Internet Providers in Lower Franconia

Lower Franconia
There are 36 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Lower Franconia. Typical internet speeds vary from 20.11 to 73.97 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 945.85 Mbps from Accelerated IT Services. Other fast providers include Vodafone with 935.2 Mbps, iWelt AG with 929.9 Mbps, and rockenstein AG with 928.63 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Lower Franconia are 4.88% worse than the Germany national average of 31.35 Mbps. The most common provider in Lower Franconia is Deutsche Telekom, their typical speeds ranging from 21.47 to 73.61 Mbps.

Lower Franconia Over Time

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Lower Franconia

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom875.54 Mbps21.47—73.61 Mbps260
2Vodafone935.2 Mbps22.52—102.84 Mbps167
3Telefonica Germany233.78 Mbps7.44—28.08 Mbps44
4Plusnet512.67 Mbps10.78—93.4 Mbps16
5rockenstein AG928.63 Mbps12.44—53.07 Mbps15
6M-net394.29 Mbps11.54—38.34 Mbps15
7suec//dacor258.35 Mbps11.72—35.73 Mbps14
8ENTEGA Medianet725.91 Mbps17.13—22.95 Mbps11
9Cablesurf409.08 Mbps18.3—59.78 Mbps10
10Liberty Global848.62 Mbps29.22—286.61 Mbps8
11iWelt AG929.9 Mbps69.29—137.25 Mbps7
12NGN Operations204.85 Mbps14.36—46.28 Mbps7
13Thuga SmartService580.31 Mbps24.68—50.6 Mbps6
14RegioNet Schweinfurt832.21 Mbps14.49—43.99 Mbps6
15VSE NET881.05 Mbps20.52—64.44 Mbps5
16Bisping & Bisping157.67 Mbps14.09—47.42 Mbps5
17iWelt859.59 Mbps13.11—15.64 Mbps4
18Accelerated IT Services945.85 Mbps6.32—68.15 Mbps3
19Stadtnetz Bamberg812.46 Mbps21.91—77.12 Mbps3
20inexio96.28 Mbps19.92—50.62 Mbps3
21noris network AG56.84 Mbps22.91—41.14 Mbps3
22scanplus76.16 Mbps16.09—25.73 Mbps3
23MK Netzdienste88.18 Mbps5.85—24.34 Mbps3
24combahton253.94 Mbps3.86—103.34 Mbps2
25WITCOM164.24 Mbps98.2—119.87 Mbps1
26Colt160.17 Mbps91.52—118.52 Mbps1
27mywire Datentechnik48.78 Mbps48.66—48.67 Mbps1
28TELE AG231.3 Mbps6.1—84.66 Mbps1
29HL komm84.24 Mbps16.99—19.83 Mbps1
30net services332.03 Mbps9.74—38.16 Mbps1
31Deutsche Glasfaser48.42 Mbps0—1.36 Mbps1
32nexiu52.91 Mbps3.84—22.38 Mbps1
3323media67.19 Mbps3.96—25.21 Mbps1
34ASN-ORNG-SUED15.11 Mbps1.75—14.16 Mbps1
35Globalways13.46 Mbps1.61—12.47 Mbps1
36toplink4.48 Mbps3.16—4.08 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Lower Franconia

