Internet Providers in Regierungsbezirk Kassel

Regierungsbezirk Kassel
There are 16 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Regierungsbezirk Kassel. Typical internet speeds vary from 10.05 to 46.21 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 742.06 Mbps from Netcom Kassel. Other fast providers include NETHINKS with 697.17 Mbps, Liberty Global with 586 Mbps, and Deutsche Telekom with 524.82 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Regierungsbezirk Kassel are 0.54% better than the Germany national average of 14.79 Mbps. The most common provider in Regierungsbezirk Kassel is Deutsche Telekom, their typical speeds ranging from 8.84 to 45.52 Mbps.

Regierungsbezirk Kassel Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Regierungsbezirk Kassel

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom524.82 Mbps8.84—45.52 Mbps157
2Vodafone235.58 Mbps4.53—24.48 Mbps96
3Liberty Global586 Mbps24.9—117.72 Mbps66
4Netcom Kassel742.06 Mbps13.86—35.76 Mbps56
5ACO Computerservice47.04 Mbps1.57—6.99 Mbps24
6Telefonica Germany164.81 Mbps8.28—31.95 Mbps20
7NETHINKS697.17 Mbps13.79—68.4 Mbps6
8net services211.01 Mbps13.81—38.75 Mbps3
9Deutsche Glasfaser452.48 Mbps31.84—168.44 Mbps1
10Globalways197.09 Mbps35.59—88.97 Mbps1
11Plusnet48.97 Mbps46.47—48.91 Mbps1
12scanplus55.92 Mbps18.7—33.45 Mbps1
13AT&T EMEA38.38 Mbps13.97—18.47 Mbps1
14ASN-ORNG-NORD41.47 Mbps3.45—12.73 Mbps1
15euNetworks Group8.32 Mbps3.18—6.99 Mbps1
1623media20.15 Mbps2.28—6.14 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Regierungsbezirk Kassel

