Internet Providers in Saxony

There are 25 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Saxony. Typical internet speeds vary from 7.47 to 40.52 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 872.35 Mbps from envia TEL. Other fast providers include Deutsche Telekom with 846.61 Mbps, Deutsche Glasfaser with 651.47 Mbps, and TELE AG with 478.39 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Saxony are 39.24% worse than the Germany national average of 18.17 Mbps. The most common provider in Saxony is Deutsche Telekom, their typical speeds ranging from 8.86 to 44.31 Mbps.

Saxony Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Saxony

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom846.61 Mbps8.86—44.31 Mbps513
2Vodafone347.44 Mbps3.01—21.9 Mbps371
3Telefonica Germany229.44 Mbps8.58—40.66 Mbps131
4envia TEL872.35 Mbps7.66—27.93 Mbps104
5Tele Columbus AG412.72 Mbps14.81—61.07 Mbps62
6HL komm425.77 Mbps13.2—70.63 Mbps46
7Cablesurf436.19 Mbps16.72—56.39 Mbps25
8Plusnet88.25 Mbps6.83—29.3 Mbps25
9scanplus89.24 Mbps7.48—61.75 Mbps10
10TELE AG478.39 Mbps11.91—49.98 Mbps9
11IBH IT-Service270.87 Mbps11.78—45.02 Mbps8
12NU Informationssysteme123.11 Mbps4.94—16.05 Mbps6
13Liberty Global414.58 Mbps29.61—120.79 Mbps3
14RFTkabel Brandenburg106.94 Mbps16.89—45.91 Mbps3
15NGN Operations380.08 Mbps6.5—25.23 Mbps2
16ecotel communication ag53.54 Mbps6.95—41.41 Mbps2
17MiSaxNet90.8 Mbps9.23—20.86 Mbps2
18Thuga SmartService107.72 Mbps8.84—19.14 Mbps2
19Deutsche Glasfaser651.47 Mbps33.11—142.89 Mbps1
20ThuringenDSL70.23 Mbps14.01—53.86 Mbps1
21M247386.53 Mbps4.35—42.95 Mbps1
22M-net Telekommunikations49.64 Mbps9.49—29.83 Mbps1
23DTS Systeme50.58 Mbps2.33—15.33 Mbps1
24AlphaCron Datensysteme78.57 Mbps6.82—7.57 Mbps1
25Ilm-Provider16.2 Mbps1.68—8.16 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Saxony

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Gersdorf91.28 Mbps26.94—69.77 Mbps55.7 Mbps2
2Bad Dueben651.47 Mbps30.84—138.99 Mbps41.41 Mbps3
3Wiednitz207.36 Mbps18.53—90.36 Mbps38.68 Mbps1
4Hellerau265.4 Mbps20.62—88.98 Mbps34.15 Mbps5
5Heiterblick259.01 Mbps21.02—65.34 Mbps31.37 Mbps5
6Altchemnitz796.7 Mbps18.24—57.64 Mbps26.65 Mbps5
7Suedvorstadt255.14 Mbps17.26—57.05 Mbps26.07 Mbps5
8Trachenberge243.9 Mbps17.27—55.45 Mbps25.84 Mbps5
9Moeckern260.39 Mbps17.91—49.82 Mbps25.45 Mbps5
10Kodersdorf247.48 Mbps19.18—52.74 Mbps25.16 Mbps2
11Morgenleite276.2 Mbps16.37—53.7 Mbps24.73 Mbps2
12Niedersedlitz404.83 Mbps17.4—61.03 Mbps24.09 Mbps5
13Lutherviertel760.55 Mbps15.81—55.12 Mbps23.29 Mbps4
14Leubnitz-Neuostra484.72 Mbps14.26—54.54 Mbps21.13 Mbps6
15Dobritz238.23 Mbps12.52—74.46 Mbps20.78 Mbps5
