Internet Providers in Lower Bavaria

Lower Bavaria
There are 16 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Lower Bavaria. Typical internet speeds vary from 8.81 to 40.34 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 621.73 Mbps from Deutsche Telekom. Other fast providers include Vodafone with 237.48 Mbps, Telefonica Germany with 213.09 Mbps, and CCNST Deutschland with 203.46 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Lower Bavaria are 16.86% worse than the Germany national average of 14.83 Mbps. The most common provider in Lower Bavaria is Deutsche Telekom, their typical speeds ranging from 9.62 to 42.74 Mbps.

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Summary of Internet Service Providers in Lower Bavaria

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom621.73 Mbps9.62—42.74 Mbps257
2Vodafone237.48 Mbps6.99—36.01 Mbps71
3Telefonica Germany213.09 Mbps9.34—36.82 Mbps38
4CCNST Deutschland203.46 Mbps8.1—23.05 Mbps34
5M-net Telekommunikations128.19 Mbps6.7—27.29 Mbps11
6mieX46 Mbps3.4—10.06 Mbps10
7R-KOM185.98 Mbps11.96—37.48 Mbps8
8ith Kommunikationstechnik17.19 Mbps1.59—4.3 Mbps6
9scanplus186.29 Mbps4.81—13.2 Mbps2
10AnschlussWerk145.07 Mbps19.12—64.38 Mbps1
11Colt69.51 Mbps22.01—28.84 Mbps1
12SpaceNet AG23.9 Mbps0—13.71 Mbps1
13Brandl Services85.44 Mbps8.37—39.55 Mbps1
14Plusnet75.83 Mbps5.43—28.79 Mbps1
15SysEleven29.16 Mbps2.32—8.07 Mbps1
16suec//dacor23.35 Mbps2.52—6.3 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Lower Bavaria

