Internet Providers in Karlsruhe Region

There are 41 different broadband providers available to and being tested by people living in Karlsruhe Region. Typical internet speeds vary from 26.47 to 104.7 Mbps, and the highest broadband speed we've seen is 1464.48 Mbps from siebnich-com. Other fast internet providers include 1&1 Internet with 1455.87 Mbps, Deutsche Telekom with 1150.15 Mbps, and Vodafone with 1021.19 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Karlsruhe Region are 11.21% better than the Germany national average of 35.85 Mbps. The most common broadprovider in Karlsruhe Region is Deutsche Telekom, and their typical speeds range from 18.34 to 76.84 Mbps.

Karlsruhe Region Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Karlsruhe Region

#Provider NameMax Download SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom1150.15 Mbps18.34—76.84 Mbps232
2Vodafone1021.19 Mbps30.59—178.25 Mbps210
3Liberty Global959.41 Mbps44.32—220.42 Mbps175
4Telefonica Germany301.3 Mbps19.18—57.24 Mbps173
5TelemaxX Telekommunikation935.91 Mbps40.27—111.38 Mbps56
6Plusnet246.16 Mbps7.56—51.1 Mbps49
7NetCom BW932.74 Mbps12.88—29.39 Mbps30
8S-IT Informationstechnologie Betreiber920.18 Mbps61.78—237.09 Mbps18
9inexio930.89 Mbps21.36—53.52 Mbps18
10ecotel communication ag441.06 Mbps16.19—80.1 Mbps15
11siebnich-com1464.48 Mbps26.02—91.91 Mbps14
12TELE AG423.97 Mbps31.12—91.92 Mbps13
13ropa carrier solutions790.82 Mbps34.15—90.85 Mbps12
14vitroconnect918.91 Mbps45.88—198.09 Mbps9
15Cablesurf937.74 Mbps30.21—124.1 Mbps9
16Heidelberg iT Management629 Mbps27.7—95.07 Mbps9
17VSE NET567.69 Mbps23.42—54.63 Mbps9
181&1 Internet1455.87 Mbps8.65—139.59 Mbps8
19ENTEGA Medianet501.82 Mbps24.32—46.69 Mbps8
20Pfalzkom924.99 Mbps20.11—139.29 Mbps7
21Verizon Business - EMEA602.03 Mbps8.89—72.78 Mbps6
22scanplus412.97 Mbps52.34—97.29 Mbps5
23Thuga SmartService769.82 Mbps17.65—34.73 Mbps5
24Colt91.82 Mbps49.61—69.65 Mbps3
25mywire Datentechnik93.61 Mbps31.42—75.32 Mbps3
26HKN840.25 Mbps17.41—113.14 Mbps2
27MK Netzdienste107.19 Mbps11.71—82.5 Mbps2
28GGEW net58.76 Mbps21.78—46 Mbps2
29HL komm88.1 Mbps13.19—46.66 Mbps2
30FILIADATA-AS132.86 Mbps9.84—35.43 Mbps2
31interscholz Internet Services894.62 Mbps410.34—752.64 Mbps1
32ProfitBricks990.31 Mbps204.49—253.4 Mbps1
33fiberONE.de602.71 Mbps46.97—451.23 Mbps1
34VIA NET.WORKS762.08 Mbps4.47—46.44 Mbps1
35euNetworks Group373.35 Mbps46.41—322.75 Mbps1
36IBH IT-Service177.57 Mbps40.77—175.09 Mbps1
37Bisping & Bisping107.48 Mbps103.82—104.38 Mbps1
38TeleData97.73 Mbps40.79—97.47 Mbps1
39Globalways90.84 Mbps54.76—87.54 Mbps1
40iWelt92.53 Mbps21.21—81.97 Mbps1
41Stadtnetz Bamberg47.95 Mbps19.34—33.14 Mbps1

