Internet Providers in Land Berlin

Land Berlin
There are 46 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Land Berlin. Typical internet speeds vary from 12.02 to 49.71 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 913.02 Mbps from SysEleven. Other fast providers include DNS:NET Internet Service with 890.35 Mbps, Vodafone with 875.47 Mbps, and Deutsche Telekom with 859.31 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Land Berlin are 8.77% worse than the Germany national average of 19.83 Mbps. The most common provider in Land Berlin is Deutsche Telekom, their typical speeds ranging from 15.03 to 55.48 Mbps.

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Summary of Internet Service Providers in Land Berlin

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom859.31 Mbps15.03—55.48 Mbps120
2Vodafone875.47 Mbps5.86—25.2 Mbps120
3Telefonica Germany563.11 Mbps10.55—43.94 Mbps111
4Tele Columbus AG840.1 Mbps17.69—93.11 Mbps84
5Plusnet214.08 Mbps7.27—32.41 Mbps71
6DNS:NET Internet Service890.35 Mbps16.73—60.88 Mbps36
7ecotel communication ag105.1 Mbps9.11—44.78 Mbps30
8Colt784.34 Mbps43.93—178.06 Mbps26
9TELE AG487.09 Mbps14.31—51.4 Mbps23
10Hofnetz & IT Services829.5 Mbps44.03—93.43 Mbps16
11SysEleven913.02 Mbps3.41—21.16 Mbps7
12OVIS IT Consulting136.59 Mbps23.52—81.7 Mbps5
13CBXNET combox internet252.1 Mbps3.09—7.86 Mbps5
14D-hosting346.5 Mbps16.56—119.31 Mbps4
15Cablesurf407.82 Mbps21.85—88.79 Mbps4
16HL komm104.56 Mbps15.21—45.51 Mbps4
17M247697.24 Mbps7.6—33.76 Mbps4
18scanplus213.57 Mbps5.46—9.81 Mbps4
19serve-u341.27 Mbps58.36—145.48 Mbps3
20Verizon Business - EMEA211.7 Mbps29.72—172.63 Mbps3
21RFTkabel Brandenburg110.03 Mbps26—26.79 Mbps3
22IPB Internet Provider Berlin86.88 Mbps9.14—35.84 Mbps3
23Hurricane Electric364.63 Mbps11.45—23.92 Mbps3
24mywire Datentechnik55.87 Mbps8.58—39.42 Mbps3
25EWETel143.04 Mbps5.22—6.47 Mbps3
26e-shelter services817.3 Mbps11.64—417.3 Mbps2
27e.discom Telekommunikation381.01 Mbps31.63—61.1 Mbps2
28MK Netzdienste106.24 Mbps11.09—64.57 Mbps2
29Artfiles New Media353.61 Mbps0—247.98 Mbps1
30ProfitBricks602.52 Mbps93.73—414.97 Mbps1
31euNetworks Group128.58 Mbps81.29—124.44 Mbps1
32AT&T EMEA142.73 Mbps0—44.01 Mbps1
33VSE NET92.37 Mbps0—92.29 Mbps1
34net services299.7 Mbps11.31—37.5 Mbps1
35VIA NET.WORKS170.86 Mbps17.04—80.38 Mbps1
36noris network AG49.86 Mbps31.47—38.15 Mbps1
37ThuringenDSL48.89 Mbps0—24.98 Mbps1
38MDlink online service center58.15 Mbps11.15—29.49 Mbps1
39IBH IT-Service42.22 Mbps14.14—32.53 Mbps1
40PKN Datenkommunikation175.08 Mbps9.33—9.38 Mbps1
41Cogent Communications15.65 Mbps4.45—14.71 Mbps1
42Claranet15.22 Mbps13.13—15.13 Mbps1
43www.funknetz.at19.95 Mbps8.86—18.42 Mbps1
44envia TEL31.53 Mbps4.31—13.32 Mbps1
45macnetix network60.03 Mbps3.25—7.72 Mbps1
46RelAix Networks58.4 Mbps0.91—2.1 Mbps1

