Internet Providers in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart

There are 52 different broadband providers available to and being tested by people living in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart. Typical internet speeds vary from 26.84 to 103.94 Mbps, and the highest broadband speed we've seen is 1297.26 Mbps from Globalways. Other fast internet providers include Vodafone with 1034.19 Mbps, Liberty Global with 1005.04 Mbps, and 23media with 948.69 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart are 13.27% better than the Germany national average of 35.88 Mbps. The most common broadprovider in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart is Deutsche Telekom, and their typical speeds range from 20.03 to 84.2 Mbps.

Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart

#Provider NameMax Download SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom939.52 Mbps20.03—84.2 Mbps341
2Vodafone1034.19 Mbps31.62—156 Mbps319
3Liberty Global1005.04 Mbps52.62—281.48 Mbps302
4Telefonica Germany841.87 Mbps16.18—57.08 Mbps215
5NetCom BW916.15 Mbps14.71—44.12 Mbps83
6Plusnet468.4 Mbps9.73—78.18 Mbps62
7imos915.46 Mbps40.82—91.28 Mbps31
8sdt.net763.61 Mbps17.79—30.73 Mbps31
9Colt932.17 Mbps28.2—139.94 Mbps21
10ropa carrier solutions939.36 Mbps33.72—128.06 Mbps20
11TELE AG462.16 Mbps28.29—112.25 Mbps17
12ecotel communication ag789.84 Mbps24.76—93.95 Mbps17
13Globalways1297.26 Mbps27.78—216.7 Mbps14
14S-IT Informationstechnologie Betreiber854.1 Mbps17.96—93.99 Mbps13
15Bisping & Bisping265.25 Mbps18.17—58.66 Mbps9
16nexiu105.76 Mbps8.8—42.97 Mbps8
17VSE NET815.26 Mbps40.89—142.43 Mbps6
18scanplus912.17 Mbps14.22—62.93 Mbps6
19TelemaxX Telekommunikation920.49 Mbps18.47—93.19 Mbps5
20rockenstein AG185.7 Mbps21.51—56.42 Mbps5
21inexio184.94 Mbps11.55—40.72 Mbps5
22teliko917.34 Mbps77.46—115.42 Mbps4
23Telia Carrier716.55 Mbps39.28—96.33 Mbps4
24net services925.35 Mbps18.16—55.84 Mbps4
25BT886.65 Mbps205.67—781.75 Mbps3
26Dr.-Ing. Nepustil892.61 Mbps43.7—155.55 Mbps3
27M-net144.61 Mbps58.14—138.6 Mbps3
28Stadtwerke Schorndorf443.26 Mbps24.73—60.67 Mbps3
29MK Netzdienste72.66 Mbps9.88—20.94 Mbps3
30GlobalConnect A/S464.42 Mbps65.92—230.19 Mbps2
311&1 Internet918.28 Mbps64.27—144.81 Mbps2
32Thuga SmartService218.94 Mbps114.37—175.35 Mbps2
33TeleData514.7 Mbps45.91—97.2 Mbps2
34Cablesurf466.8 Mbps33.61—144.31 Mbps2
35interscholz Internet Services93.02 Mbps22.99—85.29 Mbps2
36omnidat200.55 Mbps22.33—49.32 Mbps2
37RSM Freilassing, Michael Rack54.58 Mbps17.38—38.05 Mbps2
38SWU TeleNet92.36 Mbps12.44—28.59 Mbps2
39pronexon934.61 Mbps76.97—931.28 Mbps1
4023media948.69 Mbps2.67—7.44 Mbps1
41NETHINKS187.3 Mbps0—112.95 Mbps1
42Deutsche Glasfaser400.12 Mbps58.98—207.02 Mbps1
43LEW TelNet227.28 Mbps72.09—94.66 Mbps1
44DNS:NET Internet Service225.46 Mbps6.17—95.49 Mbps1
45siebnich-com233.16 Mbps41.09—93.05 Mbps1
46GGEW net493.4 Mbps22.75—46.02 Mbps1
