mbps8.77 Mbps3
134Tappendorf165.98 Mbps6.09—39.05 Mbps8.75 Mbps2
135Suderbrarup475.56 Mbps5.84—35.06 Mbps8.7 Mbps3
136Ahrensbok215.98 Mbps5.25—33.29 Mbps8.3 Mbps3
137Hohenwestedt256.33 Mbps5.36—27.45 Mbps8.25 Mbps2
138Jagel189.6 Mbps4.78—16.99 Mbps7.4 Mbps1
139Nordhastedt172.19 Mbps4.82—28.62 Mbps7.04 Mbps1
140Burg auf Fehmarn134.85 Mbps2.54—9.26 Mbps3.8 Mbps2
141Busum165.29 Mbps2.4—8.95 Mbps3.68 Mbps2
142Prasdorf849.06 Mbps1.68—6.43 Mbps2.32 Mbps1
143Laboe87.27 Mbps0.71—3.19 Mbps1 Mbps2
144Neumünster453.22 Mbps0.82—11.24 Mbps0.94 Mbps7

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein has 30 ISPs available. is the fastest provider in Schleswig-Holstein with 938.35 Mbps, and an average speed range of 27.75—91.18 Mbps.
Users in Schleswig-Holstein see an average internet speed of 12.81 up to 57.14 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 938.35 Mbps.
Deutsche Telekom is available in Schleswig-Holstein, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 627.63 Mbps. is available in Schleswig-Holstein, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 938.35 Mbps.
Vodafone is available in Schleswig-Holstein, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 243.75 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Schleswig-Holstein is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 07 Apr 2020