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Niederwerrn271.63 Mbps172.98—265.71 Mbps211.09 Mbps3
2Schweinheim314.43 Mbps92.94—222.56 Mbps171.41 Mbps3
3Giebelstadt515.27 Mbps60.58—94.04 Mbps72.06 Mbps2
4Versbach918.02 Mbps38.78—99.62 Mbps56.48 Mbps3
5Stadtlauringen192.26 Mbps32.54—57.98 Mbps47.92 Mbps1
6Heidingsfeld935.2 Mbps32.79—94.46 Mbps47.92 Mbps8
7Sulzfeld151.73 Mbps30.6—57.96 Mbps45.97 Mbps1
8Obernburg am Main890.77 Mbps36.17—208.7 Mbps45.49 Mbps3
9Haßfurt875.54 Mbps27.91—166.57 Mbps44.49 Mbps3
10Grafenrheinfeld450.57 Mbps29.92—95.44 Mbps43.12 Mbps2
11Kleinheubach264.39 Mbps26.95—101.07 Mbps41.97 Mbps1
12A-Burg928.88 Mbps33.08—104.55 Mbps41.85 Mbps10
13Hochberg822.23 Mbps28.4—103.84 Mbps40.33 Mbps5
14Dettelbach299.77 Mbps25.66—96.93 Mbps39.16 Mbps3
15Kitzingen873.44 Mbps27.5—73.26 Mbps38.56 Mbps5
16Ochsenfurt263 Mbps27—85.48 Mbps38.55 Mbps3
17Zell am Main261.92 Mbps24.83—90.41 Mbps37.65 Mbps3
18Unsleben527.7 Mbps27.05—70.8 Mbps37.62 Mbps2
19Haibach587.01 Mbps27.82—84.04 Mbps37.09 Mbps4
20Leider914.99 Mbps27.5—92.28 Mbps36.33 Mbps6
21Bad Konigshofen im Grabfeld407.45 Mbps22.67—57.89 Mbps35.85 Mbps3
22Rothlein266.55 Mbps24.24—67.18 Mbps34.32 Mbps2
23Wurzburg922.28 Mbps21.58—90.59 Mbps32.09 Mbps9
24Massbach409.08 Mbps23.5—84.33 Mbps31.19 Mbps2
25Erlenbach am Main896.37 Mbps30.55—56.82 Mbps30.75 Mbps4
26Burgstadt587.71 Mbps20.67—57.98 Mbps30.54 Mbps1
27Miltenberg357.54 Mbps19.05—81.04 Mbps30.29 Mbps4
28Marktheidenfeld265.5 Mbps20.43—69.64 Mbps30.28 Mbps3
29Stadtschwarzach265.14 Mbps21.29—75.91 Mbps30.27 Mbps2
30Lengfeld914.84 Mbps17.01—92.08 Mbps30.16 Mbps6
31Niedernberg725.91 Mbps21.71—57.62 Mbps29.59 Mbps4
32Ebern521.38 Mbps20.4—58.18 Mbps28.83 Mbps2
33Rollbach262.49 Mbps18.38—70.82 Mbps28.4 Mbps1
34Sennfeld240.88 Mbps20.46—53.38 Mbps28.2 Mbps2
35Bad Bocklet130.01 Mbps21.96—56.49 Mbps28.19 Mbps3
36Schweinfurt920.25 Mbps18.28—62.82 Mbps27.99 Mbps7
37Karlstadt am Main900.47 Mbps17.34—77.43 Mbps27.24 Mbps3
38Bad Kissingen922.01 Mbps18.09—65.41 Mbps27.18 Mbps4
39Keilberg245.64 Mbps18.43—55.98 Mbps27.07 Mbps2
40Rimpar513.55 Mbps17.99—56.01 Mbps26.91 Mbps3
41Hosbach881.05 Mbps18.8—57.73 Mbps26.86 Mbps7
42Bad Bruckenau263.19 Mbps18.17—56.04 Mbps26.83 Mbps2
43Oberelsbach251.81 Mbps19.87—54.9 Mbps26.23 Mbps1
44Gemünden am Main879.73 Mbps16.99—53.06 Mbps26.15 Mbps3
45Worth am Main916.88 Mbps19.32—54.03 Mbps26.11 Mbps3
46Fladungen140.32 Mbps17.19—54.16 Mbps25.96 Mbps1
47Alzenau in Unterfranken258.78 Mbps16.54—55.65 Mbps25.6 Mbps5
48Goldbach461.32 Mbps19.51—55.87 Mbps25.48 Mbps5
49Eibelstadt929.9 Mbps17.29—52.5 Mbps25.46 Mbps5
50Knetzgau667.61 Mbps17.84—51.71 Mbps25.35 Mbps2
51Oberndorf912.89 Mbps16.75—54.92 Mbps25.21 Mbps4
52Mombris268.56 Mbps17.65—54.77 Mbps25.17 Mbps2
53Iphofen258.09 Mbps17.89—48.53 Mbps25.03 Mbps2
54Grossostheim258.03 Mbps17.71—56.33 Mbps24.67 Mbps4
55Heustreu257.71 Mbps19.18—53.37 Mbps24.65 Mbps3
56Munnerstadt435.09 Mbps16.15—54.65 Mbps23.97 Mbps4
57Werneck265.43 Mbps16.18—56.52 Mbps23.88 Mbps3
58Sulzbach am Main738.39 Mbps17.01—57.01 Mbps23.74 Mbps2
59Bad Neustadt an der Saale505.06 Mbps17.09—52 Mbps23.31 Mbps3
60Hollstadt105.49 Mbps17.11—43.62 Mbps22.29 Mbps2
61Lohr a. Main879.32 Mbps14.89—51.27 Mbps22.11 Mbps2
62Salz303.3 Mbps15.02—52 Mbps21.73 Mbps3
63Kurnach582.57 Mbps13.03—54.92 Mbps21.1 Mbps2
64Johannesberg256.36 Mbps18.18—22.9 Mbps20.31 Mbps4
65Eltmann215.69 Mbps13.38—46.6 Mbps18.54 Mbps4
66Leidersbach505.15 Mbps12.96—42.48 Mbps16.33 Mbps2
67Unterdurrbach785.5 Mbps11.04—37.75 Mbps14.3 Mbps8
68Volkach459.42 Mbps12.88—38.55 Mbps12.92 Mbps3
69Geiselwind233.22 Mbps8.44—44.57 Mbps12.34 Mbps2
70Grettstadt567.36 Mbps8.81—23.88 Mbps12.33 Mbps4
71Kahl am Main848.62 Mbps6.39—24.62 Mbps9.22 Mbps5
72Oerlenbach103.05 Mbps6.4—6.67 Mbps6.54 Mbps2

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Lower Franconia

Lower Franconia has 36 ISPs available.
Accelerated IT Services is the fastest provider in Lower Franconia with 945.85 Mbps, and an average speed range of 6.32—68.15 Mbps.
Users in Lower Franconia see an average internet speed of 20.11 up to 73.97 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 945.85 Mbps.
Deutsche Telekom is available in Lower Franconia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 875.54 Mbps.
Vodafone is available in Lower Franconia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 935.2 Mbps.
Telefonica Germany is available in Lower Franconia, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 233.78 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Lower Franconia is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 16 Apr 2021