47Cogent Communications80.04 Mbps30.88—56.1 Mbps1
48mywire Datentechnik72.4 Mbps15.57—44.23 Mbps1
49R-KOM95.8 Mbps10.51—27.35 Mbps1
50AT&T EMEA280.34 Mbps10.93—22.05 Mbps1
51Profineon25.35 Mbps10.49—20.76 Mbps1
52noris network AG48.27 Mbps1.73—6.52 Mbps1

Cities and Broadband Provider Speeds in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart

PositionCityMax Download SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Beutelsbach516.45 Mbps208.36—495.14 Mbps464.14 Mbps4
2Marbach am Neckar520.61 Mbps88.13—372.75 Mbps296.87 Mbps4
3Weikersheim519.67 Mbps91.64—261.8 Mbps247.14 Mbps3
4Niederstetten265.76 Mbps93.49—261.81 Mbps242.04 Mbps2
5Sulzgries883.83 Mbps57.73—493.55 Mbps219.53 Mbps6
6Pliensauvorstadt640.92 Mbps100.58—213.21 Mbps205.71 Mbps6
7Benningen am Neckar917.03 Mbps112.61—413.28 Mbps204.93 Mbps5
8Heutingsheim920.54 Mbps117.2—853.59 Mbps177.97 Mbps4
9Rommelshausen1034.19 Mbps73.93—177.12 Mbps140.56 Mbps6
10Hattenhofen891.92 Mbps92.9—236.09 Mbps119.92 Mbps2
11Ossweil917.34 Mbps53.7—413.99 Mbps100.97 Mbps6
12Neckargroningen948.69 Mbps67.44—465.7 Mbps95.84 Mbps6
13Besigheim748.16 Mbps61.82—320.18 Mbps94.07 Mbps4
14Bad Rappenau918.02 Mbps53.43—286.28 Mbps88.64 Mbps5
15Holzmaden885.05 Mbps45.04—93.38 Mbps86.16 Mbps5
16Asperg923 Mbps58.19—274.37 Mbps85.65 Mbps7
17Eislingen911.05 Mbps53.24—394.07 Mbps84.87 Mbps6
18Esslingen am Neckar916.13 Mbps57.47—93.78 Mbps84.05 Mbps8
19Hildrizhausen844.49 Mbps53.51—354.68 Mbps82.71 Mbps5
20Heubach1005.04 Mbps52.25—259.3 Mbps82.45 Mbps6
21Bockingen905.96 Mbps51.87—313.02 Mbps75.53 Mbps4
22Rutesheim942.6 Mbps47.51—99.99 Mbps74.06 Mbps4
23Ebersbach an der Fils858.27 Mbps46.37—343.32 Mbps71.4 Mbps4
24Lerchenberg914.97 Mbps49.03—91.48 Mbps69.26 Mbps2
25Leingarten912.18 Mbps49.11—127.65 Mbps69.17 Mbps4
26Ludwigsburg1014.64 Mbps46.86—253.33 Mbps67.75 Mbps7
27Schwabsberg923.97 Mbps39.42—732.17 Mbps66.6 Mbps4
28Lorch891.51 Mbps42.85—259.03 Mbps64.83 Mbps3
29Magstadt995.29 Mbps60.4—68.38 Mbps62.81 Mbps4
30Aspach930.74 Mbps45.47—127.76 Mbps62.36 Mbps7
31Sindelfingen1011.32 Mbps46.01—195.46 Mbps61.6 Mbps7
32Neckarweihingen922.03 Mbps42.92—235.24 Mbps58.6 Mbps5
33Uhingen905.88 Mbps43.75—153.3 Mbps57.88 Mbps6
34Dagersheim903.87 Mbps44.77—121.97 Mbps57.1 Mbps7
35Pleidelsheim915.63 Mbps37.47—264.16 Mbps56.6 Mbps4
36Altbach295.28 Mbps46.33—92.25 Mbps56.52 Mbps5
37Königsbronn Abbey906.34 Mbps39.33—229.76 Mbps56.5 Mbps3
38Rathaus1297.26 Mbps35.05—144.94 Mbps54.43 Mbps11
39Holzgerlingen893.87 Mbps33.11—102.63 Mbps54.05 Mbps5
40Ehningen952.75 Mbps39.32—105.2 Mbps53.22 Mbps4
41Ilsfeld887.59 Mbps50.27—57.99 Mbps53.07 Mbps4
42Bietigheim-Bissingen924.55 Mbps37.2—146.78 Mbps52.87 Mbps7
43Pflugfelden1020.94 Mbps37.01—211.64 Mbps52.65 Mbps7
44Urbach885.09 Mbps52.2—78.85 Mbps52.64 Mbps5
45Eppingen911.83 Mbps34.45—67.05 Mbps52.53 Mbps6
46Maichingen904.94 Mbps42.01—100.67 Mbps52.52 Mbps8
47Zell unter Aichelberg881.49 Mbps41.74—200.19 Mbps51.56 Mbps3
