Internet Providers in Middle Franconia

Middle Franconia
There are 31 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Middle Franconia. Typical internet speeds vary from 14.87 to 57.01 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 1298.53 Mbps from Deutsche Telekom. Other fast providers include Vodafone with 1071.64 Mbps, noris network AG with 905.44 Mbps, and Bisping & Bisping with 851.8 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Middle Franconia are 11.46% better than the Germany national average of 21.03 Mbps. The most common provider in Middle Franconia is Deutsche Telekom, their typical speeds ranging from 18.21 to 58.33 Mbps.

Middle Franconia Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Middle Franconia

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom1298.53 Mbps18.21—58.33 Mbps206
2Vodafone1071.64 Mbps8.45—41.94 Mbps142
3Telefonica Germany220.29 Mbps14.26—45.69 Mbps84
4M-net Telekommunikations792.63 Mbps11.54—41.96 Mbps64
5Plusnet91.95 Mbps8.3—30.16 Mbps25
6Bisping & Bisping851.8 Mbps15.86—53.13 Mbps22
7noris network AG905.44 Mbps7.79—40.51 Mbps14
8Cablesurf395.67 Mbps18.69—78.53 Mbps10
9inexio258.19 Mbps15.31—39.95 Mbps7
10Brandl Services603.41 Mbps15.01—45.41 Mbps6
11Thuga SmartService820.03 Mbps18.41—67.72 Mbps5
12Erdenreich Datentechnik90.17 Mbps15.5—43.38 Mbps3
13suec//dacor104.95 Mbps10.67—40.68 Mbps3
14Liberty Global419.33 Mbps31.36—122.46 Mbps2
15COM-IN Telekommunikation119.98 Mbps15—69.13 Mbps2
16NetCom BW291.11 Mbps11.35—33.52 Mbps2
17Ilm-Provider21.82 Mbps6.32—16.06 Mbps2
18Hurricane Electric77.09 Mbps1.58—6.14 Mbps2
19AT&T EMEA279.08 Mbps36.15—182.41 Mbps1
20MK Netzdienste72.63 Mbps46.2—47.03 Mbps1
21imos52.46 Mbps14.25—51.62 Mbps1
22ecotel communication ag84.81 Mbps15.27—37.59 Mbps1
23euNetworks Group440.52 Mbps0.47—1.59 Mbps1
24Xirra45.4 Mbps0—1.72 Mbps1
25CCNST Deutschland110.41 Mbps4.4—40.99 Mbps1
26Stadtnetz Bamberg46.76 Mbps1.79—16.75 Mbps1
27R-KOM28.08 Mbps9.92—13.75 Mbps1
28Claranet18.8 Mbps0—8.62 Mbps1
29Colt22.1 Mbps5.55—11.18 Mbps1
30scanplus27.39 Mbps0.81—15.29 Mbps1
31SSP Europe24.88 Mbps5.03—7.87 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Middle Franconia