16Altstadt778.66 Mbps14.54—53.63 Mbps20.77 Mbps6
17Mickten251.93 Mbps13.01—51.86 Mbps20.68 Mbps4
18Dresden520.86 Mbps13.75—55.58 Mbps20.08 Mbps9
19Rackwitz253.36 Mbps13.07—49.12 Mbps20.07 Mbps2
20Zwickau406.9 Mbps11.04—47.5 Mbps20 Mbps5
21Stahmeln260.68 Mbps12.07—56.31 Mbps19.9 Mbps5
22Reick354.11 Mbps13.91—55.88 Mbps19.77 Mbps4
23Doelzschen488.4 Mbps11.95—55.58 Mbps19.73 Mbps6
24Zwenkau256.68 Mbps12.49—57.79 Mbps19.6 Mbps4
25Markkleeberg258.38 Mbps12.42—57.46 Mbps19.52 Mbps6
26Goeda102.46 Mbps12.72—51.19 Mbps19.16 Mbps2
27Woelfnitz378.63 Mbps12.63—49.82 Mbps19.03 Mbps4
28Taucha209.09 Mbps11.77—51.91 Mbps18.81 Mbps4
29Mulsen483.95 Mbps11.82—53.76 Mbps18.41 Mbps4
30Delitzsch255.65 Mbps12.23—47.41 Mbps17.68 Mbps4
31Hartmannsdorf238.57 Mbps9.92—57.51 Mbps17.4 Mbps3
32Pieschen242.55 Mbps11.77—47.68 Mbps17.16 Mbps6
33Briesnitz261.62 Mbps10.21—55.27 Mbps16.95 Mbps5
34Loebtau440.68 Mbps11.34—48.86 Mbps16.51 Mbps6
35Ottendorf-Okrilla260.96 Mbps10.97—46 Mbps16.13 Mbps3
36Seidau254.83 Mbps11.49—48.32 Mbps16.05 Mbps3
37Falkenstein227.29 Mbps11.34—41.47 Mbps15.97 Mbps4
38Aue279.76 Mbps10.69—53.49 Mbps15.85 Mbps5
39Siegmar256.44 Mbps10.68—50.26 Mbps15.67 Mbps5
40Reudnitz-Thonberg234.42 Mbps11.57—46.99 Mbps15.63 Mbps6
41Naunhof218.03 Mbps10.63—45.93 Mbps15.42 Mbps3
42Loschwitz220.8 Mbps10.67—45.98 Mbps15.29 Mbps4
43Werdau256.19 Mbps9.89—46.53 Mbps15.25 Mbps3
44Bernsbach195.7 Mbps10.85—44.83 Mbps14.79 Mbps2
45Neuoelsnitz111.9 Mbps10.47—37.8 Mbps14.53 Mbps4
46Lindenau229.78 Mbps10.12—44.59 Mbps14.42 Mbps5
47Schleussig300.88 Mbps9.4—43.76 Mbps14.42 Mbps4
48Freiberg483.71 Mbps9.73—47.36 Mbps14.23 Mbps5
49Niederplanitz242.62 Mbps9.56—42.82 Mbps14 Mbps4
50Boehlen229.38 Mbps8.67—43.54 Mbps13.9 Mbps4
51Grossposna246.73 Mbps10.3—41.21 Mbps13.88 Mbps3
52Wahren236.45 Mbps8.59—45.55 Mbps13.75 Mbps4
53Auerbach328.83 Mbps10.33—37.46 Mbps13.66 Mbps3
54Kamenz230.03 Mbps10.17—43.32 Mbps13.65 Mbps5
55Borsdorf254.99 Mbps9.11—50.83 Mbps13.62 Mbps3
56Zschorna254.38 Mbps9.49—46.15 Mbps13.62 Mbps3
57Leipzig616.54 Mbps9.76—48.81 Mbps13.6 Mbps13
58Anger-Crottendorf220.25 Mbps9.83—42.73 Mbps13.49 Mbps6
59Niederspaar217.51 Mbps9.19—48.9 Mbps13.31 Mbps4
60Brandis255 Mbps9.6—46.48 Mbps13.28 Mbps3
61Pegau253.89 Mbps10.01—50.81 Mbps13.27 Mbps4
62Torgau238.54 Mbps8.7—43.48 Mbps13.17 Mbps2
63Coswig256.84 Mbps8.97—45.14 Mbps13.15 Mbps3
64Weisser Hirsch431.45 Mbps9.14—46.83 Mbps13.11 Mbps6
65Wilthen142.08 Mbps8.64—42.93 Mbps12.99 Mbps2
66Eilenburg256.86 Mbps9.15—45.47 Mbps12.88 Mbps3
67Rauschwalde208.95 Mbps7.34—53.52 Mbps12.85 Mbps3
68Plauen420.36 Mbps9.73—42.88 Mbps12.82 Mbps4
69Fraureuth144.65 Mbps10.15—38.96 Mbps12.8 Mbps5