48Neckarsulm921.15 Mbps36.92—163.01 Mbps50.97 Mbps6
49Moglingen901.28 Mbps31.93—106.77 Mbps50.57 Mbps5
50Böblingen920.49 Mbps36.18—94.29 Mbps50.36 Mbps12
51Lauffen am Neckar865.59 Mbps44.56—52.53 Mbps50.27 Mbps4
52Schwaikheim906.85 Mbps31.5—206.94 Mbps50.19 Mbps7
53Eglosheim922.01 Mbps35.41—142.02 Mbps50.13 Mbps6
54Oberesslingen829.54 Mbps29.31—92.63 Mbps50.02 Mbps7
55Göppingen1016.34 Mbps35.32—152.2 Mbps49.86 Mbps7
56Affaltrach603.74 Mbps34.64—184.35 Mbps49.15 Mbps4
57Heilbronn965.7 Mbps33.94—148.64 Mbps48.63 Mbps8
58Mantelhof1017.98 Mbps33.47—165.65 Mbps48.52 Mbps7
59Murr906.87 Mbps34.37—186.02 Mbps48.34 Mbps4
60Kornwestheim927.12 Mbps33.87—99.82 Mbps48.16 Mbps8
61Backnang913.51 Mbps33.22—94.99 Mbps48.03 Mbps7
62Heilbronn-Frankenbach1024.31 Mbps31.22—102.66 Mbps47.82 Mbps5
63Hedelfingen906.01 Mbps31.75—380.22 Mbps47.75 Mbps2
64Waldmuhle898.71 Mbps30.12—148.32 Mbps47.66 Mbps9
65Schwäbisch Gmünd927.12 Mbps32.76—124.27 Mbps47.39 Mbps7
66Gingen an der Fils530.12 Mbps37.19—324.23 Mbps47.19 Mbps3
67Leutenbach939.36 Mbps33.7—142.35 Mbps46.63 Mbps9
68Leinfelden-Echterdingen907.88 Mbps29.82—251.65 Mbps46.3 Mbps7
69Waldau916.69 Mbps33.81—124.25 Mbps46.14 Mbps5
70Salach852.7 Mbps32.22—145.18 Mbps46.13 Mbps5
71Herrenberg918.76 Mbps36.05—79.53 Mbps46.03 Mbps9
72Neckargartach924.59 Mbps31.36—138.15 Mbps45.92 Mbps5
73Wasseralfingen977.91 Mbps32.83—155.38 Mbps45.66 Mbps5
74Bad Wimpfen908.13 Mbps29.57—166.23 Mbps45.44 Mbps5
75Tamm901.63 Mbps29.82—80.36 Mbps44.77 Mbps5
76Bopser983.45 Mbps29.13—155.47 Mbps44.58 Mbps16
77Neuenstadt am Kocher563.5 Mbps34.53—56.6 Mbps44.23 Mbps4
78Boll1000.61 Mbps29.25—184.66 Mbps43.4 Mbps4
79Waiblingen891.12 Mbps26.88—182.41 Mbps43.19 Mbps8
80Weil der Stadt929.78 Mbps28.38—102.77 Mbps42.81 Mbps6
81Sontheim918.71 Mbps30.62—91.32 Mbps42.7 Mbps5
82Weinsberg843.41 Mbps29.34—100.49 Mbps42.46 Mbps5
83Crailsheim922.17 Mbps29.08—91.49 Mbps42.2 Mbps8
84Schonaich859.73 Mbps31.41—94.51 Mbps42.02 Mbps5
85Geislingen an der Steige887.57 Mbps25.08—93.11 Mbps41.97 Mbps6
86Freiberg am Neckar916.75 Mbps29.57—105.12 Mbps41.37 Mbps4
87Winnenden909.69 Mbps27.48—91.81 Mbps41.02 Mbps7
88Waldstetten568.18 Mbps26.06—48.1 Mbps40.88 Mbps7
89Steinenbronn885.78 Mbps28.97—101.23 Mbps40.69 Mbps5
90Obertal934.1 Mbps26.44—103.93 Mbps40.54 Mbps9
91Bad Mergentheim925.24 Mbps28.92—112.94 Mbps40.25 Mbps6
92Unterbruden531.37 Mbps25.05—86.8 Mbps39.89 Mbps4
93Schwaigern782.28 Mbps29.61—69.83 Mbps39.77 Mbps5
94Wertheim am Main895.57 Mbps28.2—83.78 Mbps39.76 Mbps5
95Oberkochen911.73 Mbps26.94—147.75 Mbps38.88 Mbps5
96Brackenheim874.2 Mbps26.52—70.69 Mbps38.11 Mbps4
97Heidenheim916.22 Mbps25.8—93.3 Mbps37.79 Mbps8
98Kirchheim unter Teck922.3 Mbps25.95—93.35 Mbps37.67 Mbps9
99Nufringen856.62 Mbps24.81—89.09 Mbps37.51 Mbps4
100Leonberg917.87 Mbps22.73—98.41 Mbps37.15 Mbps11
101Weinstadt-Endersbach833.81 Mbps19.04—108.09 Mbps37.03 Mbps5