Cities and Broadband Provider Speeds in Karlsruhe Region

PositionCityMax Download SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Simmozheim931.6 Mbps268—449.51 Mbps300.96 Mbps3
2Reilingen919.74 Mbps237.83—373.97 Mbps250.99 Mbps4
3Linkenheim-Hochstetten909.31 Mbps93.29—510.01 Mbps245.61 Mbps4
4Sinzheim895.98 Mbps205.7—524.49 Mbps237.35 Mbps4
5Mauer409.36 Mbps210.66—302.44 Mbps235.96 Mbps3
6Muhlburg919.62 Mbps110.55—205.09 Mbps193.11 Mbps6
7Muggensturm596.82 Mbps91.78—159.79 Mbps124.91 Mbps5
8Elchesheim911.85 Mbps88.82—428.97 Mbps118.02 Mbps2
9Suedweststadt934.33 Mbps58.47—178.77 Mbps114.27 Mbps7
10Oberweier319.77 Mbps107.37—111.21 Mbps109.83 Mbps1
11Philippsburg907.48 Mbps77.17—275.4 Mbps105.32 Mbps6
12Konigsbach625.27 Mbps93.21—160.16 Mbps93.51 Mbps2
13Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen890.59 Mbps46.27—211.84 Mbps90.95 Mbps7
14Durlach917.61 Mbps57.75—203.41 Mbps89.71 Mbps5
15Friedrichstal913.77 Mbps56.07—249.43 Mbps88.8 Mbps5
16Karlsdorf-Neuthard912.08 Mbps36.01—394.05 Mbps79.38 Mbps5
17Nordweststadt925.02 Mbps48.15—151.93 Mbps67.29 Mbps7
18Kafertal842.16 Mbps48.47—142.07 Mbps62.61 Mbps4
19Dielheim847.82 Mbps41.09—229.48 Mbps57.46 Mbps5
20Ruppurr920.37 Mbps40.04—86.73 Mbps54.82 Mbps6
21Schwetzingen998 Mbps37.72—120.96 Mbps53.02 Mbps5
22Oststadt934.4 Mbps36.81—193.78 Mbps52.42 Mbps14
23Oftersheim926.36 Mbps37.06—177.14 Mbps51.91 Mbps4
24Sulzfeld932.74 Mbps33.56—408.67 Mbps51.88 Mbps4
25Brotzingen905.09 Mbps45.65—92.9 Mbps51.63 Mbps6
26Karlsruhe1021.19 Mbps35.95—171.04 Mbps51.62 Mbps17
27Bretten934.21 Mbps37.65—166.45 Mbps51.39 Mbps8
28Emmertsgrund904.8 Mbps32.3—207.39 Mbps50.88 Mbps2
29Buhl903.49 Mbps35.55—144.32 Mbps50.25 Mbps8
30Mosbach912.88 Mbps35.11—157.63 Mbps50.25 Mbps4
31Neckarau965.43 Mbps35.66—145.21 Mbps50.08 Mbps7
32Remchingen888.9 Mbps34.37—66.7 Mbps49.03 Mbps5
33Malsch908.99 Mbps32.03—105.22 Mbps48.96 Mbps6
34Pforzheim928.72 Mbps33.83—137.51 Mbps48.75 Mbps10
35Altlussheim852.11 Mbps32.58—152.98 Mbps47.97 Mbps4
36Lichtental579.12 Mbps26.26—92.51 Mbps46.59 Mbps7
37Ilvesheim969.31 Mbps31.36—106.77 Mbps46.4 Mbps4
38Leimen915.63 Mbps31.87—103.59 Mbps46.13 Mbps6
39Neureut914.71 Mbps24.55—122.01 Mbps45.71 Mbps6
40Schwetzingerstadt928.01 Mbps31.57—155.36 Mbps45.65 Mbps6
41Weinheim920.84 Mbps29.46—90.17 Mbps45.44 Mbps9
42Menzingen1014.05 Mbps33.65—164.06 Mbps44.49 Mbps5
43Sandhausen917.77 Mbps32.16—106.91 Mbps44.05 Mbps6
44Beiertheim929.36 Mbps24.09—214.35 Mbps43.04 Mbps5
45Gut Scheibenhardt915.61 Mbps30.04—146.94 Mbps42.38 Mbps8
46Kuppenheim450.31 Mbps25.93—93.17 Mbps41.93 Mbps4
47Strietweg880.53 Mbps30.69—97.37 Mbps41.13 Mbps5
48Bad Teinach-Zavelstein457.28 Mbps32.09—67.73 Mbps41.02 Mbps5
49Mannheim921.99 Mbps28.14—104.2 Mbps40.68 Mbps15
50Bruhl922.37 Mbps27.89—142.65 Mbps40.66 Mbps3
51Ellmendingen902.18 Mbps29.69—67.66 Mbps40.28 Mbps3
52Luzenberg954.74 Mbps27.13—96.62 Mbps40.06 Mbps10
53Unterreichenbach617.68 Mbps29.64—91.71 Mbps40 Mbps4
54Schomberg865.22 Mbps25.93—117.31 Mbps39.98 Mbps5