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Bogen246.65 Mbps14.05—49.08 Mbps21.09 Mbps3
2Train221.8 Mbps13.76—46.46 Mbps20.5 Mbps1
3Niederwinkling100.15 Mbps13.48—40.8 Mbps19.76 Mbps2
4Hascherkeller218.89 Mbps10.3—93.58 Mbps19.44 Mbps2
5Buechlberg225.13 Mbps12.05—51.45 Mbps19.15 Mbps1
6Ruhmannsfelden404.04 Mbps13.2—48.59 Mbps19.11 Mbps1
7Abensberg510.06 Mbps12.72—45.27 Mbps18.95 Mbps2
8Straubing318.32 Mbps12.24—50.28 Mbps18.08 Mbps5
9Regen255.8 Mbps10.82—70.62 Mbps17.45 Mbps2
10Geiselhoring254.52 Mbps11.16—48.86 Mbps16.63 Mbps1
11Deggendorf258.22 Mbps11.67—46.52 Mbps16.51 Mbps6
12Rattiszell239.86 Mbps11.51—45.19 Mbps16.13 Mbps1
13Bodenmais104.32 Mbps11.52—40.35 Mbps16.08 Mbps1
14Achdorf348.68 Mbps10.97—48.4 Mbps15.84 Mbps4
15Landshut483.89 Mbps10.21—46.44 Mbps15.54 Mbps5
16Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg253.57 Mbps11.08—44.84 Mbps15.44 Mbps3
17Dingolfing258.14 Mbps10.16—46.1 Mbps15.13 Mbps4
18Hengersberg145.07 Mbps10.41—50.36 Mbps15.1 Mbps2
19Mainburg241.95 Mbps10.59—42.25 Mbps15.1 Mbps1
20Zwiesel227.38 Mbps10.14—43.37 Mbps14.86 Mbps2
21Grafenau274.34 Mbps10.43—42.08 Mbps14.76 Mbps3
22Eging on Sea320.87 Mbps9.66—41.38 Mbps14.47 Mbps1
23Wiesenfelden201.98 Mbps10.39—39.29 Mbps14.24 Mbps2
24Iggensbach157.1 Mbps10.24—39.56 Mbps14.1 Mbps2
25Reisbach546.3 Mbps10.02—40.71 Mbps14.04 Mbps2
26Eichendorf256.7 Mbps10.59—39.31 Mbps13.87 Mbps2
27Bad Fussing223.25 Mbps10.04—43.43 Mbps13.7 Mbps2
28Moosthenning197.51 Mbps9.4—36.84 Mbps13.48 Mbps2
29Wittibreut104.1 Mbps10—36.39 Mbps13.46 Mbps3
30Viechtach215.45 Mbps9.38—44.02 Mbps13.46 Mbps5
31Ruderting230.25 Mbps9.92—37.36 Mbps13.43 Mbps2
32Pfarrkirchen204.64 Mbps9.51—36.77 Mbps13.43 Mbps3
33Tann103.36 Mbps9.33—38.57 Mbps13.38 Mbps2
34Bayerbach181.73 Mbps10.02—38.68 Mbps13.36 Mbps1
35Ergoldsbach198.16 Mbps10.04—37.71 Mbps13.29 Mbps1
36Langquaid216.83 Mbps9.25—43.18 Mbps12.81 Mbps2
37Vilshofen497.7 Mbps8.63—42.01 Mbps12.74 Mbps2
38Wetzelsdorf173.18 Mbps10.27—25.49 Mbps12.53 Mbps1
39Eggenfelden223.68 Mbps9.22—42.99 Mbps12.27 Mbps2
40Neustadt an der Donau621.73 Mbps8.62—40.97 Mbps12.26 Mbps3
41Kelheim256.15 Mbps9.23—43.67 Mbps12.11 Mbps5
42Gangkofen103.79 Mbps9.34—37.97 Mbps11.69 Mbps1
43Passau, Altstadt476.69 Mbps8—37.03 Mbps11.43 Mbps4
44Vilsbiburg489.13 Mbps8.21—36.57 Mbps11.33 Mbps3
45Pocking415.21 Mbps7.94—40.86 Mbps11.17 Mbps3
46Waldkirchen444.71 Mbps8.69—33.24 Mbps11.04 Mbps3
47Rotthalmunster108.32 Mbps6.35—32.55 Mbps10.74 Mbps2
48Roehrnbach330.97 Mbps7.43—35.75 Mbps10.69 Mbps3
49Osterhofen368.48 Mbps6.45—37.65 Mbps10.68 Mbps2
50Kirchroth100.88 Mbps7.36—33.02 Mbps10.64 Mbps1
51Worth194.75 Mbps7.78—36.86 Mbps10.52 Mbps2
52Plattling251.2 Mbps7.63—32.06 Mbps10.36 Mbps7
53Niederaichbach102.49 Mbps8.26—20.66 Mbps10.35 Mbps3
54Simbach am Inn483.84 Mbps7.83—31.26 Mbps10.31 Mbps1
55Ihrlerstein104.8 Mbps7.4—33.71 Mbps10.05 Mbps2
56Wallersdorf249.81 Mbps6.75—34.04 Mbps10.04 Mbps2
57Rottenburg an der Laaber116.89 Mbps7.4—27.95 Mbps9.89 Mbps2
58Thurmansbang94.69 Mbps6.49—20.06 Mbps9.39 Mbps2
59Kirchdorf am Inn101.13 Mbps7.25—31.96 Mbps9.21 Mbps1
60Hutthurm166.61 Mbps6.33—30.3 Mbps9.19 Mbps2
61Kirchberg102.83 Mbps6.42—26.33 Mbps9.16 Mbps1
62Bruckberg203.46 Mbps5.95—25.1 Mbps8.98 Mbps3
63Alterhofen132.44 Mbps6.03—18.46 Mbps8.64 Mbps3
64Frontenhausen94.02 Mbps5.76—38.68 Mbps8.6 Mbps2
65Buch am Erlbach121.49 Mbps5.74—19.21 Mbps7.85 Mbps2
66Untergriesbach96.91 Mbps5.47—24.21 Mbps7.6 Mbps2
67Pfeffenhausen98.16 Mbps4.19—23.13 Mbps6.99 Mbps3
68Hauzenberg440.53 Mbps4.91—20.81 Mbps6.94 Mbps3
69Saal98.52 Mbps2.41—8.38 Mbps3.6 Mbps3

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Lower Bavaria

Lower Bavaria has 16 ISPs available.
Deutsche Telekom is the fastest provider in Lower Bavaria with 621.73 Mbps, and an average speed range of 9.62—42.74 Mbps.
Users in Lower Bavaria see an average internet speed of 8.81 up to 40.34 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 621.73 Mbps.
Deutsche Telekom is available in Lower Bavaria, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 621.73 Mbps.
CCNST Deutschland is available in Lower Bavaria, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 203.46 Mbps.
Vodafone is available in Lower Bavaria, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 237.48 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Lower Bavaria is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2020