Internet Providers in Hamburg

There are 34 different providers available to and being tested by people living in Hamburg. Typical internet speeds vary from 12.46 to 50.22 Mbps, and the highest speed we've seen is 1152.33 Mbps from Otto. Other fast providers include with 931.87 Mbps, Artfiles New Media with 916.12 Mbps, and TNG Stadtnetz with 857.32 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Hamburg are 21.95% better than the Germany national average of 15.99 Mbps. The most common provider in Hamburg is Telefonica Germany, their typical speeds ranging from 10.28 to 41.38 Mbps.

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Summary of Internet Service Providers in Hamburg

#Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Vodafone768.18 Mbps7.47—35.41 Mbps81
2Deutsche Telekom855.69 Mbps14.08—57.3 Mbps79
3Telefonica Germany829.69 Mbps10.28—41.38 Mbps73
4wilhelm.tel931.87 Mbps31.55—90.46 Mbps67
5Plusnet298.47 Mbps6.58—20.64 Mbps35
6Colt850.94 Mbps69.01—93.05 Mbps29
7Artfiles New Media916.12 Mbps39.8—81.84 Mbps12
8pop-interactive327.87 Mbps38.15—102.67 Mbps7
9IPHH Internet Port Hamburg443.41 Mbps15.55—55.13 Mbps7
10TNG Stadtnetz857.32 Mbps28.32—120.73 Mbps5
11net services296.1 Mbps11.68—51.39 Mbps5
12EWETel307.56 Mbps12.9—38.67 Mbps5
13ADDIX Internet Services97.38 Mbps3.25—12.8 Mbps5
14akquinet outsourcing851.4 Mbps7.34—86.66 Mbps4
15Wieske's Crew523.09 Mbps11.63—74.62 Mbps4
16ecotel communication ag102.78 Mbps17.95—48.46 Mbps4
17MK Netzdienste730.47 Mbps5.71—19.18 Mbps4
18Vereinigte Stadtwerke Media94.33 Mbps59.62—93.41 Mbps2
19euNetworks Group302.17 Mbps14.19—71.31 Mbps2
20HeLi NET Telekommunikation210.57 Mbps25.68—59.31 Mbps2
21GlobalConnect A/S616.42 Mbps6.91—60.6 Mbps2
22Otto1152.33 Mbps8.95—44.67 Mbps2
23Wemacom Telekommunikation29.84 Mbps0.31—15.96 Mbps2
24Telia Carrier123.24 Mbps23.36—58.62 Mbps1
25Expereo International bv49.68 Mbps0—47.98 Mbps1
26MDlink online service center106.38 Mbps19.9—78.56 Mbps1
27Claranet44.99 Mbps0—38.28 Mbps1
28NetCom BW46.23 Mbps35.17—44.73 Mbps1
29NetUSE AG112.41 Mbps8.79—38.99 Mbps1
30LWLcom51.94 Mbps2.42—19.91 Mbps1
31Verizon Business - EMEA64 Mbps9.54—24.91 Mbps1
32Hofnetz & IT Services50.13 Mbps16.71—28.18 Mbps1
33Buchholz Digital299.31 Mbps0—9.67 Mbps0
34Orange Business Services35.33 Mbps0—3.29 Mbps0