102Herbrechtingen907.54 Mbps24.94—78.87 Mbps36.95 Mbps6
103Oberstenfeld921.56 Mbps27.28—101.11 Mbps36.92 Mbps6
104Sontheim an der Brenz509.88 Mbps22.3—104.88 Mbps36.89 Mbps4
105Plochingen537.87 Mbps25.32—73.46 Mbps36.4 Mbps5
106Weilheim an der Teck903.61 Mbps28.05—127.33 Mbps35.89 Mbps5
107Grunbach480.2 Mbps21.15—53.08 Mbps35.8 Mbps6
108Renningen880.31 Mbps21.11—92.1 Mbps35.21 Mbps5
109Essingen551.56 Mbps25.63—89.26 Mbps34.2 Mbps4
110Gartringen894.18 Mbps21.63—93.69 Mbps34.15 Mbps5
111Kuenzelsau902.88 Mbps21.1—149.48 Mbps34.15 Mbps6
112Stuttgart1019.02 Mbps21.27—101.39 Mbps34.01 Mbps17
113Hemmingen909.38 Mbps22.71—93.48 Mbps33.86 Mbps6
114Rotenberg911.42 Mbps22.78—102.11 Mbps33.8 Mbps5
115Gundelsheim530.12 Mbps28.66—64.55 Mbps33.48 Mbps4
116Oberjettingen762.94 Mbps23.53—78.06 Mbps33.43 Mbps5
117Rudersberg890.44 Mbps22.15—58.09 Mbps33.05 Mbps4
118Ohringen923.96 Mbps19.31—99.46 Mbps33.02 Mbps5
119Boxberg898.46 Mbps24.19—95.17 Mbps32.82 Mbps4
120Aidlingen909.39 Mbps28.94—151.24 Mbps32.34 Mbps6
121Flein906.67 Mbps22.46—69.57 Mbps32.09 Mbps6
122Gerlingen834.72 Mbps19.89—90.92 Mbps32.03 Mbps6
123Schwieberdingen913.97 Mbps21.49—106.09 Mbps32 Mbps4
124Untergruppenbach430.8 Mbps21.69—75.32 Mbps32 Mbps5
125Filderstadt907.65 Mbps20.02—86.88 Mbps31.67 Mbps7
126Steinheim am der Murr914.73 Mbps20.23—87.57 Mbps30.6 Mbps6
127Pfedelbach664.91 Mbps16.16—85.05 Mbps30.01 Mbps4
128Schlierbach844.45 Mbps19.14—116.26 Mbps28.98 Mbps6
129Tauberbischofsheim907.21 Mbps17.5—60.78 Mbps28.61 Mbps5
130Markgroningen901.34 Mbps18.28—64.42 Mbps28.37 Mbps6
131Hinterbirkenhof906.94 Mbps23.1—47.84 Mbps27.84 Mbps4
132Westhausen815.96 Mbps24.09—82.12 Mbps27.72 Mbps5
133Neuenstein893.42 Mbps15.88—76.97 Mbps27.05 Mbps4
134Echterdingen911.96 Mbps14.86—67.63 Mbps26.02 Mbps8
135Bopfingen330.8 Mbps19.1—45.13 Mbps26.01 Mbps4
136Steinheim am Albuch901.46 Mbps16.08—260.59 Mbps25.77 Mbps4
137Ditzingen828.77 Mbps14.81—101.15 Mbps25.7 Mbps7
138Ilshofen507.61 Mbps17.03—57.41 Mbps25.7 Mbps4
139Kirchardt429.88 Mbps14.11—78.44 Mbps24.96 Mbps4
140Wetzgau733.23 Mbps17.25—56.54 Mbps24.95 Mbps6
141Aalen858.2 Mbps21.32—48.76 Mbps24.91 Mbps8
142Schmiden915.2 Mbps14.32—65.1 Mbps24.57 Mbps5
143Jagstzell303.1 Mbps17.86—44.52 Mbps24.46 Mbps4
144Vaihingen an der Enz627.65 Mbps15.17—57.58 Mbps24.23 Mbps8
145Ostfildern858.59 Mbps15.82—62.79 Mbps24.22 Mbps7
146Korntal701.64 Mbps13.75—80.86 Mbps24.21 Mbps4
147Schorndorf927.94 Mbps19.72—51.44 Mbps24.13 Mbps10
148Forchtenberg475.23 Mbps15.18—55.25 Mbps24.11 Mbps2
149Neunheim419.53 Mbps12.56—91.52 Mbps23.93 Mbps4
150Bretzfeld903.05 Mbps15.31—67.44 Mbps23.64 Mbps4
151Erkenbrechtsweiler455.33 Mbps14.17—61.02 Mbps23.46 Mbps4
152Hurben796.91 Mbps15.29—57.58 Mbps23.35 Mbps5
153Fichtenberg895.22 Mbps11.93—101.88 Mbps23.08 Mbps3
154Lauda-Konigshofen890.78 Mbps13.46—57.71 Mbps22.64 Mbps4
155Braunsbach264.51 Mbps14.74—56.14 Mbps22.55 Mbps2
156Schlatthof902.28 Mbps12.46—75.1 Mbps22.45 Mbps6