70Doebeln250.36 Mbps9.08—46.02 Mbps12.77 Mbps6
71Neukirchen276.47 Mbps9.38—36.63 Mbps12.58 Mbps2
72Eibau204.46 Mbps9.08—36.96 Mbps12.54 Mbps2
73Gruenhain91.69 Mbps9.18—29.23 Mbps12.47 Mbps3
74Loebau254.92 Mbps8.82—43.73 Mbps12.33 Mbps6
75Glashuette211.3 Mbps8.44—40.78 Mbps12.28 Mbps3
76Friedrichstadt291.85 Mbps8.88—34.02 Mbps12.26 Mbps5
77Eutritzsch369.25 Mbps8.45—41.43 Mbps12.18 Mbps9
78Hohndorf249.05 Mbps6.72—39.91 Mbps12.17 Mbps3
79Niederbobritzsch496.14 Mbps8.54—45.4 Mbps12.1 Mbps3
80Mueglenz231.1 Mbps8.49—39.87 Mbps12.07 Mbps3
81Weisswasser389.6 Mbps9.64—40.98 Mbps12.04 Mbps4
82Waldheim194.34 Mbps9.36—29.47 Mbps11.96 Mbps3
83Neustadt in Sachsen177.23 Mbps8.99—39.41 Mbps11.9 Mbps2
84Bad Elster112.25 Mbps8.8—30.04 Mbps11.83 Mbps2
85Gablenz398.64 Mbps8.4—42.22 Mbps11.75 Mbps4
86Neugersdorf255.04 Mbps8.39—41.55 Mbps11.72 Mbps2
87Burgstaedt202.48 Mbps8.49—22.81 Mbps11.68 Mbps4
88Haselbrunn242.82 Mbps8.42—36.25 Mbps11.62 Mbps6
89Loessnitz184.85 Mbps8.55—36.28 Mbps11.58 Mbps3
90Thum366.72 Mbps8.03—41.96 Mbps11.5 Mbps2
91Zittau249.98 Mbps8.91—42.38 Mbps11.5 Mbps3
92Coschuetz221.27 Mbps7.95—42.41 Mbps11.44 Mbps4
93Riesa241.54 Mbps6.96—40.99 Mbps11.37 Mbps7
94Bautzen240.39 Mbps7.97—37.72 Mbps11.35 Mbps3
95Schedewitz846.61 Mbps6.46—49.02 Mbps11.33 Mbps6
96Lengefeld231.16 Mbps7.52—45.85 Mbps11.32 Mbps2
97Schkeuditz436.19 Mbps8.34—38.68 Mbps11.29 Mbps5
98Weinbohla308.7 Mbps7.59—43.35 Mbps11.28 Mbps3
99Niesky251.79 Mbps7.37—44.03 Mbps11.17 Mbps3
100Bernsdorf98.02 Mbps7.2—35.54 Mbps11.15 Mbps2
101Pirna250.82 Mbps7.65—37.9 Mbps11.15 Mbps2
102Langenbernsdorf237.57 Mbps8.45—37.61 Mbps11.14 Mbps3
103Kleinzschocher515 Mbps8—46.13 Mbps11.11 Mbps4
104Kapellenberg378.05 Mbps6.75—37.67 Mbps11.08 Mbps5
105Bad Schandau220.13 Mbps7.9—37.7 Mbps11.03 Mbps2
106Reichenbach Vogtland176.81 Mbps8.39—45.45 Mbps10.99 Mbps4
107Bremenhain205.22 Mbps8.15—31.54 Mbps10.98 Mbps2
108Pausitz218.99 Mbps8.19—35.83 Mbps10.89 Mbps4
109Radebeul380.08 Mbps6.5—38.03 Mbps10.87 Mbps6
110Roedlitz242.88 Mbps6.94—34.67 Mbps10.8 Mbps4
111Gelobtland872.35 Mbps7.43—23.74 Mbps10.68 Mbps3
112Penig237.21 Mbps7.48—27.88 Mbps10.62 Mbps3
113Pulsnitz170.45 Mbps7.02—34.59 Mbps10.58 Mbps3
114Annaberg-Buchholz550.59 Mbps7.79—31.43 Mbps10.57 Mbps4
115Dippoldiswalde249.85 Mbps7.38—36.77 Mbps10.43 Mbps4
116Weissenborn381.58 Mbps6.27—39.53 Mbps10.43 Mbps4
117Kassberg509.9 Mbps7.06—43.36 Mbps10.41 Mbps4
118Grimma226.14 Mbps7.07—34 Mbps10.37 Mbps3
119Neukieritzsch208 Mbps7.15—36.7 Mbps10.32 Mbps3
120Pennrich243.24 Mbps6.48—37.67 Mbps10.32 Mbps2
121Markneukirchen255.82 Mbps6.24—31.3 Mbps10.23 Mbps2
122Demitz-Thumitz158.41 Mbps6.6—42.78 Mbps10.1 Mbps1
