Internet Providers in Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg

Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg
There are 41 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg. Typical internet speeds vary from 20.66 to 92.79 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 1644.54 Mbps from DOKOM Gesellschaft fur Telekommunikation. Other fast providers include Liberty Global with 1021.07 Mbps, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum with 943.74 Mbps, and Deutsche Telekom with 932.65 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg are 2.78% better than the Germany national average of 31.35 Mbps. The most common provider in Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg is Deutsche Telekom, their typical speeds ranging from 15.15 to 65.65 Mbps.

Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom932.65 Mbps15.15—65.65 Mbps177
2Vodafone919.53 Mbps10.72—56.44 Mbps166
3Liberty Global1021.07 Mbps39.87—211.66 Mbps150
4Telefonica Germany264.73 Mbps13.55—46.61 Mbps142
5Plusnet459.65 Mbps20.44—62.32 Mbps72
6DOKOM Gesellschaft fur Telekommunikation1644.54 Mbps19.23—86.47 Mbps46
7HeLi NET Telekommunikation873.91 Mbps9.29—50.05 Mbps28
8TELE AG469.92 Mbps12.37—85.19 Mbps23
9TMR Telekommunikation Mittleres Ruhrgebiet931.2 Mbps55.82—340.28 Mbps21
10vitroconnect470.79 Mbps219.76—231.48 Mbps20
11NetCologne514.04 Mbps21.05—58.08 Mbps13
12ecotel communication ag200.73 Mbps9.33—46.2 Mbps12
13Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum943.74 Mbps41.48—193.91 Mbps9
14Tele Columbus AG392.61 Mbps23.1—113.93 Mbps8
15VSE NET796.25 Mbps39.76—89.61 Mbps8
16Deutsche Glasfaser409.04 Mbps45.46—206.12 Mbps5
17Cablesurf385.22 Mbps77.85—81.85 Mbps5
18EWETel226.02 Mbps27.3—68.95 Mbps4
19WEBDISCOUNT132.1 Mbps1.91—5.15 Mbps4
20MDlink online service center195.89 Mbps68.65—178.73 Mbps3
21Verizon Business - EMEA861.48 Mbps53.24—76.38 Mbps3
22MK Netzdienste92.58 Mbps47.86—91.68 Mbps3
23scanplus229.09 Mbps12.05—60.23 Mbps3
24antilo AG75.88 Mbps7.73—43.41 Mbps2
25Haendle & Korte56.63 Mbps10.47—30.97 Mbps2
26Colt282.04 Mbps4.7—15.66 Mbps2
27KAMP Netzwerkdienste105.02 Mbps2.93—9.25 Mbps2
28HOSTWAY Deutschland484.19 Mbps73.06—360.92 Mbps1
29Epcan440.71 Mbps125.84—369.83 Mbps1
30VIA NET.WORKS93.98 Mbps86.32—87.1 Mbps1
31M-net673.15 Mbps8.94—64.05 Mbps1
32euNetworks Group240.54 Mbps13.63—48.54 Mbps1
33Stadtwerke Konstanz129.87 Mbps12.22—48.94 Mbps1
34Tata Communications36.86 Mbps0—18.4 Mbps1
35Claranet23.1 Mbps0—14.7 Mbps1
36teliko21.49 Mbps7.89—14.07 Mbps1
37Orange Business Services23.12 Mbps5.19—18.47 Mbps1
38Bisping & Bisping17.91 Mbps6.96—11.76 Mbps1
39RS Gesellschaft fuer Informationstechnik66.59 Mbps0.78—0.91 Mbps1