157Obersontheim425.4 Mbps15.14—47.6 Mbps21.93 Mbps4
158Wendlingen am Neckar899.97 Mbps13.39—93.31 Mbps21.71 Mbps5
159Gaildorf991.01 Mbps11.81—77.73 Mbps21.69 Mbps4
160Donzdorf763.98 Mbps14.66—45.83 Mbps21.05 Mbps5
161Allmersbach im Tal757.95 Mbps11.85—88.96 Mbps21.05 Mbps6
162Mockmuhl409.64 Mbps13.89—57.39 Mbps20.75 Mbps2
163Neckartenzlingen533.6 Mbps6.23—201.1 Mbps20.36 Mbps4
164Pluderhausen897.75 Mbps12.96—82.35 Mbps19.79 Mbps7
165Gerstetten409.15 Mbps13.67—44.07 Mbps19.07 Mbps5
166Weil im Schonbuch886.45 Mbps11.52—82.2 Mbps18.94 Mbps4
167Nurtingen912.8 Mbps13—56.64 Mbps18.48 Mbps7
168Winterbach539.53 Mbps17.1—20.25 Mbps17.75 Mbps6
169Kirchheim am Neckar533.64 Mbps15.14—31.93 Mbps17.3 Mbps4
170Denkendorf922.28 Mbps11.81—75.9 Mbps17.14 Mbps7
171Bohmenkirch916.57 Mbps13.04—42.6 Mbps16.92 Mbps4
172Neresheim286.34 Mbps11.25—32.82 Mbps14.87 Mbps5
173Kupferzell518.77 Mbps10.36—39.05 Mbps14.78 Mbps4
174Unterensingen895.94 Mbps10.47—62.69 Mbps14.64 Mbps5
175Mittelhof295.33 Mbps14.41—42.96 Mbps14.46 Mbps1
176Korb793.45 Mbps9.84—51.3 Mbps14.11 Mbps6
177Frickenhausen925.35 Mbps9.04—33.72 Mbps12.5 Mbps6
178Hofen867.22 Mbps7.72—43.35 Mbps11.71 Mbps6
179Unterlenningen893.44 Mbps8.4—33.45 Mbps11.66 Mbps4
180Schwäbisch Hall914.82 Mbps6.7—57.86 Mbps11.19 Mbps6
181Fellbach738.14 Mbps7.17—56.4 Mbps10.5 Mbps6
182Grossbottwar456.19 Mbps6.53—28.92 Mbps10.1 Mbps5
183Neuhausen auf den Fildern886.65 Mbps6.24—28.8 Mbps9.09 Mbps6

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart

How many providers in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart are there?
Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart has 52 ISPs available.
Who is the fastest provider in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart?
Globalways is the fastest provider in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart with 1297.26 Mbps, and an average speed range of 27.78—216.7 Mbps.
What is the average internet speed in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart?
Users in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart see an average internet speed of 26.84 up to 103.94 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 1297.26 Mbps.
Is Deutsche Telekom available in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart?
Deutsche Telekom is available in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 939.52 Mbps.
Is Vodafone available in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart?
Vodafone is available in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1034.19 Mbps.
Is Liberty Global available in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart?
Liberty Global is available in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1005.04 Mbps.
Who is the the most popular provider in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart?
The provider with the most users in Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 19 Oct 2021