Cities and Provider Speeds in Land Berlin

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Bezirk Kreuzberg527.59 Mbps87.84—156.94 Mbps88.35 Mbps6
2Wannsee251.87 Mbps21.32—57.87 Mbps34.03 Mbps5
3Karlshorst238.3 Mbps20.92—51.76 Mbps33.23 Mbps3
4Staaken476.16 Mbps17.87—60.11 Mbps29.37 Mbps4
5Buckow I399.28 Mbps17.62—58 Mbps29.3 Mbps4
6Hohenschonhausen382.31 Mbps17.25—80.55 Mbps27.82 Mbps7
7Karolinenhoehe179.52 Mbps15.28—67.72 Mbps27.78 Mbps5
8Mahlsdorf260.1 Mbps17.36—55.99 Mbps27.61 Mbps6
9Lichtenrade264.57 Mbps16.77—56 Mbps27.46 Mbps6
10Friedrichsfelde523.15 Mbps16.15—61.44 Mbps26.05 Mbps7
11Neueiche504.55 Mbps17.3—54.19 Mbps25.93 Mbps8
12Gropiusstadt405.32 Mbps16.16—57.67 Mbps25.11 Mbps7
13Wittenau337.51 Mbps16.04—56.84 Mbps24.78 Mbps5
14Alt-Hohenschoenhausen474.7 Mbps14.97—68.33 Mbps24.28 Mbps6
15Marienthal252.91 Mbps15.59—53.16 Mbps23.95 Mbps5
16Zehlendorf Bezirk383.26 Mbps14.02—69.94 Mbps23.88 Mbps6
17Heerstrasse204.01 Mbps15.13—51.37 Mbps23.74 Mbps3
18Wilhelmstadt263.14 Mbps15.16—54.32 Mbps23.62 Mbps5
19Karolinenhof534.79 Mbps18.71—62.16 Mbps23.57 Mbps3
20Falkenhagener Feld229.6 Mbps13.19—57.12 Mbps23.39 Mbps5
21Lubars205.89 Mbps14.96—50.34 Mbps23.18 Mbps3
22Neukladow239.09 Mbps13.65—46.74 Mbps23.12 Mbps4
23Hellersdorf462.65 Mbps14.69—57.61 Mbps22.67 Mbps6
24Nikolaiviertel831.39 Mbps14.92—64.43 Mbps22.48 Mbps11
25Tempelhof Bezirk332.52 Mbps12.86—53.1 Mbps22.15 Mbps7
26Borsigwalde253.1 Mbps14.34—47.99 Mbps21.83 Mbps3
27Weissensee408.47 Mbps14.23—54.43 Mbps21.78 Mbps7
28Lichtenberg860.44 Mbps14.14—46.57 Mbps21.69 Mbps6
29Westend384.18 Mbps14.22—51.61 Mbps21.64 Mbps5
30Kaulsdorf262.13 Mbps15—56.03 Mbps21.62 Mbps4
31Marzahn531.82 Mbps15.28—56.44 Mbps21.52 Mbps7
32Bohnsdorf374.41 Mbps13.77—52.89 Mbps21.12 Mbps5
33Niederschonhausen253.29 Mbps13.52—51.82 Mbps21 Mbps5
34Wilhelmsberg411.94 Mbps12.77—57.34 Mbps20.86 Mbps6
35Schmargendorf343.43 Mbps13.73—54.7 Mbps20.75 Mbps7
36Hermsdorf255.43 Mbps12.76—50.13 Mbps20.72 Mbps3
37Biesdorf678.44 Mbps15.08—48.37 Mbps20.69 Mbps5
38Lankwitz487.09 Mbps12.99—59.16 Mbps20.51 Mbps7
39Charlottenburg-Nord511.6 Mbps15.38—76.74 Mbps20.43 Mbps6
40Neu Buch264.14 Mbps12.82—54.68 Mbps20.4 Mbps7
41Gesundbrunnen829.5 Mbps13.79—49.3 Mbps20.3 Mbps9
42Johannesstift263.03 Mbps12.65—53.12 Mbps19.69 Mbps5
43Schlachtensee509.56 Mbps13.44—57.36 Mbps19.63 Mbps6
44Grunewald130.44 Mbps12.67—57.43 Mbps19.49 Mbps3
45Siedlung Waldidyll817.3 Mbps12.27—50.78 Mbps19.43 Mbps6
46Muggelheim595.7 Mbps12.6—51.13 Mbps19.23 Mbps5
47Friedrichshain Bezirk412.19 Mbps12.59—50.26 Mbps18.78 Mbps7
48Mitte859.31 Mbps12.53—49.84 Mbps18.77 Mbps16
49Siemensstadt254.59 Mbps12.8—53.13 Mbps18.66 Mbps4
50Prenzlauer Berg Bezirk913.02 Mbps11.7—55.79 Mbps18.48 Mbps12
51Potsdamer Platz606.26 Mbps11.71—53.79 Mbps18.33 Mbps15
52Altglienicke521.66 Mbps13.23—47.75 Mbps18.23 Mbps6
53Mariendorf457.28 Mbps11.74—48.57 Mbps18.15 Mbps5
54Lichterfelde383.86 Mbps11.69—54.7 Mbps17.78 Mbps7
55Berlin765.84 Mbps11.82—48.69 Mbps17.74 Mbps16
56Dahlem216.06 Mbps11.94—52.68 Mbps17.7 Mbps4
57Tiergarten Bezirk668.41 Mbps11.58—46.89 Mbps17.7 Mbps7
58Plotzensee875.47 Mbps12.27—46.12 Mbps17.69 Mbps5