40ADDIX Internet Services9.92 Mbps4.99—5.18 Mbps1
41GELSEN-NET46.56 Mbps0—3.88 Mbps0

Cities and Provider Speeds in Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Ruhne905.24 Mbps79.69—229.33 Mbps165.07 Mbps8
2Baukau358.01 Mbps69.84—81.65 Mbps78.63 Mbps6
3Ruethen908.18 Mbps33.72—400.12 Mbps57.5 Mbps4
4Querenburg937.11 Mbps39.34—177.62 Mbps56.64 Mbps2
5Wilnsdorf858.56 Mbps35.38—313.93 Mbps55.97 Mbps6
6Loh788.86 Mbps31.23—314.35 Mbps55.84 Mbps6
7Dahlhausen932.65 Mbps39.24—187.83 Mbps55.82 Mbps7
8Bestwig618.2 Mbps53.07—232.72 Mbps53.28 Mbps4
9Wattenscheid944.05 Mbps37.87—201.85 Mbps52.06 Mbps8
10Schueren873.87 Mbps33.39—91.44 Mbps51.69 Mbps7
11Arnsberg910.81 Mbps36.46—158 Mbps51.49 Mbps5
12Worth893.82 Mbps33.46—358.11 Mbps51.17 Mbps6
13Iserlohn834.69 Mbps33.84—232.38 Mbps50.64 Mbps8
14Meschede900.03 Mbps31.13—210.17 Mbps47.42 Mbps4
15Hemer879.53 Mbps32.59—220.26 Mbps47.04 Mbps6
16Kreuztal886.6 Mbps36.01—82.05 Mbps46.86 Mbps7
17Mark892.3 Mbps33.05—205.05 Mbps46.66 Mbps6
18Hilchenbach857.35 Mbps28.81—202.58 Mbps44.77 Mbps5
19Bochum943.74 Mbps30.52—127.09 Mbps44.4 Mbps11
20Buschgotthardshuetten907.26 Mbps32.8—78.02 Mbps44.14 Mbps5
21Helfe884.76 Mbps28.77—161.5 Mbps44.05 Mbps6
22Kornharpen924.87 Mbps30.67—155.74 Mbps43.01 Mbps7
23Hagen922.3 Mbps30.33—131.81 Mbps42.79 Mbps7
24Dortmund950.83 Mbps29.14—121.77 Mbps42.5 Mbps10
25Herdecke689.94 Mbps27.25—206.77 Mbps41.9 Mbps7
26Huckarde425.19 Mbps19.38—409.09 Mbps40.76 Mbps6
27Wickede709.46 Mbps29.09—92.87 Mbps40.59 Mbps6
28Huesten723.06 Mbps29.54—153.24 Mbps40.42 Mbps4
29Herbeck900.94 Mbps26.97—95.76 Mbps40.04 Mbps7
30Hombruch236.24 Mbps21.39—100.23 Mbps40.01 Mbps5
31Vorhalle906.03 Mbps25.72—123.95 Mbps40.01 Mbps6
32Steinkuhl908.73 Mbps28.94—95.19 Mbps39.73 Mbps8
33Obereimer901.93 Mbps28.51—114.86 Mbps39.5 Mbps5
34Koerne915.57 Mbps24.12—73.86 Mbps38.96 Mbps8
35Lünen918.34 Mbps28.26—108.76 Mbps38.69 Mbps7
36Weitmar947.65 Mbps24.79—96.06 Mbps38.37 Mbps7
37Wanne-Eickel869.54 Mbps26.61—89.42 Mbps38.24 Mbps6
38Herne895.69 Mbps26.45—99.54 Mbps38.13 Mbps8
39Dahlsen573.75 Mbps24.38—105.37 Mbps37.93 Mbps4
40Froendenberg660.4 Mbps27.31—89.07 Mbps37.76 Mbps6
41Neunkirchen899.14 Mbps27.67—79.24 Mbps37.76 Mbps4
42Buedding910.58 Mbps25.09—111.85 Mbps37.72 Mbps5
43Riemke895.92 Mbps23.01—109.83 Mbps37.64 Mbps6
44Geisweid887.67 Mbps24.3—98.67 Mbps37.13 Mbps4
45Heckentrup906.46 Mbps27.88—131.33 Mbps37.11 Mbps4
46Siegen925.39 Mbps25.79—102.89 Mbps37.02 Mbps6
47Steinerne Bruecke1021.07 Mbps24.34—103.07 Mbps36.59 Mbps6
48Rottbruch860.51 Mbps22.89—88.77 Mbps36.56 Mbps6
49Scharnhorst883.46 Mbps25.51—115.7 Mbps36.5 Mbps4
50Berenbrock840.63 Mbps22.32—96.75 Mbps36.32 Mbps3
51Brilon909.82 Mbps25.05—93.18 Mbps36.28 Mbps5
