Germany Freiburg Region

Internet Providers in Freiburg Region

There are 29 different broadband providers available to and being tested by people living in Freiburg Region. The average internet speed in Freiburg Region is 71 Mbps, while the median speed test result is 36 Mbps. Typical internet speeds vary from 24 to 94 Mbps, and the highest broadband speed we've seen is 188 Mbps from S-IT Informationstechnologie Betreiber.

Compare Local Providers
Other fast internet providers include Vodafone with 1013.99 Mbps, Liberty Global with 942.4 Mbps, and ropa carrier solutions with 933.9 Mbps. Overall, internet speeds in Freiburg Region are 1.19% worse than the Germany national average of 36.17 Mbps. The most common broadband provider in Freiburg Region is Deutsche Telekom, and their typical speeds range from 16.55 to 70.05 Mbps.

Freiburg Region Broadband Speeds Over Time

We class broadband speed distributions as follows: very slow under 10 Mbps; slow 10-30 Mbps; adequate 30-60 Mbps; good 60-80 Mbps; fast 80-300 Mbps; very fast over 300 Mbps.

Summary of Internet Service Providers in Freiburg Region

#Provider NameMax Download SpeedTypical Speed Range# Cities Served
1Deutsche Telekom930.96 Mbps16.55—70.05 Mbps270
2Vodafone1013.99 Mbps31.67—159.83 Mbps232
3Liberty Global942.4 Mbps31.93—178.54 Mbps161
4Telefonica Germany421.12 Mbps19.95—57.83 Mbps82
5Stiegeler Internet Service865.31 Mbps28.48—91.65 Mbps76
6Plusnet511.3 Mbps7.35—51.1 Mbps27
7NetCom BW1705.71 Mbps15.25—50.6 Mbps22
8Cablesurf901.36 Mbps35.86—161.35 Mbps17
9Kom4tel490.17 Mbps12.14—53.98 Mbps17
10TelemaxX Telekommunikation904.52 Mbps39.17—176.63 Mbps10
11inexio270.96 Mbps21.03—47.96 Mbps10
12Stadtwerke Konstanz917.06 Mbps21.32—90.22 Mbps9
13MK Netzdienste369.36 Mbps48.25—105.15 Mbps8
14Thuga SmartService822.82 Mbps23.36—71.93 Mbps7
15ecotel communication ag918.92 Mbps90.22—90.96 Mbps6
16FreiNet879.7 Mbps21.16—94.14 Mbps6
17HL komm809.9 Mbps38.64—96.67 Mbps6
18TeleData543.07 Mbps22.92—69.43 Mbps6
19oscon itk92.91 Mbps16.76—25.22 Mbps5
20ropa carrier solutions933.9 Mbps125.29—128.56 Mbps4
21Cogent Communications532.9 Mbps24.84—68.48 Mbps4
22VSE NET295.98 Mbps11.29—78.36 Mbps3
23Verizon Business - EMEA89.88 Mbps1.99—3.34 Mbps3
24rockenstein AG317.28 Mbps34.56—218.24 Mbps2
25S-IT Informationstechnologie Betreiber187.9 Mbps45.26—180.31 Mbps1
26scanplus72.41 Mbps41.09—60.42 Mbps1
27intersaar96.61 Mbps11.51—61.35 Mbps1
28siebnich-com53.88 Mbps20.62—40.04 Mbps1
29Bisping & Bisping58.41 Mbps7.94—11.32 Mbps1