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Uehlfeld106.78 Mbps56.2—98.78 Mbps91.4 Mbps2
2Ornbau851.8 Mbps53.13—53.24 Mbps53.16 Mbps2
3Markt Nordheim508.25 Mbps46.1—47.4 Mbps46.27 Mbps2
4Scheinfeld251.93 Mbps27.95—99.96 Mbps45.13 Mbps1
5Rothenbach an der Pegnitz176.86 Mbps24.32—162.55 Mbps39.72 Mbps4
6Unterfarrnbach464.76 Mbps23.86—58.12 Mbps37.47 Mbps7
7Nuremberg1071.64 Mbps19.61—77.83 Mbps33.35 Mbps16
8Langenzenn912.35 Mbps21.8—58.12 Mbps32.43 Mbps3
9Eibach922.55 Mbps21.83—56.96 Mbps32.4 Mbps5
10Unterburg301.19 Mbps19.21—55.24 Mbps31.31 Mbps7
11Hemhofen520.65 Mbps22.59—65.83 Mbps31.01 Mbps2
12Hochstadt an der Aisch785.69 Mbps20.62—57.55 Mbps29.8 Mbps3
13Erlenstegen441.86 Mbps18.31—57.8 Mbps29 Mbps8
14Letten310.61 Mbps18.68—53.19 Mbps28.87 Mbps1
15Windsbach535.3 Mbps17.27—71.99 Mbps28.66 Mbps1
16Altenfurt534.61 Mbps17.73—57.75 Mbps28.55 Mbps4
17Herrieden281.23 Mbps20.37—57.06 Mbps28.4 Mbps3
18Zirndorf266.16 Mbps19.78—57.22 Mbps28.35 Mbps4
19Rothenbach899.98 Mbps19.68—54.62 Mbps28.09 Mbps5
20Ziegelstein263.55 Mbps15.13—56.73 Mbps27.87 Mbps5
21Zerzabelshof913.02 Mbps18.65—63.68 Mbps27.83 Mbps8
22Schwabach483.34 Mbps17.7—58.06 Mbps26.76 Mbps5
23Atzenhof265.72 Mbps18.05—56.25 Mbps26.72 Mbps6
24Wilhermsdorf522.05 Mbps18.56—56.18 Mbps26.47 Mbps3
25Feuchtwangen250.27 Mbps18.07—57.61 Mbps26.44 Mbps3
26Lauf an der Pegnitz490.57 Mbps16.29—70.69 Mbps26.29 Mbps5
27Uffenheim509.76 Mbps16.34—73.19 Mbps26.26 Mbps3
28Sachsen511.12 Mbps19.8—55.29 Mbps26.2 Mbps1
29Neunkirchen am Sand394.45 Mbps17.43—60.01 Mbps26.15 Mbps2
30Diespeck209.9 Mbps16.17—58.18 Mbps26.03 Mbps2
31Hilpoltstein131.64 Mbps13.96—48.82 Mbps25.38 Mbps2
32Reichelsdorf674.26 Mbps19.43—48.5 Mbps25.38 Mbps4
33Gunzenhausen533.52 Mbps16.24—64.14 Mbps24.82 Mbps4
34Allersberg335.94 Mbps16.76—54.75 Mbps24.51 Mbps4
35Ansbach914.96 Mbps15.17—57.21 Mbps24.49 Mbps7
36Wassertrudingen617.47 Mbps14.96—62.84 Mbps24.31 Mbps3
37Leerstetten255.34 Mbps16.19—58.34 Mbps24.15 Mbps2
38Meckenlohe795.86 Mbps15.81—54.7 Mbps24.09 Mbps7
39Mitteleschenbach257.1 Mbps15.38—56.87 Mbps23.77 Mbps1
40Schweinau779.41 Mbps15.84—54.92 Mbps23.71 Mbps7
41Rednitzhembach245.61 Mbps16.85—53 Mbps23.52 Mbps3
42Burgoberbach585.42 Mbps14.72—55.01 Mbps23.42 Mbps3
43Muggenhof887.62 Mbps14.14—104.87 Mbps22.77 Mbps7
44Tennenlohe598.13 Mbps13.88—55.58 Mbps22.49 Mbps5
45Bubenreuth258.85 Mbps13.53—54.49 Mbps22.37 Mbps3
46Rothenburg upon Tauber285.39 Mbps14.95—56.03 Mbps22.35 Mbps4
47Muenchsteinach236.23 Mbps14.68—55.89 Mbps21.9 Mbps2
48Heroldsberg264.3 Mbps13.53—68.4 Mbps21.46 Mbps3
49Schnaittach263.91 Mbps13.65—53.94 Mbps21.23 Mbps4
50Burgthann264.29 Mbps14.63—49.26 Mbps21.13 Mbps6