52Sundern910.32 Mbps25.01—107.81 Mbps36.27 Mbps6
53Lippstadt899.75 Mbps22.8—91.14 Mbps36.27 Mbps7
54Holsterhausen708.71 Mbps21.54—85.03 Mbps35.84 Mbps7
55Daberg897.79 Mbps25.34—114.99 Mbps35.79 Mbps5
56Beienbach897 Mbps25.3—84.42 Mbps35.61 Mbps5
57Kamen906.41 Mbps23.86—104.5 Mbps35.54 Mbps7
58Merschhoven912.12 Mbps22.96—85.24 Mbps34.47 Mbps5
59Ambrock665.4 Mbps21.74—97.16 Mbps34.31 Mbps6
60Soest910.08 Mbps21.51—111.13 Mbps34.18 Mbps7
61Bittermark931.2 Mbps18.36—100.2 Mbps33.57 Mbps9
62Holzwickede863.59 Mbps22.61—96.03 Mbps33.21 Mbps6
63Brackel892.07 Mbps20.92—79.17 Mbps33.2 Mbps8
64Sprockhoevel292.41 Mbps18.19—93.32 Mbps33.1 Mbps4
65Langenfeld915.14 Mbps18.51—94.19 Mbps32.21 Mbps6
66Olsberg885.06 Mbps21.23—67.95 Mbps32.09 Mbps4
67Unna885.71 Mbps21.29—75.09 Mbps31.78 Mbps7
68Hattingen534.3 Mbps18.2—88.59 Mbps30.46 Mbps10
69Olpe930.66 Mbps20.17—81.05 Mbps30.45 Mbps7
70Eisern910.63 Mbps20.62—57.79 Mbps30.4 Mbps4
71Vogelberg875.57 Mbps16.77—100.76 Mbps30.24 Mbps6
72Mengede615.41 Mbps25.19—43.74 Mbps29.87 Mbps7
73Horsthausen652.33 Mbps15.38—48.22 Mbps29.73 Mbps5
74Schrick872.79 Mbps16.44—86.28 Mbps29.59 Mbps7
75Wunne909.67 Mbps17.18—102.34 Mbps28.53 Mbps8
76Lennestadt858.62 Mbps19.85—57.33 Mbps27.95 Mbps4
77Winz532.12 Mbps19.78—57.88 Mbps27.84 Mbps7
78Drolshagen764.58 Mbps20.17—55.32 Mbps27.64 Mbps4
79Schwelm896.46 Mbps17.18—79.01 Mbps27.45 Mbps8
80Attendorn897.48 Mbps19.2—56.88 Mbps27.41 Mbps4
81Hamm894.49 Mbps17.48—71.03 Mbps27.35 Mbps6
82Gevelsberg896.49 Mbps18.74—62.88 Mbps27.01 Mbps4
83Meinerzhagen300.53 Mbps14.52—90.9 Mbps26.99 Mbps4
84Wilhelmshoehe442.2 Mbps18.71—56.2 Mbps26.89 Mbps5
85Westtuennen803.3 Mbps18.03—64.37 Mbps26.7 Mbps7
86Bochum-Werne883.12 Mbps18.18—70.59 Mbps26.46 Mbps5
87Asseln597.55 Mbps18.41—65.76 Mbps26.29 Mbps6
88Balve443.13 Mbps19.14—53.02 Mbps26.09 Mbps6
89Hoerde873.8 Mbps15.92—54.98 Mbps25.87 Mbps6
90Muehlendorf906.03 Mbps15.67—85.32 Mbps25.6 Mbps5
91Geseke860.77 Mbps17.46—86.83 Mbps25.31 Mbps7
92Westerheide857.33 Mbps16.03—78.17 Mbps24.69 Mbps6
93Freudenberg796.25 Mbps14.7—59.13 Mbps24.66 Mbps8
94Finnentrop265.24 Mbps17.22—55.71 Mbps24.65 Mbps4
95Plettenberg919.1 Mbps15.29—65.9 Mbps24.56 Mbps5
96UElzen430.96 Mbps17.12—76.43 Mbps24.53 Mbps7
97Killwinkel502.22 Mbps16.48—60.02 Mbps24.46 Mbps5
98Hamme822.61 Mbps17.35—85.87 Mbps24.3 Mbps6
99Bad Sassendorf514.34 Mbps12.95—90.24 Mbps23.99 Mbps4
100Belecke675.79 Mbps14.13—71.08 Mbps23.79 Mbps5
101Externberg397.36 Mbps16.47—56 Mbps23.69 Mbps7
102Aplerbeck1644.54 Mbps14.42—48.19 Mbps23.29 Mbps6
103Westenfeld842.94 Mbps14.05—53.35 Mbps22.9 Mbps7
104Werne531.89 Mbps14.19—88.81 Mbps22.47 Mbps7
105Marsberg899.68 Mbps14.39—57.85 Mbps22.01 Mbps4
106Tockhausen842.05 Mbps12.8—89.37 Mbps21.4 Mbps6