Cities and Broadband Provider Speeds in Freiburg Region

PositionCityMax Download SpeedTypical Speed RangeMedian Speed# Providers
1Maulburg522.63 Mbps90.24—337.85 Mbps206.93 Mbps3
2Aldingen900.57 Mbps66.48—463.79 Mbps136.8 Mbps3
3Lauf933.9 Mbps125.37—128.55 Mbps126.18 Mbps1
4Herdern921.71 Mbps46.93—123.55 Mbps73.81 Mbps6
5Betzenhausen917.03 Mbps46.26—256.67 Mbps69.86 Mbps4
6Trossingen896.55 Mbps43.98—332.43 Mbps65.87 Mbps3
7Schiltach874.14 Mbps38.74—212.87 Mbps60.08 Mbps3
8Stuehlinger908.39 Mbps43.08—232.8 Mbps57.72 Mbps4
9Orschweier930.96 Mbps41.85—311.39 Mbps56.31 Mbps3
10Nollingen831.34 Mbps37.19—97.59 Mbps54.34 Mbps6
11Villingendorf776.5 Mbps40.29—91.42 Mbps54.2 Mbps3
12Bad Durrheim901.55 Mbps31.5—160.58 Mbps48.43 Mbps4
13Sankt Georgen916.27 Mbps35.56—95.82 Mbps48.33 Mbps7
14Loerrach904.88 Mbps33.41—150.32 Mbps47.27 Mbps6
15Dunningen700.37 Mbps31.53—120.47 Mbps46.8 Mbps3
16Geisingen907.66 Mbps34.61—199.7 Mbps46.25 Mbps4
17Malterdingen264.86 Mbps31.43—85.7 Mbps46.24 Mbps2
18Tuttlingen931.32 Mbps31.14—130.86 Mbps45.64 Mbps6
19Grenzach-Wyhlen747.25 Mbps32.35—125.95 Mbps45.13 Mbps6
20Sulz am Neckar910.65 Mbps31.28—243.39 Mbps44.86 Mbps3
21Herbolzheim421.66 Mbps26.61—87.25 Mbps44.28 Mbps5
22Braunlingen546.97 Mbps29.71—100.98 Mbps44.28 Mbps4
23Riegel261.14 Mbps30.22—86.31 Mbps43.92 Mbps2
24Offenburg1013.99 Mbps30.43—105.39 Mbps43.63 Mbps7
25Gundelfingen915.88 Mbps28.34—152.34 Mbps43.4 Mbps8
26Villingen im Schwarzwald983.01 Mbps30.13—150.14 Mbps43.33 Mbps9
27Villingen-Schwenningen882.96 Mbps26.16—98.53 Mbps42.2 Mbps4
28Brombach814.86 Mbps28.77—106.76 Mbps42.14 Mbps4
29Endingen258.16 Mbps29.69—82.54 Mbps41.72 Mbps2
30Kenzingen526.11 Mbps28.56—84.5 Mbps40.83 Mbps3
31Furtwangen im Schwarzwald886.92 Mbps29.89—94.93 Mbps40.28 Mbps4
32Dangstetten664.99 Mbps29.11—94.66 Mbps39.76 Mbps4
33Freiburg1009.97 Mbps27.46—105.19 Mbps39.74 Mbps11
34Schonach im Schwarzwald520.71 Mbps28.92—89.85 Mbps39.68 Mbps4
35Steinen913.52 Mbps23.19—105.04 Mbps39.58 Mbps6
36Gengenbach896.5 Mbps29.46—57.95 Mbps38.77 Mbps5
37Bad Krozingen522.49 Mbps25.91—87.49 Mbps38.49 Mbps6
38Dietingen769.88 Mbps24.08—88.59 Mbps37.56 Mbps4
39Bonndorf561.7 Mbps24.53—93.67 Mbps37.37 Mbps5
40Dottingen522.9 Mbps25.67—81.71 Mbps37.25 Mbps2
41Blumberg510.41 Mbps26.02—92.46 Mbps36.94 Mbps4
42Vauban927.16 Mbps23.76—86.76 Mbps36.7 Mbps8
43Schopfheim901.36 Mbps23.35—95.36 Mbps36.47 Mbps6
44Oberndorf906.41 Mbps26.13—76.85 Mbps36.06 Mbps4
45Kippenheim871.31 Mbps24.42—79.6 Mbps35.81 Mbps4
46Landwasser911.9 Mbps23.3—90.59 Mbps35.72 Mbps7
47Muhlingen521.37 Mbps27.82—86.26 Mbps35.62 Mbps2
48Dauchingen906.95 Mbps26.42—93.63 Mbps35.34 Mbps3
49Botzingen535.97 Mbps24.28—60.61 Mbps34.59 Mbps4