55Ketsch909.77 Mbps27.01—90.95 Mbps39.85 Mbps6
56Friolzheim906.56 Mbps24.94—99.14 Mbps39.81 Mbps5
57Plankstadt916.06 Mbps26.57—118.02 Mbps39.65 Mbps4
58Gaggenau900.51 Mbps24.19—92.55 Mbps39.42 Mbps7
59Feudenheim907.9 Mbps25.12—137.77 Mbps39.21 Mbps5
60Buchenbronn924.73 Mbps27.75—124.29 Mbps39.02 Mbps5
61Berghausen959.41 Mbps25.51—146.27 Mbps38.91 Mbps7
62Ettlingen919.72 Mbps25.2—75.54 Mbps38.54 Mbps8
63Neckargemund916.95 Mbps25.92—77.41 Mbps38.48 Mbps4
64Engelsbrand558.46 Mbps27.9—57.93 Mbps38.06 Mbps4
65Lichtenau819.64 Mbps24.77—62.28 Mbps37.33 Mbps6
66Ladenburg901.95 Mbps27.07—84.67 Mbps37.22 Mbps5
67Joehlingen914.37 Mbps23.89—93.04 Mbps36.67 Mbps6
68Hopfingen952.64 Mbps26.85—83.3 Mbps36.58 Mbps3
69Gondelsheim912.13 Mbps24.84—58.92 Mbps36.55 Mbps3
70Ispringen990.65 Mbps23.63—127.57 Mbps36.38 Mbps8
71Eichtersheim322.28 Mbps22.26—80.5 Mbps36.24 Mbps3
72Waibstadt720.09 Mbps24.15—92.24 Mbps36.05 Mbps5
73Baden-Baden916.78 Mbps24.23—85.53 Mbps35.97 Mbps6
74Aglasterhausen260.67 Mbps31.69—76.86 Mbps35.93 Mbps3
75Innenstadt870.36 Mbps23.26—118.2 Mbps34.64 Mbps6
76Hockenheim909.54 Mbps21.9—80.96 Mbps34.51 Mbps7
77Boxberg924.53 Mbps22.62—96.68 Mbps34.51 Mbps10
78Wiesloch1002.92 Mbps21.96—89.42 Mbps34.44 Mbps9
79Pfalzgrafenweiler707.24 Mbps21.61—91.43 Mbps34.3 Mbps6
80Buchen in Odenwald873.2 Mbps24.51—61.16 Mbps33.9 Mbps4
81Tiefenbronn724.99 Mbps22.1—69.76 Mbps33.89 Mbps5
82Bergheim992.62 Mbps19.93—126.73 Mbps33.6 Mbps11
83Bad Liebenzell853.93 Mbps21.68—91.61 Mbps33.4 Mbps6
84Bad Schoenborn925.8 Mbps24.61—89.48 Mbps32.6 Mbps5
85Muhlacker891.03 Mbps20.58—77.74 Mbps31.77 Mbps8
86Niefern-Oschelbronn910.48 Mbps23.42—63.13 Mbps31.61 Mbps5
87Meckesheim252.21 Mbps22.6—67.04 Mbps31.39 Mbps4
88Rauenberg278.62 Mbps22.31—69.28 Mbps31.36 Mbps5
89Untertalheim916.17 Mbps20.15—92.05 Mbps30.89 Mbps7
90Zuzenhausen916.34 Mbps23.19—77.18 Mbps30.86 Mbps4
91Vesperweiler256.11 Mbps15.11—70.66 Mbps30.69 Mbps3
92Eberbach897.71 Mbps24.74—74 Mbps30.53 Mbps5
93Neuenheim912.71 Mbps16.1—99.22 Mbps30.43 Mbps8
94Neulussheim855.2 Mbps19.7—63.8 Mbps30.26 Mbps4
95Nussloch905.17 Mbps21.5—156.45 Mbps30.23 Mbps4
96Dossenheim923.3 Mbps17.26—148.44 Mbps29.9 Mbps8
97Edingen-Neckarhausen850.2 Mbps20.83—59.56 Mbps29.43 Mbps5
98Sinsheim835.14 Mbps16.93—66.39 Mbps29.32 Mbps7
99Walldurn915.42 Mbps19.89—69.77 Mbps29.14 Mbps3
100Waghausel908.95 Mbps22.04—68.25 Mbps28.87 Mbps8
101Walldorf815.34 Mbps19.63—83.34 Mbps28.81 Mbps9
102Bad Herrenalb853.75 Mbps18.73—67.82 Mbps28.37 Mbps7
103Osterburken532.26 Mbps16.84—58.28 Mbps28.05 Mbps3
104Schriesheim932.74 Mbps18.39—86.52 Mbps27.93 Mbps4
105Waldhof912.13 Mbps17.44—88.27 Mbps27.82 Mbps4
106Adelsheim511.89 Mbps15.49—60.6 Mbps27.82 Mbps3
107Bruchsal936.46 Mbps16.76—74.93 Mbps27.53 Mbps8
108Glatten261 Mbps16.73—57.91 Mbps26.9 Mbps3
109Bad Wildbad859.08 Mbps15.07—89.22 Mbps26.57 Mbps5
110Heidelberg900.95 Mbps13.75—92.39 Mbps25.77 Mbps11
111Gernsbach527.86 Mbps15.49—90.81 Mbps25.59 Mbps4