123Hoyerswerda219.51 Mbps6.85—32.92 Mbps10.03 Mbps5
124Doebern194.58 Mbps7.45—30.74 Mbps10 Mbps3
125Grossolbersdorf99.83 Mbps8.73—22.58 Mbps9.93 Mbps3
126Obergurig201.89 Mbps5.74—33.92 Mbps9.9 Mbps2
127Dorfchemnitz295.86 Mbps6.05—88.78 Mbps9.87 Mbps1
128Lichtentanne224.48 Mbps6.29—34.33 Mbps9.78 Mbps4
129Cranzahl234.67 Mbps7.19—39.07 Mbps9.73 Mbps2
130Stollberg210.29 Mbps6.58—44.05 Mbps9.65 Mbps3
131Gruenau395 Mbps6.92—29.22 Mbps9.59 Mbps5
132Olbernhau179.82 Mbps5.78—30.15 Mbps9.45 Mbps2
133Mittweida409.81 Mbps6.46—27.43 Mbps9.45 Mbps5
134Oederan324.21 Mbps4.72—36.62 Mbps9.43 Mbps3
135Mehltheuer222.08 Mbps6.73—34.08 Mbps9.4 Mbps1
136Sohland106.61 Mbps6.78—33.1 Mbps9.4 Mbps2
137Geringswalde215.65 Mbps5.91—29.36 Mbps9.07 Mbps2
138Markersdorf344.09 Mbps5.61—27.61 Mbps9.05 Mbps4
139Sayda216.36 Mbps5.99—31.85 Mbps9.04 Mbps2
140Grossroehrsdorf254.14 Mbps5.81—30.64 Mbps9.01 Mbps2
141Marienthal399.86 Mbps5.55—34.85 Mbps8.96 Mbps6
142Zwoenitz196.87 Mbps5.78—30.4 Mbps8.94 Mbps3
143Beierfeld246.62 Mbps4.8—36.05 Mbps8.88 Mbps4
144Langenreinsdorf234.68 Mbps6.04—23.99 Mbps8.84 Mbps4
145Groitzsch160.37 Mbps6.11—28.92 Mbps8.75 Mbps3
146Kirchberg249.72 Mbps5.88—31.38 Mbps8.62 Mbps3
147Zschorlau90.46 Mbps5.37—36.81 Mbps8.61 Mbps2
148Treuen223.89 Mbps5.39—26.82 Mbps8.47 Mbps4
149Rossau376.47 Mbps5.87—14.89 Mbps8.24 Mbps3
150Freital381.29 Mbps5.69—24.1 Mbps8.24 Mbps6
151Rabenau190.62 Mbps5.42—19.8 Mbps8.18 Mbps2
152Schneeberg202.42 Mbps5.63—17.31 Mbps8.12 Mbps3
153Limbach-Oberfrohna255.97 Mbps5.29—35.2 Mbps8.05 Mbps6
154Klughaus174.17 Mbps5.89—16.07 Mbps7.93 Mbps3
155Wermsdorf249.58 Mbps5.12—14.82 Mbps7.82 Mbps2
156Dittersbach256.05 Mbps4.53—39.42 Mbps7.77 Mbps4
157Oschatz226.22 Mbps5.45—14.58 Mbps7.75 Mbps3
158Zschopau232.03 Mbps4.86—22.54 Mbps7.74 Mbps2
159Abtnaundorf478.39 Mbps5.46—20.1 Mbps7.57 Mbps8
160Rochlitz104.64 Mbps5.73—26.83 Mbps7.53 Mbps2
161Radeberg204.1 Mbps4.74—43.59 Mbps7.52 Mbps3
162Wilkau-Hasslau224.97 Mbps4.24—31.85 Mbps7.52 Mbps4
163Colditz166.92 Mbps5.26—21.59 Mbps7.51 Mbps4
164Dahlen175.49 Mbps4.73—20.99 Mbps7.33 Mbps2
165Muegeln99.76 Mbps5.32—17.31 Mbps7.31 Mbps2
166Frohburg101.98 Mbps5.14—17.56 Mbps7.25 Mbps4
167Klipphausen172.53 Mbps5.16—22.7 Mbps7.13 Mbps3
168Zeithain208.76 Mbps4.76—21.79 Mbps7 Mbps3
169Elstertrebnitz132.31 Mbps5.14—15.76 Mbps6.98 Mbps1
170Markranstaedt240.1 Mbps5.09—18.92 Mbps6.96 Mbps5
171Heidenau228.75 Mbps5.17—19.03 Mbps6.9 Mbps4
172Rempesgruen232.8 Mbps5.29—19.6 Mbps6.9 Mbps3
173Oelsnitz116.44 Mbps5.34—19.72 Mbps6.81 Mbps5
174Görlitz484.23 Mbps4.37—24.49 Mbps6.81 Mbps6
175Cainsdorf251.24 Mbps2.76—36.36 Mbps6.76 Mbps5
176Floeha362.98 Mbps3.4—30.74 Mbps6.74 Mbps5