50Hartheim655.47 Mbps25.48—81.11 Mbps34.46 Mbps4
51Weil am Rhein386.67 Mbps20.26—87.76 Mbps34.3 Mbps5
52Emmendingen880.9 Mbps22.66—74.75 Mbps34.23 Mbps6
53Bosingen417.3 Mbps23.86—72.52 Mbps33.91 Mbps3
54Winzeln525.02 Mbps24.14—68.57 Mbps33.75 Mbps2
55Konstanz881.96 Mbps21.01—79.31 Mbps33.36 Mbps6
56Staufen im Breisgau412.5 Mbps20.66—73.5 Mbps32.77 Mbps5
57Efringen-Kirchen809.9 Mbps25.77—48.28 Mbps32.75 Mbps8
58Schramberg901.37 Mbps22.18—80.46 Mbps32.72 Mbps4
59Lahr926.93 Mbps21.94—80.83 Mbps32.69 Mbps6
60Ettenheim896.09 Mbps22.54—98.93 Mbps32.57 Mbps4
61Gottenheim530.85 Mbps22.61—66.97 Mbps31.84 Mbps2
62Ziegelplatz523.68 Mbps18.53—77.51 Mbps31.84 Mbps3
63Deisslingen687.12 Mbps18.26—82.3 Mbps31.59 Mbps3
64Rottweil904.76 Mbps19.21—87.68 Mbps31.22 Mbps7
65Elzach260.23 Mbps19.43—72.17 Mbps31.17 Mbps3
66Bad Sackingen803.44 Mbps16.61—97.1 Mbps31.16 Mbps5
67Müllheim858.28 Mbps19.47—71.4 Mbps31.12 Mbps8
68Fuerstenberg917.06 Mbps19.57—105.25 Mbps31.02 Mbps8
69Singen906.33 Mbps19.94—83.7 Mbps30.94 Mbps7
70Heitersheim534.39 Mbps17.83—74.28 Mbps30.78 Mbps5
71Allensbach675.82 Mbps23.45—106.51 Mbps30.74 Mbps5
72Spaichingen899.82 Mbps18.2—99.59 Mbps30.69 Mbps5
73Breisach449.53 Mbps21.08—58.04 Mbps30.54 Mbps4
74Radolfzell910.99 Mbps20.06—80.3 Mbps30.33 Mbps7
75Vohringen801.03 Mbps21.95—63.99 Mbps30.26 Mbps3
76Waldkirch812.8 Mbps19.04—69.7 Mbps30.11 Mbps5
77Haslach im Kinzigtal535.01 Mbps20.97—61.59 Mbps30.08 Mbps2
78Aichhalden264.28 Mbps19.86—73.07 Mbps30.07 Mbps3
79Engen257.32 Mbps22.01—61.33 Mbps30.01 Mbps4
80Achern912.26 Mbps19.77—68.04 Mbps29.86 Mbps8
81Schutterwald908.11 Mbps16.68—57.88 Mbps29.61 Mbps4
82Oberkirch781.42 Mbps19.41—64.33 Mbps29.43 Mbps7
83Kehl905.3 Mbps18.63—74.22 Mbps29.19 Mbps8
84Appenweier869.4 Mbps18.83—62.7 Mbps28.85 Mbps5
85Umkirch416.7 Mbps17.15—73.75 Mbps28.75 Mbps4
86Waldsee522.96 Mbps15.67—57.09 Mbps28.29 Mbps5
87Stockach574.26 Mbps17.09—88.61 Mbps28.11 Mbps6
88Todtnau471.44 Mbps11.86—46.04 Mbps28.04 Mbps4
89Hausach851.84 Mbps17.48—61.78 Mbps27.9 Mbps4
90Rust1705.71 Mbps15.1—91.31 Mbps26.81 Mbps5
91Kirchzarten692.97 Mbps14.34—58.13 Mbps26.22 Mbps4
92Waldshut-Tiengen870.18 Mbps15.54—76.62 Mbps26.2 Mbps6
93Gottmadingen693.69 Mbps16.84—87.8 Mbps25.55 Mbps5
94Hilzingen822.82 Mbps16.46—81.02 Mbps25.24 Mbps5
95Bad Bellingen501.13 Mbps13.48—93.33 Mbps25.22 Mbps5
96Wehingen778.38 Mbps14.53—77.31 Mbps24.91 Mbps4
97Zell am Harmersbach911.89 Mbps16.05—57.31 Mbps24.57 Mbps3
98Emmingen-Liptingen527.54 Mbps16.45—57.81 Mbps24.2 Mbps4
99Rielasingen-Worblingen835.87 Mbps12.37—62.19 Mbps24.12 Mbps6
100Neuenburg am Rhein783.19 Mbps15.61—50.22 Mbps22.55 Mbps5
101Ohningen591.2 Mbps17.29—44.69 Mbps22.34 Mbps4
102Hofstetten249.85 Mbps14.39—57.34 Mbps21.81 Mbps2
