Internet Providers in Saarland

There are 12 different broadband providers available to and being tested by people living in Saarland. Typical internet speeds vary from 21.85 to 88.04 Mbps, and the highest broadband speed we've seen is 3643.8 Mbps from inexio. Other fast internet providers include Vodafone with 964.78 Mbps, combahton with 946.29 Mbps, and VSE NET with 911.53 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Saarland are 10.45% worse than the Germany national average of 36.16 Mbps. The most common broadprovider in Saarland is Deutsche Telekom, and their typical speeds range from 16.86 to 65.11 Mbps.

Saarland Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Saarland

#Provider NameMax Download SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom894.87 Mbps16.86—65.11 Mbps69
2Vodafone964.78 Mbps30.03—194.36 Mbps59
3VSE NET911.53 Mbps23.74—76.95 Mbps50
4inexio3643.8 Mbps22.55—83.63 Mbps49
5Telefonica Germany265.39 Mbps16.34—57.83 Mbps38
6intersaar896.68 Mbps13.5—40.74 Mbps24
7Plusnet254.35 Mbps20.07—75.62 Mbps16
8combahton946.29 Mbps451.1—912.69 Mbps2
9Verizon Business - EMEA892.4 Mbps260.92—326.6 Mbps1
10Claranet274.66 Mbps60.8—260.64 Mbps1
11Deutsche Glasfaser901.41 Mbps58.72—252.36 Mbps1
12envia TEL35.97 Mbps4.89—18.04 Mbps1

Cities and Broadband Provider Speeds in Saarland

PositionCityMax Download SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Nonnweiler233.8 Mbps69.53—113 Mbps99.24 Mbps4
2Malstatt-Burbach764.35 Mbps57.39—85.85 Mbps72.91 Mbps6
3Merzig922.22 Mbps48.88—90.16 Mbps71.58 Mbps5
4Gersweiler498.18 Mbps66.46—89.54 Mbps66.75 Mbps3
5Saarwellingen376.72 Mbps38.27—289.26 Mbps63.51 Mbps4
6Dudweiler237.6 Mbps23.78—57.93 Mbps46.95 Mbps4
7Kraemershaeuschen964.78 Mbps31.36—106.58 Mbps45.3 Mbps6
8Sankt Johann934.71 Mbps31.76—84.45 Mbps44.94 Mbps5
9Marpingen885.27 Mbps30.06—146.08 Mbps42.71 Mbps4
10Eppelborn946.29 Mbps31.05—131.72 Mbps42.16 Mbps6
11Homburg925.62 Mbps26.47—104.76 Mbps40.36 Mbps7
12Sankt Ingbert938.12 Mbps27.43—163.52 Mbps39.85 Mbps6
13Schwalbach904.55 Mbps27.21—93.48 Mbps39.75 Mbps5
14Neunkirchen932.95 Mbps25.27—106.56 Mbps39.02 Mbps6
15Saarlouis3643.8 Mbps26.32—102.11 Mbps39 Mbps8
16Dillingen807.79 Mbps25.36—78.26 Mbps36.28 Mbps6
17Bexbach924.16 Mbps24.09—104.09 Mbps35.21 Mbps5
18Heusweiler404.66 Mbps20.87—58.12 Mbps34.81 Mbps6
19Blieskastel883.03 Mbps22.26—95.44 Mbps34.7 Mbps4
20Wadgassen269.51 Mbps24.18—75.36 Mbps33.9 Mbps2
21Bettingerbrueck920.11 Mbps22.56—99.83 Mbps32.61 Mbps4
22Keuchingen435.46 Mbps22.09—64.81 Mbps31.86 Mbps4
23Puettlingen292.41 Mbps16.29—64.34 Mbps27.97 Mbps5
24Saarbrücken932.91 Mbps15.13—73.36 Mbps26.97 Mbps7
25Illingen832.92 Mbps14.2—85.2 Mbps26.95 Mbps5
26Kirkel920.04 Mbps16.43—73.34 Mbps26.11 Mbps4
27Friedrichsthal256.37 Mbps16.25—53.02 Mbps24.57 Mbps5
28Riegelsberg929.3 Mbps20.88—46.55 Mbps24.49 Mbps5
29Lebach927.68 Mbps17.08—56.29 Mbps24.07 Mbps6
30Beckingen911.53 Mbps17.02—51.64 Mbps23.61 Mbps5
31Tholey737.45 Mbps16.64—53.36 Mbps23.48 Mbps5
32Gonnesweiler265.59 Mbps15.2—55.78 Mbps23.11 Mbps3
33Ottweiler466.28 Mbps16.26—49.96 Mbps21.52 Mbps5
34Sankt Wendel859.7 Mbps13.67—52.56 Mbps20.55 Mbps6
35Weiskirchen278.12 Mbps13.99—52.41 Mbps19.85 Mbps3
36Wiebelskirchen396.83 Mbps14.17—46.23 Mbps19.72 Mbps6
37Namborn463.58 Mbps12.91—48.48 Mbps18.82 Mbps4
38Wadern315.61 Mbps11.45—52.22 Mbps18.78 Mbps5
39Freisen910.82 Mbps12.86—59.87 Mbps18.34 Mbps4
40Losheim390.26 Mbps14.1—37.37 Mbps18.27 Mbps7
41Spiesen-Elversberg918.8 Mbps10.12—52.66 Mbps14.52 Mbps6
42Eckelhausen265.91 Mbps9.72—38.82 Mbps13.36 Mbps3
43Sankt Arnual750.84 Mbps12.87—55.36 Mbps12.95 Mbps6
44Quierschied590.87 Mbps12.84—56.69 Mbps12.93 Mbps6
45Muehlbach855.39 Mbps9.21—53.56 Mbps12.56 Mbps5
46Merchweiler678.76 Mbps7.47—33.33 Mbps8.95 Mbps6
47Perl885.49 Mbps5.53—20.64 Mbps8.15 Mbps6

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Saarland

How many providers in Saarland are there?
Saarland has 12 ISPs available.
Who is the fastest provider in Saarland?
inexio is the fastest provider in Saarland with 3643.8 Mbps, and an average speed range of 22.55—83.63 Mbps.
What is the average internet speed in Saarland?
Users in Saarland see an average internet speed of 21.85 up to 88.04 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 3643.8 Mbps.
Is Deutsche Telekom available in Saarland?
Deutsche Telekom is available in Saarland, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 894.87 Mbps.
Is Vodafone available in Saarland?
Vodafone is available in Saarland, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 964.78 Mbps.
Is inexio available in Saarland?
inexio is available in Saarland, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 3643.8 Mbps.
Who is the the most popular provider in Saarland?
The provider with the most users in Saarland is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 03 Aug 2021