107Hiltrop886.31 Mbps14.17—57.68 Mbps21.4 Mbps10
108Winterberg862.97 Mbps13.77—52.4 Mbps21.33 Mbps4
109Bonen893.43 Mbps11.96—70.3 Mbps20.89 Mbps6
110Werdohl909.1 Mbps11.82—89.98 Mbps19.83 Mbps5
111Berkenhofskamp539.9 Mbps12.97—60.28 Mbps19.61 Mbps5
112Wenden913.93 Mbps12.71—54.46 Mbps19.37 Mbps4
113Noellenwalze916.56 Mbps9.56—92.05 Mbps19.37 Mbps6
114Letmathe442.4 Mbps12.47—57.48 Mbps18.95 Mbps4
115Dorstfeld881.31 Mbps11.68—64.55 Mbps18.89 Mbps6
116Burbach913.48 Mbps12.92—55.21 Mbps18.62 Mbps3
117Stockum633.99 Mbps11.83—54.61 Mbps17.83 Mbps8
118Sonnenschein920.66 Mbps11.7—79.1 Mbps17.72 Mbps8
119Bergkamen874.29 Mbps13.15—55.47 Mbps17.38 Mbps6
120Schmallenberg876.96 Mbps11.28—54.47 Mbps17.32 Mbps4
121Kirchlinde863.27 Mbps10.61—51.61 Mbps16.92 Mbps6
122Selm811.53 Mbps11.92—53.56 Mbps16.9 Mbps8
123Witten886.56 Mbps11.41—55.02 Mbps16.84 Mbps9
124Wetter (Ruhr)883.05 Mbps11.16—51.36 Mbps15.35 Mbps7
125Bremmen522.46 Mbps10.54—44.15 Mbps15.11 Mbps5
126Pferdekamp662.66 Mbps10.57—45.78 Mbps14.63 Mbps6
127Medebach389.44 Mbps11.97—40.34 Mbps14.53 Mbps3
128Werl892.24 Mbps10.14—35.03 Mbps13.94 Mbps6
129Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde427.43 Mbps9.89—34.83 Mbps13.9 Mbps4
130Kirchhundem264.04 Mbps9.16—43.43 Mbps13.79 Mbps4
131Schwerte850.52 Mbps9.9—43.61 Mbps13.5 Mbps7
132Menden828.72 Mbps9.86—56.23 Mbps13.16 Mbps6
133Neuenrade269.1 Mbps9.99—61.34 Mbps13.1 Mbps5
134Bad Berleburg871.17 Mbps9.14—43.61 Mbps12.88 Mbps4
135Kaltehardt926.89 Mbps8.5—44.99 Mbps11.75 Mbps5
136Buchholz514.04 Mbps8.7—51.87 Mbps11.36 Mbps6
137Kierspe528.94 Mbps9.15—24.55 Mbps11.27 Mbps4
138Halver529.44 Mbps8.24—51.45 Mbps11.15 Mbps7
139Feudingen426.66 Mbps7.67—43.14 Mbps10.8 Mbps4
140Altena543.41 Mbps9.43—37.18 Mbps10.05 Mbps7
141Witten-Annen527.08 Mbps6.83—44.67 Mbps9.74 Mbps7
142Schalksmuehle405.86 Mbps7.12—26.62 Mbps9.38 Mbps4

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg

Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg has 41 ISPs available.
DOKOM Gesellschaft fur Telekommunikation is the fastest provider in Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg with 1644.54 Mbps, and an average speed range of 19.23—86.47 Mbps.
Users in Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg see an average internet speed of 20.66 up to 92.79 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 1644.54 Mbps.
Deutsche Telekom is available in Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 932.65 Mbps.
Liberty Global is available in Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1021.07 Mbps.
Vodafone is available in Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 919.53 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 16 Apr 2021