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Heiligenrode311.85 Mbps90.28—192.81 Mbps98.53 Mbps5
2Felsberg216.85 Mbps28.62—193.99 Mbps97.09 Mbps4
3Tann189.88 Mbps44.07—65.22 Mbps52.82 Mbps2
4Wickers263.66 Mbps27.12—64.09 Mbps38.81 Mbps1
5Kohlhaus429.29 Mbps23.37—82.25 Mbps32.24 Mbps4
6Burghaun425.17 Mbps24.88—78.77 Mbps31.82 Mbps3
7Wesertor423.53 Mbps20.23—112.19 Mbps31.26 Mbps3
8Kunzell407.54 Mbps21.05—58.17 Mbps28.9 Mbps3
9Maberzell491.51 Mbps21.05—55.57 Mbps27.81 Mbps5
10Bachrain373.51 Mbps18.72—72.28 Mbps27.12 Mbps4
11Niesig402.09 Mbps18.34—77.31 Mbps26.44 Mbps5
12Wiesenfeld308.64 Mbps17.91—51.61 Mbps24.57 Mbps3
13Huenfeld380.25 Mbps16.81—52.22 Mbps23.69 Mbps4
14Bad Wildungen421.8 Mbps14.67—72.35 Mbps23.51 Mbps3
15Fulda697.17 Mbps15.12—72.81 Mbps23.29 Mbps5
16Obergoetzenhof416.87 Mbps15.73—50.63 Mbps23.08 Mbps4
17Wilhelmshoehe420.5 Mbps12.49—61.99 Mbps20.93 Mbps3
18Niedenstein173.05 Mbps14.36—45.51 Mbps20.28 Mbps3
19Schenklengsfeld521.01 Mbps10.7—75.76 Mbps20.17 Mbps2
20Vorderer Westen397.55 Mbps12.5—56.57 Mbps19.97 Mbps4
21Flieden419.07 Mbps13.76—47.16 Mbps19.75 Mbps3
22Korbach423.14 Mbps12.5—48.93 Mbps19.64 Mbps4
23Ederdorf424.67 Mbps12.71—49.29 Mbps19.3 Mbps5
24Frielendorf291.97 Mbps15.34—33.69 Mbps18.78 Mbps3
25Homberg (Efze)289.13 Mbps13.57—42.51 Mbps18.3 Mbps4
26Dipperz255.67 Mbps12.87—48.96 Mbps18.22 Mbps3
27Woelfershausen521.26 Mbps12.06—38.08 Mbps16.41 Mbps2
28Grebenstein96.09 Mbps10.9—41.39 Mbps16.16 Mbps4
29Volkmarsen418.63 Mbps11.56—41.89 Mbps16.15 Mbps4
30Grossenluder236.5 Mbps10.81—46.45 Mbps15.89 Mbps2
31Wehlheiden428.28 Mbps10.66—45.43 Mbps15.78 Mbps4
32Rasdorf242.45 Mbps10.28—44.51 Mbps15.58 Mbps1
33Niederzwehren428.9 Mbps9.92—46.47 Mbps15.53 Mbps3
34Rotenburg an der Fulda545.71 Mbps10.68—43.58 Mbps15.49 Mbps4
35Bad Arolsen423.59 Mbps10.3—43.75 Mbps15.49 Mbps5
36Gudensberg305.05 Mbps12.11—30.38 Mbps15.36 Mbps3
37Vellmar373.11 Mbps9.86—83.25 Mbps15.23 Mbps4
38Bad Sooden-Allendorf185.19 Mbps12.18—27.71 Mbps14.99 Mbps3
39Hosenfeld227.14 Mbps8.62—45.56 Mbps14.94 Mbps1
40Battenberg301.41 Mbps9.1—48.48 Mbps14.4 Mbps3
41Lohfelden304.54 Mbps8.6—37.96 Mbps14.4 Mbps5
42Bad Hersfeld524.82 Mbps10.08—47.86 Mbps14.28 Mbps5
43Eiterfeld186.95 Mbps10.38—46.69 Mbps14.19 Mbps3
44Witzenhausen252.67 Mbps9.27—37.02 Mbps13.64 Mbps3
45Bettenhausen428.71 Mbps8.37—47.3 Mbps13.46 Mbps3
46Bebra518.67 Mbps9.77—45.37 Mbps13.2 Mbps4
47Holzhausen am Hahn742.06 Mbps9.36—30.58 Mbps12.64 Mbps3
48Wabern365.96 Mbps9.73—29.4 Mbps12.51 Mbps3
49Neuental427.88 Mbps7.65—38.33 Mbps12.26 Mbps3
50Kirchheim518.94 Mbps9.43—33.93 Mbps12.23 Mbps2
51Frankenau230.83 Mbps7.95—40.23 Mbps12.03 Mbps2
52Melsungen509.93 Mbps8.55—41.48 Mbps11.74 Mbps2
53Nord-Holland428.7 Mbps7.79—46.46 Mbps11.67 Mbps5
54Harleshausen390.58 Mbps6.92—46.2 Mbps11.34 Mbps3
55Kassel689.72 Mbps7.59—37.65 Mbps11.3 Mbps6
56Eschwege425.75 Mbps7.43—41.04 Mbps11.12 Mbps4
57Schwalmstadt218.21 Mbps7.27—42.97 Mbps10.99 Mbps4
58Baunatal416.05 Mbps7.33—40.35 Mbps10.95 Mbps6
59Fritzlar249.02 Mbps7.04—39.6 Mbps10.8 Mbps4
60Espenau452.48 Mbps6.13—63.34 Mbps10.72 Mbps3
61Wattenbach177.96 Mbps7.21—25.51 Mbps10.02 Mbps3
62Kaufungen259.8 Mbps6.48—44.22 Mbps9.95 Mbps3
63Ebersburg295.26 Mbps8.16—29.79 Mbps9.76 Mbps2
64Neukirchen203.74 Mbps6.45—41.07 Mbps8.74 Mbps3
65Willingshausen199.67 Mbps5.31—27.93 Mbps8.31 Mbps4
66Guxhagen419.67 Mbps5.67—25.72 Mbps8.24 Mbps4
67Bromskirchen101.32 Mbps5.45—21.81 Mbps8.03 Mbps2
68Wolfhagen227.07 Mbps4.42—28.49 Mbps7.78 Mbps4
69Hofgeismar361.12 Mbps4.8—28.45 Mbps7.55 Mbps4
70Ihringshausen105.48 Mbps3.89—42.22 Mbps7.01 Mbps3
71Zierenberg102.51 Mbps3.8—31.82 Mbps6.25 Mbps3
72Kerstenhausen106.26 Mbps3.82—15.85 Mbps5.72 Mbps4
73Hessisch Lichtenau161.36 Mbps4.23—16.32 Mbps5.71 Mbps4
74Reichensachsen344.12 Mbps3.4—21.26 Mbps5.22 Mbps2
75Helsa117.94 Mbps2.98—13.2 Mbps4.87 Mbps3
76Doernberg104.2 Mbps2.9—13.22 Mbps4.8 Mbps3
77Trendelburg95.83 Mbps2.43—14.33 Mbps3.87 Mbps3
78Martinhagen176.54 Mbps2.5—10.18 Mbps3.63 Mbps3
79Rothenditmold44.59 Mbps2.29—8.84 Mbps3.31 Mbps1
80Fuldabruck243.6 Mbps1.99—9.39 Mbps3.04 Mbps4

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Regierungsbezirk Kassel

Regierungsbezirk Kassel has 16 ISPs available.
Netcom Kassel is the fastest provider in Regierungsbezirk Kassel with 742.06 Mbps, and an average speed range of 13.86—35.76 Mbps.
Users in Regierungsbezirk Kassel see an average internet speed of 10.05 up to 46.21 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 742.06 Mbps.
Deutsche Telekom is available in Regierungsbezirk Kassel, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 524.82 Mbps.
Liberty Global is available in Regierungsbezirk Kassel, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 586 Mbps.
Netcom Kassel is available in Regierungsbezirk Kassel, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 742.06 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Regierungsbezirk Kassel is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 10 Feb 2020