112Graben-Neudorf853.79 Mbps14.7—60.34 Mbps25.51 Mbps6
113Nagold901.33 Mbps14.87—73.23 Mbps25.14 Mbps7
114Ostringen923.1 Mbps16.06—68.57 Mbps24.75 Mbps5
115Freudenstadt869.49 Mbps16.27—88.21 Mbps24.19 Mbps7
116Altensteig504.54 Mbps15.24—57.72 Mbps24.05 Mbps6
117Rheinstetten917.43 Mbps15.16—79.08 Mbps23.64 Mbps8
118Dornstetten332.85 Mbps13.85—57.36 Mbps23.31 Mbps5
119Illingen414.6 Mbps15.49—57.09 Mbps23.29 Mbps4
120Calw905.65 Mbps12.87—81.15 Mbps22.74 Mbps8
121Ubstadt-Weiher905.6 Mbps16.19—96.72 Mbps22.6 Mbps5
122Knittlingen417.15 Mbps15.25—83.97 Mbps22.5 Mbps5
123Eppelheim903.28 Mbps11.48—69 Mbps21.63 Mbps6
124Langensteinbach907.84 Mbps12.03—78.88 Mbps20.79 Mbps7
125Stollhofen458.95 Mbps15.78—42.83 Mbps20.44 Mbps4
126Rheinmuenster1455.87 Mbps9.78—329.69 Mbps20.42 Mbps1
127Neckarstadt904.04 Mbps12.64—60.54 Mbps20.42 Mbps6
128Lossburg746.46 Mbps13.78—61.73 Mbps20.06 Mbps4
129Oberhausen-Rheinhausen932.63 Mbps14.4—77.07 Mbps19.63 Mbps4
130Althengstett891.92 Mbps13.43—65.88 Mbps19.18 Mbps6
131Wildberg923.56 Mbps12.32—58.25 Mbps16.61 Mbps6
132Seckach225.79 Mbps6.78—56.2 Mbps16.4 Mbps2
133Heddesheim822.9 Mbps10.99—49.14 Mbps16.23 Mbps5
134Hemsbach924.99 Mbps10.64—57.41 Mbps15 Mbps6
135Oberderdingen909.46 Mbps10.41—52.36 Mbps14.88 Mbps6
136Ziegelhausen937.74 Mbps12.47—70.28 Mbps14.39 Mbps6
137Wiernsheim921.68 Mbps11.18—34.6 Mbps14.15 Mbps5
138Rastatt1464.48 Mbps10.15—85.61 Mbps14.03 Mbps7
139Weingarten873.19 Mbps8.74—88.61 Mbps13.11 Mbps6
140Kurnbach52.21 Mbps12.75—13.65 Mbps13.02 Mbps2
141Kirchheim686.66 Mbps10.05—53.12 Mbps12.06 Mbps5
142Eutingen740.63 Mbps11.52—64.56 Mbps11.74 Mbps4
143Vogelstang537.45 Mbps8.61—44.24 Mbps10.8 Mbps5
144Neckarbischofsheim608.19 Mbps6.63—43.69 Mbps10.24 Mbps5
145Handschuhsheim462.54 Mbps6.93—21.79 Mbps9.7 Mbps7

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Karlsruhe Region

How many providers in Karlsruhe Region are there?
Karlsruhe Region has 41 ISPs available.
Who is the fastest provider in Karlsruhe Region?
siebnich-com is the fastest provider in Karlsruhe Region with 1464.48 Mbps, and an average speed range of 26.02—91.91 Mbps.
What is the average internet speed in Karlsruhe Region?
Users in Karlsruhe Region see an average internet speed of 26.47 up to 104.7 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 1464.48 Mbps.
Is Deutsche Telekom available in Karlsruhe Region?
Deutsche Telekom is available in Karlsruhe Region, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1150.15 Mbps.
Is Vodafone available in Karlsruhe Region?
Vodafone is available in Karlsruhe Region, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1021.19 Mbps.
Is Liberty Global available in Karlsruhe Region?
Liberty Global is available in Karlsruhe Region, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 959.41 Mbps.
Who is the the most popular provider in Karlsruhe Region?
The provider with the most users in Karlsruhe Region is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 13 Oct 2021