103Steinwenden814.39 Mbps12.59—52.08 Mbps21.68 Mbps5
104Zell im Wiesental854.61 Mbps12.38—76.49 Mbps21.53 Mbps5
105Sankt Georgen im Schwarzwald533.01 Mbps12.38—57.9 Mbps21.34 Mbps4
106Bahlingen253.51 Mbps15.21—56.32 Mbps21.3 Mbps3
107Meissenheim213.13 Mbps14.78—43.83 Mbps21.21 Mbps5
108Teningen914.56 Mbps11.63—63.6 Mbps20.74 Mbps4
109Loffingen523.18 Mbps12.99—65.08 Mbps19.67 Mbps3
110Donaueschingen918.92 Mbps11.21—80.02 Mbps19.07 Mbps8
111Seitingen-Oberflacht557.63 Mbps13.14—79.26 Mbps18.78 Mbps3
112Durbach417.83 Mbps10.2—70.69 Mbps18.2 Mbps3
113Petershausen-Ost808.33 Mbps12.28—54.28 Mbps17.68 Mbps6
114Schwanau919.64 Mbps11.91—46.1 Mbps17.53 Mbps4
115Albbruck504.63 Mbps11.91—51.37 Mbps17 Mbps4
116Buggingen418.13 Mbps9.05—90.98 Mbps16.3 Mbps4
117Denzlingen576.18 Mbps10.4—62.04 Mbps15.31 Mbps3
118Schuttertal518.16 Mbps11.1—38.39 Mbps14.22 Mbps3
119Konigsfeld im Schwarzwald445.67 Mbps8.92—57.3 Mbps13.6 Mbps3
120Wutoeschingen436.98 Mbps8.55—56.51 Mbps13.26 Mbps3
121Hufingen849.55 Mbps9.15—56.84 Mbps13.11 Mbps4
122Rickenbach633.89 Mbps9.89—27.31 Mbps12.99 Mbps3
123Wehr874.23 Mbps9.1—85.08 Mbps12.78 Mbps3
124Kandern525.23 Mbps9.14—93.67 Mbps12.77 Mbps8
125Laufenburg503.79 Mbps7.67—30.65 Mbps11.24 Mbps4
126Schonau im Schwarzwald510.05 Mbps8.02—51.93 Mbps11.11 Mbps3
127Titisee-Neustadt885.21 Mbps7.24—48.16 Mbps10.4 Mbps3
128Rechberg711.85 Mbps5.43—50.94 Mbps9.63 Mbps4
129Murg679.03 Mbps7.23—26.56 Mbps9.13 Mbps3
130Neuershausen259.84 Mbps2.83—53.34 Mbps6.91 Mbps3

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Providers in Freiburg Region

How many providers in Freiburg Region are there?

Freiburg Region has 29 ISPs available.

Who is the fastest provider in Freiburg Region?

S-IT Informationstechnologie Betreiber is the fastest provider in Freiburg Region with 187.9 Mbps, and an average speed range of 45.26—180.31 Mbps.

What is the average internet speed in Freiburg Region?

Users in Freiburg Region see an average internet speed of 23.67 up to 93.53 Mbps, and the fastest speed we've seen is 1705.71 Mbps.

Is Deutsche Telekom available in Freiburg Region?

Deutsche Telekom is available in Freiburg Region, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 930.96 Mbps.

Is Vodafone available in Freiburg Region?

Vodafone is available in Freiburg Region, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 1013.99 Mbps.

Is Liberty Global available in Freiburg Region?

Liberty Global is available in Freiburg Region, and the fastest speed we've seen from them is 942.4 Mbps.

Who is the the most popular provider in Freiburg Region?

The provider with the most users in Freiburg Region is Deutsche Telekom.

Last updated: 20 Jan 2022