Cities and Provider Speeds in Hamburg

PositionCityMax SpeedTypical Speed Range50%# Providers
1Tonndorf527.74 Mbps25.73—77.47 Mbps40.99 Mbps5
2Treudelberg757.74 Mbps22.69—84.64 Mbps33.7 Mbps6
3Barmbek-Nord867.36 Mbps20.49—76.24 Mbps30.18 Mbps8
4Rothenburgsort474.11 Mbps20.63—57.93 Mbps29.41 Mbps5
5Steinfurth454.83 Mbps18.5—57.64 Mbps27.25 Mbps4
6Rahlstedt460.57 Mbps18.65—54.49 Mbps26.29 Mbps5
7Bostelbek916.12 Mbps18.28—56.67 Mbps26.25 Mbps6
8Neuallermoehe255.23 Mbps16.71—55.28 Mbps26.18 Mbps4
9Hinschenfelde859.61 Mbps17.1—64.97 Mbps25.85 Mbps5
10Eilbek460.6 Mbps15.71—51.96 Mbps25.7 Mbps6
11Hummelsbuettel530.54 Mbps13.8—79.38 Mbps24.91 Mbps4
12St. Pauli656.23 Mbps15.34—72.26 Mbps24.39 Mbps7
13Duvenstedt442.2 Mbps16.46—57.08 Mbps23.95 Mbps5
14Eimsbuettel746.56 Mbps16.32—55.85 Mbps23.92 Mbps9
15Bergstedt251.8 Mbps16.88—56.46 Mbps23.58 Mbps4
16Marienhoehe261.01 Mbps13.8—56.82 Mbps23.22 Mbps5
17Kleiner Grasbrook791.41 Mbps13.65—90.81 Mbps22.68 Mbps8
18Wellingsbuettel250.44 Mbps15.39—52.43 Mbps22.32 Mbps4
19Bramfeld855.69 Mbps13.79—53.06 Mbps22.21 Mbps6
20Bergedorf513.93 Mbps14.91—56.36 Mbps22.04 Mbps6
21Kirchsteinbek536.11 Mbps14.66—54.32 Mbps21.9 Mbps6
22Schiffbek822.61 Mbps13.63—69.68 Mbps21.82 Mbps5
23Dulsberg461.23 Mbps13.85—45.94 Mbps21.68 Mbps5
24Sasel522.16 Mbps14.84—54.75 Mbps21.64 Mbps6
25Lohbruegge531.6 Mbps13.41—66.41 Mbps21.43 Mbps5
26Lurup525.78 Mbps13.62—56.77 Mbps21.37 Mbps4
27Gross Flottbek476.38 Mbps13.47—43.93 Mbps21.16 Mbps5
28Osdorf333.21 Mbps13.42—52.1 Mbps21.06 Mbps4
29Jenfeld518.2 Mbps13.65—49.31 Mbps20.58 Mbps4
30Barmbek-Sued643.47 Mbps12.67—56.55 Mbps20.5 Mbps7
31Hamburg-Mitte851.4 Mbps12.94—49.3 Mbps20.35 Mbps8
32Harvestehude931.87 Mbps12.9—49.32 Mbps20.1 Mbps8
33Eidelstedt527.03 Mbps12.85—53.13 Mbps19.95 Mbps5
34Hoheluft-West729.45 Mbps12.72—48.39 Mbps19.83 Mbps6
35Horn527.02 Mbps12.54—52.72 Mbps19.75 Mbps5
36Fuenfhausen258.39 Mbps11.4—56.68 Mbps19.53 Mbps3
37Langenhorn903.81 Mbps11.19—72.19 Mbps18.98 Mbps5
38Scheideholz264.7 Mbps11.82—46.14 Mbps18.96 Mbps5
39Hamburg857.32 Mbps12.54—48.49 Mbps18.92 Mbps19
40Marienthal673.86 Mbps11.89—49.24 Mbps18.39 Mbps4
41Rissen457.93 Mbps11.51—46.76 Mbps18.02 Mbps5
42Billwerder656.21 Mbps11.91—46.76 Mbps18.01 Mbps6
43Hamburg-Altstadt849.44 Mbps11.11—51.67 Mbps17.76 Mbps14
44Schnelsen475.04 Mbps11.51—48.67 Mbps17.65 Mbps5
45Barmbek1152.33 Mbps11.75—47.8 Mbps17.64 Mbps8
46Hamm478.49 Mbps11.47—47.03 Mbps17.55 Mbps9
47Marmstorf533.05 Mbps10.85—55.91 Mbps17.46 Mbps4
48Ohlsdorf533.28 Mbps12.65—45.08 Mbps16.93 Mbps5
49Ottensen850.94 Mbps10.71—47.09 Mbps15.97 Mbps8
50Gut Moor476.02 Mbps10.06—50.62 Mbps15.5 Mbps4
51Harburg472.82 Mbps9.92—45.32 Mbps15.43 Mbps5
52Lokstedt527.87 Mbps10.77—45.99 Mbps15.24 Mbps7
53Fuhlsbüttel748.69 Mbps9.77—63.23 Mbps15.02 Mbps4
54Jenerseite478.53 Mbps10.75—43.53 Mbps14.77 Mbps5
55Farmsen-Berne523.69 Mbps10.36—43.11 Mbps14.7 Mbps5
56Sternschanze768.18 Mbps10.48—44.21 Mbps14.64 Mbps8
57Rotherbaum620.21 Mbps10.14—45.45 Mbps14.63 Mbps8
58Stellingen528.46 Mbps10.71—46.03 Mbps14.62 Mbps6
59Volksdorf213.76 Mbps9.47—40.93 Mbps14.58 Mbps4
60Altona455.1 Mbps9.88—41.33 Mbps14.25 Mbps5
61Neustadt596.52 Mbps9.29—46.88 Mbps13.91 Mbps9
62Hohenfelde460.85 Mbps9.21—41.78 Mbps13.85 Mbps4
63Bahrenfeld256.67 Mbps9.51—46.08 Mbps13.36 Mbps11
64Suelldorf463.02 Mbps8.81—39.43 Mbps12.75 Mbps5
65Winterhude842.71 Mbps8.91—46.49 Mbps11.94 Mbps4
66Altona-Altstadt661.34 Mbps7.09—38.58 Mbps10.98 Mbps8
67Eppendorf104.73 Mbps7—36.67 Mbps10.73 Mbps3
68Klein Dradenau614.4 Mbps5.79—24.51 Mbps8.01 Mbps4

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Hamburg

Hamburg has 34 ISPs available.
Otto is the fastest provider in Hamburg with 1152.33 Mbps, and an average speed range of 8.95—44.67 Mbps.
Users in Hamburg see an average internet speed of 12.46 up to 50.22 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 1152.33 Mbps.
Telefonica Germany is available in Hamburg, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 829.69 Mbps.
Deutsche Telekom is available in Hamburg, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 855.69 Mbps. is available in Hamburg, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 931.87 Mbps.
The provider with the most users in Hamburg is Telefonica Germany.

Last updated: 29 Mar 2020