177Grosssteinberg103.04 Mbps5.3—15.66 Mbps6.72 Mbps3
178Glauchau212.6 Mbps3.81—35.94 Mbps6.71 Mbps4
179Grossenhain211.72 Mbps4.8—18.11 Mbps6.68 Mbps6
180Rodewisch104.48 Mbps5—16.51 Mbps6.68 Mbps2
181Chemnitz490.73 Mbps3.93—35.59 Mbps6.6 Mbps6
182Hohenstein-Ernstthal387.64 Mbps3.35—34.11 Mbps6.59 Mbps3
183Borna257.37 Mbps3.84—22.18 Mbps6.47 Mbps5
184Kappel268.98 Mbps3.78—34.87 Mbps6.01 Mbps2
185Hartha216.98 Mbps2.46—27.19 Mbps5.74 Mbps3
186Burkhardtsdorf118.55 Mbps3.96—23.15 Mbps5.58 Mbps2
187Hoeckendorf123.98 Mbps4.23—24.47 Mbps5.55 Mbps2
188Berbisdorf263.9 Mbps3.52—21.98 Mbps5.42 Mbps2
189Moritzburg204.82 Mbps2.71—40.36 Mbps5.36 Mbps2
190Ehrenfriedersdorf162.04 Mbps2—21 Mbps5.31 Mbps2
191Zehntel356.44 Mbps2.42—23.96 Mbps5.3 Mbps3
192Waldenburg221.77 Mbps2.95—81.77 Mbps5.27 Mbps4
193Mylau153.07 Mbps3.4—12.28 Mbps5.19 Mbps2
194Hainichen193.82 Mbps4.07—10.19 Mbps5.18 Mbps4
195Borna450.91 Mbps2.83—19.79 Mbps5.08 Mbps5
196Anbau188.23 Mbps2.16—28.29 Mbps5.02 Mbps3
197Frankenberg234.49 Mbps2.2—36.01 Mbps4.97 Mbps2
198Frauenstein169.04 Mbps3.63—11.37 Mbps4.62 Mbps2
199Meerane251.79 Mbps2.49—14.17 Mbps4.55 Mbps4
200Kleinfriesen95.58 Mbps2.97—9.45 Mbps4.45 Mbps3
201Thalheim266.11 Mbps1.85—23.22 Mbps4.21 Mbps3
202Bischofswerda104.04 Mbps2.76—12.04 Mbps4.18 Mbps2
203Reinsdorf206.59 Mbps1.68—20.89 Mbps3.92 Mbps3
204Grossschirma157.26 Mbps1.88—16.74 Mbps3.87 Mbps2
205Belgershain95.47 Mbps2.46—9.56 Mbps3.65 Mbps3
206Konigsbruck202.46 Mbps1.72—19.62 Mbps3.45 Mbps3
207Wildenfels236.2 Mbps1.6—25.2 Mbps3.43 Mbps3
208Augustusburg206.07 Mbps1.48—17.65 Mbps3.32 Mbps2
209Niederwiesa209.27 Mbps1.39—18.85 Mbps2.71 Mbps2
210Leubsdorf240.84 Mbps1.26—16.19 Mbps2.44 Mbps3
211Huebel211.35 Mbps1.06—19.15 Mbps2.13 Mbps4
212Hartenstein223.78 Mbps1.06—19.01 Mbps2 Mbps3
213Netzschkau222.5 Mbps1—10.99 Mbps1.88 Mbps2
214Hirschfeld156.2 Mbps0.88—18.96 Mbps1.48 Mbps2

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Saxony

Saxony has 25 ISPs available.
envia TEL is the fastest provider in Saxony with 872.35 Mbps, and an average speed range of 7.66—27.93 Mbps.
Users in Saxony see an average internet speed of 7.47 up to 40.52 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 872.35 Mbps.
Deutsche Telekom is available in Saxony, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 846.61 Mbps.
Vodafone is available in Saxony, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 347.44 Mbps.
envia TEL is available in Saxony, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 872.35 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Saxony is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 27 May 2020