59Uhlenhorst468.89 Mbps11.36—51.07 Mbps17.36 Mbps4
60Buchholz459.95 Mbps11.92—49.32 Mbps17.34 Mbps4
61Rudow440.62 Mbps11.56—50.01 Mbps17.29 Mbps7
62Hermannplatz659.8 Mbps11.38—46.27 Mbps17.14 Mbps9
63Charlottenburg Bezirk410.92 Mbps10.95—51.47 Mbps16.9 Mbps6
64Neustadt521.63 Mbps11.9—52 Mbps16.82 Mbps4
65Fennpfuhl414.3 Mbps11.63—49.08 Mbps16.6 Mbps9
66Wilmersdorf Bezirk410.81 Mbps11.03—49.31 Mbps16.41 Mbps8
67Heinersdorf643.46 Mbps11.29—47.69 Mbps16.29 Mbps5
68Johannisthal224.04 Mbps10.82—46.6 Mbps16.09 Mbps6
69Marienfelde259.24 Mbps10.42—46.27 Mbps15.94 Mbps5
70Moabit539.59 Mbps10.59—47.27 Mbps15.7 Mbps13
71Wendenschloss407.47 Mbps10.28—49.05 Mbps15.22 Mbps5
72Halensee483.08 Mbps14.34—55.54 Mbps15.14 Mbps9
73Markisches Viertel221.21 Mbps10.32—48.55 Mbps15.02 Mbps3
74Buch219.82 Mbps10.28—45.73 Mbps14.9 Mbps6
75Adlershof272.74 Mbps10.01—47.49 Mbps14.77 Mbps3
76Friedrichswerder784.34 Mbps10.52—46.16 Mbps14.61 Mbps15
77Britz341.51 Mbps9.4—47.17 Mbps14.36 Mbps5
78Sudende615.33 Mbps10.16—48.7 Mbps14.08 Mbps6
79Schöneberg511.39 Mbps9.79—47.32 Mbps14.04 Mbps10
80Friedrichshagen218.68 Mbps9.29—44.94 Mbps13.99 Mbps3
81Rosenthal239.6 Mbps9.03—48.22 Mbps13.87 Mbps5
82Steglitz Bezirk498.27 Mbps9.96—48.07 Mbps13.73 Mbps5
83Friedenau262.01 Mbps9.8—47.52 Mbps13.43 Mbps7
84Treptow Bezirk412.16 Mbps9.82—43.74 Mbps13.23 Mbps8
85Wedding Bezirk392.94 Mbps8.75—43.93 Mbps12.95 Mbps9
86Spandau381.21 Mbps8.08—42.15 Mbps12.88 Mbps5
87Neukoelln575.47 Mbps9.18—45.53 Mbps12.72 Mbps11
88Friedrichsberg521.62 Mbps8.36—45.05 Mbps12.69 Mbps7
89Reinickendorf384.11 Mbps8.67—46.53 Mbps12.68 Mbps7
90Pankow413.35 Mbps8.65—45.73 Mbps12.32 Mbps5
91Hansaviertel840.1 Mbps8.12—41.16 Mbps11.72 Mbps11
92Schoenholz410.59 Mbps8.19—46.19 Mbps11.71 Mbps9
93Weisse Taube412.9 Mbps7.68—42.5 Mbps11.61 Mbps5
94Buckow229.84 Mbps7.42—47.42 Mbps11.35 Mbps4
95Bergmannstrasse388.04 Mbps7.89—39.44 Mbps11.15 Mbps7
96Oberschoneweide239.23 Mbps7.87—34.6 Mbps10.77 Mbps6
97Kladow659.65 Mbps7.6—23.01 Mbps10.67 Mbps1
98Baumschulenweg383.22 Mbps6.71—40.87 Mbps10.15 Mbps5
99Stralau221.03 Mbps6.57—30.5 Mbps9.7 Mbps8
100Paul-Lincke-Ufer732.11 Mbps5.69—33.86 Mbps8.44 Mbps7
101Frohnau236.75 Mbps6.05—45.14 Mbps8.14 Mbps4
102Warschauer Strasse563.11 Mbps3.08—17.64 Mbps4.84 Mbps5
103Haselhorst237.84 Mbps0.98—2.3 Mbps1.09 Mbps4

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Land Berlin

Land Berlin has 46 ISPs available.
SysEleven is the fastest provider in Land Berlin with 913.02 Mbps, and an average speed range of 3.41—21.16 Mbps.
Users in Land Berlin see an average internet speed of 12.02 up to 49.71 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 913.02 Mbps.
Deutsche Telekom is available in Land Berlin, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 859.31 Mbps.
Vodafone is available in Land Berlin, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 875.47 Mbps.
Telefonica Germany is available in Land Berlin, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 563.11 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Land Berlin is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 07 Jul 2020