51Treuchtlingen264.15 Mbps13.93—49.86 Mbps21.07 Mbps4
52Neustadt232.38 Mbps12.93—48.73 Mbps20.86 Mbps4
53Schwaig259.43 Mbps14.71—49.08 Mbps20.73 Mbps6
54Weissenburg in Bayern258.91 Mbps14.17—53.48 Mbps20.43 Mbps5
55Langwasser905.44 Mbps13.43—54.63 Mbps20.24 Mbps7
56Muhr am See256.86 Mbps12.88—48.48 Mbps20.06 Mbps2
57Wachenroth506.66 Mbps13.56—48.49 Mbps19.87 Mbps1
58Cadolzburg477.49 Mbps12.46—51.88 Mbps19.78 Mbps4
59Herzogenaurach248 Mbps14.52—48.24 Mbps19.59 Mbps4
60Weisendorf227.38 Mbps13.04—47.59 Mbps19.38 Mbps5
61Neustadt an der Aisch908.8 Mbps12.69—51.75 Mbps18.95 Mbps4
62Sondernohe515.24 Mbps14.98—48.32 Mbps18.94 Mbps1
63Dinkelsbühl527.31 Mbps12.43—51.41 Mbps18.91 Mbps3
64Stein300.82 Mbps12.08—48.25 Mbps18.54 Mbps6
65Georgensgmund210.25 Mbps12.57—46.91 Mbps18.49 Mbps5
66Fürth263.51 Mbps12.51—50.8 Mbps18.44 Mbps6
67Rosstal265.44 Mbps11.38—54.27 Mbps17.75 Mbps4
68Steinach311.16 Mbps11.55—51.9 Mbps16.57 Mbps7
69Baiersdorf304 Mbps11.37—50.9 Mbps16.47 Mbps5
70Happurg522.61 Mbps11.02—41.26 Mbps16.16 Mbps3
71Buchenbach528.33 Mbps11.61—44.09 Mbps15.57 Mbps3
72Gaismannshof862.36 Mbps11.41—47.26 Mbps15.3 Mbps4
73Reichenschwand282.7 Mbps9.58—52.17 Mbps15.27 Mbps3
74Hinterhof482.61 Mbps9.99—51.2 Mbps14.98 Mbps6
75Oberasbach793.93 Mbps9.94—48.55 Mbps14.63 Mbps5
76Woehrd626.61 Mbps10.04—46.48 Mbps14.45 Mbps6
77Poppenreuth266.44 Mbps10.22—53.11 Mbps14.38 Mbps5
78Altdorf184.96 Mbps9.46—43.01 Mbps14.02 Mbps3
79Feucht820.03 Mbps10.07—42.12 Mbps13.48 Mbps6
80Eltersdorf792.63 Mbps10.36—37.98 Mbps13.22 Mbps5
81Wendelstein266.65 Mbps8.25—47.01 Mbps13.21 Mbps5
82Bad Windsheim262.69 Mbps9.75—46.16 Mbps12.62 Mbps2
83Hersbruck267.66 Mbps10.48—47.35 Mbps12.01 Mbps6
84Erlangen1298.53 Mbps6.23—52.56 Mbps10.41 Mbps6
85Thon235.25 Mbps5.61—20.68 Mbps7.89 Mbps4
86Neuendettelsau268.71 Mbps2.92—37.52 Mbps5.17 Mbps4

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Middle Franconia

Middle Franconia has 31 ISPs available.
Deutsche Telekom is the fastest provider in Middle Franconia with 1298.53 Mbps, and an average speed range of 18.21—58.33 Mbps.
Users in Middle Franconia see an average internet speed of 14.87 up to 57.01 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 1298.53 Mbps.
Deutsche Telekom is available in Middle Franconia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1298.53 Mbps.
Vodafone is available in Middle Franconia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1071.64 Mbps.
M-net Telekommunikations is available in Middle Franconia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 792.63 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Middle Franconia is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 11 Aug 2020